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However, not everyone was thinking that... Some people knew that it wasn't the first time that Ye Xiwen had challenged Mu Sheng Jie. It was just a wisp of his soul... but still, only a few people would dare to challenge him. However, Ye Xiwen had already challenged him twice by now!

The people who knew that Ye Xiwen had already challenged Mu Sheng Jie once in the past were very calm and collected. It had happened once... So, what if it had happened again?

Ye Xiwen hadn't even reached the sage realm back then.

Many people sighed with emotion. [Ye Xiwen is an unruly person. He considers everyone beneath him. He doesn't even give importance to Mu Sheng Jie. In fact, it seems that he won't even pay attention to the Lord of the university if he gets an opportunity in the future and enters the Great Sage realm.]

Ye Xiwen didn't know what these people were thinking. Otherwise, he would've expelled it as nonsense. Some people were calling him unruly... However, they seemed to have forgotten that it was Mu Sheng Jie who was provoking him at present. Should Ye Xiwen still have welcomed him with a smiling face? Should he have extended his face for Mu Sheng Jie to slap on?

That wasn't Ye Xiwen's style.

Their so-called rules seemed to put restrictions on him, and bully him... How could he possibly submit to such humiliation?

[I'll shatter the Heaven if it tries to suppress me... I'll trample the Earth if it tries to constrain me... I'll even annihilate God if he tries to bully me!]

[...even if they break my legs and crush my backbone!]

Everyone was speechlessly looking at this reckless guy. [Only Ye Xiwen can dare to say that he'll keep Mu Sheng Jie's divine tool as his spoils of war.]

"Wild!" Mu Sheng Jie said. His ice-cold voice sounded like a calm ancient well; he seemed neither sad nor happy. In fact, it seemed as if he was looking at a dead man. There wasn't the least bit of emotional fluctuations on his face.

Ye Xiwen didn't say anything... He was about to attack. However, a streamer of light flashed in the sky all of a sudden. Then, a figure arrived while treading the flying light. Ye Xiwen looked at that figure... It was Qi Feifan!

"Senior Brother Qi!" Ye Xiwen shouted. However, his brows wrinkled. [What is Qi Feifan doing here at this time?]

Ye Xiwen had just returned to the True Martial World. So, he hadn't gotten the time to catch up with these old friends. The former Ye Xiwen would've thought that 10 years' time was a very long period. However, the current Ye Xiwen believed that a person stayed in 'closed-door training' for a comparatively longer time than 10 years.

Ye Xiwen had experienced many things in the last 10 years. However, it wasn't a very long time for him. Therefore, he wasn't in a hurry to meet his old friends.

Qi Feifan had also entered the sage realm peak within a short time of over a decade. And, he wouldn't need many years to enter the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. However, his cultivation speed would also begin to drag like most of the other people soon after he'd enter the Great Sage realm.

Qi Feifan turned to look at Ye Xiwen, and nodded; he didn't say anything. Then, he looked towards the wisp of Mu Sheng Jie's soul, and said, "I've arrived here to present the Lord's orders to you. This battle must stop at once! The winner and loser have already been decided. So, there's no need to continue this fight."

Everyone was disappointed by the fact that Qi Feifan had arrived to end this matter. However, this was a normal thing since this matter involved Ye Xiwen, Cao Yuyu, and Mu Sheng Jie... These three men were invincible experts at the heights of their power, and they might become super heaven's pride experts in the future. Each of these men was an exceptional expert.

True Martial University didn't care too much about ordinary disciples. After all, countless people would arrive in the university in every session. In fact, the True Martial University might not be able to clearly calculate how many disciples it had.

Therefore, it was impossible for the university to manage everyone's affair. However, these three men were heaven's pride experts... The higher-ups used to take special care of the heaven's pride experts of every session. Therefore, the status of these heaven's pride experts wasn't ordinary.

Cao Yuyu had followed Mu Sheng Jie on an expedition for many years. He had worked hard, and had performed great service. And, Ye Xiwen had also done a few great services for the university. Therefore, it would be a huge loss for True Martial University no matter who won and who lost in the fight between these two individuals.

So, this was the most appropriate step under the present situation when the outcome had already been decided.

Everyone quickly understood the Supreme Lord's intention. However, the two men involved in this matter frowned. It was clear that they were very much dissatisfied.

Only a wisp Mu Sheng Jie's soul was present here. However, it still possessed extremely powerful strength. Mu Sheng Jie wanted to take the advantage of this opportunity, and kill an unstable element like Ye Xiwen on the spot. He wanted to get rid of a potential future trouble.

Any heaven's pride expert was a treasure for the university. Ye Xiwen had earlier killed the Titan Body. But, that was because the owner of Titan Body - Second God - had paid a very high price for the opportunity to organize a mortal combat between himself and Ye Xiwen. In fact, even a powerhouse like Mu Sheng Jie had to force the high-level experts to give-in for the declaration of mortal combat that Cao Yuyu had sent to Ye Xiwen. After all, it was impossible to kill Ye Xiwen without tricks.

Mu Sheng Jie couldn't do so even if he was rampant and domineering. After all, it would've disturbed the university's foundation. Could he treat heaven's pride experts like cabbages that he could cut them one by one? Every heaven's pride expert was a treasure that might become the backbone of the university in the future.

He couldn't kill Ye Xiwen this time. And, it would be troublesome for him to find another opportunity to do so.

Ye Xiwen wasn't satisfied either. He had also wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, and suppress the wisp of Mu Sheng Jie's soul. After all, he would've obtained an incomplete Great Sage tool if he had been able to do so... He would've let Ye Mo swallow it so that Heavenly Source Mirror could thoroughly transform into a Great Sage tool.

Moreover, his safety factor would've increased enormously after he had the protection of a Great Sage tool. The world was so big... He could go anywhere. The Supreme Lord had personally interfered in this fight. But, could this battle still continue?

He didn't care about Cao Yuyu. He had already defeated him no matter if he had died or not.

"Humph! You're lucky today!" Mu Sheng Jie coldly snorted. He then transformed into a streamer of light, curled up Cao Yuyu, and disappeared into the horizon.

Ye Xiwen looked with his ice-cold vision in the direction in which the wisp of Mu Sheng Jie's soul had disappeared. It was a bit unfortunate for him. [It's a pity that I've lost this opportunity.]

"It's extremely unfortunate indeed... The Heavenly Source Mirror would've definitely entered the Great Sage realm if it had swallowed that Demon Inscribed Tablet..." Ye Mo sighed and said. He was the one who regretted this lost opportunity the most.

Inside the microcosm... behind the layers of space... Zhao Feige's face also exposed a regretful expression as she saw this scene. It was very unfortunate that they couldn't kill Ye Xiwen this time. However, the order to stop the fight had been issued by the Supreme Lord. So, she couldn't dare to question it no matter how courageous she was.

Qi Feifan also saw the unhappy expression on Ye Xiwen's face. Many people thought that Ye Xiwen had been lucky this time, and the Supreme Lord's order had saved him. However, Qi Feifan didn't think so. On the contrary, he felt that it had been more of a hindrance than a help for Ye Xiwen. [Younger Brother Ye has often astonished people in the last few decades. When has he not overcome a disaster? Every enemy has fallen under his feet no matter how formidable they had been.]

Ye Xiwen was a heaven's pride expert just like his opponent — the legendary Mu Sheng Jie. However, he was far less experienced than him. Qi Feifan had heard too many things about Mu Sheng Jie after arriving at the True Martial University.

However, Ye Xiwen's opponent at present was merely a wisp of Mu Sheng Jie's soul. It was indeed formidable. But, it wasn't unbeatable for Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen had always been wise and full of all kinds of tricks.

Qi Feifan looked at Ye Xiwen with a sense of apology. He said, "I'm sorry Young Ye... It seems that I've interfered in your business!"

Ye Xiwen grinned, and didn't nag about this issue. He then said, "What happened? How come this matter has alarmed the Supreme Lord?"

Ye Xiwen knew that Qi Feifan used to work under the Supreme Lord. In fact, it was said that he had become his favourite disciple. Moreover, there were rumors about him being one of the candidates for the position of the Lord in the future.

However, Ye Xiwen knew that these were merely rumors. After all, someone who wanted to take the position of the Lord must convince the masses of their strength. The True Martial University was a big organization, and it had been functioning since countless years. So, it already had a set method to decide this. Candidate selection wasn't necessarily in control of the main authorities. One must possess decision making ability and enough tyrannical strength... These things were most important.

Qi Feifan's strength was still too weak as far as becoming the Lord of True Martial University was concerned. After all, a sage expert like him was nothing in comparison to those frequent Great Sage competitors.

The results would be revealed after several hundred years... The Supreme Lord would retire from his position, and the competition for the position of the Lord would become intense.

"It's not like that... Many old and high-level experts are alarmed since this fight also involved Mu Sheng Jie. You must know that these old experts are very optimistic about Mu Sheng Jie. They want him to take over the position of the University Lord!" Qi Feifan somewhat helplessly said.

"Take over the position of the University Lord?! He he… This matter will take place after several hundred years. Who can say with certainty that it'll be Mu Sheng Jie who takes over?" Ye Xiwen let out a grin from the corner of his mouth, and replied. Mu Sheng Jie was a popular candidate. However, it wasn't certain that he would be chosen. For example... Big Brother Huang Wuji was also a popular candidate... However, Huang Wuji had a flaw. And, this flaw was that the Hidden Star Peak wasn't influential enough... It only had a few people. So, they couldn't give him a strong support.

"It seems that the Lord is very optimistic about you, Senior Brother. In fact, Senior Brother might also have a chance after several hundred years." Ye Xiwen laughed and said. Ye Xiwen wasn't interested in the position of the Lord. So, it would be better if Qi Feifan occupied the top position instead of Mu Sheng Jie. After all, Ye Xiwen would come across very few troublesome matters in that case.

Ye Xiwen pondered a little, and understood the Lord's intention behind sending Qi Feifan. It didn't matter who would've won in this fight... Qi Feifan would've gained the gratitude of one of the two parties involved. And, this would've increased his support-base.

However, this tactic had obviously failed. Neither side had bought it... Instead, both sides had felt that they would've smoothly settled the opposite party if Qi Feifan hadn't interfered.

However, Qi Feifan hadn't figured it out yet. Therefore, he didn't dare to wait for the situation to become dire. After all, his intervention would've been pointless in that case.

"Well, this matter will take place after several hundred years. So, nobody can say for sure!" Qi Feifan didn't directly deny. After all, he also harboured ambitions when it came to the Supreme Lord's position. However, he didn't possess the strength required for this position. So, he must quietly continue to improve his strength through cultivation, and wait patiently.

"On the contrary, I must congratulate Younger Brother. You disappeared for about 10 years, and your strength has already far surpassed mine now." Qi Feifan said the truth. He was also proud and arrogant. However, this was the only thing he could say while facing Ye Xiwen who used to be far behind him back then... Qi Feifan had entered the sage realm and cultivated to the sage realm peak in the last 10 years. It was very fast speed. However, it was simply nothing when compared to that of Ye Xiwen.

(To be continued)

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