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A few other experts had the same idea that Ye Xiwen had. However, how could they be a match for him? Those chunks of Magic Crystal Ore Deposits were grabbed by Ye Xiwen's big hand in a moment's effort. Ye Xiwen counted... It wasn't much. However, he had still collected at least 30 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' worth of ore deposits. It must be said that Ye Xiwen had an 'all are welcome' approach regarding these things.

However, the scene still became chaotic...

"Boy, you're courting death. Hand over those Magic Crystal Ore Deposits!" More than a dozen sage experts surrounded Ye Xiwen not long after. They had the same idea as Ye Xiwen had; all of them had thought of taking advantage of this opportunity, and taking away these Magic Crystal Ore Deposits... These deposits weren't as valuable as those three miniature Magic Crystal Ore Deposits. However, they were still enough to make them rich overnight.

They were headed by an expert of Sage Accomplished realm; this man also had two Sage Great Perfection level experts by his side. The rest of the experts were at Sage Small Perfection level. So, this team had tyrannical strength. That was why they had dared to think about this matter.

However, they hadn't even set out when all the chunks of the Magic Crystal Ore Deposits got snatched away by Ye Xiwen. It must be said that Ye Xiwen's speed was extremely fast! These experts had been fascinated by the huge wealth that they could've made from those Magic Crystal Ore Deposits. Therefore, they hadn't paid attention when Ye Xiwen had displayed his super speed and obtained those scattered chunks of Magic Crystal Ore Deposits.

These experts didn't even wait for Ye Xiwen's reply after they gave him a warning; they attacked immediately... The surrounding air exploded just like firecrackers. It got exploded by them just like magma.

That head expert of Sage Accomplished realm attacked with full confidence. After all, he believed that Ye Xiwen was just an ordinary Sage Great Perfection level expert. Therefore, he felt that it was impossible for Ye Xiwen to turn out to be a match for him.

A spear streaked across the vast sky just like a dragon, and instantly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen! That expert of Sage Accomplished level expert laughed when he found that Ye Xiwen hadn't even responded. That's because he felt that he would bring down Ye Xiwen with just one spear-attack. Therefore, his laughter was particularly sinister.

However, Ye Xiwen finally responded in that crucial moment. The golden light flashed! His big hand transformed into a sword, and went up to tackle the incoming spear.


A loud metal clanging sound was heard. It shook all directions just like the pitch of a big bell. The sound waves produced by it projected out just like arrows. The scene looked incomparably dreadful!

"Ah!" that expert of Sage Accomplished realm screamed... Both of his hands had been exploded by the tremendous force, and transformed into a mass of blood fog. The fragments of his bones swirled in the air. The spear also shattered into pieces even though it was a sage tool. It had certainly looked like an incomparably strong sage tool. However, it had broken down into pieces just like crumbled paper under just one strike from Ye Xiwen.

Then, Ye Xiwen lifted his leg, and kicked that expert of Sage Accomplished realm on the middle of his chest. A loud crunch sound was heard, and all the bones of that expert got crushed. Simultaneously, his body transformed into a streamer of light, and was sent flying like a kite with broken string. His body eventually broke into the sky over the group of mountains. However, this was place wherein a fierce struggle was going on between the top experts.

"Bang!" It wasn't clear which half-step Great Sage expert had attacked that Sage Accomplished realm expert. However, that Sage Accomplished realm expert had been grasped, and transformed into a mass of blood fog.

Consequently, those sage experts who had been planning to attack Ye Xiwen suddenly froze. They stood in the sky in a daze. They were dumbstruck... The situation had looked good a few moments ago. However, it had reversed within a snap of a finger. Their leader of Sage Accomplished realm had been sent out flying, and then killed by someone.

They were left dumbstruck. There was no way they would rush over in the present situation. After all, wouldn't that be courting death?

They quickly dispersed like frightened animals. After all, they had arrived here to become wealthy... not to throw away their lives!

Ye Xiwen also didn't want to kill each one of them unnecessarily. So, he entered the battle for those three miniature Magic Crystal Ore Deposits instead.

Those three huge Magic Crystal Ore Deposits emitted bursts of devil energy in the sky. Several experts had been avoiding the devil energy initially. However, they looked very comfortable with it at this time. After all, they had gotten an opportunity to possess huge wealth now.

The several experts had been unceasingly fighting with each other. Meanwhile, the three Magic Crystal Ore Deposits were still floating in the sky; nobody had seized them yet. After all, anyone who would try to set out would have to face the surprise raids of several other experts.

Ye Xiwen shot a glance, and realized that the current situation at the battlefield was very intense... The ordinary sage experts didn't dare to even go close to the battlefield. After all, only the top experts of half-step Great Sage realm were participating in this contest.

Three experts among this lot were in the intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm. And, the remaining eight experts belonged to the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. All of them were extremely tyrannical. An ordinary person obviously couldn't contend against them.

Ye Xiwen didn't care too much about those experts of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. His focus was on those three experts of intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm. One among those three experts was a gray-haired old man; he was baby-faced. The second one was a middle-aged expert. And, the last one was an unusually seductive woman.

"Let's do it like this... We are three people. So, let's divide these three Magic Crystal Ore Deposits; one for each of us. There's no need to struggle!" that middle-aged expert of intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm said. All those three individuals shot a glance at each other. [There will be no need to fight if each of us got a Magic Crystal Ore Deposit. Moreover, it would eliminate the possibility of someone arbitrarily entering the contest and snatching away these ores from under our noses. Therefore, this is the best way.]

The other two experts also thought about it. [There are so many people. So, it's obviously impossible for a single person to keep all three Magic Crystal Ore Deposits. However, these eight experts of the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm won't be a match for the three of us. They wouldn't be able to do anything even if they will be dissatisfied with the fact that three of us took all the Magic Crystal Ore Deposits.]

The eight experts of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm became very unhappy. They had also gone through a massacre. So, why shouldn't they get any benefits? Why should everything fall into the hands of these three individuals? However, they also knew that these three individuals' strength was far above theirs. And, they might not be a match for these three individuals even if the eight of them fought together.

However, they became unwilling to give up when they realized that the opportunity that could make them rich overnight was about to go out of their hands. 100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' might only be the icing on the cake for Ye Xiwen… However, it was an astronomical wealth for these experts.

"Let's fight. Why should the Magic Crystal Ore Deposits only be theirs?" a senior expert of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm resentfully said.

Then, his big hand made of energy stretched out, and went towards one of the Magic Crystal Ore Deposits to grab it.

However, he heard three loud shouts before he could grab those three Magic Crystal Ore Deposits. Then, three big hands fell down on him... This expert of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm had seemed awe-inspiring until now. However, he got blasted away with ease, and his body nearly exploded as a result.

The gap between the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm and the intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm was already quite big. However, there were three intermediate stage experts against one initial stage expert in this situation. Therefore, that expert of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm had nearly gotten exploded in just one strike.

Those few experts of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm had been prepared to jump into the fight. However, they got deterred by this event. They had thought that they might be able to win by taking advantage of all the chaos. However, that had feeling died out. It had become clear to them that these three experts of intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm wouldn't let them win by taking advantage of the chaos.

"He was overreaching himself!" That middle-aged expert of intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm coldly snorted. Then, he said in a somewhat disdainful manner.


A burst of howling devil wind blew from afar. Then, dozens of streamers of light descended from the sky. The expressions of these human experts drastically changed when they noticed that the weakest among these streamers of light were the experts of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. In fact, there was no shortage of top experts of late stage of half-step Great Sage realm among them. However, the most important thing was that these weren't the auras of humans... They were emitting the devil energy of the devil race.

"This is bad. It's a surprise attack of the devils!" That baby-faced expert's complexion changed. The Devil World wasn't their territory. So, they were mostly afraid of coming across an ambush of devils in the Devil World. And, that's because it would be nearly impossible for them to escape if that happened... It would be a dead end for them!

Therefore, these experts preferred to act in groups. After all, this was the only way they could escape if they got surrounded by the devils in the Devil World. They absolutely wouldn't be able to escape alone.

They had already released their divine senses when they had been fighting here. And, there hadn't been any sign of unusual movements within the radius of a thousand miles. That's why they had been fighting on such a grand scale. However, they hadn't expected that these devils would arrive in the blink of an eye.

This ambush couldn't be compared with the heavy ambush that Ye Xiwen had come across earlier. However, these dozens of devils were certainly a bigger threat than those troops. And, that's because each of these devils was an elite in the devil race.

These devil clansmen had arrived in front of everyone in an instant.

A young devil expert suddenly dropped from the clouds while carrying a stunning aura; he was the leader of this group. His entire body was covered with layer upon layer of scales. Also, a pair of giant flesh wings could be seen behind his body. He looked quite sinister as a result.

These devils looked a bit similar to the Great Devils. However, their auras had countless times more grandeur than those Great Devils. It seemed as if the traits of all the devils whom Ye Xiwen had seen up until now could be found on the bodies of these devils.

Ye Xiwen suddenly remembered what Ye Mo had mentioned to him once. This was one of the eight noble clans of the Devil World - 'Original Devil Clan'.

This was the Original Devil Clan of the devil race. They were the source of all the devils if the rumours about them were to be believed. All the devils had split up from the Original Devils. The Original Devil Clan had always been the first ancestors of the entire devil race. They were considered as very arrogant. After all, all of the devils had originated from the Original Devil Clan.

No wonder why Ye Xiwen felt as if he could sense the reflections of all other devil clans on the bodies of these devils.

There was a period of time back in the day when Ye Mo had been encouraging Ye Xiwen to enter the Devil World. Ye Mo had vowed that he would cultivate Ye Xiwen as the next Devil King, and lead the Devil World to conquer all of the Ten Thousand Worlds.

Ye Xiwen hadn't agreed. But, he had come to know about many matters of the Devil World from Ye Mo... An ordinary human might not be able to recognize the Original Devil Clan. It was because the Devil World never dispatched its true power to deal with the True Martial World. In fact, only the Great Devil Clan was dispatched from the Devil World to attack the True Martial World. This was because the Great Devil Clan had a massive population, and was considered as the main force of the devil race. Therefore, many people in the True Martial World had the impression of devil race as Great Devils. They had no idea about the Original Devil Clan. It was quite mysterious among the eight noble clans.

Ye Mo naturally confirmed Ye Xiwen's guess at once.

"It's the Original Devil Clan!" Ye Mo said. "These Original Devils are still as annoying as ever!"

Everyone apart from Ye Xiwen was left dumbstruck. Another ten or so tyrannical experts of half-step Great Sage realm arrived after the young expert of the Original Devil Clan. Moreover, there wasn't only the Original Devil Clan. The Great Devil Clan and a few other smaller clans were also there. All of these devils were extremely intrepid… without any exception. They were the elites in the same realm.

A human expert screamed loudly. He then turned around, and flew away. However, he hadn't escaped yet when a big hand suddenly split open the sky. This hand then caught that sage expert high up in the sky, exploded him, and transformed him into a mass of blood fog.

(To be continued)

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