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Ye Xiwen smiled wryly. It might look so in terms of the time since he had entered the sage realm within such a short span of 10 years. Moreover, he had crossed the toughest threshold for entering the Great Sage realm which was like a natural moat in many experts' opinion. This was truly a miracle. Therefore, calling it effortless wasn't too much.

However, he had to put a great effort for three years in order to cross this step. He had to walk under that dreadful coercion for three years. An ordinary person would've collapsed under such a condition.

Ye Xiwen also felt that he was abnormal to some extent. However, it wasn't because he possessed the so-called abnormal talent. Instead, it was because of his power to endure.

Even Ye Mo had finally said that he hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would persist till the end. He had believed that Ye Xiwen's willpower would've been considered as exceptional even if he had continued only till half of the way. However, Ye Xiwen had completed the entire distance. He was simply a super-abnormal person in that regard!

However, Ye Xiwen had almost lost his consciousness back then. He had almost been acting on his instincts as he had walked forward gradually. In fact, Ye Xiwen himself hadn't anticipated this result.

He still felt somewhat proud of himself as he thought about this... He had come all this way till here. But, it wasn't only because he possessed the mysterious space. It was also because he-himself had outstanding willpower and perseverance.

On the other side, Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin felt confused when they heard this. It could be said that the barrier between sage realm and Great Sage realm was still too far away for them. They had progressed only till the intermediate stage of sage realm in these 10 years. However, their speed would be considered as extremely quick even if they managed to reach till the threshold to Great Sage realm in several hundred years. In fact, it depends on a person's opportunities whether they can enter the Great Sage realm or not.

The cultivation of the people apart from monsters like Ye Xiwen would take its sweet time to progress. They would slowly gain experience as their cultivation progressed with time. In other words, their cultivation was linked with time. Therefore, it was impossible for them to advance by leaps and bounds like Ye Xiwen could.

It didn't matter how excellent a person's aptitude was in the beginning. It would wear down thoroughly after long-term cultivation. Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin were also super-talents in ordinary people's eyes. However, their talents had whittled down over the period of time in which they had cultivated till sage realm. And, their remaining talent would also wear out with time.

However, Bai Jian Song was much stronger than them on the other hand. So, he had quickly cultivated till Great Sage realm, and was still progressing.

The current cultivations of Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin were far behind that of Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen who was just at the Sage Small Perfection realm hadn't deliberately restrained his cultivation. However, these two still couldn't see through the real depth of his cultivation.

However, they also knew that Bai Jian Song wouldn't casually crack a joke. And, this meant that Bai Jian Song must've been sure that Ye Xiwen had crossed the most difficult step of 'soul transformation' if he had said so. So, they looked at Ye Xiwen one after another with shocked expressions. Their younger brother had disappeared for 10 years, and they couldn't even see through his cultivation now that he had returned. This had already left them in great shock. However, Ye Xiwen's cultivation seemed to be far greater than what they had previously estimated now when they heard Bai Jian Song's remark.

This naturally made them incomparably amazed.

"It's just the beginning. I'll be lucky if I can enter the Great Sage realm in a hundred years," Ye Xiwen shook his head and said. He didn't take Bai Jian Song too seriously.

This was because he clearly knew that it was extremely difficult to enter the Great Sage realm. After all, even an exceptionally talented person like Bai Jian Song had taken hundred years to reach the Great Sage realm. And, this was just the time taken to advance to the Great Sage realm from the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. Therefore, even Bai Jian Song wouldn't dare to say that the Great Sage realm was easily achievable no matter how conceited he might be.

However, he had still said that the Great Sage realm was just a matter of time for Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen thought that Bai Jian Song was being modest. However, Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin still felt that Ye Xiwen was abnormal when they heard Bai Jian Song's words. And, how would these two feel if Ye Xiwen entered the Great Sage realm in a hundred years? After all, the two had been at the legendary realm at Ye Xiwen's current age!

Therefore, they could only get secretly depressed, [A group of abnormal people have gathered on the Hidden Star Peak. And, each one is more abnormal than the other!]

This made them feel so petty that they didn't know how to bear it.

"Hundred years! Younger brother, you'll definitely break the record of our Hidden Star Peak!" Deng Shui Xin said, "How had I not seen that you're such an abnormal person when you had joined us? All of you are a bunch of abnormal people. People like me and Brother Yang simply don't stand a chance in front of you!"

"You're talking like that about your fellow brothers?" Bai Jian Song laughed and scolded. He found it both funny and extremely embarrassing. He didn't know whether he should get angry or laugh.

Deng Shui Xin giggled, and stuck out her small tongue. Her smiling face blossomed just like a flower. Yang Wen Jun had looked expressionless at first on the other hand. But, his eyes filled with tenderness when he looked at Deng Shui Xin.

Ye Xiwen and Bai Jian Song looked at each other and laughed. After all, they knew that she wasn't truly mocking them.

These two were soon going to get married.

"However, the people of Law Enforcement Hall won't leave this matter since Younger Brother has given them a tight slap on their faces," Yang Wen Jun was somewhat worried. Ye Xiwen's move had vented their pent-up anger to some extent. However, the people of the Law Enforcement Hall were completely offended now.

"What are you afraid of? We'll slap them to death if they dare to fight us!" Bai Jian Song coldly snorted. He looked the most energetic among them. The fact was that Bai Jian Song's full cooperation had played a big role when Ye Xiwen had activated the matrix formations of the Hidden Star Peak.

Bai Jian Song wasn't as intense as Huang Wuji. However, his personality was almost the same... He was also an unruly lord.

"Brother Bai is right. I'll slap to death whosoever dares to come!" Ye Xiwen grinned and revealed his white teeth. There was a sparkling smile on his face.

"Younger Brother, it's not that I'm not optimistic about you. But, that Cao Yuyu had already entered half-step Great Sage realm a few years ago. I'm afraid that he must've entered the intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm by now. Younger Brother, you're definitely powerful. However, your cultivation time has been much shorter than his," Yang Wen Jun looked deeply worried as he said.

"Younger Brother doesn't seem to be worried for himself. So, what are you worried for? Don't you know that monsters can't be judged by ordinary people's standards?" Bai Jian Song grinned and replied. His face exposed a carefree expression. It seemed as if he didn't care about Law Enforcement Hall's threat.

He had become carefree about many matters after he had entered Great Sage realm. And, the Law Enforcement Hall was also far less important for him now.

Ye Xiwen and Bai Jian Song were talking and laughing. Meanwhile, all the matrix formations of the entire Hidden Star Peak had become fully operational. And, their might was getting bigger and bigger. They were majestically stirring up the clouds in the sky and thoroughly suppressing Mu Sheng Jie's limelight.

Numerous disciples had been left in shock. Some old and senior experts had been undergoing closed-door training inside various microcosms in the depths of the True Martial Mountains. They also swept out their divine senses one after another. They wanted to find out what was going on here. They wanted to know why an inheritance had completely activated all of its matrix formations.

"Has the Hidden Star Peak gone insane? Do they want to pick a fight with the Law Enforcement Hall?"

"Hidden Star Peak never disappoints when it comes to taking things too far. They've seen several generations when they managed to recruit only one disciple. However, everyone who joins them is incredible... Every single one of them is an unruly lord. So, what's strange in the fact that they've challenged the people of the Law Enforcement Hall?"

"The juniors these days are much more aggressive than they used to be. The fight between Huang Wuji and Mu Sheng Jie had continued for countless years back in the day. It had caused a huge panic in the entire university. I hadn't expected that this enmity would continue forever!"

"Sigh... the situation inside the university will become unstable once the storm arrives. It'll bring many disasters along with it."

The old monsters communicated with their divine senses in the void from inside various microcosms. Each one of them assessed the situation.

Suddenly, a figure came flying from the void while everyone was talking about this unstable situation. And, the void broke down into pieces wherever it went. This figure looked grandiose as it arrived above the Hidden Star Peak.

"Ye Xiwen, I've come for the appointment. Come out and die!" It was an around 27-or-28-year-old man; he was dressed up in white robe. His figure looked tall and slim, and it seemed as if his face had been carved with a knife. His handsome face seemed to be smeared with frost, and was brimming with 'killing intention'.

It was Cao Yuyu! Nobody had seen him in the last 10 years. However, his aura had become even more formidable when compared to a decade ago. There was simply a difference of Heaven and Earth between his present and past auras. In fact, it seemed as if he had attained a qualitative change which had transformed his soul.

His voice echoed in the sky like the sound of a big bell. It set off 'spirit energies' which surged about and swept out swirling in the air. The defensive matrix formations of the entire Hidden Star Peak responded. And, the tyrannical auras of these matrix formations suddenly surged up from the Hidden Star Peak.

Several experts thought that the entire Hidden Star Peak had become like a huge hedgehog at this moment. There was danger everywhere!

Cao Yuyu was seething in midair. A pair of iron hands would grasp the air from time to time, and make it explode while issuing loud crackling sounds. His hands appeared as white as jade. The 'spirit energies' were twining and circulating inside his hands. It appeared very bizarre.

The entire True Martial University was stirred up by this. The people had been waiting for this decisive battle for over 10 years. They had been waiting for this collision between two exceptional top-tier heaven's pride experts since the time when Cao Yuyu had issued the declaration of war to Ye Xiwen a decade ago.

They hadn't arrived in the True Martial University at the same time. However, both of them were top-tier heaven's pride experts of their respective generations. So, the people were bound to be excited since this collision was finally about to take place.

It could be said that not many people would've cared if Mu Sheng Jie had said that he would kill Ye Xiwen. However, this wasn't because Mu Sheng Jie didn't have prestige. Instead, it was because had too much prestige.

After all, there was no way the people would be optimistic about Ye Xiwen's chances in a fight against Mu Sheng Jie if they weren't optimistic that Ye Xiwen could last in his fight with Cao Yuyu. In fact, they weren't even thinking about this matter. They had thoroughly forgotten it.

Everyone couldn't help but be worried when they saw Cao Yuyu's hardly-concealed and frightening aura of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. However, they believed in fairness. And, Ye Xiwen's current cultivation had made him as tyrannical in everyone's eyes as Cao Yuyu was. But, this was so because they were comparing Ye Xiwen's present cultivation with that of the one he had possessed ten years ago.

However, they would have to wait and see whether the two could even be compared or not. In fact, most people would be worried about Ye Xiwen if he was to be compared with the present Cao Yuyu.

"Humph!" a cold snort came from the depths of the Hidden Star Peak. And, a cyan figure came out flying along with it.

It was a handsome youth dressed in cyan clothes. He straight-off rushed towards Cao Yuyu, and arrived in front him. His stunning imposing aura intertwined with an energy pillar, and soared to the sky. His eyes looked as profound as the stars as he coldly stared at Cao Yuyu.

(To be continued)

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