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Chapter 60 - The curtain drops

“I don't care who he is!” Ye Xiwen sneered, “He intended to obstruct this competition, so he got what he deserved.”

“You, you, you, you will die, you have dared to actually kill him!” Zhang Jingxin said again and again.

“There is nothing to say, because he had it coming.” At this time, Ye Feng substantially restrained his injuries and said. “That idiot actually dared to enter the Blood Yuan Territory and assumed he would be invincible here?”

Although Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School was only a branch of Yi Yuan Sect, but underestimating it would be a mistake. Many years ago, Yi Yuan School had been established on Qingfeng Mountain, and in these several years, it had sent many disciples to study in the Main Sect. Now, most of these disciples held very high positions, and this showed that Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School had a lot of strong backings, and Zhang family’s situation was also similar, otherwise, how could a top class treasure like Blood Yuan fruit, which could leave any Xiantian master drooling, be monopolized together by Yi Yuan School and Zhang family?

“Kill them, kill all of these cheaters!” Ye Feng shouted loudly, which boosted the morale of Yi Yuan disciples. And now that Liu Zhi had been killed by Ye Xiwen, they were no longer worried. However, Zhang disciples had suddenly lost their morale.

“How dare you! Our Zhang family will not let you off!” Zhang Jingxin roared.

“Won't let us off? Idiot, it was you Zhang people who conspired to seize all of the Blood Yuan fruits, and also brought this Xiantian master inside the Blood Yuan Territory, you have brought this upon yourselves!” Ye Feng sneered and said. This time, Zhang family had crossed the line and by bringing in a Xiantian master, they had also cheated in the competition. Their plan was to massacre the Yi Yuan School disciples and blame it on the demon beasts. Also they had attacked Yi Yuan disciples after the competition had officially ended.

The explanation for their actions? There was no need for that, because both sides had been hostile towards each other for a long time and were sworn enemies. And the actions of Zhang family had totally agitated the hatred inside the hearts of Yi Yuan School disciples.

Not to mention, Yi Yuan School disciples had a reason to attack so they didn't need to explain their actions!

“Right, kill these bastards!”

“Kill them, leave no one alive!”

The disciples of Yi Yuan School roared in succession. They had almost walked into the jaws of death, and knew that if Ye Xiwen had not taken care of Liu Zhi, then they most likely would have died at the hands of Zhang disciples.

“Kill these bastards and take revenge for our fellow brothers!”

“Before, many of our Yi Yuan disciples have died at the hands of these bastards, so it's time for payback!”

“Zhang disciples, disperse!” Zhang Yuelian quickly shouted.




. . . . . .

Zhang disciples had all been exterminated!

No one thought that it would actually turn out like this!

“I did not expect it to become like this.” Zhang Yang said with some emotion in his voice.

“Don't worry, this is a competition and casualties are inevitable. Moreover, this time, they dared to cheat and actually brought a Xiantian disciple inside.” Ye Feng said.

“But when Zhang family gets the information about this, they will probably not let us off.” Zhang Yang said.

“Are you afraid of Zhang family? Don't underestimate our Yi Yuan School.” Ye Feng said while smiling.

“However, from now on, I am afraid that the title of most powerful top disciple from the younger generation is no longer yours and has been taken away by your younger brother.” Zhang Yang said with a genuine smile on his face and looked at Ye Feng. Ye Feng had been a renowned genius from a younger age, and even if he had been stuck at the peak of Houtian eighth stage for several years, no one could shake his position as the top genius, and once he had a breakthrough, he had already entered half-a-step into the Xiantian realm. Becoming a full-fledged Xiantian master was only a matter of time.

“Of course, that’s my brother!” Ye Feng laughed and said as if he did not care, “Soon, we will together enter into the Main sect, and countless elites from the entire Great Yue State come to study there. We are going to meet many genius evildoers over there ha ha ha, that is our stage!”

“I have a feeling that when your brother enters into the Main Sect, he is going to turn the sky and the earth upside down!” Zhang Yang said, “He is such an evildoer! I heard that he was not this fierce during the inner disciples competition, although he was quite powerful and had also won the championship, but I never thought that he would actually defeat a Xiantian master!” (NT: fān tiān fù dì is an idiom and it means 'sky and the earth turned upside down'; 'complete confusion')

“Ha ha ha, well, he is my younger brother after all.” Ye Feng laughed and seemed very happy.

Ye Xiwen did not laugh like Ye Feng and was thinking about something else. For him, this fight with Liu Zhi was too meaningful, and was not an easy one like his fight with Luo Tian. When Ye Xiwen had killed Luo Tian before, he had already been severely injured by Hua Menghan, so it had become quite easy to behead him.

However, the fight this time was different, and it could be counted as Ye Xiwen's first true battle with a Xiantian master.

Even if Liu Zhi had only just entered into the Xiantian realm, but he was still a terrifying existence for Houtian realm masters.

The Xiantian and Houtian realms were very different in nature, and the way of fighting was also different for the experts of these realms. Ye Xiwen had gained some insights from his battle with a Xiantian master and he wanted to start practicing as soon as possible and completely digest the enlightenment he had attained. He believed that after complete digestion, he would be able to condense a total of 20% Xiantian Zhen Qi. And then, he would be capable of completely beating any master of the Xiantian first stage. (NT: Here, Digest is used in the sense of completely comprehend and apply)

By that time, Ye Xiwen would be considered to have set foot on path of the true martial way of spiritual practice, and even after entering into the Main Sect, he would have a high status and wouldn't become someone else's vassal. (NT: Disciples with low cultivation level are treated as slave disciples in the Main Sect)

As for how to exit the Blood Yuan Territory, Ye Xiwen was not in a hurry. Since, Liu Zhi had just entered into the Xiantian realm strength, it was impossible at his meager strength to seal this dimension for too long. He must have used some external means that won't last longer. Anyways, soon the two elders of Yi Yuan School would find out about this abnormal situation, and would immediately open the Blood Yuan Territory forcefully.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen was not in a hurry, but Yi Yuan School disciples didn't waste any time and immediately rushed to pick off all of the Blood Yuan fruits from the Blood Yuan trees. After all, the most important thing, which had caused all of this blood-shed, was the Blood Yuan fruit and they were prepared to face even the great Zhang family for the sake of these fruits!

Sometime later, in the distant sky, the space began to fluctuate like ripples on the water surface, accompanied with a loud rumbling sound, and in the sky, a huge door opened up and four figures jumped in.

The first two elders to enter the Blood Yuan Territory were the short and tall elders of the Zhang family. Even from far, Ye Xiwen could clearly see the prideful smile on their faces, but after seeing the scene inside the Blood Yuan Territory, their complexion immediately turned gloomy.



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