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A scary energy surged out from the Demon Inscribed Tablet... A majestic and sacred power had swept out in a flash!

"Audacious!" a cold shout emitted from the Demon Inscribed Tablet.

Ye Xiwen responded almost-immediately. [It's Mu Sheng Jie!]

He quickly realized that this Demon Inscribed Tablet was Mu Sheng Jie's divine tool... It had been lent to Cao Yuyu. However, it still belonged to Mu Sheng Jie in the end. Therefore, this divine tool contained Mu Sheng Jie's wisp of soul inside it. That wisp of soul usually remained in deep sleep. However, it had awakened when a tyrannical person like Ye Xiwen had tried to seize the Demon Inscribed Tablet.

Everyone's eyes became wide open as they saw this scene. They secretly held their breath. [Is Ye Xiwen's 'tyrant body technique' so much powerful? His sage level body doesn't disintegrate under the Demon Inscribed Tablet!]

Many people had thoroughly researched about Ye Xiwen's 'tyrant body technique' when he had abruptly risen to fame. Everyone knew that his 'tyrant body technique' was very powerful. However, it was useless for them... A lot of people had secretly obtained the 'tyrant body technique'. However, they had been left dumbstruck when they had seen that there was only one layer intact; one could cultivate at most in the Houtian realm with one layer. Therefore, it was of little value for these people.

These people had further verified the news that they had obtained from the All Knowing Scholar. They had then arrived at the conclusion that Ye Xiwen had himself deduced the further layers of the 'tyrant body technique' by relying upon his own capability. Therefore, these people couldn't do anything about their incapability even though they envied and hated Ye Xiwen.

These people could only look at Ye Xiwen's 'tyrant body technique' in helplessness... But, they couldn't do anything. They had only seen the first layer which could be cultivated in the Houtian realm. However, they could tell that the 'tyrant body technique' was a very high level technique. It was claimed that the practitioner could even tear apart the Devils and Gods with bare hands after they reached the highest layer. Perhaps, this wasn't just an exaggerated statement.

In fact, they couldn't even say that they could deduce all layers of an ordinary power technique with ease... They would have a hard time doing so even if it were just an imitation. Therefore, they were completely helpless when faced with the 'tyrant body technique'.

After all, the 'tyrant body technique' was incredible... It was far beyond their expectations. However, it was still facing a Great Sage tool. They couldn't imagine that a sage expert could grab a Great Sage tool with their bare hands even if it was an incomplete one. Several sage experts had come and gone. However, Ye Xiwen might be the only one who had managed to pull off something like this.

Blood was unceasingly gushing out from Ye Xiwen's hand. However, his hand hadn't disintegrated. This was already a miracle.

"I would've given you some value if your main form had been present in front of me. However, it's only a wisp of your soul; that's all... So, I'll just suppress it!" Ye Xiwen scoffed as a seemingly endless golden light suddenly emitted from his bloody hand. His divinities surged out, and suppressed the Demon Inscribed Tablet.

"How dare you…" Cao Yuyu was startled by this development. Then, he became angry. He hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen would dare to attack the Demon Inscribed Tablet. Mu Sheng Jie was like a God to him. So, this act of Ye Xiwen's was like profanity in his eyes.

Cao Yuyu had never suffered a loss since his debut. He had never fallen into a disadvantageous position while facing his peers. However, he had repeatedly suffered losses at the hands of Ye Xiwen. Moreover, Ye Xiwen could be regarded as his junior! He could've somehow come to terms with this… However, Ye Xiwen had also dared to attack the divine tool of his senior brother Mu — a man who was a God-like figure for him... Ye Xiwen had gone too far in Cao Yuyu's opinion.

A Real Elemental Energy broke out from Cao Yuyu's body amidst a roaring sound. And, it seemed as if the meridians on his face would explode.

"I want you dead!"

Cao Yuyu went crazy. A big hand stretched out, and suddenly issued a world-shaking imposing aura. Then, his body flashed intensely; this made him look like a white lightning... The inexhaustible Real Elemental Energy on his skin issued strange ripples which made him look like a crazy dragon.

Cao Yuyu looked at Ye Xiwen with an exceptionally vicious expression in his eyes. He then assembled all kinds of magical powers and martial techniques, and threw them towards Ye Xiwen all at once.

Ye Xiwen had also become angry. He didn't loathe Cao Yuyu like earlier. However, that didn't mean that he would let Cao Yuyu act presumptuously in front of him.

Ye Xiwen raised his hand. Countless golden lights emitted from his hand, and interweaved to form a huge net. Cao Yuyu's speed was very quick. However, Ye Xiwen's interweaved network was even quicker. It had shrouded Cao Yuyu in an instant.


A violent explosion occurred when the net bumped into Cao Yuyu's body. It seemed as if Cao Yuyu had stepped on a landmine.


Blood splashed out from Cao Yuyu's body, and his body shivered violently... His body had been ruptured to some extent, and it seemed as if it would disintegrate in the next moment.

Cao Yuyu spared no effort to stabilize his soul in order to prevent his body from collapsing. It's needless to say that the body is extremely important for an expert. In fact, the body is the foundation of practicing martial arts. One doesn't have anything if one doesn't have a body. Therefore, Cao Yuyu couldn't let his body collapse.

He would suffer heavy losses if his body collapsed... even if his spirit survived. After all, his vitality would get severely damaged if this happened.

However, it didn't matter how much he resisted... Ye Xiwen's martial power was much more tyrannical than his. Cao Yuyu had finally understood that Ye Xiwen couldn't be measured on the basis of realm... He was a monster!


Cao Yuyu's soul also sustained serious injuries. Finally, he couldn't help but spout a mouthful of blood. However, it wasn't ordinary blood. Instead, it was his blood-essence which contained his vitality. He had failed to keep it suppressed, and had ended up spouting a mouthful of it. His cultivation had reduced by one-third after he spouted just a mouthful of blood.

Ye Xiwen was thinking of attacking further. However, the Demon Inscribed Tablet in his hand emitted even more dreadful rays of light than before. Then, a wisp of soul suddenly emerged out from inside it. Ye Xiwen was surprised to see the shadow of a figure ascending from it. This figure possessed unparalleled ominous power.

It was Mu Sheng Jie's soul fragment; it had ruptured Ye Xiwen's palm in one fell swoop.

Cao Yuyu had escaped the peril on the other side. However, his vitality had sustained huge injuries after he had spouted a mouthful of blood essence. He didn't even have the strength to stay afloat anymore. He fell down from the sky, and smashed onto a pile of rocks. His life was saved. But, he had obviously been crippled now.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't have time to care about whether Cao Yuyu was dead or alive at this moment. It was because Mu Sheng Jie's soul present before him had exerted a huge coercion on him.

It was just a wisp of soul. However, it had exerted more pressure on him than Cao Yuyu had.

Cao Yuyu had arrived here in person. However, he was merely an expert of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. But, Mu Sheng Jie was a genuine Great Sage expert on the other hand. In fact, he was a top-tier Great Sage expert.

"He lost. I hadn't expected that Cao Yuyu would lose. Ye Xiwen is outrageously strong!"

"He's far more than just outrageously strong... Cao Yuyu is an expert of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. And, Ye Xiwen is only a Sage Small Perfection level expert. A Sage Small Perfection level expert should've been nothing in front of Cao Yuyu. However, he has defeated Cao Yuyu. It's truly a miracle!"

"It seems that you don't know... Ye Xiwen belongs to our generation. And, our generation has the most powerful people. We'll also excel in the future. So, you old people will regret it in the future if you try to bully us."

"Cut the crap! You can talk about being ferocious, but it's only Ye Xiwen who is ferocious. You lot are nothing! You want to hoot in front of this old man?! You're still several hundred years behind!"

"There are many geniuses in this world. However, I can say with confidence that there isn't any genius in this generation who can surpass Ye Xiwen. A Sage Small Perfection level expert has repelled an expert of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. Just hearing about such incredible strength can scare a person to death!"

"Everyone on the Hidden Star Peak is abnormal and monstrous. I would've chosen the Hidden Star Peak if I had known this earlier!"

"The Hidden Star Peak may become a popular choice for everyone in the next session. I've heard that Huang Wuji and the others are about to return. The Hidden Star Peak may see a resurgence at that time."

Several of the disciples who were watching the fight had become excited after Ye Xiwen had defeated Cao Yuyu with ease. After all, nobody had been optimistic that Ye Xiwen could defeat Cao Yuyu in the beginning. However, Ye Xiwen had accomplished it. Moreover, he had defeated Cao Yuyu while fooling around.

It didn't seem that Ye Xiwen had lacked by one realm as compared to Cao Yuyu.

There was a lot of noise in the surroundings since everyone was discussing. However, Ye Xiwen didn't look relaxed. He was staring at the wisp of soul that was present before him. After all, it was a much bigger problem for him than Cao Yuyu had been.

The 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' could restore Ye Xiwen's injuries at an astonishing speed. However, it couldn't do so instantly. After all, the injuries sustained by a Great Sage tool couldn't heal so quickly.

"You're very courageous. However, I hadn't expected that you would amount to anything," Mu Sheng Jie said. His overbearing gaze was shining on Ye Xiwen's body.

Mu Sheng Jie's words suddenly made the entire world quiet. Everyone was looking at him. They knew that another battle between two giants might break out soon. Moreover, it would be a much more intense battle than the previous one.

Everyone again looked at Ye Xiwen under this pin-drop silence. They didn't know how he would react. However, they knew to what extent this situation could grow. Therefore, they were trying to see Ye Xiwen's reaction.

The fight could begin just the way the people of Law Enforcement Hall wanted. However, how it would end was beyond their control!

"Could it be that you're having regrets?" Ye Xiwen grinned. It seemed as if he wasn't facing a big shot of the Law Enforcement Hall... Instead, it seemed as if he was facing an ordinary person. In fact, he was even talking with a bit of sarcasm. Mu Sheng Jie might've already crushed Ye Xiwen to death if he had attacked him personally in their previous confrontation. However, he had unfortunately used a wisp of his soul avatar at that time, and that wisp of soul had been defeated by Ye Xiwen.

"Regret?" Mu Sheng Jie let out a disdainful expression from the corner of his mouth. He hadn't said it clearly. However, his words contained contempt for Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen's growth was indeed beyond Mu Sheng Jie's expectation. However, Mu Sheng Jie believed that Ye Xiwen still fell far short when it came to making him regret.

He believed that an ant would remain an ant even if it grew up. He himself was like an eagle in the sky. And, his goal was the sea of stars. So, he couldn't care less about the ants crawling on the ground.

"You're merely a wisp of soul. So, why are you so arrogant? I've won this fight, and this Demon Inscribed Tablet is my spoil of war!" Ye Xiwen didn't pay attention to the disdainful look in Mu Sheng Jie's eyes, and just opened his mouth to smile. Ye Xiwen had smiled in a mocking manner... His smile was very much like sunlight.

Everyone went in uproar... [Did he just challenge Mu Sheng Jie to his face? It's indeed just a wisp of his soul. However, challenging Mu Sheng Jie is an entirely different matter as compared to challenging Cao Yuyu.]

(To be continued)

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