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He entered the building with the vigour of a dragon and the ferocity of a tiger. Gao Ling Xiu was standing nearby. Her complexion changed slightly.

Ye Xiwen had a bad feeling about this. This man's demeanour was making him feel uncomfortable. In fact, the arrogant look on this man's face made it seem as if he was gazing upon ants.

"Your Highness Young Master Jin Xiu himself has honoured us with his presence. Pardon me for not coming out to welcome you," the sage expert whom Ye Xiwen and Gao Ling Xiu had ignored for a while promptly move forward to welcome him.

"Humph!" The Young Master Jin Xiu ignored that expert. He just looked at Ye Xiwen and said, "I want those things. I won't give you a cheap deal for them. 100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans'!"

Ye Xiwen's complexion suddenly sank in. [100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans'. This isn't a cheap deal? The minimum value of the things mentioned in the list is 1 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans'. He wants to take away one-third of my wealth for only a 100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans'. And, it seems from his facial expression that he thinks it's the best price. He's seriously going too far.]

The complexions of the people that were present on the scene slightly changed. They could also see that the Young Master Jin Xiu was quoting an unreasonably cheap price.

"What? Aren't you happy? It has never happened that this Young Master hasn't gotten what he wanted. However, this Young Master is giving you 100 'Primary Spirit Dans' as he's in a good mood today. I've recently made a big breakthrough while practicing a mysterious power technique. Otherwise... couldn't I just kill you?" The Young Master Jin Xiu's complexion turned ugly as he looked at Ye Xiwen. He sneered again and again.

"Young Master Jin Xiu, Brother Ye is a disciple of the True Martial University. I request you to please let him off," the sage expert of Ten-Thousand Treasures Building said with some difficulty. This sage expert wouldn't have blinked an eyelid if this had happened outside. After all, it wouldn't have concerned him in that case.

However, this was happening inside the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building. So, it could ruin the reputation of the building. After all, who would dare to visit Ten-Thousand Treasures Building for any kind of a business deal if this news transmitted outside?

"True Martial University? Humph! It has declined long ago. Do you still think you can brag in front of this Young Master using its name? It's laughable!" The Young Master Jin Xiu sneered. He had never given importance to the name of the True Martial University!

A glint appeared in Ye Xiwen's eyes. [The True Martial University has undoubtedly declined many years ago. However, it is still a dominant player in the True Martial World. And, it is an absolute deterrent force in this Chaotic Heavenly Territory. What is the background of this man?]

"Ling Xiu, I want to marry you with good intentions. You're a core disciple of the True Martial University, and I'm a core disciple of the Emergence School. I have a high reputation in the Emergence School. The head of the sect thinks highly of me. In fact, I'll even compete for the position of the Head of Emergence School in the future. So, it'll be good for both you and your True Martial University if we get married. It'll be a great thing altogether. Your True Martial University will always remain in the protection of our Emergence School. You won't have to be afraid of any scary monsters out there," the Young Master Jin Xiu shifted his gaze towards Gao Ling Xui, and said tyrannically.

"Emergence School!" Ye Xiwen unexpectedly knew that this Emergence School ruled the Emergence World. This Emergence World was a huge world located in the depths of the starry space. It was a huge force. In fact, it was almost as powerful as the True Martial World used to be in its heyday, and the Meteor Sect at present. Perhaps, it was even stronger than that.

However, the Emergence School was extremely far away from the True Martial World. So, it was farfetched to say that it would protect the True Martial University. Moreover, the True Martial University had merely declined, but it hadn't perished yet.

Gao Ling Xiu's complexion slightly changed. She replied, "I'm afraid that it's not up to you."

"Ling Xui, I've especially come to talk to the high-level authorities of your True Martial University in order to propose marriage. In fact, this Young Master is buying these things to give them as the betrothal gift," Young Master Jin Xiu said.

"Sister, what's going on?" Ye Xiwen secretly asked via his divine sense.

"You don't know, Brother?" Gao Ling Xiu doubtfully replied.

Ye Xiwen came to know from Gao Ling Xiu's explanation that the True Martial World had landed into complete disorder in these ten years after his departure. And, it had undergone tremendous changes as a result.

Some people had found out an astonishing secret inside the True Martial World a few years after his departure. And, a lot of forces from the depths of starry space had reacted as soon as they got this news. Their hands had reached into the True Martial World one after another, and caused disturbance there.

Even the True Martial University and the other native forces had gotten tightened up while facing such a situation. There's a saying — 'even a strong dragon can't suppress a land snake'. However, the land snake has to respond carefully if there are many strong dragons.

And, Emergence School was one of the ferocious dragons that had crossed a vast distance and arrived here from the depths of the starry space.

"This Young Master Jin Xiu is the core disciple of the Emergence School. He has a promising future. He is being nurtured as their pillar for the future. The Emergence School wants him to marry me so that they can meddle in the True Martial World's matters," Gao Ling Xui took a pause, and then continued, "I don't like this man. He's obstinate and self-opinionated. He certainly has excellent natural talent. However, that's not enough."

Gao Ling Xiu's tone carried a lot of disdain. She was clearly very contemptuous towards this core disciple of the Emergence School.

Ye Xiwen nodded. It's one thing for a person to have talent. However, one's temperament is even more important. Ye Xiwen had come all the way till here. There were obviously many people along the way who were more talented than him. In fact, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that his elder brother and elder sister possessed far more talent than he did. However, he was the one who had managed to come this far. In fact, he had surpassed many people who had been more talented than him.

It's useless to just have talent. One must also have firm willpower.

The matter of this Young Master Jin Xiu's marriage was none of Ye Xiwen's business. However, this Young Master also wanted to force Ye Xiwen into selling his stuff. Therefore, he had provoked him.

"I'm also considered as a knowledgeable and experienced person. I'm aware that the Emergence School has a reputation of being a big ruler of a region. However, you are giving me just 100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans'. So, I think that your school enjoys an underserved reputation," Ye Xiwen coldly said. He didn't give face to the Young Master Jin Xiu. Instead, there was a look of disdain in his eyes.

Gao Ling Xiu was startled by Ye Xiwen's sudden reaction. She hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would speak such daring words. She was certainly feeling happy and excited. However, it was extremely dangerous since Young Master Jin Xiu belonged to the Emergence School. She indeed looked down upon him, and had disdain for him in her heart. However, she hadn't insulted him openly.

It was because she was anxious over the power and influence of the Emergence School. Moreover, the Young Master Jin Xiu possessed extreme strength even if he was a miser. Otherwise, he wouldn't have dared to act so wildly. On the other hand, Ye Xiwen was only a trivial expert of Sage Small Perfection realm. So, how could he contend against this Young Master?

Ye Xiwen could see through Gao Ling Xiu's hidden strength. However, she couldn't see through Ye Xiwen's concrete cultivation. This was because he was continuously operating the 'Restraining Breath Technique'. Everyone could only see his image of an expert of Sage Small Perfection realm unless he willingly revealed his entire strength.

She could vaguely feel that Ye Xiwen wasn't ordinary. However, she couldn't imagine what his real strength was.

"Elder Brother Ye, you…" The sage expert of Ten-Thousand Treasures Building was almost scared to death by this. After all, he hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen would say such words. This was going to thoroughly infuriate Young Master Jin Xiu.

Everyone felt that Young Master Jin Xiu had asked for too much. However, this sage expert clearly knew about the temperament of this famous Young Master Jin Xiu even though the latter had only arrived in this city very recently. He might not get satisfied even if someone spoke to him nicely. So, one could well-imagine how he would react if someone spoke such words of insult to him. Ye Xiwen hadn't given importance to him. So, he was surely going to become furious on the spot. Not even the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building could interfere and stop him now.

"Young Master Jin Xiu, you mustn't care about this ordinary person too much," the expert of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building promptly said to Young Master Jin Xiu.

"It seems that some people still don't know about my reputation," Young Master Jin Xiu's complexion sank in. But then, he burst out a dreadful power that thrilled everyone. He had already reached the terrifying strength of the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm!

A person with the strength of half-step Great Sage realm could be considered as a tyrannical existence in the entire Wind Dragon City… as long as they didn't come across a Great Sage. The Young Master Jin Xiu was certainly arrogant and despotic. However, he possessed tyrannical strength to back up his despotic nature.

"You get lost from my sight," Young Master Jin Xiu blew away that sage expert of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building. Half-step Great Sage realm was just half-step into the Great Sage. However, it contained the two words 'Great Sage'. So, there was a difference of cloud and mud between the strength of this realm and sage realm. They were simply not on the same level.

That sage expert simply couldn't do anything as he had been suddenly blown away and sent flying. "An ant-like man dares to challenge this Young Master. You're courting death." Young Master Jin Xiu's complexion turned ice-cold as he said, "Ling Xiu, I didn't wish to disrespect you. However, this ant-like person has dared to act arrogantly in front of me. This is a crime that can't be forgiven.

"Wait for some time while I kill this petty man, and rob his wealth. Then, I will give you my betrothal gift," Young Master Jin Xiu said in a just and righteous manner.

Ye Xiwen's expression turned even more ice-cold as he looked at the Young Master Jin Xiu. The 'killing intention' had grown even stronger in his eyes. So, he coldly replied, "You are truly a very sincere man. You're trying to act generous by stealing someone's wealth. Does the Emergence School only have such people?"

"Those things will automatically be mine after I kill you," Young Master Jin Xiu didn't get angered by Ye Xiwen's words. All of Ye Xiwen's wealth... treasures... possessions would become his by default after he killed Ye Xiwen. What was wrong in that?

On the other side, that sage expert of Ten-Thousand Treasures Building who had been blown away by the Young Master Jin Xiu spouted a mouthful of blood. However, he didn't dare to show his resentment towards the Young Master Jin Xiu. After all, Young Master Jin Xiu's strength was way too tyrannical. Moreover, he had the backing of a ferocious dragon like the Emergence School. A sage expert like him could run amuck in a region on ordinary days. However, he was a 'nobody' in front of a giant force like the Emergence School. He was indeed just a tiny person.

However, he was panic-stricken at this time... After all, Ye Xiwen had infuriated the Young Master Jin Xiu. So, it was all over for him now. However, Ye Xiwen had the backing of the True Martial University. It was certainly not as tyrannical as the Emergence School. However, its wrath could more than compensate for that. After all, its deterrence force was no smaller than that of the Emergence School.

Therefore, the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building would suffer a calamity once these two men waged a war. This Ye Xiwen was extremely audacious.

"Young Master Jin Xiu, I hope that you'll conduct yourself with dignity. Ye Xiwen is a heaven's pride expert whom our True Martial University has nurtured with all its strength. His future achievements are going to be unimaginable. So, you'll have to face the wrath of our True Martial University if you dare to hurt him," Gao Ling Xiu's figure flashed and suddenly appeared in front of Ye Xiwen, and she coldly said to Young Master Jin Xiu.

(To be continued)

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