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There were many factions within the True Martial University. However, all of its disciples would stand united against the external forces no matter what. And, this was especially true for Ye Xiwen and Gao Ling Xiu. Ye Xiwen didn't have a very close relationship with Gao Ling Xiu. However, she wasn't his enemy either… unlike those members of the Law Enforcement Hall. So, it was impossible that she would sit back and watch Ye Xiwen being killed at the hands of Young Master Jin Xiu.

Moreover, she wouldn't be able to explain herself to the high-level authorities if she did so.

After all, Ye Xiwen wasn't an insignificant person... His death would surely mean something. He was a heaven's pride expert of this generation. In fact, he was the strongest among all the heaven's pride experts. Therefore, the high-level experts would be shaken if he died at the hands of this Young Master Jin Xiu.

It was one thing if Ye Xiwen had died in a battle outside. However, it was a whole another story if he died in front of her. On top of that, she disliked Young Master Jin Xiu.

"Ling Xiu, do you want to stop me? You want to stop me for this insignificant man? Good, very good. I'm even more hurt now. He must die!" Young Master Jin Xiu coldly said. He wouldn't spare Ye Xiwen just because Gao Ling Xiu was trying to stop him.

"Sister, let me deal with this. You don't need to fight this petty man," Ye Xiwen said. However, his words had surprised Gao Ling Xiu since she hadn't anticipated that he would say so. In fact, it seemed as if he simply didn't give a damn about Young Master Jin Xiu. She too didn't like Young Master Jin Xiu. However, half-step Great Sage was after all half-step Great Sage. She was obviously confident that she could take him on since she had undisclosed strength. However, it baffled her how Ye Xiwen could be so confident.

"Very well! Let me kill you!" Young Master Jin Xiu couldn't tolerate anymore. A big hand suddenly stretched out. It then transformed into a terrifying huge hand, and swept down towards Ye Xiwen to grab him.

His lungs almost exploded with rage as he saw Ye Xiwen's appearance. What Gao Ling Xiu had mentioned about Young Master Jin Xiu was right - that Young Master Jin Xiu was an obstinate and self-opinionated person. He had no problem with acting arrogantly himself. But, he didn't like to see other people acting arrogantly in front of him. And, Gao Ling Xiu was obviously his exclusive property in his opinion. So, he couldn't tolerate when other people interfered between them. Gao Ling Xiu was defending Ye Xiwen in front of him... This was unforgivable in his opinion.

He had launched an attack on Ye Xiwen because he wanted to teach Gao Ling Xiu a lesson. He wanted to let her know that she mustn't get too close to other men.

Young Master Jin Xiu's behaviour was certainly rude and unreasonable. However, his strength was the real deal. The big hand that had swept out contained the world principles in it; these principles were boiling. After all, half-step Great Sage realm touched upon the two words 'Great Sage'. Young Master Jin Xiu's soul had also faintly begun to transform, and a kind of dreadful coercion smashed down upon Ye Xiwen as a result.

This was the coercion of Great Sage realm. It was also the most dreadful attack for an expert below Great Sage realm. It was very hard to withstand unless one had already undergone soul transformation.

However, Ye Xiwen looked unfazed by it. He was standing motionless. The big hand suddenly smashed down. It had grabbed and exploded the void. Consequently, it became difficult to breathe for the attendants of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building. These semi-sage experts weren't considered as bad cultivators on ordinary days. However, they differed by a huge margin from a half-step Great Sage expert. And, the disparity in strength had vividly and thoroughly manifested this time.

"Bang!" the big hand finally pounded on the ground, and opened up a seemingly bottomless hole on the solid floor of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building. Then, endless 'spirit energies' instantly rushed inside the hole.

Young Master Jin Xiu's complexion suddenly changed. He hadn't anticipated that he wouldn't be able to catch Ye Xiwen. He just hadn't thought of this outcome. Ye Xiwen should've been overwhelmed by his coercion. His coercion should've made it hard for Ye Xiwen to escape. In fact, it should've shaken him to the core... This coercion couldn't be seen. However, its effect was the real deal.

He simply hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would transform into a golden light, and would escape from his hands at the last moment.

"I hadn't expected that you would have a trick up your sleeve. It's no wonder that an insignificant person of sage realm like you has dared to provoke me!" Young Master Jin Xiu sneered as he stepped out. Then, his overwhelming aura swept out. And, it seemed as if the shadows of countless immortals had appeared behind him in an instant. This was the projection of the creative concept of Emergence School's Devastating Emergence Technique. As per the rumours... the practitioners of the Devastating Emergence Technique would levitate heavenwards to become martial immortals if they practiced this technique to an extremely profound condition.

However, it was considered a rumour because it was merely a legend. No one had ever practiced this technique to that extent. Still, the Destructive Emergence Technique was an extremely exceptional martial art. Its formidable power was unpredictable and mysterious.

The shadow of every immortal looked scary and intimidating. They were floating in the air like true immortals. And, all of them were chanting scriptures. In fact, it seemed as if their chanting voices had resounded since ancient times. Their voices were brimming with vigor. This was truly an exceptional martial art. The more the shadows of the immortals congealed behind him, the more it showed how strong his Destructive Emergence Technique truly was.

In fact, a country of immortals had been formed. Young Master Jin Xiu then broke through the sky, and levitated heavenward by depending on the power of these immortals. This was the fundamental purpose of the Emergence School.

"Boy, let me attack with all my strength. You're very arrogant. You should've merely closed your eyes, and accepted your death. It would've been over by now. But, you've truly angered me now. So, I must give you a brutal death!" Young Master Jin Xiu's complexion turned sinister as he said. Then, his aura swept out in all directions in an overwhelming manner. It filled the entire Ten-Thousand Treasures Building, and made it difficult for Ye Xiwen to conceal his presence.

It seemed as if the entire Ten-Thousand Treasures Building had transformed into a domain of immortals in an instant. Countless immortals could be seen in this immortal domain. And, they were chasing after the evil spirits that had disrespected them with swords in their hands.

It seemed that they would defeat those evil spirits in an instant.

The many experts present around the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building began to retreat in quick succession in order to avoid sustaining injuries at the hands of Young Master Jin Xiu. After all, they could get badly injured by such an indiscriminate attack. And, they would have no place where they could go and cry if that happened.

Gao Ling Xiu stood motionless like a big rock under this overwhelming coercion. But, her complexion didn't look good at this time. She would've attacked, and engaged Young Master Jin Xiu in battle by now if Ye Xiwen hadn't asked her not to get involved via the divine sense.

"I've found where you are. You can't run!" Young Master Jin Xiu sneered. He had found out where Ye Xiwen was hiding. So, his incomparably terrifying coercion of the half-step Great Sage realm overwhelmingly swept out towards the corner of the room.

The space trembled in the face of this coercion. And, the 'spirit energies' in the surroundings rushed over from everywhere. They then congealed together to form a huge hand, and this hand then went forward to cover the corner.

The big hand emitted splendid divine beams. It seemed as if countless Gods were chanting scriptures inside it. This was the most dreadful aspect of the Destructive Emergence Technique. It seemed as if the martial immortals themselves had broken the space, and arrived in this world. It was an extremely terrifying scene.

However, a golden light jumped out from that corner at this time. And, a fist emerged out of that golden light immediately after that.

The space inside the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building had looked extremely strong. But, it instantly broke down under this fist.

The space shattered like a mirror, and cracks proliferated in all directions from its middle like a spider's web.

It seemed as if the time had stopped all of a sudden. The surrounding space transformed into a star field, and that fist transformed into a big star and smashed down.

Young Master Jin Xiu's complexion underwent a drastic change as a result. After all, he hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen could have such incredible strength. His big hand had been crushed into fragments by Ye Xiwen's fist attack! And, this was a tight slap to his face.

He had thought that Ye Xiwen would dodge his attack. Therefore, Ye Xiwen would be like a piece of meat on the chopping board as long as he locked onto him. He could chop him in any way that he wished. However, Ye Xiwen's attack had completely toppled his anticipation. And, he had realized that Ye Xiwen indeed had the power to fight back.

However, he didn't get much time to ponder as Ye Xiwen's fist had already arrived in front of him. So, he promptly shot his palm. It seemed as if countless immortals had constituted this palm... as if it could destroy the Heaven, and tear even the Gods and Devils to shreds.


A dreadful collision occurred between the two sides. The two incomparably great forces collided in midair, transformed into an energy storm, and swept across all directions.

All kinds of defense-type matrix formations got activated inside the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building in response to this collision. This force had already gone past the limit of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building's bearing. Therefore, those matrix formations had been quickly activated to isolate the building from the fight of these two individuals.

However, the boundless energy storm destroyed countless defensive matrix formations in an instant. But then, even more matrix formations got activated in the next moment. Layer upon layer of protection eliminated this terrifying force. The entire Ten-Thousand Treasures Building might have collapsed without these matrix formations.

"Ah!" Young Master Jin Xiu screamed... His body had been hit by the explosion! He repeatedly retreated, and ended-up crushing the floor into fine powder with every step that he took. His entire arm had been busted up by the dreadful force!

His entire arm had been crippled by just one fist. However, that one fist had carried Ye Xiwen's peerless fist pressure. It was an extremely dreadful feeling... He had felt as if his entire arm would fall apart in the next moment. Moreover, the entire protection layer of Real Elemental Energy on his body and his defense-type divine tools had been shattered in a flash. Therefore, he could only tremble with fear in the face of Ye Xiwen's fist pressure.

Young Master Jin Xiu screamed in pain. He hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen could be so ferocious. His one fist... just one fist had nearly exploded his entire arm. Was there truly that big a disparity between him and Ye Xiwen?

[How is this possible!]

Young Master Jin Xiu was in disbelief as he thought this. He was an outstanding talent of his generation. He was an elite disciple in the Emergence School. However, he had fallen head-first here. He still wanted to compete for the supreme position of the Emergence School in the future. He still wanted to run amuck in the entire world. So, how could he be defeated by a 'nobody' of sage realm?

"Impossible! I'm not willing to accept this!" Young Master Jin Xiu roared. And, a mysterious force began to surge on his body. Then, his crippled arm began to heal at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

The sage experts would get this ability to regenerate their body once they had successfully completed the transformation of their body.

However, how could Ye Xiwen allow him to make a comeback? Ye Xiwen sneered and stepped forward. The world began to shake under his footsteps. In fact, it seemed as if it would collapse. Then, a fist swept out. It transformed into a big star, and smashed down. The dreadful fist pressure proliferated in the surroundings.

The Young Master Jin Xiu shivered like an ant under the pressure of Ye Xiwen's fist.

(To be continued)

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