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There was a so-called saying 'It's better to provoke the King of Hell than to incur the heavenly punishment'.

These martial practitioners often used to wander between life and death. So, they knew the means to save their lives. However, it would be a dead end for them if they provoked the Heavenly Punishment Faction.

Of course, the Heavenly Punishment Faction wouldn't move into action under normal circumstances... They wouldn't do so as long as one didn't betray the university!

There was no clear information on the basis of which one could say that they were directed against Ye Xiwen. Anyway, the fact that the Heavenly Punishment Faction had set out wasn't good news for Ye Xiwen since he was an enemy of Law Enforcement Hall.

Initially, the people that had arrived with Gao Ling Xiu were thinking that Ye Xiwen had been given too much importance by her. However, they were now looking at him with a trace of pity in their eyes. [Ye Xiwen has provoked the Heavenly Punishment Faction... He won't have an easy time in the future.]

However, Ye Xiwen didn't care too much about it. He would summon the star colossus avatar in the critical situation to blast the enemy away. Even the Heavenly Punishment Faction wouldn't be able to do anything about that. They would look insignificant in the face of his tyrannical strength.

The time allotted for the experts to gather here had passed very quickly. The entire Ying Xin City was filled with sage experts who would participate in this time's Devil World Competition. It could be said with confidence that the experts present here were in abundance.

More than a dozen figures cut through the vast sky, and arrived after all the experts had arrived here. Each one of them possessed incomparably formidable aura. All of them were Great Sages! They were headed by a man who was none other than the Old City Lord of Ying Xin City whom Ye Xiwen had seen earlier.

Ye Xiwen had seen the Ying Xin City's Lord after a few decades. However, the City Lord still looked as unfathomable as before. Even looking at him forever would be insufficient. Nobody knew about his origins. In fact, nobody knew since how long he had been the Lord of the Ying Xin City. They just knew that he used to appear every time the Ying Xin City opened.

"Silence!" the Old City Lord's powerful voice silenced all the experts who were present here. All of these people possessed super strength and were untamed. However, they didn't dare to act presumptuously in front of these Great Sages.

"The Devil World Competition is going to take place once again. I don't need to explain how important it is for our university!" the Old City Lord faintly said, "Your leaders must have already told you everything. Therefore, I won't say much. I just hope you'll give a good performance, and establish great merit!"

The Old City Lord brandished his hand, and golden lights filled the surrounding. Then, those golden lights fell into everyone's body like a rain of light.

Ye Xiwen could feel the golden light had fallen inside his body, and gotten concealed therein.

"These golden lights will record the number of devils that you kill. Then, that number will be converted into points which will appear on the merit list. You'll get 1 point for killing a semi-sage devil expert. You'll get 10 points for killing a devil expert of initial stage of sage realm. Killing an expert of intermediate stage of sage realm will get you 20 points. 30 points for killing an expert of late stage of sage realm... 40 points for killing an expert of sage realm peak... 50 points for Sage Small Perfection level expert... 60 points for Sage Great Perfection level expert... 100 points for Sage Accomplished level expert... 1000 points for an expert of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm... 3000 points for an expert of intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm... 5000 points for an expert of late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. And, the reward will be 10,000 points if you kill a Great Sage!" the Old City Lord explained in his sonorous and powerful voice.

Ye Xiwen got immersed into his mind after he heard this. He found a merit list in the depths of his consciousness. The list was still blank... No one's name had appeared on it yet. The names of the people of other forces wouldn't appear along with them on this list. However, their achievements and ranking would appear in the list. Therefore, it would become obvious who was strong and who was weak after having a glance at this list.

Divine beams flickered on the Old City Lord's hands after he was done talking. He then ripped apart a huge crack in the sky with his hands. The crack was ten-thousand feet wide and more than a hundred-thousand feet long! Devil wind was howling inside the crack, and blowing out from inside it.

The gas that had proliferated from inside the crack made everyone feel uncomfortable. It was the devil gas which was present inside the Devil World. Only Ye Xiwen wasn't feeling uncomfortable. The entire devil gas that entered Ye Xiwen's body had been absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror, and transformed into devil energy which supplemented Ye Xiwen's energy requirements.

He could also make the mysterious space absorb it. It could be said that the devil energy was no big deal for Ye Xiwen. However, the same couldn't be said for the other people.

The devil race was the only species who could adapt to the devil energy. Even the fiercest demon beasts apart from that of the devil race couldn't endure direct exposure to the devil energy.

"Ye Xiwen, the Old City Lord possesses incomparably profound martial power!" Ye Mo suddenly said. "He has effortlessly torn open a passage that leads to the Devil World. Such cultivation is shocking!"

Ye Xiwen nodded. He might not be able to tear open such a passage even with the star colossus avatar's assistance. In fact, it was simply impossible for him.

Moreover, the power of the space principle was second only to the power of the great principle of time. An ordinary person could break the space of the weakest region. However, that would merely happen for a split second. Afterwards, the space would be restored by the space principle.

The cultivation of a person that could open such a crack for such a long time would be enough to scare a person to death.

Ye Xiwen could see the mountains and rivers inside the Devil World through that huge crack. This scene was similar to what he had seen in the microcosm of Yi Yuan School which had been formed from the fragments of Devil World. There were boundless black clouds and howling and billowing winds. Terrifying energies were boiling therein. This was the Devil World!

Even the old experts who had participated many times in the Devil World Competition became scared as they saw this scene. Only the people who had formed a team could survive in such a dangerous place.

Ye Xiwen sniffed the fatal aura that was coming out from inside the crack. The Devil World Competition had turned out to be a huge test every time.

Ye Mo was somewhat eager to give it a try. After all, the Devil World was his home. It could be said that he would be back in his home once Ye Xiwen had entered the Devil World. Ye Mo could obviously display far more power in the Devil World.


Countless sage experts flew inside the Devil World. It was a spectacular scene! Each one of them soared to the sky… It seemed as if they had been swept up by a tyrannical energy column. Each of them transformed into a streamer of light, and went inside.

No one was left by Ye Xiwen's side at this time. Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin had already left to find the team that they had previously agreed to go with. Gao Ling Xiu had also crashed into the passage along with the other people.

"Let's go!" Ye Xiwen said. And, a pair of golden wings unfolded behind his body. He then transformed into a golden light, and burst into the passage.

Ye Xiwen had just entered the passage when he felt boundless devil energy blowing against his face. He saw devil clouds surging about as far as he could see... Countless devils were hidden inside these devil clouds.

"Fu fu... These stupid humans have arrived to throw away their lives as expected!"

"This is a banquet of blood and flesh. Each of these individuals is elite among the humans. Therefore, they possess extremely exuberant vitality. Our cultivation will advance enormously after we've swallowed them alive. We may also reach up to the Great Sage realm if we manage to swallow a bunch of them!"

Ye Xiwen's expression turned cold. He hadn't expected that he would come across an ambush immediately after he entered the Devil World. However, the individuals in the Devil World weren't idiots. They knew that the experts of True Martial World would enter the Devil World in order to kill them. So, they had taken advantage of this opportunity, and set up an ambush in order to eliminate all these people in one fell swoop.

The sage experts who had just entered the Devil World began to attack one after another in order to deal with these devils.

Ye Xiwen looked around. These devils were large in number. Fortunately, there wasn't any extremely tyrannical devil expert to assume personal command among them. Otherwise, the True Martial University's experts might've suffered heavy losses.

"These devils are very cunning!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. Hundreds of semi-sage devils had already arrived in front of him. These devils were common in the Devil World.

A semi sage expert couldn't be considered as a nonentity in the True Martial World. They also had an appropriate position. However, a semi-sage expert was nothing inside these ambushing forces of the Devil World. They were simply servants of the lowest rank. The Devil World's strength was evident from this point. According to Ye Mo... the Devil World had an outstanding reputation in the past. It was among the few famous macrocosms. It was simply impossible for the True Martial World to contend against the Devil World. The True Martial World wouldn't have been able to stop the Devil World if it had revealed its real strength. Both worlds were simply not on the same level.

Ye Xiwen stretched out his hand to grasp. It exploded into endless rays of light in the sky. Those rays of light then formed a huge net, and grabbed those hundreds of devils.

The experts of devil race that came in contact with those rays of light screamed one after another. They got exploded, and transformed into blood fog. Thereafter, they got absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror.

The Heavenly Source Mirror emitted bursts of scarlet light from inside Ye Xiwen's body. It could be said that the blood essence present inside these devils was a big supplement for the Heavenly Source Mirror.

"Ha ha… The blood essence of the devils is the biggest supplement. There will be no need to look for a Great Sage tool if it continues like this. The Heavenly Source Mirror itself can evolve, and become a Great Sage tool!" Ye Mo laughed wildly and said. The natural instincts of the devils made them suppressed in front of Ye Xiwen.

The devil energy present inside these devils' bodies was transformed into 'spirit energies', and this was then absorbed by Ye Xiwen. This immediately replenished Ye Xiwen's used up 'Real Elemental Energy'.

No one in the Devil World could absorb the devil energy from the atmosphere… apart from the devils or those people of Devil Worship Cult who had cultivated Devil Cultivation Methods. It could be said that one's own 'Real Elemental Energy' wasn't enough in a place like this... It was necessary to have a lot of 'Primary Spirit Dans' or other such heavenly treasures that could replenish one's 'Real Elemental Energy'. Otherwise, one would die in the Devil World because of shortage of 'Real Elemental Energy'.

Therefore, no one dared to use their 'Real Elemental Energy' extravagantly inside the Devil World. They couldn't use it freely here like they used to do everywhere else. Basically, they must use it as less as possible. However, Ye Xiwen had a big advantage in this aspect... After all, he could spend his Real Elemental Energy without any hesitation. So, he wouldn't die because of exhaustion of Real Elemental Energy like other people.

Ye Xiwen looked as far as his eyes could see. He saw thousands and thousands of disciples of True Martial University attacking the devils. Sounds of shouting and killing reverberated everywhere. These people also deserved to be called as elites in the True Martial University. They were facing experts of devil race that were twice as many as them, but were still fighting them with all of their strength.

Ye Xiwen looked at the merit list. He found that his name was at the bottom behind 50,000 names. He had obtained only 100 points till now. He could only be considered at the bottom of the bottom.

He then shot a glance at the top of the list. He saw that someone had obtained 3000 points. Moreover, the disciples of the True Martial University weren't the only ones present there. The experts of the various forces had scattered in different areas in the Devil World. However, an intense collision between them was imminent.

(To be continued)

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