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The Ten-Thousand Treasures Building was a magnificent and tall building in the Wind Dragon City. Flashy lights had been illuminated all around the place. And, there were overwhelming 'spirit energies' everywhere. Moreover, Ye Xiwen discovered that this Ten-Thousand Treasures Building was in fact a sage tool.

He suddenly became speechless inside. [This Ten-Thousand Treasures Building is filthy rich and overbearing. And, that is because this Ten-Thousand Treasures Building doesn't just have a base in the Wind Dragon City. This building here in Wind Dragon City is just a branch of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building. This building has such grandeur! So, one can well-imagine how rich and overbearing the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building must be.]

[It's not surprising that it has suddenly risen to fame within such a short time. This obviously wouldn't have been possible without such background.]

Ye Xiwen finally entered the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building under the guidance of that expert. Then, a sage expert with extremely profound cultivation personally came out to welcome him.

Ye Xiwen swept his vision across the entire Ten-Thousand Treasures Building once he was inside. It could be said that it had a dazzling line-up of items. Magic weapons and medicinal pills were present everywhere; there were also different kinds of divine tools and so on. The overwhelming 'spirit energies' and flashy lights could be seen everywhere; everything present in the building was of top quality. It was entirely different from those big and messy markets where the bad quality things were mixed in together with the good ones.

However, many experts were still fond of visiting those big markets. The majority of things in those markets were ordinary. However, some rare items or the things that had been misjudged by the seller also used to appear frequently in those markets. On the other hand, the high-quality things in this type of a chamber of commerce had to pass through the firm inspection of the treasure-experts. So, it was impossible to find a precious item for cheap in this place. It could be said - 'to each his own'. Basically, those who preferred to try out their luck went to the big markets, and those who preferred to avoid the hassle came here.

"I don't know what Elder Brother wants to sell?" The sage expert was very polite towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen didn't speak much. He merely flung a list of items towards him and said, "I want to sell the things that are mentioned in this list. I don't know whether your Ten-Thousand Treasures Building can buy them or not?"

"The Ten-Thousand Treasures Building is very strong. There is nothing that we can't buy." the sage expert muttered. However, his eyes popped out when he saw the items in the list.

"Golden Orchid, Red Cloud Grass…" the sage expert read out exactly how it was mentioned in the list. And, the more he read, more excited he looked. He then said, "Elder brother, all these things are rare heavenly treasures. Do you truly have them with you?"

The faces of the attendants of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building present in the surroundings also exposed excited looks as they heard the names of the items. It wasn't that they were uninformed people. After all, the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building had meticulously chosen them; all of them were the best choices. However, they still became excited when they heard the names of the listed items.

The reason for this reaction was that these items were extremely precious.

"Golden Orchid, ah. As per the legend... the metallic attribute can be instilled into human body after consuming it. Thereafter, there will be no harm in practicing metal attribute power techniques."

"There is also Red Cloud Grass. It is said to be derived from the essence of the Sun and the Moon. It is extremely rare. It grows at those places where the Sun and the Moon come out alternately."

These attendants had been carefully chosen by the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building. This level of vision could make people have a whole new level of respect for them. Ye Xiwen knew that he possessed a lot of heavenly treasures that nobody knew about. These heavenly treasures in the list weren't too expensive. However, he listed them nonetheless since he wanted to see whether these people here were knowledgeable or not. After all, even precious stones would be like toys for a person that wasn't knowledgeable.

A beam of light flashed in many people's eyes when they looked at Ye Xiwen. These people had estimated their own strength, and come to a conclusion that they couldn't defeat Ye Xiwen. Otherwise, they would've probably tried to rob Ye Xiwen.

Each of these heavenly treasures was extremely precious. On top of that, there were so many of them in Ye Xiwen's possession. So, the value of all of these items would be an astronomical figure when put together.

Ye Xiwen was calm and composed. However, he also knew that the value of these things could incite others. Therefore, he had rarely sold these heavenly treasures in the past. Moreover, he had bought such things whenever he could since he knew that it would be a terrible idea to sell them all and empty his stock.

The ones mentioned in the list weren't even one-third of the heavenly treasures he possessed. However, they were still enough to shake countless people. These people would've robbed him once he left this place if he were still in the legendary realm. Then, they would've killed him, and would've disposed of his body.

He wasn't over thinking this. He knew very well what might happen in an instant if he revealed all of his treasures in front of the public.

The so-called equality exists only if there's strength equivalence. After all, who would consider an outstanding person and an ant as equals?

"I obviously have them. That's why I asked you whether your Ten-Thousand Treasures Building could buy them or not?" Ye Xiwen nodded and replied.

"This is a very big matter. I think I'll need to report to the high-level authorities." A sage expert could deter a region with their might, and command over it. However, they weren't regarded as high-level in this place. They could at most be considered as mid-level. They could obviously take a decision on their own in a general matter. However, they couldn't do so in all matters.

Ye Xiwen nodded. He agreed that these things were extremely precious. But, that fact was that they weren't useful for him. This represented the so-called saying 'Treasures for others, pebbles for me'. These things might be extremely precious in other people's opinion. However, they were worthless for him. Therefore, he could just take out all of them, and sell them.

"Brother Ye truly has a profound cultivation. The ordinary people may not have ever heard about these heavenly treasures, but Brother Ye has taken out so many of them," a sweet voice suddenly came from the entrance.

Ye Xiwen was startled by this. And, a mysterious light flickered in his eyes. He hadn't expected that someone would recognize him. He turned around, and saw a beautiful woman dressed in a light-purple dress.

"Who are you?" Ye Xiwen softly asked.

"Brother Ye doesn't need to get nervous. I'm Gao Ling Xiu. I'm a disciple of the Merit Palace Hall of the True Martial University," The woman's face exposed a bright smile as she walked in.

Ye Xiwen immediately felt a bit relaxed. He then laughed at himself. It seemed that he had gotten too nervous for nothing. He had been on expeditions outside for so many years, and nobody had recognized him during that time. However, where was this place? This Chaotic Heavenly Territory was next to the True Martial World. So, there was nothing strange if some disciple of the True Martial University that knew him had arrived here.

He had left the True Martial University ten years ago. However, he was confident that he must still have a big reputation there.

Ye Xiwen looked at Gao Ling Xiu after he calmed down. He noticed that her aura was circulating all around her. Her aura as well as her energy were surging about, and leaking out. He could tell that she was very exceptional. She was just at the Sage Accomplished realm. However, she wasn't beneath him in terms of strength.

Ye Xiwen had a feeling that she was a scary character who could even outperform her level during a fight. She couldn't do so to the extent that Ye Xiwen could. However, she was still scary enough. In fact, Ye Xiwen might not have complete odds of success if the two were to fight each other.

"You're Gao Ling Xiu, the famous Sister Gao?" Ye Xiwen suddenly realized. He recalled the time in the past when he had frantically received tasks from the Merit Palace Hall to enhance his cultivation. Therefore, he also knew some things about the Merit Palace Hall. The disciples of Merit Palace Hall used to mention about a few outstanding senior disciples. And, Gao Ling Xiu was one among them. It was said that she had entered the Sage Accomplished realm many years ago. And, that her position in Merit Palace Hall was second only to those elders of Great Sage realm. Therefore, she was a very formidable person who enjoyed an illustrious reputation among the disciples of the younger generation of the True Martial University.

Ye Xiwen was just in half-step legendary realm back then. So, he had differed by far from Gao Ling Xiu since she was considered as an outstanding person among the disciples of younger generation. She was like an eagle flying in the sky, while he was an ant crawling on the ground.

Therefore, he had heard about Gao Ling Xiu just like a story at that time, and hadn't cared too much about it. However, he hadn't anticipated that he would meet this reputed woman — Gao Ling Xiu at this place today.

"I hadn't expected that Brother Ye would've heard my name," Gao Ling Xiu looked surprised. "Everyone says that Brother Ye is the most outstanding talent among the disciples of the younger generation. They say that he had cultivated to the sage realm in just ten years. I used to think that it was an exaggeration. However, it now seems that it wasn't an exaggeration after all. In fact, they seemed to have underestimated Brother Ye."

"Senior Sister is flattering me," Ye Xiwen cupped his hands in courtesy and smiled. He had a friendly relation with Merit Palace Hall. In fact, his relation with Merit Palace Hall had always been much better than his relation with the Law Enforcement Hall.

"Ye Xiwen, this woman isn't ordinary. She is constantly suppressing her cultivation." Ye Mo said. "She seems to have a big ambition. Perhaps, her plan isn't as simple as cultivating to the Great Sage realm. I think she wants to use the entire sage realm as her foundation. She probably plans to soar to the heaven in a single bound once she is done laying down a solid foundation in sage realm."

Ye Xiwen looked at Gao Ling Xiu somewhat curiously after he heard Ye Mo's words. He immediately had a whole new level of respect for her. Sage realm was already a huge cultivation target that a lot of experts used to pursue for their entire lives. However, Gao Ling Xiu wanted to use the sage realm to sharpen her foundation. Perhaps, even Ye Xiwen didn't have such lofty aspirations.

Ye Xiwen's foundation was deep and profound. However, he had conveniently built his foundation over time. He hadn't deliberately used some realm as base to sharpen his foundation. Ye Xiwen's foundation was already very deep. So, he didn't need to temper it further. In fact, his foundation was already hundred times or even thousand times deeper than that of an ordinary expert.

However, it wasn't surprising that Ye Xiwen had felt as if she could outperform her level during a fight. And, this was the reason behind that feeling.

"I genuinely think you deserve the praise," Gao Ling Xiu laughed. Her laughter was very loud and hearty. This frank laughter would make people develop a good impression of her. "But, why didn't you come to our Merit Palace Hall if you wanted to sell these heavenly treasures? You must know that our Merit Palace Hall is always looking to buy all kinds of heavenly treasures."

Gao Ling Xiu had indirectly blamed Ye Xiwen for selling these heavenly treasures to outsiders. It could be said that 'one's own stream was fertilizing a stranger's field'. The growth of an individual and a force wasn't the same thing. So, these heavenly treasures might be useless for Ye Xiwen, but it might not be so for the big forces. After all, they weren't called heavenly treasures for nothing.

Ye Xiwen didn't get angry even though Gao Ling Xui's words had come across as rebuking.

"I want all these heavenly treasures," a gloomy and cold voice came from the depths of the Ten-Thousand Treasures Building at this moment. Then, a man's figure came out from inside. He was dressed in a flashy robe, and had handsome facial features.

(To be continued)

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