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All these people were the elites among the elites of various forces. And, these elites were slaughtering at a very fast speed! The experts of devil race had cleverly planned an ambush in order to catch the disciples of the True Martial University off-guard. However, they hadn't been able to withstand them for a long time, and had soon been forced to retreat little by little in defeat.

The experts of the True Martial University attacked one after another... A large group of devils got defeated in the first attack. Ye Xiwen could see that the scores on the merit list were increasing frantically.

Ye Xiwen obviously couldn't just sit back and watch other people fighting and killing. So, he also went all-out. However, he hadn't killed much when those devils who had been running rampant just a moment ago got wiped out completely... Not a single one was left!

Ye Xiwen had obtained merely around 200 points in the first round of the clash. That's because the ones that he had killed were merely the unorganized semi-sage devils. However, he was in no hurry. [This is just the beginning. I'll let the others run rampant. I'll just get hold of a Great Sage level devil, and kill him to leave everyone in the dust.]

There had been a huge crowd at the entrance of the Devil World not too long ago. However, there wasn't anyone here now. Most of the experts had already flown towards the depths of this world.

Ye Xiwen's face exposed a trace of smile... After all, this place was his home ground!

Ye Xiwen flew into the sky of the Devil World. He felt as if a sword was scraping off his body as bursts of devil wind brushed against him. The fact was that the astral wind of the True Martial World was nothing in comparison to the devil wind of the Devil World... The astral wind was just like a breeze in comparison. They were entirely different!

The living environment of the Devil World was very nasty. Therefore, its inhabitants — the devil — were far more sturdy than the humans.

"Human!" A big hand suddenly swept over from the sky! The claw immediately grabbed and smashed the void! It seemed as if it would definitely grab and kill Ye Xiwen. It was clear from the aura being emitted from this big hand that it was a devil beast of Sage Accomplished realm. It had been hiding inside the devil clouds, and had planned to kill Ye Xiwen with a single fatal blow.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't even look at it... Endless rays of light emitted from his palms, and proliferated in the surroundings in an instant! The entire sky suddenly got illuminated by these rays of light. Then, the devil clouds burst open, and a devil beast screamed as it got killed. It couldn't even injure Ye Xiwen!

Then, its blood essence got entirely absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror. Consequently, Ye Xiwen could feel that the Heavenly Source Mirror had become a bit stronger once again.

He had killed this beast... However, it didn't mean that other devil beasts wouldn't attack him. On the contrary, an increasing number of beasts appeared in the surroundings.

They weren't real devils. Instead, they were the devil beasts that had just been living inside the Devil World. They were locally born and bred in the Devil World. They were similar to the demon beasts born in the True Martial World. It was just that these beasts used to feed on the devil energy.

The real members of devil race were as civilized as humans. They even had their own countries and cities... Moreover, they also had a devil army. They were very dreadful. The devil beasts here were nothing in comparison to them... The humans had the dominance in the True Martial World. Similarly, the devil race dominated the Devil World.

Ye Mo had already made Ye Xiwen aware of these things. Ye Mo was an old monster whose age couldn't be predicted. It could be said that he knew these things inside-out.

Several demon beasts of sage realm had already gathered in the surroundings. They had been attracted by the fluctuations caused by the battle at this place. Their speed was extremely quick. It was far beyond the imagination of an ordinary person. They were several times more dangerous than the demon beasts present in the True Martial World.

These demon beasts were just ordinary beasts of sage realm, and one couldn't get too many points by killing them. However, they were huge in quantity. So, it was much easier to find them as compared to the devil beasts of half-step Great Sage realm.

"Inverting Ocean Seal!" Ye Xiwen formed a hand seal. Then, the Inverting Ocean Seal surged through the sky, and overwhelmingly fell down in torrents! Those devil beasts who had been approaching whilst issuing bizarre screams couldn't resist such an attack. They immediately got annihilated, and reduced to bits.

After that, Ye Xiwen once again checked his points. He found that he had suddenly gained several hundred points. Consequently, his ranking had also increased all of a sudden... It had reached the ten-thousands. However, it was still useless as more than ten-thousand people were still ahead of him, and more than hundred-thousand people were chasing him. Moreover, he would slide down hundreds and hundreds of names if he showed even a bit of laziness.

However, he still wasn't in a hurry. It was just that this was the most intense time. There wouldn't be so much chaos once the rankings got stabilized.

"Those devils are very dangerous. However, this naturally applies only to the other people. They are simply nothing for you!" Ye Mo said. "The Heavenly Source Mirror itself is the divine tool of the devil race's great monarch. So, it's naturally a bane for those of devil race. In fact, you're the next generation king of the devil race as long as you have the Heavenly Source Mirror. And, they're just like your slaves!"

Ye Mo was very excited after having returned to the Devil World. The devils were just like a group of slaves for him. They were simply nothing!

Ye Xiwen nodded... It wasn't wrong to say that the Devil World was like his home ground. After all, the Heavenly Source Mirror could restrain the powers of the devils. He could currently contend against an expert of intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm among the human experts if he pushed it. However, he didn't need to be worried even if he came across an expert of late stage of half-step Great Sage realm as far as the experts of the devil race were concerned.

Ye Xiwen continued to fly into the depths of the Devil World whilst slaughtering. The more he penetrated into the depths of the Devil World, the more devil experts he came across; and, the more wantonly he killed. He had killed dozens or even hundreds of semi-sage experts of devil race so far!

"These areas should be the outskirts of the Devil World... Many tyrannical devil beasts are lurking here. Even the experts of devil race may not be too willing to come to this kind of place. Generally, only the juniors of the devil race come here to hone their skills. It's true that many tyrannical devil beasts are lurking here. However, they aren't concentrated enough to be worried about. You must catch up with those people. Killing devil beasts isn't beneficial!" Ye Mo suggested. After all, Devil World was his place. It was like he had come back to his home after he had come to the Devil World.

Ye Xiwen flew further into the depths whilst Ye Mo spoke. Ye Xiwen didn't need to conceal the devil energy within his devil wings this time... He found that his speed had increased by one-third after the cloak of his divinities got removed from his wings.

His devil wings were giving a great performance in the Devil World... So, it could be said that they too had returned to their home. Some of the movements that had been quite difficult to make in the True Martial World had become very easy here.

Suddenly, a group of great devil soldiers arrived from afar whilst flapping their bat-wings behind their bodies. Their eyes shone as they saw Ye Xiwen coming from the front... A blood-light flashed in their eyes! It seemed as if they considered Ye Xiwen as a blood and flesh cuisine!

Ye Xiwen saw that these great devil soldiers had worn armors, and were holding iron spears in their hands. They looked like trained soldiers. Each one of them was a powerful great devil of sage realm. They were headed by a young leader who turned out to be an expert of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm.

They weren't like those scattered devil beasts on the outskirts.

Ye Xiwen recalled what Ye Mo had told him earlier... This great devil clan was also one of the eight noble clans of the devil race. Their population was huge; it was the largest among the eight noble clans. People would visualize them whenever they thought of the devil race.

The great devils had a huge population. So, they were often used as the main force as well as cannon fodder among all the devil armies of devil race that went on expedition in other worlds. Consequently, every world had legends about the great devils.

These great devil soldiers were just patrolling. However, they were already at the sage realm. After all, experts below sage realm didn't have any status in the Devil World. They were just considered as commoners and slaves.

Ye Xiwen hadn't thought much when those great devil soldiers suddenly attacked him. All of them were well-trained soldiers. So, they were moving in a battle formation. They were merely at the sage realm. However, they could display the fighting prowess of half-step Great Sage level if they fought together. Therefore, people didn't underestimate them.

The young squad leader of these great devils rushed straight over. Then, his claws swept out in rhythm. This was an incredible martial art. He was just a patrol leader in the devil army. However, he would be considered as an elite if placed in the True Martial World. In fact, he could even be ranked among the core disciples.

"You're a courageous human. You're just at the Sage Great Perfection realm... But, you've still dared to penetrate deep into the Devil World. Fu Fu… You don't know the profoundness of the world... You can only become my meal!" That great devil squad leader looked exceptionally sinister as he opened his mouth wide like a sacrificial bowl.

Those great devil soldiers also arrived fluttering their wings bat-wings behind him. They were moving in accordance with their leader, and had a very good coordination with him. They spread across like a huge net, and advanced towards Ye Xiwen to capture him.

Ye Xiwen sneered, [These great devil soldiers are treating me as an ordinary expert. They've dared to jump in front of me?! They're courting death!]

Ye Xiwen's big hand suddenly stretched out with the vigor of a dragon and the ferocity of a tiger! It was the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands! The people of the Law Enforcement Hall might've been scared to death if they had seen it. After all, this was Mu Sheng Jie's technique. And, it had appeared in Ye Xiwen's hand now.

Ye Xiwen obviously wasn't as proficient in this technique as Mu Sheng Jie was. In fact, there might even be some flaws in his technique. However, this didn't stop him from using the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands on that young great devil leader.




Ye Xiwen and the great devil leader exchanged hundred blows in an instant.

"Ah!" the young great devil leader screamed as both of his hands got exploded and transformed into a mass of blood fog. Then, that blood fog got absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror.

"How is this possible? You're just a human…" The eyes of the young great devil leader opened wide. He looked at Ye Xiwen incredulously. He couldn't believe this! The great devil clan wasn't known for their physiques. And, they couldn't even be compared with the people of Asura Clan who had tank-like bodies. However, their bodies must still be much stronger than those of the human experts.

It wasn't that the young great devil leader hadn't killed any outstanding human experts. He had killed a few senior human experts in the previous Devil World Competition. And, his martial power had increased significantly after he had swallowed their blood essence. He had then smoothly made the breakthrough into half-step Great Sage realm. He had gotten to know the benefits of harvesting human experts. Therefore, he had hurriedly carried his soldiers, and arrived to intercept the human experts after the Devil World Competition had started this time. He had thought that he could once again reap big benefits. However, who could've imagined that he would come across Ye Xiwen... a God of Death!

Ye Xiwen sneered, and suddenly attacked once again with the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands.

"Bang!" the young great devil leader screamed as he got slapped to death. The Heavenly Source Mirror emitted bursts of scarlet lustre from inside Ye Xiwen's body. The vitality of that young great devil leader got absorbed, and left nothing behind. It then transformed into the 'Real Elemental Energy'; this was the primary source of Ye Xiwen's energy. Finally, the 'Real Elemental energy' entered into Ye Xiwen's body, and got assimilated by him.

And, his blood essence got entirely absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror.

(To be continued)

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