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Not many guardians had appeared so far. However, the majority of people in the River Shore Star Field had heard about these so-called guardians; even the people in the other nearby star fields were aware of this rumour.

The people wouldn't have been so terrified if there had been only one guardian all along. However, the fact that a different guardian would appear every time had made these experts scared. Moreover, many people believed that there must be a huge organization behind them. And, this meant that they mustn't be offended.

"I'm the person that is going to take away your life," Hong Jun coldly replied. Meanwhile, his powerful aura swept out like a vast ocean. His expression turned callous, and he launched an attack towards Ye Xiwen. "You've challenged my prestige of being a guardian. Now, I will use your blood as sacrifice to redeem it."

Hong Jun brandished his iron spear, and it issued a world-shaking sound. Its earth-shattering power was so overwhelming that it made the people feel as if it would break through the time and space barrier.

"These guardians are very ferocious. They are truly worthy of their reputation. They have been unrivalled since so many years. Nobody within the range of the sage realm can dare to provoke them," someone said in fear and apprehension.

Apparently, such might had truly shaken this person. The space violently distorted wherever the iron spear went. The situation became intense. In fact, it seemed as if someone had poured oil on fire.

However, Ye Xiwen rushed up unarmed. He trod upon the golden divinities, and got surrounded by a universe of his own. And, all the attacks that were directed at his body were sucked by this universe.

Hong Jun's iron spear broke the space. It wasn't known which ancient god his weapon had belonged to. However, Ye Xiwen was also an overbearing lord. And, he didn't show weakness while facing this weapon.




Both sides had already exchanged more than a hundred blows within such a short time. And, those were just probing attacks. However, both individuals had already gone all-out. In fact, both of them had seemed determined to kill the opponent even though those were just probing attacks.

The fight between these two individuals issued dreadful fluctuations. Those fluctuations then swept out in all directions from the point of their clash. And, the experts that were observing in the front row went out flying upside down as a result. These experts had been several miles away. However, the shock waves had carried incredible force.

The experts who had remained here to watch this fight had been swept away by the shock waves. There was a difference of Heaven and Earth between these weak experts and the ones that had gone to compete for the seats. Many of these experts spouted blood after being blasted away.

Everyone was left in a state of disbelief upon the sight of Ye Xiwen. After all, he was fighting with Hong Jun unarmed. This had surpassed everyone's imagination.

It wasn't that they believed that nobody could fight with Hong Jun. After all, the River Shore Star Field was very big. It obviously had to have some stunning geniuses. And, a guardian would eventually lose his invincibility once a formidable opponent appeared. It wouldn't matter how powerful that guardian was in that case.

There had been some cases in the past when the guardians had been defeated. There were obviously only a few of such cases. However, it was enough to prove that the guardians were mortals; not Gods.

However, what had stunned them incomparably was that Ye Xiwen was attacking Hong Jun unarmed. Even the term 'irrationally strong' couldn't describe such body.

"It's no wonder that the tyrannosaurus' front claw had been transformed into a mass of blood fog in just one slap. Such tough physique is terrifying," Someone suddenly reacted. Everyone knew that the individuals of the dragon race possessed incredibly tough bodies. The tyrannosaurus was a kind of sub-dragon species that barely possessed the blood line of dragon race. However, it was widely known that it had an incredibly tough body. However, the front claw of such a powerful sub-dragon had been transformed into a mass of blood fog with just a palm's clash. This could scare a person to death. However, it seemed normal at the moment. After all, Ye Xiwen was fighting unarmed with an expert that had a sage tool. In fact, it wasn't known how powerful his physical constitution was.

Everyone held their breath as they saw this scene. Such strength made them feel far inferior to Ye Xiwen.

Hong Jun's face unexpectedly revealed a smile, "You have innate divine power. However, I hadn't expected that your body's strength would be far more powerful than that of an ordinary person. It seems that you've practiced some incredible 'body power technique'. However, I'll plunder everything you have after I've killed you. Thereafter, my strength will sky-rocket."

Ye Xiwen was like a mobile treasure-house in Hong Jun's opinion at this time. He was especially drooling over the 'body power technique' that Ye Xiwen had practiced. It wasn't that he hadn't practiced a body power technique himself. In fact, he had practiced a very famous one. However, he couldn't rely on his physical strength to contend against the demon beasts who themselves used to rely on their bodies. This was his innate weakness since he was a human; and there was no way to change it.

Many demon beasts seemed to possess human-like wisdom. However, they would often be fooled by the humans. These things were innate.

Only a person who had practiced a top-tier 'body power technique' could contend against demon beasts. However, Ye Xiwen's strength was on a whole another level.

"You've made me even more excited!" Hong Jun's face exposed a sinister smile. The aura exuding out of his body had become even more tyrannical. "However, everything ends here. I don't know what kind of secret technique you are using that you possess such fighting prowess. However, you can't surpass mine."

Ye Xiwen was just an expert of sage realm peak. However, Hong Jun could see that Ye Xiwen was displaying the fighting prowess of Sage Accomplished realm. So, it was clear that he was using some kind of secret technique. Otherwise, it was impossible to do so. He had seen some people with insane fighting prowess who could challenge those who were a level above them. However, he had never seen or heard of an expert of sage realm peak challenging an expert of Sage Accomplished realm. So, it was obvious that Ye Xiwen was using some kind of secret technique. Otherwise, it would've been impossible for him to do so.

"You're ignorant!" Ye Xiwen smirked. It was as if the things that Hong Jun didn't know didn't exist. This was a clear example of ignorance.

Hong Jun's complexion turned somewhat ashen. He looked at Ye Xiwen with a cold and callous look in his eyes. In fact, his eyes seemed cold enough to kill a person, "You're trying to infuriate me. It won't end well for you. Nobody can come and save you today."

Hong Jun launched another attack after saying this. His iron spear issued a terrifying chill, and swept out. It formed countless divine beams in the sky, and slammed down like a boundless mountain. It seemed that it would definitely kill Ye Xiwen on the spot.

However, how could Ye Xiwen let him succeed? He faced upward and roared. Simultaneously, his energy burst out and spread everywhere as the 'Big Bang Stardust Fist' swept out.

Every fist blow transformed into a big star in the void, and smashed down from above. It seemed as if a galaxy had suddenly condensed in the sky; countless huge stars had formed in the sky, and were about to crash down.

The huge stars and the divine beams collided in the sky. They issued boundless divine waves every time they collided. The dreadful fluctuations attracted the attentions of those top players who were involved in the intense contest for the seats at the moment.

However, the competition over there had reached a superheated stage. Blood was flowing like river, and a mountain-sized pile of corpses had formed. Everyone's eyes had turned bloodshot. They weren't able to cope with so many experts.

Those people glanced at these two, and then shifted their attentions towards their own opponents.

Only a short period of time had passed. However, three out of ten seats had already been taken. The person who had obtained the first seat was none other than that white-clothed young man whom Ye Xiwen had seen earlier; his clothes were as fair as snow. His expression was calm and composed at the moment. He had been slashing his long sword in all directions, and nobody had been able to escape from his range. He had killed all the competitors in his region. Many of them had even been experts of Sage Accomplished realm. However, all of them had died at his hands nonetheless. And, they hadn't even been able to injure him. In fact, they hadn't been able to spill a drop of his blood.

His tyrannical strength had terrified everyone. Some of the experts of other regions had been planning to change regions. However, they had quickly given up this thought. After all, nobody was in a mood to face such a demon. It was evident that no one had the guts to go against him.

The second seat had fallen into the hands of a middle-aged man in blooded clothes. However, his clothes weren't just stained with blood like that of the white-clothed young man. In fact, it was as if his clothes had been soaked in blood. It seemed as if he had crawled out of a mountain of corpses and an ocean of blood. His facial expression looked ice-cold. He looked like a God of Death from Hell. He looked extremely ferocious and dreadful.

He had killed most of the experts that had come in his way in order to compete for the seat. Moreover, those who hadn't died were in a miserable state at the moment.

Ye Xiwen would've been left in shock if he had seen who had gotten the third seat. It was that Zhuyan Ape! He had fled away from those three zombies. However, he had revealed dreadful might at this place. He had defeated all the competitors, and had obtained the third seat.

These heritages weren't restricted to humans alone; other creatures could also obtain them. Any creature could obtain these heritages as long as they possessed spiritual wisdom. In fact, even a piece of stone could obtain them if it possessed intelligence.

The experts who were struggling at this time didn't have free time to pay attention to Ye Xiwen's fight. And, Ye Xiwen also didn't have the time to look how the contest for the seats was going on over there.

His attention was entirely focussed on Hong Jun's body.

"You seem to have some power to back up your confidence. It's no wonder that you've dared to challenge me," Hong Jun let out a cruel smile as he realized that he had the power to kill Ye Xiwen. "However, this is as far as you can go. This is it for you."

Hong Jun pointed his long spear towards the empty space after he said this. It issued layer upon layer of energy waves as his figure swept towards Ye Xiwen like a bolt of lightning.

The surrounding atmosphere froze, and broke into halves wherever the long spear went. Almost the entire space froze and collapsed.

The boundless chill formed a massive and overwhelming network in midair in a split second, and swept towards Ye Xiwen to trap him.

"Is this all you've got? You think this is enough to kill me?" Ye Xiwen sneered. He trod, and the surrounding atmosphere transformed into a piece of Universe. This was his domain. Then, a fist swept out. It transformed into a big star, and rolled down.

"Bang!" a sharp and clear sound of collision was heard as that huge network of cold energy shattered under the crushing force of Ye Xiwen's big star.

However, this fight was far from over. A long spear streaked across the sky, and stabbed out just as Ye Xiwen destroyed the network of ice. This was a killer move. This deadly stab had emerged from behind the magnificent network of ice. It could kill Ye Xiwen in a split second!

(To be continued)

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