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"Cao Yuyu, you seem very eager to lose. So, I'll help you in accomplishing your aim!" Ye Xiwen said in a calm voice. Then, the golden divinities suddenly crawled over his entire body, and his vitality surged out. He looked like a Golden God of War from afar.

Unleashing the divinities was a signal from Ye Xiwen, and this meant that he was going to fight with his entire strength. This proved that Cao Yuyu was a formidable opponent in his opinion. Otherwise, an ordinary person would've been killed by him in a slap by now. He wouldn't have gotten a chance to clamour with him.

"Lose? Do you think that you've become qualified to speak like this after stopping just one of my moves?" Cao Yuyu coldly replied. It seemed that he already had a well-thought-out plan. Therefore, he was looking at Ye Xiwen with a condescending expression in his eyes. His imposing aura looked stunning.

After all, he had already entered the half-step Great Sage realm. He was merely at the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. However, it touched the two words 'Great Sage'. So, he was on a whole another level than sage realm.

He very clearly knew about Ye Xiwen's situation... He knew that Ye Xiwen's body was extremely formidable. The owner of Titan Body had once lost at his hands. In fact, that tremendous power had swept away everything just like the mighty waves in this fight had done a moment ago. So, Cao Yuyu already knew that Ye Xiwen possessed an extremely powerful body. Even a heaven's pride expert of half-step Great Sage realm like him couldn't obtain a slight advantage in front of Ye Xiwen.

However, Ye Xiwen only had a formidable body and nothing more. But, Cao Yuyu's realm was much higher than that of Ye Xiwen. Therefore, Cao Yuyu didn't believe that his own body would be much inferior to that of a Sage Small Perfection level expert like Ye Xiwen. After all, there was a huge disparity between their realms.

[Ye Xiwen is gravely mistaken if he thinks that he is entitled to clamour in front of me after stopping just one of my moves.]

"Do you want to try and find out whether I'm qualified or not?" Ye Xiwen let out a sneer from the corner of his mouth.

Ye Xiwen's fist didn't hesitate even a bit. It was immediately brandished just like the planets move in their trajectory. The fist pressure crushed the dome of the Heaven. It then transformed into a big star, and smashed down towards Cao Yuyu.

The chaos almost surged out wherever it went. This scene seemed like the rebirth of the world.

Ye Xiwen looked even more God-like after he attacked with his entire strength and unleashed his divinities. It wasn't known when his body had transformed into a boundless star field.

His face looked expressionless as he stood in the centre of the Universe. The fiercely burning big stars fell off the sky, and pounded on the vast land just like meteors. Incomparably huge holes had been cut open on the ground. There were screams and mourns everywhere on it. It looked like the scene of doomsday.

This was the complete demonstration of the fist intention of 'Big Bang Stardust Fist'.

It was said that the founder of the Big Bang Stardust Fist had once seen the complete destruction of a planet in a meteor shower. All kinds of forces looked tiny and frail in front of the mighty force of this Universe.

The sound of the cry of a crane sounded above this vast land. A big hand suddenly grasped out in the sky. And, it seemed as if those falling meteors would immediately get caught by this hand.

However, a crane-type ominous beast immediately came out from all the concentrated chaos, and thundered in the world.

People heard the roar of that ominous beast even amidst all this noise and commotion. It was a kind of invincible ominous beast. It trod through the chaos, and skyrocketed for 90,000 miles in just one stride.

The two sides didn't hold back even a bit. They must kill the opposite party immediately. Their four big hands exuded incredible divine beams, and collided with each other.

Ye Xiwen's fist transformed into a big star. It dodged that stunning claw, and smashed on the body of that crane-type ominous beast.

"Bang!" A huge mushroom cloud rose from the back of the crane-type ominous beast. The dreadful impact almost didn't make the entire crane type ominous beast completely disintegrate on the spot.


Another collision took place. Both men didn't stop even a bit, and again launched an attack towards each other. The entire sky immediately got permeated with incomparably dazzling lights that blocked the sunlight.

Everyone had imagined that Cao Yuyu would completely overpower Ye Xiwen. However, it didn't happen. On the contrary, Ye Xiwen had dramatically resisted Cao Yuyu; he hadn't fallen into a disadvantageous situation. And, this was completely beyond everyone's imagination.

"Is this all you've got? Let me send you to hell in that case!" Cao Yuyu and Ye Xiwen had exchanged several hundred blows in an instant. They had already resorted to extreme methods. So, Cao Yuyu no longer had the high and mighty ice-cold attitude like before. But, he must vent his soaring rage on Ye Xiwen.

A pair of snow-white wings immediately appeared behind Cao Yuyu after he finished speaking. It seemed as if his wings had been condensed from countless 'spirit energies', and the 'principle of wind' was integrated into them. His figure suddenly flashed, and an afterimage appeared in its place.

Cao Yuyu's words hadn't even faded when a jade-like pure-white palm appeared in front of Ye Xiwen. It was coming towards Ye Xiwen's throat to clutch it!

Fast! Fast! Fast!

Its speed was incredibly fast. It seemed as if it had instantly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen's neck… just like a white lightning. It would be a dead end for Ye Xiwen if this hand clutched his neck. After all, he would be choked to death.

This attack happened so fast that no one could track it. Ye Xiwen saw that Cao Yuyu's figure had already arrived in front of him the next moment. And, his afterimage was still present at a distant place. It was clear how fast his speed was.

Ye Xiwen couldn't help but be shocked. He hadn't expected that Cao Yuyu had a hidden trump card. Such speed was incomparably terrifying.

He had rushed over almost instantly. The agility skill inherent to the Control Crane Seven Divine Hand… or the wind attribute of that agility skill to be precise… had increased his speed to the acme. His speed had increased by several times almost instantly.

He was at the half-step Great Sage realm. Therefore, he had used a bit of space principle in coordination with the wind attribute of the inherent agility skill of his Control Crane Seven Divine Hands. Consequently, his speed had become so fast that he couldn't be tracked by the human eye.

"Bang!" A bit of elated expression appeared in the eyes of Cao Yuyu as he grabbed Ye Xiwen's neck. [Finally, I can get rid of this abominable guy. What's the use of having an intrepid body if you can't catch up with my speed? I can crush you to death now.]

"Bang!" Cao Yuyu pinched with his entire strength. And, Ye Xiwen shattered like a mirror image before his eyes. However, the elated expression on his face froze at this moment.

He was greatly astonished in his heart. [I couldn't catch Ye Xiwen!]

Nobody had ever matched his speed since the time he had practiced this pair of crane wings. His strength had undergone a tremendous change because of it. Perhaps, he would've killed his opponent without blinking his eyes if an expert of half-step Great Sage realm were standing in front of him. In fact, it was impossible even for an expert of intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm to beat him.

...because his speed was way too fast!

After all, speed was the way of survival in this so-called world of martial arts!

He had the assistance of the extremely powerful Control Crane Seven Divine Hands. So, he simply wouldn't come across any harm as long as his speed had reached to a certain degree.

However, he couldn't catch Ye Xiwen! He had failed for the first time!

[This is bad!]

Cao Yuyu secretly said 'this is bad'. Then, he promptly turned around. Ye Xiwen's ice-cold voice came from behind him at this time, "Is this your hidden trump card?"

Then, an incredible sword intention shrouded Cao Yuyu in an instant. It broke down Cao Yuyu's entire defences just like lightening.

Cao Yuyu unfolded his pair of wings at this crucial moment, transformed into a streamer of light, and dodged this killer blow.

"Bang!" The entire mountain peak on which Cao Yuyu was standing got cut open into two halves by the sword intention.

Everyone held their breath. They were left dumbstruck as they saw this scene. They were baffled. It took long to describe all this. However, all this had taken place in an instant.

It had happened in just a split second. It was just like a flash of miracle for those experts who were watching this fight. The overbearing Cao Yuyu had been forced into a distressed situation within the blink of an eye.

Many weak experts couldn't see what had finally happened between these two men. Only some powerful experts of half-step Great Sage realm and some Great Sage experts had clearly seen what had happened.

They had held their breaths even more tightly since they had clearly witnessed everything.

"What kind of magical ability has Ye Xiwen practiced that his speed has become so fast? Cao Yuyu couldn't catch Ye Xiwen even with the help of the agility skill of Control Crane Seven Divine Hands!" a senior expert of half-step Great Sage realm said.

Soon, everyone found out what had happened from each other. Therefore, they finally knew what had truly happened a moment ago.

"Don't you know this? Ye Xiwen has an invincible body. But, his speed is also extremely fast. However, he very rarely needs to use such dreadful speed because of his overly tyrannical body!" some legendary experts proudly explained at this time. All of them belonged to Ye Xiwen's generation. Therefore, they naturally knew much more about him than the experts of half-step Great Sage realm and Great Sage realm. After all, these powerful experts had been undergoing closed-door training for many years.

In fact, these experts of half-step Great Sage realm and Great Sage realm didn't even know that Ye Xiwen was a sage expert before the fight had begun.

However, this was a very normal situation. The fact was that these Great Sage experts had a lifespan of several thousand years. So, they used to undergo 'closed-door training' for several hundred years at a stretch. And, several hundred years were enough for True Martial University to welcome students of several sessions. So, these top experts believed that there was no point in remembering these newcomers.

Therefore, it was very normal if they couldn't recognize a lot of people after coming out of the closed-door training.

"What kind of magical ability has he practiced? Why can't I see it?" a Great Sage expert said impatiently. After all, how could these experts of legendary realm have acted presumptuously in front of them if these top experts knew about it?

Those experts of legendary realm suddenly lost their voices as that Great Sage expert asked this question. Most of Ye Xiwen's magical abilities and martial art techniques were unorthodox. So, they didn't know from where he had inherited them. After all, there were so many heritages in this world. So, how could they possibly know what all magical abilities Ye Xiwen possessed?

Those experts were in uproar because Ye Xiwen had displayed super speed. However, Ye Xiwen leisurely appeared in the sky shaking his head in disappointment. [It is such a pity that my sword intention didn't kill Cao Yuyu just now.]

(To be continued)

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