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The Ten-Thousand Treasures Building's Great Sage expert kept looking at Ye Xiwen's back as it disappeared into the distance with his gloomy and cold vision. He hesitated for a long time, but didn't pursue him. This was because he knew that doing this would be equivalent to thoroughly opposing the True Martial University.

After all, the True Martial University would certainly defend its students and disciples. He would certainly have good relations with the Emergence School if he followed Ye Xiwen. However, he must maintain good relations with both sides as a business man.

However, he still caught and crushed a chunk of void.

"You… you even destroyed my martial cultivation!" Young Master Jin Xiu looked at Ye Xiwen in disbelief as his body curled up in the ruins of a house. Ye Xiwen had annihilated the sea of energy inside his Dantian in one kick. He had shattered the entirety of his meridians, and abolished his martial cultivation.

He was feeling even worse than what a person who was about to die would feel. His heart had been filled with bitter hatred a moment ago. He had conjured all kinds of malicious schemes. [I must look for an opportunity to exterminate this ant-like sage expert after I get out of this mess.]

However, all of his plots had vanished in just one kick. The martial cultivation of a person was their entire foundation. So, he had become a waste without his martial cultivation. Who would listen to a useless person like him now? Therefore, it would now be very difficult to make the Emergence School take revenge for him.

Strength was considered above all other things in this world. Whether a person had any worth or not… was judged according to their strength.

It could be said that his status had suddenly transformed. He had dropped down to the level of an ordinary person from that of an aloof core disciple of a great force. Such a feeling was so unbearable for him that he felt like banging his head on a wall.

"You, you've destroyed his martial cultivation?" Gao Ling Xiu was left in shock as soon as she chased out after them and saw this scene. The entirety of Young Master Jin Xiu's martial power had vanished in thin air.

Ye Xiwen nodded and said, "This guy was unwilling to let go. I haven't killed him out of consideration for Sister's reputation. Instead, I've only made him learn his place. He had dared to force Sister into marry him. He was going too far."

He hadn't killed Young Master Jin Xiu. However, such punishment was even worse than death. Jin Xiu was now suffering both mentally and physically.

This guy had been nagging Gao Ling Xiu for many years. So, she was certainly feeling exceptionally happy to see him get crippled. However, she still warned Ye Xiwen, "Brother Ye, do you know who he is? He is the Emergence School's current representative to the True Martial World. Even the ordinary Great Sage experts speak to him with respect. This is also the reason why I haven't been able to get rid of him this entire time."

"Representative? Humph! This is the True Martial World; not the Emergence World. Those people of the Emergence School may be powerful. However, there is a saying — 'a strong dragon can't repress a local snake'. The Emergence School thinks that they can go wild here. However, they still fall short," Ye Xiwen coldly replied.

"This doing is equal to inviting enormous troubles. I'm afraid the Law Enforcement Hall's people won't let this opportunity to pin you down go in vain," Gao Ling Xiu said. She had been outside the True Martial University for years. However, she was obviously still very concerned regarding its matters. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been aware of the enmity between Ye Xiwen and the Law Enforcement Hall.

"Anyway, I already have lots of troubles. So, one more wouldn't kill me, right? The Law Enforcement Hall's people wouldn't give up on picking a fight with me even if this matter hadn't taken place," Ye Xiwen said. It wasn't that he didn't know that he would come across enormous trouble after destroying Young Master Jin Xiu's martial cultivation. However, Ye Xiwen wouldn't have any shown any mercy even if he were given another chance. After all, Young Master Jin Xiu had annoyed him beyond limit. In fact, his behaviour alone was akin to courting death. Moreover, Young Master Jin Xiu's great wealth had alleviated his urgent monetary crisis.

He had suddenly obtained wealth worth almost one billion. And, 700 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' were among that wealth. It had suddenly made up for Ye Xiwen's shortage of 'Primary Spirit Dans'. He could summon the star colossus avatar to fight now that he had so many 'Primary Spirit Dans' in his hands. It could be said that this had boosted his confidence.

"You'll surely regret this! You'll surely regret this!" Young Master Jin Xiu's face was brimming with bitter resentment as he roared at Ye Xiwen. The look on his face seemed like the final radiance of a setting sun, "I'll ensure that you meet a tragic end!"

Countless experts inside the Wind Dragon City sent out their divine senses to probe.

"Isn't he Young Master Jin Xiu of Emergence School? How has he gotten thrashed so miserably? This man thought that he could always charge around violently since he had the support of Emergence School behind him. He had even killed many sage experts who had bumped into him by mistake. But, who has he provoked this time that he has received such treatment?"

"Yeah, this Young Master Jin Xiu is arrogant and despotic, and annoys everyone. However, he is still an expert of half-step Great Sage realm. So, it's impossible to beat him like this unless the attacker is a Great Sage expert. Has he offended a Great Sage expert?"

Some people made speculation. And, many agreed to it. The sage experts were nothing in the Wind Dragon City at present. The real ones in-command were those Great Sage experts. Therefore, he had to have offended a Great Sage expert. Only a Great Sage expert could make the condition of an expert of half-step Great Sage realm so pitiful.

"Impossible... Young Master Jin Xiu is certainly arrogant. However, he isn't brainless. He mustn't have provoked a Great Sage. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been alive at this time."

Some people completely disagreed with this speculation.

"I know of that person. He is Ye Xiwen! Don't you people remember? He is a top-tier heaven's pride expert of the True Martial University."

Ye Xiwen had left a deep impression on people's hearts after his fight with Pang Yang Bo. After all, that fight had also taken place in the Wind Dragon City. Therefore, an expert recognized him not too long after even though he had returned after so many years.

People might've been a bit surprised if Young Master Jin Xiu had provoked a Great Sage expert. But, they wouldn't have been baffled by such outcome. However, the person who had beaten up Young Master Jin Xiu turned out to be Ye Xiwen!

Suddenly, the hissing sound of people holding their breaths resounded... Everyone was left in shock after they came to know that the person who had beaten up Young Master Jin Xiu so brutally was in fact Ye Xiwen. So, they had held their breaths.

Many people were still impressed with Ye Xiwen because of his fight with Pang Yang Bo back then. After all, Ye Xiwen's performance had been stunning at that time. In fact, many people had been optimistic about Pang Yang Bo's chances of winning that fight. After all, he had been just 10 or so years old, and had already cultivated to such an extent. Everyone had believed that that young genius would definitely not take too many years to reach to the sage realm... or even Great Sage realm.

However, such a genius had lost at Ye Xiwen's hands. Consequently, a very profound impression of Ye Xiwen had been left on their hearts.

They still had the same deep impression of him even after so many years. Ye Xiwen had been just an average heaven's pride expert of the younger generation back then. However, his opponent was an ambassador disciple of this session. And, most people didn't dare to ignore this fact.

However, Ye Xiwen had once again appeared after so many years. And, he had beaten up this rampant Young Master Jin Xiu like a dead-dog as soon as he had arrived.

This glorious feat had once again left the entire world in shock.

After all, this was an expert of half-step Great Sage realm; not a semi-sage expert. There was an entire realm in between the two. There was also a difference of cloud and mud between their statuses. Therefore, who apart from a Great Sage expert could dare to say that they could beat an expert of half-step Great Sage realm like a dead-dog?

So, everyone had held their breaths when they saw this scene.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted when he heard that this Young Master Jin Xiu was still roaring. The cold 'humph' sound transformed into a dreadful sound wave, and swept out towards Young Master Jin Xiu.

"Bang!" Young Master Jin Xiu was once again blasted away and sent flying. It was now impossible for him to defend himself since his martial cultivation had already been destroyed by Ye Xiwen. Perhaps, this simple attack would've crushed him to death if he didn't possess the body of a half-step Great Sage level expert.

He didn't die. However, he straight up fainted after colliding with many buildings.

Everyone trembled in fear when they saw this scene. It had freaked them out. After all, a core expert of half-step Great Sage realm had been deposed in such a way. He didn't even have any strength to fight back. He had been blown away like a dead dog, and had passed out.

"Brother Ye, I'm afraid that you won't be in a small trouble when the time comes," Gao Ling Xiu looked at Ye Xiwen with a conflicted expression. Ye Xiwen's action had definitely made her happy. However, she was worried that it would also cause trouble for him.

"Humph. I'm not afraid of any trouble. I won't be afraid even if a Great Sage expert of Emergence School arrives. It doesn't matter how many other experts arrive. I'll kill them all! But, I don't believe that they will dare to arrive in the True Martial University to fight," Ye Xiwen disdainfully said. He could escape if an average Great Sage expert chased him. However, he could simply summon the star colossus avatar and kill an expert of initial stage of Great Sage realm.

He had become much more proficient in controlling the star colossus avatar in the last few years. He had also fought with several Great Sage experts during this period. They were mostly experts of the initial stage of Great Sage realm. However, he had also fought with an exceptional expert of the intermediate stage of Great Sage realm. It had been a catastrophic battle. It had ended in Ye Xiwen's defeat, and he had been forced to escape in the end. However, he had obtained an extremely valuable battle experience from that fight.

His 'Primary Spirit Dans' had exhausted precisely because he had fought with several experts of Great Sage realm. In fact, he had consumed more than 100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' every time he fought. After all, such fights would consume his 'Primary Spirit Dans' at every moment… just like a bottomless swallowing monster.

He was now assured that he could kill an expert of initial stage of Great Sage realm. Therefore, his disregarding attitude towards that Ten-Thousand Treasures Building's Great Sage initial stage expert wasn't just for show.

In fact, Ye Xiwen wouldn't have minded killing that Great Sage expert to establish his prestige if he had dared to intervene again.

"Furthermore, Sister, you can also testify. It was his fault. He wanted to rob my heavenly treasures. So, he deserves to die. In fact, I would've killed him already if I didn't care about Sister's reputation," Ye Xiwen mentioned again and again that he had given consideration to Gao Ling Xiu's face. It was obvious that he wanted to spare no effort in order to impress her.

She wouldn't have been worthy of his attention if she were just an ordinary expert. However, Gao Ling Xiu had deeply concealed her strength, and hadn't revealed it. Moreover, even Ye Xiwen couldn't estimate her undisclosed strength; even Ye Mo admired her. So, she was naturally out of the ordinary.

Gao Ling Xiu nodded. But, she was still somewhat worried. [There is no such thing as 'solid reasoning' in this world where strength trumps all rules.]

"Let's not talk about him. Sister had said a while ago that the Merit Palace Hall can buy all kinds of heavenly treasures, right?" Ye Xiwen asked. That Great Sage expert of Ten-Thousand Treasures Building had left a very bad impression on Ye Xiwen a moment ago. Therefore, he had changed his plan of selling his heavenly treasures to the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building.

(To be continued)

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