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"Ye Xiwen has returned. I'm not mistaken. That's truly him!"

"He has dared to return? Hadn't he escaped?"

"Do you believe everything that the Law Enforcement Hall says? He has returned. So, doesn't it prove that the rumour that he had escaped was false?"

"He has indeed returned. But, will he be able to deal with Cao Yuyu?"

"That's absolutely impossible. What was Ye Xiwen a dozen years ago? He wasn't even a sage expert. However, Cao Yuyu had already entered the Sage Accomplished realm by that time. And now, he has advanced a step further, and entered the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. He'll certainly enter the Great Sage realm within a hundred years. Ye Xiwen may be very talented. But, it's impossible for him to overtake Cao Yuyu!"

"Anyway, the people of the Law Enforcement Hall aren't going to spare Ye Xiwen now that he has returned. A big battle will certainly take place once again. I saw that Ye Xiwen's aura is calm and steady. So, he has obviously entered the sage realm already. He has entered sage realm within such a short time! Moreover, his cultivation looks profound. Ye Xiwen hasn't let down the title of heaven's pride expert!"

"Heaven's pride expert? That's laughable. What's the use of heaven's pride experts? So many talents arrive here every year. There are also some heaven's pride experts among them. However, most of them eventually fall from sky. There are many geniuses in our True Martial University... just like there are many dogs. So many people arrive here in every session. Throw a brick on these people, and 9 out of 10 people it falls on would turn out to be ordinary talents. Only one among them would turn out to be a super-talent who could grow and become a Great Sage and have the last laugh."

Countless people had started discussing spiritedly because of Ye Xiwen's return. In fact, his arrival seemed to have caused a sensation.

The disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall were especially clamouring unceasingly.

"We would've spared Ye Xiwen's life if he had laid low for his entire life and not come here. However, he has dared to return. Does he have a death wish?"

"The time of his death has come now that he has returned. He's very arrogant and despotic. After all, this is an offence towards our Law Enforcement Hall."

However, everyone soon lost their voices. This was because all kinds of matrix formations of the Hidden Star Peak suddenly got activated not long after Ye Xiwen's return to the Hidden Star Peak; especially the matrix formations that absorbed 'spirit energies' got unleashed in full force. It seemed for a moment as if the world had lost its color. Countless 'spirit energies' immediately began to surge towards the Hidden Star Peak. The situation didn't remain like earlier when the entire 'spirit energies' were rushing towards the peak on which Mu Sheng Jie was. In fact, the majority of 'spirit energies' in the surroundings had been snatched away almost in an instant.

Mu Sheng Jie possessed incredible strength. On top of that, Hidden Star Peak seemed to have declined now even though it was once ranked among the Top 10 powerful inheritances. However, a person would get scared to death if the Hidden Star Peak's profound and tyrannical background were to be explained casually to them. This represented the so-called saying 'a centipede dies, but never falls down'.

Not a single person had joined the Hidden Star Peak for many years prior to Ye Xiwen's generation. Still, nobody dared to mess with them. After all, the chiefs of Hidden Star Peak in every generation had been tyrannical people from the True Martial University. Moreover, the heritage left behind by its experts of past generations was also a very important factor.

This so-called background might not be visible on ordinary days. So, many people who didn't understand the situation of the Hidden Star Peak believed that it was easy to bully it. However, the people who were truly knowledgeable knew that the Hidden Star Peak wasn't dreadful because of a ferocious and unruly first disciple like Huang Wuji.

Instead, the most terrifying aspect of Hidden Star Peak was that it possessed a terrifying background!

For instance... Ye Xiwen had just now attracted 70-80% of the 'spirit energies' of entire True Martial Mountains by launching the matrix formations.

Mu Sheng Jie indeed possessed very tyrannical strength. However, the disparity between him and these matrix formations which had been strengthened by the Hidden Star Peak's ancestors of the previous generations got prominently revealed all of a sudden.

Ye Xiwen's martial power was limited. So, he could attract only 70-80% of the spirit energies in the atmosphere. However, not a bit of the 'spirit energies' would've been left for Mu Sheng Jie if it had been Huang Wuji in Ye Xiwen's place.

Those people of the Law Enforcement Hall had been clamouring initially. But, Ye Xiwen's stance had left them to feel unwell. In fact, they suddenly felt as if they had swallowed a housefly... Their complexions had turned very red.

They had unceasingly spread the rumours in public that Ye Xiwen was a coward... that he was a person who would run away from a problem. And, they were still at it even though Ye Xiwen had returned. They were simply looking down on him.

They believed that Ye Xiwen was nothing more than an ant that had dared to challenge an elephant.

They were in no rush to go look for trouble with Ye Xiwen. However, they hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen would turn the hand and give them a slap.

[Hadn't you all said that I'm a coward who refuses to face a problem and can't dare to act?

[Now, I'll show you!]

[Moreover, this discoloration of the world is my way of picking a fight with Mu Sheng Jie.]

[I've picked a fight with you... What of it?]

Most people used to consider Mu Sheng Jie as one of the top candidates for the position of the next University Head because of his dreadful strength and illustrious reputation. Even those old monsters who had been staying hidden inside the True Martial University for many years didn't dare to challenge him. So, it was needless to talk about the disciples of his generation.

However, Ye Xiwen had dared to do so. And, it was a big slap on the face of the Law Enforcement Hall.

[Don't you want to cultivate? I'll make it difficult for you!]

It could be said that the experts who joined the True Martial University didn't depend too much on the 'spirit energies' present in the environment for their cultivation. After all, the speed of absorbing 'spirit energies' from the atmosphere was extremely slow to meet their requirements. So, they would often use 'spirit stones' or 'spirit dans' for their cultivation. In fact, absorbing the 'spirit energies' of the world was just as an auxiliary method for them.

The 'spiritual arteries' of every peak were locked by all kinds of matrix formations, and wouldn't be affected by the absorption of spirit energies.

This was why Mu Sheng Jie had been absorbing the 'spirit energies' of the surroundings so unscrupulously. Otherwise, he would have to retreat while facing the protest of the surging masses no matter how powerful he was. After all, he couldn't face all the experts of the university alone.

However, everyone knew that Ye Xiwen had targeted Mu Sheng Jie. He might not have been able to cause a huge impact on him. However, it was a challenging stance nonetheless.

[I've picked a fight with you... What of it?]

Those disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall became aghast after they came to know of Ye Xiwen's intentions... as if they had eaten a dead rat. They began to clamour.

Ye Xiwen had dared to make so much noise. This simply meant that he had looked down on their Law Enforcement Hall. He had thrown a tight slap on their faces. Consequently, a lot of them had begun to shout that they should destroy the Hidden Star Peak as well as this ignorant guy.

"What do you mean by destroy the Hidden Star Peak? Is Hidden Star Peak a foreign enemy? It's unreasonable. Get lost from here!"

Perhaps, a group of enraged disciples of Law Enforcement Hall would've already attacked the Hidden Star Peak if an authority figure of the Law Enforcement Hall hadn't said this.

However, one would be gravely mistaken if they thought that this authority figure of the Law Enforcement Hall was biased in favour of Ye Xiwen. Let's presume that True Martial University were a country with its left-wing and right-wing. Then, these people of the Law Enforcement Hall would be the members of the right-wing. In fact, they would belong to the extreme right-wing. They were the followers of right-wing radical ideology through and through.

The enmity between Ye Xiwen and Law Enforcement Hall went a long way back. So, how could they let him off so easily?

"The appointment that has been pending for a decade must be finished now that he has returned."

The strong voice of an old man immediately covered the entire True Martial Mountain Range.

The disciples of the True Martial University became excited as a result. [Is the battle about to start?]

They had waited for more than a decade for this fight. It should be mentioned that they had already waited enough. But, that wait was finally over now.

Now, they were waiting for a reply from the Hidden Star Peak's side.

Huang Wuji had once caused chaos in the entire War Dead Star Peak. And, that had made everyone have a whole new level of respect for the strength and background of the Hidden Star Peak. They had realized that it wasn't a good idea to mess with anyone from the Hidden Star Peak even if this peak didn't have too many people.

"Ha ha ha… I'm extremely delighted. I didn't like to see Mu Sheng Jie's arrogant and despotic appearance. Young brother, you did well. You've boldly given him a tight slap. They won't act arrogantly anymore," Bai Jian Song burst into laughter inside Hidden Star Peak's main hall. He was extremely carefree.

There was a big enmity between the people of the Hidden Star Peak and the Law Enforcement Hall because of Big Brother Huang Wuji. Bai Jian Song had been attacked many times by the people of Law Enforcement Hall when he had just entered True Martial University and joined the Hidden Star Peak. And, this had happened precisely because of Huang Wuji.

Therefore, Bai Jian Song didn't have a good opinion regarding these people who were in charge of managing everything. Basically, conflicts would break out between the two sides from time to time.

Bai Jian Song's strength had become even more tyrannical after he had entered Great Sage realm. He had now obtained a very high position in the True Martial University. Therefore, he had become even more dismissive towards Law Enforcement Hall's people.

"Third Brother is right. Younger brother has thrown a slap on their faces with his method," Yang Wen Jun was beside them; he also laughed out. He had also received a lot of trouble from Law Enforcement Hall's disciples in all the years of his stay at the Hidden Star Peak.

It was just that he and Deng Shui Xin weren't as powerful as Huang Wuji. So, they could dare to resist the Law Enforcement Hall. They also didn't have incredible innate talent like Bai Jian Song.

And, they couldn't even be compared to a monster like Ye Xiwen. They all had suffered many hidden losses at the hands of the Law Enforcement Hall over the years. Therefore, no one on the Hidden Star Peak had disagreed when Ye Xiwen had said that he wanted to pull this off.

Hidden Star Peak indeed had only a few people. In fact, counting them as a 'few' would also be an overstatement.

"Our younger brother is indeed not a human. He has always been a monster!" Deng Shui Xin said. Yan Wen Jun who was sitting next to her was also nodding. It seemed as if he totally agreed with her.

However, Ye Xiwen had become depressed. [Is this a compliment? It sounds like abusing to me.]

"Congratulations younger brother... The Great Sage realm is almost within your reach!" Bai Jian Song suddenly said after he shot a glance at Ye Xiwen. "He he… What kind of genius haven't I seen in my entire life? Heaven's pride experts are nothing in my eyes. However, I've never seen a ferocious person like younger brother. Younger brother has already effortlessly crossed the mountain that ordinary people find very hard to cross. Great Sage realm is just a matter of time for him now. It seems that our Hidden Star Peak will have another Great Sage expert in less than a hundred years!"

Ye Xiwen certainly understood what Bai Jian Song was saying. What he had meant was obvious - Ye Xiwen's soul had already completely transformed, and had become comparable to that of a Great Sage. This was the first step for the ambitious people who wanted to reach to the Great Sage realm. However, it was also the most difficult one. Great Sage realm would be just a matter of time after one had crossed this step.

Bai Jian Song had been stuck in this step for 50 years before he had completed the transformation of his soul. This could already be regarded as an incomparably fast speed. However, Ye Xiwen had taken much lesser time to cross this step. So, how could this thing not have amazed Bai Jian Song?

(To be continued)

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