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(NT: Since many of you guys got impatient, so i am releasing this chapter today. Chapter 60-63 will come as a Grand release tomorrow) 

Chapter 59 - Beheading a Xiantian

Ye Xiwen's blade had become even more terrifying when he had used the Xiantian Zhen Qi along with his blade skills. Liu had just entered into the Xiantian realm, but Ye Xiwen was not even a Xiantian expert, then how could he use Xiantian Zhen Qi so easily. Liu was shocked, because, compared to him, Ye Xiwen was more skilled at using the Xiantian Zhen Qi.

But Ye Xiwen also knew that he was not a Xiantian expert like Liu, and his ability to recover the consumed Xiantian Zhen Qi was very slow compared to that of Liu. Even if he had converted 10% of his Zhen Qi into the Xiantian Zhen Qi, but once exhausted, it would take a lot of time to recover. So, he didn't have the luxury of having a protracted fight with Liu.

But obviously, Liu knew that this was the only weakness of Ye Xiwen, so he made up his mind to drag on this fight and keep on running until Ye Xiwen had fully exhausted his Xiantian Zhen Qi. Regarding those Zhang disciples, he simply didn't care whether they lived or died. To him, they were nothing more than sacrificing pawns, and as long as he could attain a Blood Yuan fruit, he wouldn't feel a thing even if they were to die.

Ye Xiwen's long blade released a tyrannical Daoqi and his Xiantian Zhen Qi filled the air. He was not planning to drag this battle for too long and wanted to finish it as soon as possible.

Ye Xiwen's long blade was tyrannically powerful. Just from a look, it could be seen that Ye Xiwen's understanding of the blade skills was far superior to that of Liu, although, both of them had practiced their blade skills to the same level. Ye Xiwen's Daoqi was similar to a storm and Liu's Daoqi was like a flickering candle in the wind, which could extinguish any moment.

“How can you be so strong?” The youth surnamed Liu said and he finally couldn't maintain the usual cold expression on his face and his complexion had turned pale. The existence of a Houtian expert, who could actually have an upper hand while fighting a Xiantian master, was something incomprehensible to him. He had never heard of such an incredible expert before.

Ye Xiwen didn't care why the other party was surprised, because he knew very well that he didn't have the luxury to waste anymore time. He needed to quickly finish this battle!

“Die!” Ye Xiwen chopped out an enlarged and extremely tyrannical 'New moon beheader' once again and nine blade shadows fully enveloped the youth surnamed Liu.

“How is this possible? I am Liu Zhi and I am considered as a genius! Like hell I would die in such a damned place. One day, I would enter into the 'Zhen dao' realm and become invincible!” The youth surnamed Liu roared and his flaming blade chopped out.

“Boom!” The blade shadows clumped around Liu Zhi, and his movements were severely constricted by the long blade of Ye Xiwen. Right then, Ye Xiwen's eyes flashed because he realized that this was the opportunity he was looking for.

Ye Xiwen had been waiting for an opening like this and it had finally appeared. He was getting the upper hand and his plan was to take advantage of Liu's constricted movements. His blade chopped out and several blade shadows obscured the sky where each of these blade shadows was false, but also real at the same time. He had practiced 'New moon beheader' to the 'Dacheng' realm and that had turned this attack into an extremely devastating one.

This seemingly aimless and scattered blade attack had put Liu Zhi in a very difficult situation.




A loud metal clashing sound spread everywhere, accompanied by an air-explosion. The area surrounding the two of them had become a forbidden death zone and none of the other disciples had dared to go closer.

But they did not mind those two, because they themselves were busy in fighting with each other, although, their fighting level was way below compared to the big fight of Liu Zhi and Ye Xiwen, but they still were the core disciples of Houtian eighth or ninth stage, and were fighting desperately in a life and death battle, where anyone could kill or get killed!

Ye Xiwen's “Tyrant body technique” had also reached the first layer of the 'Xiaocheng' realm, not only had his strength successfully surpassed the strength of 99 Tigers, his body had also become insanely tough causing even his gestures to possess a terrifying strength.

By practicing “Tyrant body technique”, one could attain the overbearing strength of a tyrant, and even a single physical attack from the practitioner would be devastating for the enemy. By practicing it, one could become overbearingly invincible. His blade skill was already at the level of a sword overlord and he also possessed “Tyrant Body Technique”. Having blade skills of sword overlord and body strength of a tyrant complemented each other.

Ye Xiwen's body was tougher compared to that of Liu Zhi. Even his blade skill had reached an ultimate level and was better than Liu Zhi's blade skill. This had put Liu Zhi into an extremely difficult situation.

Everyone was watching this fight and was somewhat astonished. Ye Xiwen was so insanely strong, that he had completely suppressed a Xiantian realm master, Liu Zhi, to such a pathetic state.

Liu Zhi was extremely depressed! He never thought that a day like this would come in his life, where he would be pressed down by a Houtian realm expert.

“Missing moon beheader, the first blade!” Ye Xiwen finally played his trump and his Daoqi directly rushed towards Liu Zhi.

“Boom!” Liu Zhi’s terrifying Xiantian Zhen Qi merged with his blade, which turned into a boundless Daoqi and swept across the blade.

“The second blade!” With a lightning speed, Ye Xiwen chopped out the second blade. He constantly poured out his Xiantian Zhen Qi into his blade to form a terrible Daoqi and it swept towards Liu Zhi.

“Boom!” Liu Zhi hand began to crack under the power of Missing moon beheader because the power present in Ye Xiwen's attack had increased to a terrifying level.

“Third blade!” Ye Xiwen did not stop and chopped out yet another blade, as if to capture the heaven and earth.

“Bang!” Liu Zhi's blade instantly shattered under the terrifying force present in Ye Xiwen's attack.

“How is this possible, this can't be happening to me!” Liu Zhi yelled in a frightened voice and it seemed as if he had completely lost his mind out of fear. (NT: jīng huāng shī cuò is an idiom which means 'to lose one’s head out of fear')

After seeing that Ye Xiwen had chopped out the fourth blade, Liu Zhi suddenly shouted: “No, you cannot kill me, I am …”

However, he did not get enough time to finish what he was trying to say because Ye Xiwen's long blade had already chopped out the fourth blade, and in a flash, Ye Xiwen's terrifying Daoqi instantly split him in half and his blood splattered everywhere.

When Ye Xiwen suddenly chopped his blade, his body’s Xiantian Zhen Qi had been completely depleted in this attack. Since his inner state had not broken through to the Xiantian realm, so he didn't possess endless Xiantian Zhen Qi like Liu Zhi. The power of 'Missing moon beheader' was significant and blades were stacked together and were chopped out one after another, causing the total power to reach a terrifying level, but the degree of consumption of Zhen Qi would also rise proportionally. Initially, when Ye Xiwen was using his blade attacks on Liu Zhi then his Xiantian Zhen Qi consumption was not that much, but when he chopped out the fourth blade of 'Missing moon beheader', then all of the Xiantian Zhen Qi present in his body had been depleted. He could not even chop out the fifth blade, and in the worst case scenario, if Liu Zhi had survived the fourth blade attack, then he would have left with no other choice but to chop out the fifth blade. And this fifth blade attack would have contained only the Houtian Zhen Qi, reducing the attack power significantly.

“You … you actually killed him!” Zhang Jingxin said in a terrified voice. He was shocked and looked unbelievably at Ye Xiwen, because he had not expected that Ye Xiwen would actually dare to kill Liu Zhi, “Do you know who he is?”

“I don't care who he is!” Ye Xiwen sneered and said, “He intended to obstruct this competition, so he got what he deserved.”


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