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The death of a Great Sage expert had left everyone in shock.

In fact, there was complete silence in the space. After all, nobody had anticipated that they would see such a scene. Even the boldest person couldn't have imagined such an ending. A senior Great Sage expert had died... A Great Sage expert that had awed the entire world with his might… had died!

The life force of an expert had always been far more tenacious than that of an ordinary person. So, one could only imagine how firm the life force of a top-notch powerhouse of Great Sage realm could be. Generally, a powerhouse of Great Sage realm would rarely die even in the most intense fights. However, one such expert had now died right in front of them. Moreover, he had been killed by Ye Xiwen... a mere sage expert!

This had suddenly shaken the entire world. In fact, this thing wouldn't have caused such a huge sensation if the Lord had died while fighting with another Great Sage expert. However, Ye Xiwen didn't possess the characteristic aura of a Great Sage. But, he had still managed to chase a Great Sage expert all the way to the Great Gas City, and had eventually killed him in the presence of the public.

The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' could shake all directions with his might. He was a well-known figure in the entire River Shore Star Field. Therefore, the slaughter of such an expert had left countless people in shock.

Ye Xiwen's name had spread out everywhere at an astonishing speed.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't stay in the River Shore Star Field any longer. He departed straight in the direction of the True Martial World.

Five years' time seemed to have passed in an instant. A legend had gradually begun to circulate among every major star-field in this time — the legend about Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen had to pass through many bloody battles on his way to the True Martial World during this five years' time.

He had already consolidated his strength of Sage Small Perfection realm through unceasing battles... And, his initially unstable cultivation realm had now become completely stable as a result.

Not all starfields that he had passed by were calm. Many strong personalities had been running amuck in some of those starfields. And, many of these personalities were criminals who had escaped from various starfields and worlds, and had gathered together at one place. In fact, these individuals could be seen engaged in killings and fights everywhere... The flames of war could be seen everywhere. It looked from afar as if a planet had been engulfed in ominous energy clouds. These clouds of war were fluttering about. And, Ye Xiwen had no choice but to get involved in this war, and spend a long time fighting. He had to do so in order to get out of there even though he was just passing by.

Ye Xiwen's knowledge and insight had been tempered enormously. They had become even more firm after experiencing so many things. Therefore, he had finally understood how true this saying was — 'reading ten-thousand books isn't equal to walking ten-thousand miles'.

The ancients weren't joking after all.

Ye Xiwen's wisdom had also increased with more experience. His horizons had broadened. And, he had become much calmer now. In fact, there was a difference of Heaven and Earth between the current Ye Xiwen and the one that had travelled to the Meteor World.

The Chaotic Heavenly Territory was still the same even after about 10 years. The place was still very much in chaos. The fact was that the discovery of the Cave Mansion of an almighty person a few decades ago had caused a huge sensation on the Wind Dragon's planet. And, it had attracted countless greedy sage and Great Sage experts towards this place. So many years had passed, but the experts were still coming in streams. The Great Sage experts had life spans of thousands of years. So, a few decades' time was equal to a few moments for them... It wasn't anything for them.

Many of the experts who had arrived here had found many benefits, and had flourished all of a sudden; especially in the last few decades. This had attracted the attentions of countless people who were keeping an eye on this place.

The Wind Dragon City used to be the focus of various legends in the past. But, it had suddenly become the base of many sage experts. Even the Great Sage experts used to visit this city often. They had set up outposts at a location below the Wind Dragon City for the exploration of Wind Dragon's lair.

Consequently, the Wind Dragon City hadn't declined. In fact, it had prospered because of the arrival of these experts.

The market in the Wind Dragon City had also expanded significantly in a short while. One could find many experts here. There were 'Random cultivators with no backgrounds' as well as many super-experts of the forces of the True Martial World. In fact, each force had set up their base here.

In a quiet space outside the Wind Dragon City... A golden streamer of light ripped-apart the space, and arrived right outside the city.

"Ha ha ha ha… I've finally returned!"

A loud shout shook the space. Then, the golden light dispersed, and exposed a figure; it was a slim cyan figure.

Ye Xiwen's face exposed a smile... He had finally returned from the Meteor World after more than 10 years. He had finally returned from an over-ten-year-long bloody expedition which had been filled with fights and killings.

He hadn't reached the True Martial World yet. However, the True Martial World was a stone's throw away from the Chaotic Heavenly Territory for the current Ye Xiwen. Therefore, returning to Chaotic Heavenly Territory was the same as returning to the True Martial World for Ye Xiwen.

"I haven't come here in more than 10 years. The Wind Dragon City seems to be flourishing even more than before," Ye Xiwen opened his eyes wide, and looked into the distance. He was surprised to see the tyrannical auras of sage realm floating about in the Wind Dragon City.

Ye Xiwen hadn't been able to see through these tyrannical auras back when he used to be a legendary expert. However, he could see through them at a glance this time. The majority of these auras belonged to the powerful sage experts. Initially, this place used to be mainly dominated by legendary experts. However, those very legendary experts now looked frail under the imposing auras of these sage experts.

Ye Xiwen wouldn't have been able to get anywhere in his life if this were to be the situation during his last visit as a legendary expert. Perhaps, he might have had not much of a choice after killing the young evil genius, Pang Yan Bo. In fact, he would've had to depend on protection from the experts of the True Martial University in order to prevent the experts of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall from causing trouble for him.

However, the situation was naturally different this time. His realm had already reached the Sage Small Perfection level. And, his fighting prowess could reach to the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm if he attacked with his entire strength. Therefore, he was able to stand firm even in the present situation when there were so many experts in the Wind Dragon City.

"I must sell a part of my heavenly treasures in return for 'Primary Spirit Dans' before I go back to the True Martial University." Ye Xiwen secretly pondered. He had consumed almost his entire 'Primary Spirit Dans' in the last few years of expeditions. In fact, he had nearly exhausted his entire 'Primary Spirit Dans' five years ago in that fight with the lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. Therefore, he only had what he had stolen from his enemies during the unceasing battles of the last five years.

However, he was still short of his requirement. He certainly possessed many heavenly treasures. However, most of them couldn't be used directly. It was like this — he was hungry, and had gold in his hands. However, he didn't have any place for buying food. Therefore, the gold was useless.

Ye Xiwen's consumption rate of 'Primary Spirit Dans' was ten times… or hundred times more than that of an ordinary person. But, this consumption-rate was also the reason for his quick progress.

He had remained at the Sage Small Perfection realm for the last five years. This had certainly happened because he wanted to consolidate his foundation. After all, he didn't wish to rush ahead too fast. However, it had also happened because he didn't have enough 'Primary Spirit Dans'.

His dependency on the 'Primary Spirit Dans' was beyond the comprehension of other people. For example... he needed a crazy supply of 'Primary Spirit Dans' in order to make the star colossus's avatar display the strength of Great Sage realm. In fact, he needed to consume at least 100 million or 200 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' just for that.

He used to feel that he was very rich back when he had more than 100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans'. After all, even some Great Sage experts didn't possess that much wealth. However, that amount was simply nothing in front of the enormous consumption of the star colossus's avatar.

Ye Xiwen entered the Wind Dragon City. Its area had clearly expanded significantly compared to the last time. However, he didn't delay, and went directly to the market.

It was indeed a market. However, it looked like a small town! And, all kinds of heavenly treasures were being traded in this huge market.

"Nine Lobed Spirit Mushroom... It can increase a person's lifespan by three years... It treats youngsters and old folk equally scrupulously!"

"Hard Crystal Precious Armor... It can resist the full strength attack of a sage expert. One can venture out to all sorts of dangerous places without fear if they wear this armour!"

Ye Xiwen had barely entered the market when the divine sense carrying all sorts of information flowed into his mind. The experts who were doing business here were obviously not like ordinary people. Therefore, Ye Xiwen had to filter all the information transmitted by these divine senses in order to extract the useful ones.

Ye Xiwen frowned. There were many items here. However, the quality of those things wasn't too high. It might be great in these people's opinion. However, they were far inferior in Ye Xiwen's opinion.

Moreover, he was penniless at the moment. So, he needed to sell off his heavenly treasures first. However, he didn't know when he would be able to sell his treasures amidst this ruckus. He didn't have much time to loiter around.

"You should look for some chamber of commerce or whatnot inside this city. They can buy most of your stuff," Ye Mo suggested. Ye Xiwen possessed many heavenly treasures, and all of them were very precious. However, an ordinary trader couldn't buy them.

"Senior, what can I help you with?" a voice came from the surroundings when Ye Xiwen was thinking about finding a big chamber of commerce inside the city; it was an expert of late stage of semi-sage realm. This expert had 999 dao principles condensed on his body. So, he could become a local tyrant if he were to be set free in a small region.

However, he needed to bow and salute others in this Wind Dragon City.

However, Ye Xiwen gave it more thought. Semi-sage experts surely weren't considered as formidable. But, they weren't considered as slaves either. So, this guy could still make out Ye Xiwen's unfathomable strength. And, an ordinary person obviously couldn't have this ability. Therefore, Ye Xiwen was very polite to him.

"I want to sell some heavenly treasures. I don't know if there is any big chamber of commerce in the Wind Dragon City that will buy them?" Ye Xiwen asked. He had been in a great hurry the last time he had arrived in Wind Dragon City. So, he didn't know much about this city and its places.

"There is indeed such a place. The things senior wants to sell must be extremely precious. Naturally, these people here can't buy them," the semi-sage expert led Ye Xiwen outside the market while he spoke. The place about which he was talking obviously wasn't inside this chaotic market.

Ye Xiwen came to know from this expert that the biggest chamber of commerce in the Wind Dragon City was 'Ten-Thousand Treasures Building'. And, this chamber of commerce used to buy all kinds of heavenly treasures. It was a newly emerged organization. However, it had expanded at a very fast speed. In fact, it seemed that it had covered the entire True Martial World and its nearby regions overnight.

Its expansion speed was very quick. However, it was obvious that it was an old and hidden force that had emerged out.

Nobody knew that Ye Xiwen could even kill an expert of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm depending upon his fighting prowess. However, his status of Sage Small Perfection realm was enough to make this chamber of commerce's people hold him in high esteem. It must be mentioned that a person's strength was considered above all other things in the Chaotic Heavenly Territory. So, everyone's attention would follow the most powerful person wherever that person went.

(To be continued)

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