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Cao Yuyu looked indifferent from his facial expression. He said, "Your cultivation has reached to Sage Small Perfection realm within a decade. Your innate talent is pretty good. However, everything ends here for you. You may have survived earlier. However, you'll die now!"

Cao Yuyu wasn't surprised to see that Ye Xiwen had quickly made the breakthrough into Sage Small Perfection realm. However, it didn't matter how fast the cultivation speed of the so-called geniuses was in the beginning. After all, it would start to wear down after they entered the sage realm. And, their chances of entering the Great Sage realm in the future would also become fewer as a result.

Let's presume that a heaven's pride expert reached to the sage realm at a flying speed and still maintained extremely fast cultivation speed. However, it would gradually wear out and become sluggish as they approached the Great Sage realm. So, only a small portion of people who maintained extremely fast cultivation speed all the way up to the Great Sage realm could be considered as promising for making the breakthrough into Great Sage realm.

Therefore, the True Martial University used to prefer heaven's pride experts that had cultivated till half-step legendary's great complete realm. After all, such individuals were above everyone else. And, this meant that their accomplishments would be limitless.

However, he didn't know that Ye Xiwen was different from those heaven's pride level experts that relied upon the innate talent which had been bestowed upon them by the heavens. After all, Ye Xiwen had never cultivated depending upon his talent. Otherwise, he would've been stuck in the truth realm till now as per his talent. Therefore, the effects of the time restriction weren't as obvious on Ye Xiwen as they were on his peers.

"Kill me?" Ye Xiwen grinned. He was smiling in a carefree manner. In fact, it seemed that the two men were casually chit-chatting, "Who the hell do you think you are?"

[Who the hell do you think you are?]

Many people held their breaths as they heard this remark. Cao Yuyu didn't possess tyrannical strength like Mu Sheng Jie. However, he also had an outstanding reputation among core disciples. So, he would certainly enter the Great Sage realm, and become a mainstay of the University as long as he didn't come across any accident in the future.

Perhaps, Ye Xiwen was the first one to have dared to say to him, [Who do you think you are?]

Cao Yuyu's expression became as cold as ice. A dreadful 'Real Elemental Energy' began to boil on his body; it even set off endless clouds.

He couldn't wait anymore. After all, he had already waited for a decade. There wouldn't have been any problem if Ye Xiwen hadn't ever returned after escaping. However, it was the time of his death now that he had returned.

"The Crane's Cry shakes the whole world, and stirs up 30 Million Stars!"

Cao Yuyu suddenly brandished his hands. However, his hands were concealing claws in reality. The sound of a crane's cry suddenly resounded through the world. His jade-like transparent and pure white hands seemed to have transformed into a pair of incomparably sharp crane-clutches.

The space immediately got grabbed, and exploded in his clutches!

Ye Xiwen's eyelids jumped as he noticed something. This was 'Control Crane Seven Divine Hands'. He had seen Dou Hexing use this technique. He had also seen Mu Sheng Jie's wisp of soul using it. It was an exceptional and incomparably powerful technique.

Cao Yuyu's Control Crane Seven Divine Hands had reached a much higher degree of proficiency as compared to the one that Dou Hexing had displayed. A majestic force rushed out, and endless 'spirit energies' got absorbed by it. It transformed into a huge hand after absorbing this massive amount of energy, and crashed down.

Countless disciples of the True Martial University were watching this from afar. However, their complexions changed significantly as they saw countless 'spirit energies' being grabbed and absorbed by this huge hand. The most dreadful thing was that they felt as if the principles in the surroundings were being distorted and ruptured by this huge hand.

This was a very dreadful thing. And, it wasn't merely because the 'Control Crane Seven Divine Hands' was incomparably miraculous. In fact, Cao Yuyu's strength was also extremely tyrannical.

Ye Xiwen felt as if endless murderous aura had locked him as this huge hand swooped down to grasp him. He felt as if he couldn't escape anywhere. In fact, the influence of concentrated energy had even locked the surrounding space.


Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. His palm congealed into a fist, and his entire body emitted out a huge universe. It seemed as if the surroundings had transformed into a calm universe in an instant, and Ye Xiwen was standing inside it just like a true god.

He was standing motionless while facing Cao Yuyu's offense. Suddenly, a number of explosions occurred. Then, they burst out starlight. Every wisp of this starlight smashed down towards Cao Yuyu… as if coming straight from the explosion of a big star.

"Bang!" The attacks of the two sides collided, and shattered the space. In fact, the entire space had split open.

Countless people were left dumbstruck when they saw this scene. Both men were just too terrifying. Everyone was already familiar with Cao Yuyu's strength. After all, he had become famous many years ago. He had entered the True Martial University many years ago... long before Ye Xiwen. Moreover, he had followed Mu Sheng Jie in an expedition for many years. So, he was famous both inside and outside the University.

On the other hand, Ye Xiwen had never stayed silent since the time he had entered the True Martial University. He had unceasingly made noise in all kinds of matters from the very beginning. Everyone believed that he was the biggest troublemaker. There was no one among the disciples of this generation who could rival him in this regard.

This obviously wasn't a good evaluation of him. However, these people at least believed that Ye Xiwen couldn't be taken lightly.

However, it was merely that he couldn't be taken lightly; and nothing more. No one truly believed that he could be a match for Cao Yuyu.

After all, there was a huge difference in age between the two sides.

However, nobody had anticipated the fight would progress like this. Ye Xiwen and Cao Yuyu had turned out to be evenly matched in the fight!

This had turned into a fierce battle between two evenly matched opponents. Both individuals were outstanding geniuses of their respective generations.

Everyone was thinking what kind of fortuitous encounter Ye Xiwen had had in the last ten years that he had advanced by leaps and bounds within such a short time. After all, he had promoted by one entire realm. He used to be at semi-sage realm expert back then. However, he was giving a challenge to an expert of half-step Great Sage realm now.

Cao Yuyu looked at Ye Xiwen in disbelief. There was a look of astonishment in his eyes. He still remembered how Ye Xiwen's situation used to be ten years ago. It had been very strenuous for Ye Xiwen to even withstand his war declaration back then. However, he had calmly faced his move at this time… as if it was nothing. [What kind of a fortuitous encounter has he had in these past ten years?]

Cao Yuyu wasn't the only one to have felt this. Even those disciples who were watching this fight from afar felt so.

"Cao Yuyu has cultivated the 'Control Crane Seven Divine Hands' to an extremely incredible degree. Moreover, he hasn't practiced an incomplete version of this technique like Dou Hexing. It is said that Mu Sheng Jie thinks highly of Cao Yuyu. That's why he hasn't held back this technique 'Control Crane Seven Divine Hands'. He has taught this technique to Cao Yuyu without any reservations."

"Ye Xiwen is also unfathomably ferocious. He has cultivated Big Bang Stardust Fist. It must be mentioned that this technique had become extinct a long time ago. Moreover, this set of fist technique was invincible in the past. It is not clear how many people have been killed by this technique. However, it had become extinct long ago. So, nobody could comprehend this set of fist technique for a long time. I hadn't expected that this technique would re-exhibit its former glory in his hands!"

The shadows of two figures were standing on a peak in some microcosm in the void consisting of layer up layer of overlapping sub-spaces. Their laser-like gazes pierced through the spatial layers, and fell onto the battlefield of Ye Xiwen and Cao Yuyu.

One of them had a child-like face; he was dressed in black clothes. There was a symbol on his chest. He was in fact a high-ranking elder of Law Enforcement Hall.

A woman was standing beside him; she wore a red dress. She had delicate facial features. However, her vision had turned ice-cold upon looking at Ye Xiwen. Her beautiful face had turned as cold as frost. A person would cry out in surprise if he saw her appearance at this time.

This was the newly-appointed deputy lord of Law Enforcement Hall — Zhao Feige.

"Ye Xiwen must've had a fortuitous encounter. He was like an ant a decade ago. He hadn't even reached sage realm. However, he's competing on equal terms with Cao Yuyu now. It's truly unimaginable!" the black-clothed elder of Law Enforcement Hall opened his mouth and said.

"This is the so-called impermanence of the world. Cao Yuyu is my right hand. I've specially trained him. He'll become the Deputy Lord in the future, and he'll assist me after you old fogies retire!" Zhao Feige replied.

She had addressed the black-clothed elder beside her as 'old fogy'. However, he didn't feel a bit embarrassed. He was perhaps accustomed to Zhao Feige's ice-cold and straightforward way of talking.

"Yeah. It will be the time for you young people to lead soon after we old guys retire. However, we are unfortunately in such a precarious situation at the moment!" the black-clothed elder replied.

"What precarious situation? The University will certainly rise to supreme glory once again as long as Brother Mu Sheng Jie is present in the Law Enforcement Hall. All the traitors will be executed. We'll start an expedition against all the traitors. We must eradicate all unstable elements in order to achieve this goal!" Zhao Feige said as an ice-cold and ruthless look flashed in her eyes. There was also a trace of fanaticism in her eyes. "This ant — Ye Xiwen — has already caused enough trouble for us. Moreover, every member of the Hidden Star Peak is a potentially unstable element; the same can be said for their leader — Huang Wuji. However, I can say for sure that the University would return to its past glory under Brother Mu's leadership."

A fanatical look appeared in the eyes of the black-clothed elder as well after Zhao Feige's speech. Let's presume that the True Martial University was a country. Then, these disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall were the members of right wing. In fact, they belonged to the extreme right wing. These could be considered as the members of the hardcore extremists through and through.

They believed in the rule of the iron fist. They used to treat anyone that didn't agree with them as 'unstable elements'. And, they must eradicate those unstable elements as per their extreme ideology.

A cruel smiling expression appeared in Zhao Feige's eyes as she looked at Ye Xiwen. Her beautiful face looked rather sinister at the moment.

A Great Sage expert like her believed that Ye Xiwen was just like an ant as long as he hadn't entered the Great Sage realm. What was the use of having just talent? After all, there were many geniuses in this world, but most of them couldn't reach the final stage.


...also need luck to reach to Great Sage realm!

However, it was impossible for her to personally attack Ye Xiwen as per her status. Moreover, the Hidden Star Peak had Huang Wuji, and he was a powerhouse who could compete with Mu Sheng Jie. Therefore, even she was afraid of the consequences that they would have to face if she attacked Ye Xiwen without sufficient grounds for doing so.

"However, this boy is sly and crafty. I'm afraid that some mishap may take place!" the black-clothed Elder said.

"Why? Don't you have confidence in Cao Yuyu?" Zhao Feige asked.

"That's not what I meant. It's just that this boy never engages in a fight without complete assurance of winning it. The fact that our Law Enforcement Hall has unceasingly suffered losses at his hands isn't without any reason. He resembles from many years ago…"

"...Huang Wuji!"

Meanwhile, the fight between Ye Xiwen and Cao Yuyu hadn't stopped after the initial confrontation. On the contrary, it had become even more intense.

Cao Yuyu had also realized that Ye Xiwen wasn't ordinary after Ye Xiwen's first attack. Instead, his strength far exceeded Sage Small Perfection realm.

(To be continued)

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