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The Great Devil Squad Leader's idea of taking cheap advantage wasn't wrong. After all, it would've been a dead end for an ordinary expert of Sage Great Perfection realm if they had come across him. They wouldn't have had any chance of survival. However, he had unfortunately messed with a freak like Ye Xiwen... He didn't have the power to fight back in front of Ye Xiwen even though he was an expert of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm.

He wouldn't have been a match for Ye Xiwen even if Ye Xiwen hadn't made the breakthrough a year ago; let alone now when Ye Xiwen had already made the breakthrough.

It became impossible for those other great devil soldiers to contend against Ye Xiwen after their young leader got killed. All of them got killed by Ye Xiwen in a moment's effort. It was simply impossible for them to be a match for him.

Ye Xiwen came across a few more squads soon after that; such squads were commonly seen in the Devil World. The True Martial World considered this Devil World Competition as an opportunity to hone their disciples. So, how could the devil race not have thought so as well; especially when many devils had tasted success in previous trials? The martial power of these devils would skyrocket after they devoured these elite human experts.

Therefore, many devils had responded instantly. They didn't even need to be summoned. They had arrived one after another of their own accord.

However, they had unfortunately become Ye Xiwen's supplement now... Ye Xiwen had the assistance of the Heavenly Source Mirror. So, these devils could only become his slaves. Ye Xiwen could obtain whatever he wanted from them. This would save Ye Xiwen the penance of innumerable years of cultivation.

Ye Xiwen had killed a few devils of half-step Great Sage realm, and absorbed the devil energy of their bodies. Consequently, his slightly-unstable cultivation of Sage Great Perfection realm had become stable. Other people feared the devil energy; they tried to avoid it. However, it was like a tonic for Ye Xiwen.

Naturally, the deeper he penetrated into the Devil World, the more powerful devils he came across. Several days passed. Ye Xiwen finally came across the people of other forces; they were also experts like him. There would be no problem if one met the experts of other forces with whom they had a friendly relation. However, a fight would break out on the spot if the relation between them wasn't good. After all, it didn't matter who died in this place since the high-level experts wouldn't investigate about it.

The high-level experts of every big force hoped that their disciples could display invincible might, and establish great prestige of their respective forces. However, they had also mutually agreed that they wouldn't inquire about the life or death of the participants in this trial.

There weren't many forces that had good relations with the True Martial University. In fact, the majority of them were sworn enemies of the True Martial University. It wasn't known how many predecessors had died on both sides during the decline of the True Martial University. So, it could be said that their enmity was as deep as the ocean.

Some people didn't have good eyes... After all, they had set out towards Ye Xiwen. They considered him just an ordinary expert of Sage Great Perfection realm. Therefore, they had collaborated to deal with him. However, Ye Xiwen wasn't merciful either. So, anyone who attacked him got slaughtered.

The ranking on the merit list had become stable along with the passage of time... The top 100 positions belonged to the powerful experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. The top 50 positions belonged to the well-known figures among those experts. And, the top 20 positions belonged to those experts who had the reputation of being able to escape from the hands of experts of initial stage of Great Sage realm.

One could make out the strong and weak people from the merit list. It mightn't be accurate. But, those who had acquired the top 100 positions were undoubtedly extremely tyrannical people.

Ye Xiwen had killed for several days, and he could also be considered as hardworking. However, the rankings showed that he was extremely far from others. He wasn't even ranked among the top 1000 people; he had merely broken into the top 10,000 people. He was presently a nonentity in this competition.

The sky turned dark on Ye Xiwen's fifth day in the Devil World... Strange yelling sounds came from the black clouds. The sound was ear-piercing sharp.

One could tell that they were calf-sized owls by taking a closer look. These owls were considered as a weak devil species in other worlds. However, each one of them had a cultivation of semi-sage level in the Devil World. In fact, there were also many sage level owls among them; these sage level owls were leading the group.

It would've been a dead end for even a top-notch expert of late stage of half-step Great Sage realm if they had come across such a massive flock of owls. In fact, they wouldn't have dared to mess with them. However, this wasn't because these owls were extremely powerful. Instead, it was because their number was way too much... They were simply endless.

However, a figure was shuttling inside this group of owls, and a golden light was flashing again and again... A large chunk of owls got killed by this golden light every time it flashed.

Ye Xiwen's expression was solemn and stern. And, his hand was moving continuously... He unceasingly bombarded all kinds of martial arts techniques on a whim. It could be said that he was casually butchering them. In fact, it had become impossible for those owls to approach Ye Xiwen's body. They couldn't even reach close to his body, and got killed by the divinities that were protecting it.

Everything that was related to the devils was born from the darkest, most sinister, and most negative Yin energy of the world. However, Ye Xiwen's divinities had been extracted from the descendants of gods. Therefore, these divinities were the brightest, most honest, and most positive Yang energy. These divinities were simply a bane for these devils. Moreover, their cultivation level was far more inferior to that of Ye Xiwen. Therefore, it was impossible for them to even approach his body.

The flesh of these owls got absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror after they got killed by Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen could feel that the Heavenly Source Mirror wasn't far from making a breakthrough... It differed by just a foot from becoming a Great Sage tool.

However, this separation of one foot in Heavenly Source Mirror's promotion was as massive as a moat before one's eyes. Still, this was good enough. After all, an ordinary sage tool usually didn't get an opportunity to evolve into a Great Sage tool. This was why even some Great Sages were still using sage tools.

Ye Xiwen simply didn't give importance to these owls even though many experts feared them. He had been killing them casually. He could instantly absorb this rich devil energy at any time to replenish his Real Elemental Energy. Therefore, it was impossible to think that he would die because of exhausting his Real Elemental Energy. So, it could be said that the thing that other people were avoiding was simply nothing for him.

In fact, he was taking advantage of these owls to hone his martial arts since they couldn't injure him.

Ye Xiwen reduced the myriads of owls into a small group in a day's time. One couldn't make out from afar, but he had indeed killed a terrifying number of owls.

Countless sage experts were unceasingly flying across at a distant place. They were streaking across the sky just like a group of lights. It was the Devil World. However, how could Ye Xiwen not have become excited when he looked at these experts? These people must be more dangerous than the devils.

"Where are these people going?" Ye Xiwen became somewhat curious after he noticed that all these experts were flying in the same direction.

Therefore, he decided to end using these owls to train, and quickly followed them. He then saw that several hundred experts had gathered in a mountain range.

The voices of several experts came from the surrounding.

"Does this place truly have Magic Crystal Ore Deposits?"

"This news can't be fake. It has already created a big commotion. It's not clear how many experts have already arrived here!"

"Haha… then it's awesome. We'll become very rich if we can obtain just one Magic Crystal Ore Deposit. After all, we can convert it into Spirit Stone Ore Deposits after we return. We can become rich in one fell swoop if we obtain even one such ore!"

"Yeah! Half of it may get acquired by the university after conversion. However, the rest would be ours, and that would also be a big profit. Where can one get such a good opportunity in the True Martial World? After all, all those Spirit Stone Ore Deposits have already been divided by the big forces amongst themselves. So, there's no way that we're going to obtain them…"

Ye Xiwen was startled. [So, they've arrived here for the Magic Crystal Ore Deposits.] Ordinary martial cultivators depended on spirit stones in the True Martial World. And, the spirit stones were usually extracted from the Spirit Stone Ore Deposits.

The cultivators of devil race In the Devil World were dependent upon the Magic Crystals for their cultivation. And, these Magic Crystals were extracted from the Magic Crystal Ore Deposits. These Magic Crystals could also be converted into spirit stones with the help of some methods... just like Ye Xiwen could convert the devil energy with the help of Heavenly Source Mirror. In fact, every big force had similar methods for converting Magic Crystals into spirit stones. It was just that they could only achieve it with the help of large-scale matrix formations. They couldn't accomplish it alone like Ye Xiwen could.

The spirit stones weren't considered as very valuable. However, they could become precious if the amount was huge. For example... One miniature Spirit Stone Ore Deposit could be worth as much as 100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans'.

Ye Xiwen's eyes shone as he heard this. He had already obtained 1.7 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans' after he had sold his heavenly treasures as well as seized 700 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' from Young Master Jin Xiu. However, he had already consumed 500 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' from that kitty when he had made the breakthrough into the Sage Great Perfection realm. The remaining 1.2 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans' might seem like a big amount. However, it was far from enough as far as Ye Xiwen was concerned.

The star colossus avatar had restored its fighting prowess to the intermediate stage of Great Sage realm. Consequently, its consumption of 'Primary Spirit Dans' had reached to an astronomical figure... It would consume at least 500 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' for fighting just once. Therefore, 1.2 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans' could only support it to fight twice. That's why it could be said that Ye Xiwen's stock of 'Primary Spirit Dans was far from enough.

The blood slave had already integrated into the star colossus avatar. And, it would completely replace the star colossus's soul one day in the future. There wouldn't be any need to consume such huge amount of 'Primary Spirit Dans' in order to make the star colossus set out after the blood slave completely merged with the star colossus's body and gained enormous strength.

However, Ye Xiwen believed that it was still worth it. After all, it would've been impossible for him to control the star colossus avatar if he didn't have the blood slave.

This trump card of his was bound to be not so easy to use.

So, how could he not have become excited on seeing the Magic Crystal Ore Deposits in front of him? Other people would need to take these ores to their respective sects in order to convert them into sprit stones. However, Ye Xiwen could absorb them directly. This would obviously spare him the needless troubles.

The entire mountain range was already under a barrage of attacks by the time Ye Xiwen arrived. Several experts were displaying their remarkable skills. All kinds of martial arts moves were fiercely exploding in the sky.


The entire mountain suddenly exploded, and chunks of Magic Crystal Ore Deposits splashed out. However, three huge Magic Crystal Ore Deposits also flew out along with these chunks. These three huge Magic Crystal Ore Deposits would be considered as miniature Magic Crystal Ore Deposits. However, that was in comparison to the other larger Magic Crystal Ore Deposits. The fact was that these three were of the size of a small hill! They were extremely huge!

Everyone's eyes suddenly popped out with greed. In fact, nobody even looked towards those chunks of Magic Crystal Ore Deposits. It must be said that those chunks of Magic Crystal Ore Deposits were also quite valuable. However, how could they be compared with those three miniature Magic Crystal Ore Deposits?

Even one of those three miniature Magic Crystal Ore Deposits was worth 100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans'. And, this amount of money could be compared to the wealth of a common Great Sage expert. So, one could become rich overnight; they could rise above their competitors if they obtained even one such ore deposit. Consequently, their chances of advancing to the Great Sage realm would also start to look promising.

These people generally couldn't obtain such Ore Deposits. That's because they would be seized either by the major forces or by the Great Sages... In fact, these people wouldn't even get a chance to have a look at it.

Ye Xiwen saw that countless big hands made of spirit energies had extended towards those three Magic Crystal Ore Deposits in the sky in order to grab them.

However, he still wasn't in any hurry. He first went to grab those chunks of Magic Crystal Ore Deposits that had exploded out. Those chunks of Magic Crystal Ore Deposits were far inferior to those hill-sized deposits of Magic Crystal Ore Deposits when considered in their individual value. However, they seemed quite valuable when their large quantity was taken into account.

(To be continued)

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