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Chapter 58 - Suppressing a Xiantian

Like the disciples of Yi Yuan School, the disciples of Zhang family, after practicing to a certain extent, would also enter into the Tianfeng Hall. Zhang family was itself considered a high-level family in the Tianfeng hall and every year, a lot of Zhang disciples would enter into the Tianfeng Hall.

Like any place, Tianfeng Hall also had a very intense competition among the sects. Large and small forces would always be competing with each other. Zhang Jingxin was this year's ringleader for Zhang family and in the future, this group would also be led by him. Ye Xiwen had killed three important disciples from his future team, and by doing so, he had enraged Zhang Jingxin.

With the sudden appearance of Ye Xiwen, the morale of Yi Yuan School disciples had boosted up.

“Fuck these bastards!”


The morale of Yi Yuan School disciples had immediately mobilized.

“You are courting death!” The youth surnamed Liu said in a cold voice, “Attack!”

The Zhang disciples immediately rushed towards the Yi Yuan School disciples.

“Boom!” The two sides severely clashed against each other like the two mighty currents in an ocean.

The eyes of the disciples from both sides had become bloody-red with killing intent.

“Boy, you are courting death!" Zhang Jingxin roared and rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

That youth surnamed Liu looked towards the Blood Yuan fruits on the hilltop and flew up to snatch them.

But, how could Ye Xiwen allow him to succeed. He instantly pursued after Liu, skimming up the hill, however right at this moment, Zhang Jingxin's sword rushed over and stabbed towards Ye Xiwen.

“Get the fuck out of my way!” Ye Xiwen shouted. The 'Daoguang' horizontally chopped down a mighty Daoqi which swept away towards Zhang Jingxin.

“Bang!” Zhang Jingxin's Jianqi was simply not powerful enough to even put a scratch on Ye Xiwen's body. And just like Ye Feng was helpless in front of the youth surnamed Liu, he was also in a similar situation and was definitely not a match for Ye Xiwen, who had already condensed one tenth of his Zhen Qi into the Xiantian Zhen Qi.

The difference between the Xiantian and Houtian Zhen Qi was more qualitative than quantitative. This meant that even a small amount of Xiantian Zhen Qi was strong enough to beat a huge amount of Houtian Zhen Qi.

In addition to that, Ye Xiwen's strength was much better compared to Zhang Jingxin's strength. So, when the long blade of Ye Xiwen chopped down, it directly deflected the sword of Zhang Jingxin and sent him flying like a broken kite spitting a mouthful of blood

Ye Xiwen didn't even stop to look at Zhang Jingxin and continued to pursue after that youth surnamed Liu.

“How dare you stop me?” The youth surnamed Liu furiously said.


The youth surnamed Liu turned back in a flash and chopped out his blade twice towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen instinctively used his long blade causing the Zhen Qi to burst out and a Daoqi horizontally chopped out towards the youth surnamed Liu.

“Boom!” The two similarly tyrannical Daoqi met in mid-air and collided which caused a terrifying blast.

“How is this possible?” The youth surnamed Liu people saw the Daoqi released by Ye Xiwen's long blade and suddenly said in a surprised tone, “Impossible! How can you possess Xiantian Zhen Qi?"

As a master of the Xiantian, he could easily sense the Xiantian Zhen Qi. But, he could clearly feel that Ye Xiwen was definitely not a Xiantian expert, but how could he possess such a huge amount of condensed Xiantian Zhen Qi, when he was still a Houtian realm expert.

“Impossible?” Ye Xiwen sneered. With just an exchange of blows, he had already found out the ins and outs of this youth surnamed Liu. Undoubtedly, he was a Xiantian master, but he was still way weaker compared to Luo Tian. And most importantly, just from looking at his Zhen Qi, Ye Xiwen had realized that Liu had just entered into the Xiantian realm, and had not even transformed 10% of his Zhen Qi into the Xiantian Zhen Qi.

This was the biggest advantage for Ye Xiwen.

“You should worry about yourself first. You injured my brother, ordered an attack on the disciples of my Yi Yuan School. For doing all this, I will take everything back from you with interest!” Ye Xiwen screamed and attacked again.

Seeing that ridiculously powerful Liu had been completely pushed down by Ye Xiwen, suddenly, the morale of Yi Yuan School disciples reached its pinnacle. They didn't fear Zhang disciples, but they were scared of that powerful youth surnamed Liu, because, even Ye Feng, the most powerful core disciple of Yi Yuan School, was not a match for this enemy and had been easily defeated. This had made them feel insecure about their future, but now, although they did not know how Ye Xiwen would resist a Xiantian master, but he had already blocked an attack from Liu which was good news for them at that time.

The Yi Yuan School disciples understood that this was a battle of life and death and there was no possibility of mutual compromise. They immediately rushed into the battlefield and clashed against the Zhang disciples.

The youth surnamed Liu suddenly flew off the ground to dodge an attack from Ye Xiwen. But, Ye Xiwen's blade skill had already reached the ultimate level and the speed of his blade attack was so fast that it had instantly arrived in front of Liu.

Liu was very depressed! He was a dignified Xiantian master but he had actually been pressed down by a master of the Houtian realm.

Yes! He had been completely suppressed by Ye Xiwen. Because, Ye Xiwen actually had the power of a dragon which was not beneath the strength of Liu, and Ye Xiwen had already transformed 10% of his Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi, that was also more compared to the extent of transformation achieved by that youth surnamed Liu.

Liu was considered a genius in the Tianfeng hall, but today, he was getting suppressed by a master of the Houtian realm. How could he accept this? He suddenly yelled out: “The flaming blade!”

Suddenly, the Zhen Qi attached to his long blade instantly started to burn up, and from afar, it looked like a flaming blade.

The flaming blade danced in the hands of the youth surnamed Liu. The burning air produced sizzling noise and a terrifying heat wave rushed towards Ye Xiwen. The amount of heat present in this flaming blade's heat wave attack was astonishing.

This astonishing heat wave instantly swept towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen sneered again and again. He instantly chopped down his Daoqi in the sky, directly towards the incoming heat wave.

The terrifying Daoqi suddenly broke out, and the incredible pressure present in his Daoqi instantly suppressed that astonishing heat wave.




The two terrifying Xiantian Zhen Qi fiercely collided and caused an intense explosion.

During their confrontation, the youth surnamed Liu had been completely pressed down by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's blade chopped out non-stop, and instantly released nine blade shadows which covered the sky in a curtain of countless blades which completely enveloped the youth surnamed Liu.

“How could I, an invincible Xiantian master, be defeated by you?” The youth surnamed Liu suddenly said in a frightened tone. He could not accept that he had actually been completely suppressed by Ye Xiwen.

“Boom!” The youth surnamed Liu had no way left to escape, and could only wait for Ye Xiwen's blade to arrive.

The terrifying strength of 'Missing moon beheader' exploded and had actually enlarged to a frightening extent. The youth surnamed Liu was like a prey in the lion's den, waiting to get mutilated.

In spite of that, Ye Xiwen once again chopped out a brilliant 'Daomang' towards the youth surnamed Liu. (NT: 'Daomang' means 'Blade-tip')


(NT: Chapter 59 in few hours)

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