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"Let's not talk about him. Sister had said a while ago that the Merit Palace Hall can buy all kinds of heavenly treasures?" Ye Xiwen's eyes flashed as he looked at Gao Ling Xiu and said.

Gao Ling Xiu deserved to be called an outstanding female expert. She had switched to her good mood in an instant. She had stopped worrying about Young Master Jin Xiu's matter for the time being.

"Yes! Our Merit Palace Hall is also interested in the heavenly treasures that are mentioned in your list," Gao Ling Xiu said. Merit Palace Hall was basically the place where every disciple used to exchange their accumulated merit points for all kinds of heavenly treasures.

However, these heavenly treasures naturally didn't fall from sky. The Merit Palace Hall had to use all kinds of methods to purchase these heavenly treasures. In fact, this was a very common practice in every force.

"We'll give 1 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans' or an equivalent amount of points of the university for these things," Gao Ling Xiu said.

"I'll exchange them for 1 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans'!" Ye Xiwen replied. He would've chosen the points initially when his strength was very weak. This was because he couldn't obtain good things from the university unless he provided huge amounts of points in exchange. However, it was very easy for him to earn points by completing missions as per his current level of strength.

Moreover, the 'Primary Spirit Dans' were obvioulsy more important to him as compared to the points at present.

He already had 700 million 'Primary Spirit Dans'; he had seized them from Young Master Jin Xiu. So, he would have a total of 1.7 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans' after having these 1 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans'. This would be enough for him to cultivate up to the Great Sage realm even if his insane consumption of 'Primary Spirit Dans' during cultivation was taken into account.

However, these 1.7 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans' could enable the star colossus avatar to fight just three times! 1.7 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans' was an astronomical amount in other people's opinion. However, it was barely enough to make the star colossus avatar fight three times as far as Ye Xiwen was concerned.

However, these were three lifesaving opportunities for him. After all, he could escape even if a formidable Great Sage expert attacked him in case he had the support of the star colossus avatar.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen's confidence would indeed be boosted after having 1.7 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans'.

Gao Ling Xiu was also very straightforward. She didn't hesitate, and immediately threw a storage ring containing 1 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans' towards Ye Xiwen. These were top quality 'Primary Spirit Dans'. In fact, there was a kind of small world composed of piles of these dans inside the ring. It was a marvellous sight!

Ye Xiwen had no choice but to sigh with emotion. [These disciples who go out on special missions are very wealthy. I'd just now discovered a wealth of over 1 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans' on Young Master Jin Xiu's body. And now, Gao Ling Xiu took out 1 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans' as soon as I made the deal. She didn't hesitate at all in taking out 1 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans'.]

[However, I reckon not many people would dare to think about fighting with them. On one hand, they possess so much tyrannical strength that it's impossible to kill them unless a Great Sage expert attacks. On the other hand, one may have to face the crazy retaliation of the big forces that are backing these people if they dared to go against them.]

Ye Xiwen also didn't hesitate. He put the heavenly treasures that he had already prepared inside a storage ring, and gave it to Gao Ling Xiu.

Gao Ling Xiu swept her divine sense into the ring once to confirm that all the traded goods were present. Then, her face immediately exposed a smile. After all, she had purchased so many urgently needed heavenly treasures in one fell swoop. It was naturally a big accomplishment for her.

"Brother Ye, what next? Are you planning to return for your appointment?" Gao Ling Xiu asked. She secretly sighed as her heart was overwhelmed with emotion. [Ye Xiwen and Cao Yuyu's battle appointment! Ye Xiwen had shown no weakness even while facing Mu Sheng Jie, and he became a legend in the university because of it. A lot of people are already regretting that the top heaven's pride expert of this generation who has risen to fame so suddenly will die this time. After all, Cao Yuyu is much stronger than Ye Xiwen. He also used to be a heaven's pride expert back in the day. And, It's hard to say how much stronger he has become now that several hundred years have passed since then. So, who would be optimistic about Ye Xiwen's chances in this battle appointment which is going to happen only ten years after their last meeting?]

She also wouldn't have been optimistic about Ye Xiwen's chances if she hadn't seen him in action with her own eyes. However, he was way too amazing. He had unexpectedly become tyrannical to such an extent in just about a decade's time.

"Of course! After all, some matters need to be ended quickly!" Ye Xiwen sneered and replied. He had indeed left for Meteor World to complete Northern Dipper Organization's mission. However, he had another equally important reason for doing that... He wanted to avoid confrontation with Cao Yuyu and Mu Sheng Jie.

After all, he hadn't even reached the sage realm at that time. So, it was very likely that he would've died if Cao Yuyu had launched an attack on him. On top of that, Mu Sheng Jie was also there. Cao Yuyu probably wouldn't have attacked Ye Xiwen before the time of battle appointment if Cao Yuyu still obeyed the rules. However, the same couldn't be said when it came to Mu Sheng Jie. After all, what kind of rules could be set for a man of his stature?

He could've killed Ye Xiwen with the snap of his finger. And, the higher-ups wouldn't have gotten time to react even if they had wanted to save him.

After all, one person was a newly emerged heaven's pride expert, while the other possessed tyrannical talent. He possessed overbearing strength and unmatched battle experience. He had even performed an outstandaing military service for the university. So, Ye Xiwen knew who they would've chosen. The higher-ups might have punished Mu Sheng Jie for inviting the rage of the Hidden Star Peak. However, Ye Xiwen would've already died by then. Therefore, it wouldn't have mattered what punishment they would've given Mu Sheng Jie. After all, it would've been of no significance to him.

Besides, Ye Xiwen had seen himself what his fellow eldest disciple of Hidden Star Peak had done when War Dead Star Peak had crossed the line and attacked the Hidden Star Peak. Big Brother had rushed into the private microcosm of the War Dead Star Peak, and had chased down their Head as well as their ancestral elder everywhere. They had been forced to flee in a distressed situation in the end... Therefore, Ye Xiwen knew that the rules and whatnot were only subjective.

Ye Xiwen couldn't take that risk. Therefore, he had chosen to go to the Meteor World in order to stay far away from Mu Sheng Jie and Cao Yuyu. However, the situation was different now. Now, his strength had increased enormously. It could be said that he could suppress outstanding heroes with his current skills. Cao Yuyu wasn't a match for him now! And, Mu Sheng Jie also couldn't kill him even if he personally attacked.

Cao Yuyu's battle appointment had been like a hanging sword above him. But, it was now the time to finally go back, and wipe out this threat once and for all.

"Brother Ye, we can return together if that's the case. After all, my mission from ten years ago has already been completed now that I've purchased these heavenly treasures," Gao Ling Xiu smiled. "However, hasn't Brother Ye ever thought about joining our Merit Palace Hall? Brother Ye can probably get a high position as per his current cultivation if he decides to join. Thereafter, our Merit Palace Hall won't sit idly and watch even if the Law Enforcement Hall rose in revolt against you."

Ye Xiwen shook his head and refused. He wasn't fond of bindings just like the other people of the Hidden Star Peak. There were certainly many benefits of joining the Merit Palace Hall. However, he would also get caught into handling trivial matters. He would unceasingly receive all kinds of tasks. And, that would delay his cultivation in his opinion.

In fact, he had joined Northern Dipper organization precisely because he had seen that there was much freedom there. He could choose to go on a mission for them if he truly needed some items and was in need of points to trade.

"That's a pity!" Gao Ling Xiu said. However, she didn't continue to persuade him. She could see that Ye Xiwen had already made up his mind. Moreover, he seemed very firm on his decision.

The two didn't stay there any longer, and directly flew towards the True Martial University. The current cultivation of both individuals was very high. So, it took them just half-days' time to reach to the True Martial World from the Wind Dragon City.

They flew all the way inside the True Martial World, and then flew towards the True Martial University.

They saw the True Martial Mountain Range located at a distant place in the center of the True Martial University, and the cluster of cities in its periphery.

However, Ye Xiwen hadn't seen much when he felt that the 'spirit energies' present in the surroundings were rushing in towards the True Martial University at a terrifying speed. Just ordinary air was left behind after the 'spirit energies' had been sucked away.

He felt as if a giant beast was lurking in these incomparably huge True Martial Mountains and was breathing.

"What is this?" Ye Xiwen was startled.

"Someone is cultivating therein. I don't know what kind of cultivation method he practises. However, it seems that his breathing can unexpectedly make the world change its color!" Ye Mo said.

It was widely known that experts had to consume a certain amount of 'spirit energies' during cultivation. And, there were three methods for that... The first one was to use 'spirit dans' and 'spirit stones'. The second one was to use some special heavenly treasures which contained incredible 'spirit energies'. And, the last one was to directly absorb the 'spirit energies' present in the atmosphere.

The last method was clearly much more inefficient than the first two. This was because the presence of 'spirit energies' in the environment was very thin. On top of that, they weren't homogenously distributed in the atmosphere.

However, Ye Xiwen could see that this person was sucking in the amount of 'spirit energies' contained in thousand 'Primary Spirit Dans' with each breath.

So, he secretly became startled. [It's impossible for a sage expert to breath in such huge amounts of spirit energies. In fact, it's impossible for even a Great Sage expert to reach to such terrifying degree.]

[This is simply world-shaking!]

However, Gao Ling Xiu soon cleared Ye Xiwen's confusion.

"This is brother Mu Sheng Jie of Law Enforcement Hall. He is cultivating at this moment. It is said that he had returned a decade ago from the ancient ruins after obtaining enormous benefits. Now, he is undergoing 'closed-door training' in order to make a breakthrough. It is said that he'll soon make this breakthrough. And, it will become even more difficult to find a match for him in the university at that time." Gao Ling Xiu said, and shot a glance at Ye Xiwen.

The clash between Ye Xiwen and a wisp of Mu Sheng Jie's soul had caused a sensation in the True Martial University back then. But, it wasn't because he had defeated Mu Sheng Jie's wisp of soul. Instead, it was because he had boldly challenged Mu Sheng Jie.

Everyone had been left in shock. They could just say this — [Everyone in the Hidden Star Peak is abnormal. There isn't a single normal person among them].

Ye Xiwen especially remembered that it hadn't made such huge noise when Mu Sheng Jie had started his 'closed-door training' a decade ago. However, he could now feel that Mu Sheng Jie's strength was increasing by a bit with every breath that he was taking. Perhaps, it would be very difficult to find a rival for him by the time he came out.

Ye Xiwen was just slightly surprised by the fact that Mu Sheng Jie hadn't come out of the closed-door training yet. However, he then recalled that it was normal for the Great Sage experts to continue 'closed-door training' for decades or even centuries.

Ye Xiwen felt butterflies in his belly... Ye Xiwen could summon the star colossus avatar to aid him. So, he was confident that it would be very difficult for Mu Sheng Jie to kill him even after Mu Sheng Jie had made a breakthrough. However, that didn't change the fact that Ye Xiwen's opponent was becoming increasingly powerful with each passing moment.

Ye Xiwen and Gao Ling Xiu didn't stay in the periphery for a long time. They soon entered the True Martial Mountains. Thereafter, they parted ways. Gao Ling Xiu returned to the Merit Palace Hall to report about the completion of her mission. However, Ye Xiwen didn't return to his abode on the Metropolis Single Peak. Instead, he returned to the Hidden Star Peak.

"Ye Xiwen is back!"

Ye Xiwen didn't conceal his presence after he entered inside the True Martial Mountains. Therefore, he was immediately discovered by many people who had sharp vision.

Ye Xiwen's and Cao Yuyu's battle appointment had shaken everyone for a while a decade ago. Countless people had been looking forward to that fight. However, Ye Xiwen had disappeared afterwards, and hadn't appeared again. So, the rumour about Ye Xiwen escaping just before the battle had made noise for a while. The people of Law Enforcement Hall had especially dragged this matter. They just wouldn't let it go.

A decade had passed in an instant, and most people had almost forgotten about this matter. But, Ye Xiwen had appeared once again.

(To be continued)

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