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"What the hell is going on? Young Master Jin Xiu has been completely crushed. He doesn't even have the power to fight back!" a semi-sage attendant of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building became terrified when he saw the scene before his eyes.

"Who the hell do you think you are that you think you can protect our True Martial University?" Ye Xiwen sneered again and again.

Young Master Jin Xiu had already curled up into a ball under Ye Xiwen's fist pressure. His energy had gotten exhausted. His eyes were revealing fear and resentment at the same time. There was even more hatred for Ye Xiwen in his eyes now. He wished he could rip Ye Xiwen in half.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't care. After all, who would care about a dead person?

"Impossible! You can't kill me. Otherwise, the Emergence School won't spare your True Martial University. Your True Martial University will perish under the heavenly might of our Emergence School," Young Master Jin Xiu finally became frightened when he saw the 'killing intention' inside Ye Xiwen's eyes. Moreover, this killing intention was hardly concealed. So, he had finally realized that Ye Xiwen was going to kill him.

He hadn't thought that Ye Xiwen could kill him at first; he simply hadn't thought about this possibility. In his opinion... he could trample Ye Xiwen to death like an ant whenever he felt like.

He had only wanted to show-off in front of Gao Ling Xiu.

However, the fact turned out to be contrary to everyone's expectations. He had been defeated by that very ant-like person. Young Master Jin Xiu had never faced such humiliation in his entire life. He had been defeated by this so-called insignificant man of sage realm whom he had looked down on.

"Young Friend, please stop!" the voice of an old man suddenly came from the upper floor of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building at this moment. Simultaneously, the mighty coercion of Great Sage realm pressed down upon Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen was startled since he had realized that a Great Sage had assumed personal command of this Ten-Thousand Treasures Building. However, he had thought of this possibility earlier. After all, the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building had risen to power and fame within such a short time. So, how would they have established such a big institution under the attention of many other forces if they didn't possess tyrannical backing?

The True Martial World was especially a place where all kinds of forces were mixed together!

Wind Dragon City had become much more chaotic than it used to be a decade ago. Only the experts of the True Martial World and some nearby star fields had been operating in the city back then. However, more and more forces had recently arrived here from the far stretches of the space. They had then setup their outposts here one after another.

The Ten-Thousand Treasures Building had become very famous amidst all this chaos. Therefore, Ye Xiwen couldn't have believed that it didn't have a Great Sage expert to assume personal command.

Ye Xiwen felt a boundless coercion of Great Sage realm suppressing him the moment that Great Sage expert set into action. He was only an expert of initial stage of Great Sage realm. However, he was obviously much more tyrannical than the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. This man must've entered the Great Sage realm at least three hundred years ago. And, that's why he possessed such profound martial power.

The coercion of Great Sage realm had a strong deterrence effect on the experts below Great Sage realm. After all, it could impact the depth of one's soul. However, Ye Xiwen only became slightly startled by it. And, he quickly broke free from this coercion.

His soul had also been transformed in its entirety by now. Therefore, the Great Sage's coercion of this level couldn't faze him.

He had stopped for a split second. But, it was enough to give Young Master Jin Xiu an opportunity. After all, he had also cultivated to the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. And, he also possessed tyrannical strength. In fact, he wouldn't have been in such a miserable situation if he hadn't bumped into an even bigger fiend like Ye Xiwen.

He had managed to escape from the attack of Ye Xiwen's 'Big Bang Stardust Fist' within such a short span of time.

Young Master Jin Xiu's entire body was trembling. And, his complexion had turned a mix of blue and red. He was angry as well as embarrassed at the moment. This was because he hadn't had any room to retaliate in front of Ye Xiwen. In fact, he had nearly died like a dog a moment ago.

"Brother Ye, don't kill him!" Gao Ling Xiu's voice sounded at this moment; she was standing nearby. It wasn't that her reaction speed was extremely slow. Instead, Ye Xiwen's speed was extremely fast. He had destroyed Young Master Jin Xiu's defences in an instant.

She had initially believed that Ye Xiwen would be the one to fall into the disadvantageous position. In fact, it would've been far beyond her imagination if he had even managed to keep up with him. However, this had been a one-sided fight in which Ye Xiwen had easily defeated Young Master Jin Xiu.

Ye Xiwen continued to attack. He stepped across the space between himself and his opponent in an instant, and then put his foot on his head. He then said, "I'm sparing the life of a dog like you since Sister Gao has pleaded for leniency on your behalf. However, you have to hand over your wealth to me as the price for sparing your life."

He neither gave a damn about the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building, nor about its Great Sage expert. However, he decided to give face to Gao Ling Xiu. After all, he already had a big enmity with the Law Enforcement Hall. And, Gao Ling Xiu was an outstanding disciple of Merit Palace Hall, which was a big faction in True Martial University.

Ye Xiwen certainly didn't need to curry favour with her. However, he also didn't need to fall into enmity with her. In fact, it would be advantageous for him if he maintained a good relation with her.

Ye Xiwen wasn't fond of agreeing to other people's demands. However, he also wasn't a person who didn't know how to accommodate to circumstances.

Ye Xiwen had put his foot on Young Master Jin Xiu's head. And, an incredibly huge force had locked Young Master Jin Xiu down as a result. Therefore, Young Master Jin Xiu couldn't move no matter how much he tried. Then, a dreadful coercion reached deep into his soul, and firmly pressed him down on the ground.

"Great, Great Sage…." Young Master Jin Xiu became panic-stricken as he found out that this coercion was of Great Sage level. It must be nearly as strong as that of the Great Sage expert of Ten-Thousand Treasures Building who had set into action a while back.

[Is this guy before me a Great Sage expert?]

[It would be normal for me to lose at his hands if he's truly a Great Sage expert. After all, I'm just an expert of half-step Great Sage realm. So, how could I possibly contend against a Great Sage expert?]

Ye Xiwen didn't know what this guy was thinking. So, he merely grabbed his body, and seized countless heavenly treasures from him. This Young Master possessed many heavenly treasures since he was the core disciple of Emergence School and a half-step Great Sage expert. He certainly didn't possess as much wealth as Ye Xiwen did. However, he still had more than 200 million 'Primary Spirit Dans'.

Ye Xiwen continued to snatch away the countless 'Primary Spirit Dans'. They were flying out from this guy's body just like a long river, and were being poured into the Heavenly Source Mirror.

"So many 'Primary Spirit Dans'!" Those attendants of Ten-Thousand Treasures Building couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. They exclaimed as they saw a large number of 'Primary Spirit Dans' pouring out of Young Master Jin Xiu's body like a long river, and then being poured into the Heavenly Source Mirror by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen secretly sighed with emotion when he saw that this extraordinary Young Master Jin Xiu had possessed 700 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' on him. [The Emergence School is filthy rich. Only a core disciple's overall wealth is worth more than 1 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans'. In fact, this wealth can be compared to that of a Great Sage expert.]

However, he had ignored the fact that he himself possessed heavenly treasures worth more than 3 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans'.

This was because he believed that his heavenly treasures had limited use for him unless they were exchanged for 'Primary Spirit Dans'.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't know that Young Master Jin Xiu wasn't so rich in reality. The fact was that Young Master Jin Xiu had come on a mission this time... He had intended to discuss about his marriage with the True Martial University. He had planned on marrying Gao Ling Xiu before making his return to his sect. And, all this wealth was meant to be used as a betrothal gift. Afterwards, he had seen Ye Xiwen selling those things in the list, and an idea had popped into his mind — he would use merely 100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' to buy those things. After all, this would mean that he could embezzle the rest of the wealth that he had on him.

And, he had thought that it would be better if he forcefully snatched Ye Xiwen's stuff instead of killing him.

However, his own wealth had now fallen into Ye Xiwen's hands.

Young Master Jin Xiu unceasingly issued bursts of tyrannical power from his body under Ye Xiwen's suppression when he saw his seemingly countless wealth being taken away. After all, he wasn't willing to let Ye Xiwen do this.

"I'm a disciple of Emergence School. You can't do this to me. Otherwise, I swear to you that your True Martial University will be exterminated!" Young Master Jin Xiu shouted. He had lost his mind as he helplessly watched his wealth being plundered.

"You truly have a death wish. I had decided to spare you. But, I didn't know that you would be this stubborn," Ye Xiwen replied. Simultaneously, the 'killing intention' flickered in his eyes. He didn't conceal it as he glared at Young Master Jin Xiu. Then, a force suddenly built up in his foot. And, it seemed as if he would stamp on Young Master Jin Xiu's head and crush it.

Suddenly, a gasping voice came from the upper floor of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building at this moment, "Young Friend, please show some mercy!"

The space inside the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building fluctuated. And, a figure came out from the void; it was a middle-aged man dressed in black clothes. His body was emitting a strong and intimidating aura; he was that Great Sage expert of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building.

"What do you want? Do you want to stop me?" Ye Xiwen's complexion turned somewhat bad as his attempt had been foiled by this Great Sage expert of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building. [You've appeared now? What were you doing earlier? Why had this Great Sage expert neither said nor done anything when Young Master Jin Xiu launched an attack on me? Could it be that he thinks that True Martial University has declined to such an extent?]

[ such an extent that even a newly emerged force like the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building isn't giving importance to me?]

The senior Great Sage expert clearly felt the anger in Ye Xiwen's tone. And, he also knew that perhaps he had committed a mistake... It would've meant that he wasn't biased towards any one of these two individuals if he hadn't appeared from the beginning to the end. However, wasn't it obvious that he wanted to support the Emergence School's Young Master Jin Xiu since he had arrived at this moment?

Therefore, it wasn't surprising that Ye Xiwen was so angry.

However, he had already showed up to mediate at this juncture. So, he couldn't retreat.

"Young Friend, this is the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building. So, we have no alternative but to interfere in whatever happens here," the Great Sage expert slowly said. He believed that he was already giving enough respect to Ye Xiwen by not showing any superiority and speaking so politely.

However, the irritated and ridiculing expressions on Ye Xiwen's face grew more intense. [He has realized that he should come out and interfere only now? What was he doing earlier?]

"In that case... I'm sorry. I won't put you in the spot," Ye Xiwen suddenly kicked after saying this. And, Young Master Jin Xiu's body immediately went out flying like a cannonball. He collided with a wall of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building, and blasted open a huge hole. Then, he further went flying into the Wind Dragon City.

Ye Xiwen transformed into a golden light, and flew after him.

The complexion of that Great Sage expert of Ten-Thousand Treasures Building turned ashen. And, his entire body trembled because of anger. After all, he had been disregarded by Ye Xiwen. Nobody had ignored him like this since the time he had entered the Great Sage realm. However, he had been ignored as if he was a stranger in this instance. And, the one who had done this was merely an insignificant sage expert.

"Now, I'm also furious!" the Great Sage expert of Ten-Thousand Treasures Building gritted his teeth in anger and said.

(To be continued)

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