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There was a pin drop silence. Only the miserable scream of that expert who had been running away could be heard at the moment.

"Humans are very weak. Are all of you like this scaredy cat?" that young leader of the Original Devil Clan said somewhat disdainfully. He didn't pay attention to that expert who had been running away. The blood of that expert was dripping from his fingertips. He had attacked and smashed that human expert a moment ago.

His tone was mocking. It was full of disdain for humans. The Original Devil Clan was considered a very arrogant clan among the devil clans. They even looked down upon other devil clans. And, these humans were like weak sheep in their opinion.

Everyone was terrified. These people were considered as elites among the forces of True Martial World. However, they became scared when they saw this young expert of Original Devil Clan casually grabbing and killing that sage expert.

The young expert of Original Devil Clan didn't conceal his wild and bloody aura. His strength was unfathomable; he was just a foot away from entering the Great Sage realm. In fact, he could become a peerless Great Sage expert! Everyone searched through their memories, and came to a realization that there was hardly any person below Great Sage realm in their knowledge who could be a match for him.

He must be a heaven's pride expert among the devil experts — and the most terrifying one at that.

Let's say that everyone was divided into three ranks - ordinary ones, elites, and heaven's pride experts. Then, these people would be truly terrified whilst determining the level of this young devil expert who was present before their eyes. These experts were elites. There was hardly any match for them among their peers. However, they weren't heaven's pride experts. Only a heaven's pride expert was truly invincible. Only a heaven's pride expert could contend against another heaven's pride expert in the same realm. It would be a dead end for ordinary experts if they came across a heaven's pride expert.

Moreover, these people and that young expert of the Original Devil Clan weren't in the same realm. Even the strongest person among these people differed by a level from that young expert of Original Devil Clan. This meant that this young leader alone could slaughter all of these human experts.

Moreover, there were dozens of senior experts of half-step Great Sage realm behind him, and each one of them was an elite.

Ye Xiwen had a much clearer look than these people. He could spot another heaven's pride expert among them. A heaven's pride expert of Asura Clan was hidden among those devil experts. His aura looked valiant. It mustn't be much weaker than the aura of that young expert of the Original Devil Clan.

However, what made Ye Xiwen surprised was the fact that this heaven's pride expert of Asura Clan was a subordinate of that young expert of Original Devil Clan. This wasn't something an ordinary individual could achieve.

Heaven's pride experts were one in 100 million. They were chosen by the Heaven. Every person that became a heaven's pride expert was proud and arrogant. They were unruly and untamed. Each of them wanted to rise to the peak. So, making a heaven's pride expert one's subordinate was as difficult as ascending to the Heaven.

Let's consider the case of Cao Yuyu and Mu Sheng Jie... There was a difference of many years between them. Their strength also differed enormously. So it wasn't strange that Cao Yuyu followed Mu Sheng Jie. However, the people who could force someone of the same realm to work as a follower were extremely rare. Therefore, it was clearly visible that that young expert of Original Devil Clan was extremely terrifying.

This group of young experts of devil race had arrived together to block these human experts. They didn't have a dominant position in terms of numbers against these human experts. However, Ye Xiwen still felt that this whole situation was like overkill.

After all, even a handful of these devil experts could wipe out all of the human experts gathered here.

Ye Xiwen couldn't help but frown as he thought of this. These devil experts were very difficult to deal with. Even Ye Xiwen would have no choice but to escape whilst facing these experts if he didn't summon the star colossus avatar.

Everyone was trembling with fear. However, nobody dared to turn around, and escape. After all, they had already seen what had happened to that expert who had tried to escape just a moment ago. So, what would happen if they also turned around, and tried to escape? "Your Majesty Mo Tian has made a clever scheme. You've attracted these silly humans by using just a few miniature Magic Crystal Ore Deposits!" an expert of devil race who was behind his leader — Original Devil Mo Tian — complimented him.

The other devil experts also agreed one after another. They simply looked down on these human experts. They believed that these human experts were just like meat placed on the chopping board. They could kill them whenever they wanted.

The complexions of most of the human experts turned a deep shade of red with anger. However, they couldn't do anything since they were too weak. It wasn't that there wasn't any powerful expert among all the human experts of the universe. However, there surely wasn't any such expert present here.

They had been thinking of these devil races as their prey before they had arrived here. They had believed that the Devil World was their hunting ground where they could run amuck. But, who would've imagined that they themselves would become the prey in the end... that they would be considered as meat placed on chopping board… that they could be slaughtered on a whim?

"Unfortunately, there isn't enough time to attract real human geniuses!" Mo Tian said somewhat dejected. "These human experts are extremely audacious. They consider our Devil World as their hunting ground. It's truly ridiculous. They hardly realize that they are just sheep in front of us. Never mind. We'll find those heaven's pride experts of human race, and challenge them after we've killed this lot. I'll return to closed-door training, and make the breakthrough into Great Sage realm after I've devoured one such human expert. I'll attain a higher status in my clan after that!"

Mo Tian's words didn't contain contempt for these experts. On the contrary, he considered them as his bloody meal. He believed that his martial power would skyrocket after he devoured them.

The vitalities of these experts were very rich. It was true for any devil that their martial power would rise enormously after they swallowed this vitality. It was just like how the human experts would progress after they absorbed the demon cores of the demon beasts. Nothing was impossible.

"Fu*k, let's fight with them!" an expert couldn't help but shout out loud. These devils considered them as a bloody meal. They clearly wouldn't let them off. So, when should they resist them if not now?

However, his voice hadn't even faded when a terrifying beam streaked across the vast sky, and chopped off his head... His bloody head went out flying. It was a gory scene!

However, the devil race naturally couldn't deter those experts at this time. After all, a sword was hanging on these experts' necks no matter whether they extended their heads or retracted them. At worst they would have to fight. A person must die with pride... They mustn't run away from the battlefield.

These human experts knew that they could survive only if reinforcements suddenly appeared at this time. Otherwise, they would be completely crushed, and wouldn't be able to escape. Their death was almost certain. Therefore, they might as well just fight.

Moreover, they didn't know whether the people who would arrive next would be their enemy or friend. They might even be abandoned to be wiped out.

Only a few people among all of them might have never come across a desperate situation of life or death even after cultivating till this extent. They obviously didn't want to die. However, they weren't afraid of death either. They wouldn't retreat even if they were cornered!

They would only fight to death!

Those human experts together launched the most formidable attack after one of the human experts said this. It seemed as if their attack would unleash a destructive power that would destroy the sky itself.

"Overconfident ants!" Mo Tian coldly snorted. Then, a big hand stretched out. It covered the entire sky, transformed into a devil energy cloud, and crashed down overwhelmingly. The attack of those experts immediately disappeared after it got grasped by that big hand.

"Ye Xiwen, this is a good opportunity to grab those three Magic Crystal Ore Deposits. You can use the star colossus avatar at least once with that!" Ye Mo agitatedly said.

The star colossus avatar possessed great might. However, it would consume an astronomical amount of Primary Spirit Dans every time it was brought into use. It would consume more than 500 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' for fighting just once now that it had made the breakthrough into the intermediate stage of Great Sage realm. Ye Xiwen didn't dare to use it casually even if he was filthy rich. It was his trump card for saving his life in the Devil World.

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate any further as he thought of this. He immediately set out. Suddenly, a fire cloud filled the entire sky. It then transformed into a big hand, and suddenly swept towards those Magic Crystal Ore Deposits which were floating in the sky.

Ye Xiwen's speed was extremely fast. He grabbed those Magic Crystal Ore Deposits in an instant, and put them inside the Heavenly Source Mirror.

"Who was that?" Mo Tian became angry. He had just defeated the attack of those experts in a manner that made it seem as if a cat was playing with a mouse. However, someone had taken advantage of this distraction, and had snatched away those three Magic Crystal Ore Deposits.

He had taken out these Magic Crystal Ore Deposits in order to lure those human experts. However, he had used them as bait and nothing more. He believed that these ores were still his stuff, and the other people couldn't touch them. However, Ye Xiwen had taken advantage of the chaos, and had snatched away those Magic Crystal Ore Deposits. Consequently, Mo Tian felt as if someone had thrown a heavy slap on his face.

He was born in a noble family. However, it could be said that 300 'Primary Spirit Dans' were the majority of his net wealth. So, it would certainly be a huge loss for him if he lost it.

His gaze locked upon Ye Xiwen's body almost in an instant. He became angry, and his face turned purple with rage when he saw a grin on Ye Xiwen's delicate and pretty face. It was obviously a disdainful smile which he had happened to see.

[Is he ridiculing me?]

Mo Tian had been looking down on these humans until a moment ago. He considered them as his prey. However, someone among these preys had given him a tight backhanded slap on his face. Moreover, it was a very loud slap!

This blow had made him dizzy!

He was an arrogant man since he had been rich since childhood. He also possessed high innate talent. So, he looked down on everyone. However, someone had given him a tight slap on his face this time. So, how could he let it pass?

He suddenly roared in anger, "Catch him for me!"

The other devils' gaze fell on Ye Xiwen at this time. They had also found that the Magic Crystal Ore Deposits had been snatched away by a human.

They became angry as a result. It had looked like a flawless plan. It seemed as if this plan had been rehearsed properly in advance. It was as if everything had already been predicted. They couldn't attract the powerful heaven's pride experts of the human race as intended. However, their plan hadn't gone in vain since these people also had many experts of half-step Great Sage realm. The martial power of these devils would've increased enormously after having devoured them.

They had made such a perfect plan... However, they had made just a small mistake at this time, and the Magic Crystal Ore Deposits had been snatched away by someone!

However, it didn't matter. It was still a dead end for that person who had taken away the Magic Crystal Ore Deposits. And, the Magic Crystal Ore Deposits would return to their hands as long as they killed him.

Ye Xiwen grinned. It seemed as if he was mocking those devils who considered themselves very clever. After all, these devils had now suffered a double loss after trying to trick the enemy. Ye Xiwen suddenly unfolded the golden devil wings behind his body, transformed into a streamer of light, and flew away.

He didn't care about the other human experts. However, he had still attracted the attentions of the most ferocious devils. So, those human experts could now escape from the remaining few.

(To be continued)

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