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Ye Xiwen was merely at the Sage Small Perfection realm. However, everyone had witnessed his fighting prowess… Cao Yuyu was a top-tier expert of the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. However, he had still been effortlessly defeated by Ye Xiwen.

Therefore, the tyranny of Ye Xiwen's strength was evident.

Qi Feifan forced a smile, and shook his head. Ye Xiwen had already revealed his talent when he had been in the Yi Yuan School. However, Qi Feifan hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would be able to display his talent in a place like the True Martial University as well. After all, the True Martial University was filled with geniuses… Ye Xiwen had caused trouble everywhere. And, it was apparent that nobody had been able to suppress his limelight.

Qi Feifan admitted that nobody among Ye Xiwen's peers could beat him as per his current cultivation. However, it wasn't like Ye Xiwen's peers were the only people in this world.

"Basically, you've saved a tiny life!" Ye Xiwen grinned.

Qi Feifan was secretly surprised. [It turns out that Ye Xiwen had a hidden trump up his sleeve. After all, he said 'saved a tiny life'. He obviously hasn't said this about Cao Yuyu. Therefore, it can only be about Mu Sheng Jie.]

Ye Xiwen had disappeared only for a short time of about 10 years. But, he already had a hidden card to contend against Mu Sheng Jie. Ye Xiwen had just said that Qi Feifan had saved a tiny life. However, it would've been a miracle if Ye Xiwen had survived from the hands of a peerless and ominous person like Mu Sheng Jie.

Qi Feifan didn't have the assurance to escape from Mu Sheng Jie's hands at present. It couldn't be said where he would stand after several hundred years. However, he was like an ant in front of him at this time… or maybe slightly better than ant.

[I see… So, Ye Xiwen indeed had a method to escape from Mu Sheng Jie's hands. Then, it isn't surprising that he has dared to challenge Mu Sheng Jie… After all, he had a backup plan this entire time.]

But then, Qi Feifan smiled. [Ye Xiwen looks reckless and crude on the surface. It seems that he would charge into a fight without a plan. However, I know for a fact that he is very shrewd deep down. After all, when have I seen him losing?]

He became somewhat depressed as he thought this. [It seems that I haven't gained any benefits by coming here. Both the parties involved are dissatisfied. So, there's no way in hell I'm gaining any gratitude from them.]

"Younger Brother, would you have seized the Demon Inscribed Tablet if I hadn't come?" Qi Feifan asked.

Ye Xiwen nodded. There was nothing to hide since the Heavenly Source Mirror desperately needed the Demon Inscribed Tablet at present. So, Ye Xiwen wouldn't have let it go at any cost if it had fallen into his hands.

Qi Feifan was left dumbstruck. [Ye Xiwen isn't some average maverick. It was indeed merely a wisp of Mu Sheng Jie's soul. And, Ye Xiwen could naturally deal with it without any issue. However, that doesn't change the fact that having to deal with a Great Sage would be a thorny problem for Ye Xiwen.]

[Perhaps, Mu Sheng Jie himself would've come out of his closed-door training if Ye Xiwen had dared to seize the Demon Inscribed Tablet.]

"This matter has ended now. So, would you like to come to visit our Hidden Star Peak?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"I'll pass. Master had sent me here to settle the dispute between the two of you. So, I'll return and report to him now that it has been settled," Qi Feifan replied. This day's matter had made him enough depressed. So, how could he be in a mood to stay any longer?

Ye Xiwen also didn't stay any longer. He treaded the flying light, and soon entered the Hidden Star Peak. Several disciples of the True Martial University had been watching the fight from the surroundings. They had a stunned look on their faces as they looked at Ye Xiwen leaving the scene.

There was a brief moment of silence. Then, the crowd erupted like a volcano!

"What kind of treasure has he obtained that he possesses such scary strength? He has limitless future prospects!"

"Another invincible man has taken birth. And, he might also create countless legends and myths in the future!"

"It's good that Ye Xiwen is so powerful. All the big forces are going to encircle and attack the devil race together this time. And, there's going to be a contest between the younger generations on the battlefield. Ye Xiwen is very powerful… So, he'll certainly bring glory to my university!"

The high-level experts of the True Martial University gathered inside a microcosm in the depths of the True Martial Mountain Range as Ye Xiwen returned to the Hidden Star Peak. They had done so in order to convene the first high-level meeting.

In the meeting… the Supreme Lord of the True Martial University was sitting on an elevated and towering throne. Many respected elders and chiefs of the Top 10 big inheritances were sitting beside him on smaller thrones.

This meeting could be regarded as a 'very high level' in the True Martial University as per the line-up and the status of the people involved….

"We'll discuss the diplomatic note sent by the Emergence School from the depths of starry space!" the Supreme Lord said in a faint but dignified voice. His voice was so ethereal that people couldn't make out anything from his words. They couldn't tell whether he was happy or angry.

"Yes, we've already seen the diplomatic note that has been sent by the Emergence School. This has happened because of that disciple — Ye Xiwen. This boy is reckless! He has killed a disciple of the Emergence School. This has dealt a serious blow to them. They will definitely send punitive forces against us this time!" a senior Great Sage woman said at this time; she was dressed up in dark green clothes. Her clothes made her personality look even more outstanding. Moreover, she possessed tyrannical strength. She was the chief of one of the Top 10 Big Inheritances — the 'Fair Maiden Peak'.

One-third of the female disciples of True Martial University belonged to her peak.

Women's martial arts were much more difficult than men's martial arts. In fact, it was even more difficult to get out of a bottleneck. However, it was only difficult in comparison to the men's martial arts, and nothing more. True Martial University had many female disciples. And, there were many tyrannical ones among them. However, one-third of the female disciples in the True Martial University belonged to this Great Sage woman's peak. Therefore, she was a well-known and powerful figure in the True Martial University.

She was a woman. However, she had still come so far, and risen to the high-level line up of the True Martial University. Therefore, one could well-imagine her strength.

"Humph! They are making so much noise just because of the death of a core disciple. They're too lame… They don't have the demeanour of a big sect!" a black-clothed old man coldly snorted, and said. He was none other than the black-clothed Elder of the Law Enforcement Hall. He had been wielding the Law Enforcement Hall's authority of inflicting punishment for many years. He had profound majesty.

The gazes of the other big shots turned towards the black-clothed old man. The hatred between Ye Xiwen and the Law Enforcement Hall was already a publicly known affair. So, they hadn't expected that he would say this at such a time.

He hadn't said it explicitly. However, it seemed as if he was kind of defending Ye Xiwen. Everyone was left dumbstruck. [Did we just mishear?]

[Or, has this black-clothed Elder of the Law Enforcement Hall taken the wrong medicine or something?]

However, it wasn't that there was no one who understood the reason behind that Elder's comment. Some people were well-aware of the black clothed Elder's attitude. He wasn't defending Ye Xiwen. Instead, it was that the Law Enforcement Hall was like that only.

It could be said that the majority of the True Martial University's radicals were gathered in the Law Enforcement Hall. And, these people couldn't accept making any compromise with the external forces. They preferred bloody battles and expeditions.

Therefore, it would be better to say that he was expressing his resentment towards Emergence School instead of saying that he was defending Ye Xiwen.

Even the Supreme Lord knew of the Law Enforcement Hall's absolute loyalty towards the university. That was why he had been tolerating the hegemony of the Law Enforcement Hall for so many years.

"Yeah! What is the worth of a core disciple? There are millions of core disciples in the Emergence School. Why all this fuss at the death of one such disciple? They just want to force us to compromise using this matter as an excuse. It's truly a good strategy!" a senior Great Sage elder coldly snorted and said.

"This means that the Emergence School are up to no good. These people had started to arrive in the True Martial World in large numbers after a rumour had spread out more than a decade ago. Some information about this matter is mentioned in our ancient books and records. They're simply acting on hearsay evidence!" a Great Sage elder said indignantly. "They surely have bad intentions. They want to use this matter as an excuse to meddle in the True Martial World's affairs. They want to turn our university into their puppet. And, this is something we can't accept!"

Some people were in favour of taking tough action against external forces, while some others weren't. However, they then heard someone saying in a languid manner, "I think the Emergence School's words also make some sense. Let's presume that we hand over Ye Xiwen to them. Then, what else can they say? Afterwards, they won't be able to do anything if we just keep holding our ground strongly."

This man's opinion also received many affirmations. After all, the True Martial University's status had declined. And, they didn't want to be targeted at this sensitive time. The entire game would be lost if those people arrived here and went all-out… The True Martial University couldn't take such a gamble.

"Retreat, retreat, retreat! How much should we retreat? Many elders have laid the foundation of this land by fighting bloody battles. And, we're giving up in such a small matter?" the complexion of the black-clothed Elder turned a deep shade of red with anger as he continued, "Moreover, we must show them that it's not a good idea to provoke us. It's impossible for the entire Emergence School to arrive here. However, it won't be a big deal even if they arrive in full capacity. We'll give them a battle of life or death!"

"Well, this matter hasn't reached to that point yet!" the Supreme Lord said. His voice sounded even more ethereal.

"The Emergence School just wants an excuse to meddle in True Martial World's affairs. That's all. Apparently, they are facing many difficulties in settling inside the Wind Dragon City. So, they want to come over to the True Martial World!" the chief of the 'Fair Maiden Peak' said. "They'll find another excuse later if we hand over Ye Xiwen this time. There are millions of disciples in our university. And, the Emergence School also has innumerable disciples. So, they can find hundreds of thousands of our disciples to use as an excuse. Will we hand over every single one of them? Moreover, we can't become impatient in this matter. And, we can't allow this matter to break out. Otherwise, the university might fall apart!"

It would cause a huge uproar if this matter got spread outside. After all, Ye Xiwen was still a heaven's pride expert of the True Martial University. This meant that he had been nurtured with care. So, wouldn't everyone feel insecure if they handed him over? What kind of prestige and unity would the True Martial University have in that case?

Ye Xiwen had previously killed a heaven's pride expert of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. And, they had arrived to punish him. However, the True Martial University hadn't made any compromise. Instead, they had counterattacked. They had taken advantage of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's mistake, and had defeated them convincingly.

However, the situation was different this time... After all, the Emergence School was a formidable force that ruled a big world which was located in the depths of the starry space. They were much stronger than the Xuan Yuan Palace. These two forces naturally couldn't be compared.

"Well, this matter ends here. The Emergence School wants to fight? Then, we'll give it to them!" the Supreme Lord insipidly said.

Many elders became excited one after another. This confidence of theirs had entirely stemmed from the Supreme Lord. He had become a heaven-warping invincible person many years ago. And, he had established great prestige over the years. Who could dare to look down on him?

Ye Xiwen didn't know that many high-level experts were arguing about his matter. However, he also didn't have the time to think about this. That was because he must undergo closed-door training, and make a breakthrough!

(To be continued)

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