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This was the most dreadful attack. An attack hidden behind another attack could be termed as a fatal blow. This was just like the hidden sting in a hornet's tail.

It seemed that this strike could freeze and destroy the entire world.

Ye Xiwen was floating unfazed in the wind. The scary wind blew against his clothes, and a 'fluttering' sound echoed. It seemed that the spear would crucify Ye Xiwen.

"Die for me!" Hong Jun's vision turned ice-cold. He had calculated long ago that he would kill Ye Xiwen at lightning speed.

His long spear and martial arts had come from a mysterious inheritance. Therefore, his attack carried enormous might. He had issued a peerless move in an instant.

"This looks bad. I didn't think that this guardian would have a hidden move. Perhaps, Ye Xiwen might be in trouble this time!"

"These guardians have extraordinary origins. They all possess incredible innate talent. They also possess stunning heritages. They are regarded as outstanding among the people of our star field."

"However, Ye Xiwen is amazing even if he loses this fight. He has killed a few Sage Accomplished level experts depending upon his strength of sage realm peak. I don't know what kind of power technique he has practiced. However, it may be assumed that that technique is stunning."

"Haa!" The spot where Ye Xiwen stood transformed into golden rays of light. Then, the long spear penetrated through that group of golden rays of light, and split the vast sky.

The spear strike had gone in vain. And, Hong Jun was left to feel gloomy as a result. After all, he was assured that this attack had the power to kill Ye Xiwen. However, Ye Xiwen had somehow escaped it.

"Did he teleport? It's impossible. Nobody can teleport inside the Great Gas Collar!" Hong Jun was left dumbstruck. He denied his suspicion. However, he hadn't thought much when an ice-cold shout came from behind him.

"Is that it? The so-called guardian is so mediocre?"

Ye Xiwen's figure suddenly appeared behind Hong Jun, and the golden light proliferated in the surroundings. A star was revolving in his hand at an incredible speed. And, its speed was increasing with time. It grew in size, and became as big as a mountain in an instant. Then, it slammed down.

One couldn't teleport in this place. However, it was well known what kind of speed Ye Xiwen's devil wings could generate after being unfolded completely. There was no difference between teleportation and moving at such incredible speed.

Hong Jun's complexion suddenly underwent a significant transformation as he promptly turned around. The long spear danced in his hand, and issued boundless divine beams to face the attack.


It was a dreadful collision. Endless 'spirit energies' began to violently surge about. And, a great number of dreadful divine beams swept all across. Hong Jun's body went out flying like a kite with a broken string. He was about to spout blood from his mouth.

However, he forcibly swallowed it down. He had done so because his vitality would've been damaged if he had spouted his blood essence.

Ye Xiwen had also been struck. He retreated a few steps. Then, he looked at Hong Jun. Ye Xiwen's eyes had turned even more cold. Hong Jun was very powerful. And, his guardian's organization seemed to have deep background. However, Ye Xiwen wasn't going to back down.

At this time, Ye Xiwen profoundly felt that his current cultivation realm wasn't good enough. His cultivation speed was incomparably quick. He had already reached to the sage realm peak within a short span of a few decades. However, he had also come across increasingly powerful enemies along the way. He was confident that he would emerge as invincible in his realm if his cultivation speed increased even further.

"You've thoroughly angered me now," Hong Jun's eyes had turned gloomy and cold. And, his complexion had turned a deep shade of red after he swallowed back his blood essence. It seemed that his entire body was seething at this moment. Moreover, the principles inside his body had begun to come out. Everyone's complexion had turned pale with fright at this time.

One must know that the principles were the most central thing of a sage expert. Sage realm was different from legendary realm because there were more principles in sage realm. And, a person would be more powerful if they possessed thicker principles. This was the fundamental difference.

These principles represented the realization of the heavenly laws of an expert. They were the concentration of the entire world's dao principles. These principles mustn't come out of the body that easily. This was because a person's understanding of heavenly laws would decline if these principles were destroyed. Moreover, a sage expert would fall down to the legendary realm if their entire principles were broken. They would then be only a bit more powerful than the legendary experts. Therefore, people rarely took the risk of taking out their principles. The principles were as important for a sage expert as the demon cores were for the demon beasts.

He became extremely angry since his principles had been forced to come out of his body. He hated this very much. However, his strength had also increased enormously because of that.

"9999 dao principles. This is the pinnacle of sage realm," someone secretly counted Hong Jun's principles, and said in amazement.

"It seems that his principles are several times thicker than that of an ordinary sage expert. His strength is hard to imagine."

Hong Jun suddenly erupted with power. A dreadful aura rushed out of his body, and soared to the sky. The 'spirit energies' in the surroundings got trapped amidst this imposing aura, and rioted.

The long spear was dancing in Hong Jun's hand. He suddenly trod forward, and disappeared from everyone's line of sight. Then, he appeared in front of Ye Xiwen the very next moment. His ice-cold long spear pointed to the tip of Ye Xiwen's nose.

His strength had increased drastically after he had unleashed the principles from his body.

And, he had undergone a tremendous change as a result.

The atmosphere was cracked open in a flash. And, the entire world began to vibrate; it was shaking crazily.

Ye Xiwen also moved in that instant. He transformed into a golden light, and vanished into the air.

Ye Xiwen certainly wouldn't have been able to face such an attack if he were to be the Ye Xiwen from several months ago. In fact, he might not have the qualifications to be compared with this opponent in that case. After all, there was a huge disparity between every single level of sage realm.

However, the present Ye Xiwen was different. His strength had advanced by leaps and bounds after he had made the breakthrough into sage realm peak. He had become far more powerful than before.

His movement became extremely quick after he transformed into a golden light. He flew whistling through the sky while tearing through its fabric. In fact, it seemed as if he was shuttling in the sky. His speed wasn't less than that of Hong Jun even though he hadn't undergone any explosive transformation.




The two sides collided in the sky like two huge storms. They collided more than ten or hundred times in that split second. They swept across the horizon like heavenly storms.

"Bang!" But, it wasn't long when Hong Jun's weakness was exposed. He couldn't maintain this peak condition of his body for a long time. In fact, it was impossible for him to keep his body in a stimulated state for long. However, he was completely dependent upon his stimulated strength at the moment… unlike Ye Xiwen. Many people believed that Ye Xiwen had also stimulated his body's potential in order to burst out such fighting prowess. Otherwise, it was simply a fairy tale that an expert of sage realm peak could defeat an expert of Sage Accomplished realm. However, Ye Xiwen hadn't done anything like that since he didn't need such stimulation.

This meant that Ye Xiwen could continue to fight in this way for as long as he wanted. However, Hong Jun couldn't. Moreover, he couldn't overpower Ye Xiwen within the short period of time provided by the physical stimulation. And, his physical state obviously began to decline soon after.

Ye Xiwen seized this opportunity, and his long leg struck Hong Jun's body like a whip.

"Poof!" Hong Jun retreated again and again after being kicked. He couldn't help but spout a mouthful of blood. He wasn't able to hold it in this time. But, Ye Xiwen had gone all-out on the other hand. In fact, he hadn't held back even a bit.

"How is this possible? There can't be such a person. I have already revealed my entire potential. I can easily sweep away anyone unless he is an expert of half-step Great Sage realm. How can there be such a person?" Hong Jun looked at Ye Xiwen in disbelief. It seemed that he couldn't believe what had happened. It wasn't that he was too weak or anything. Instead, Ye Xiwen was way too powerful.

It would've been believable if he couldn't beat Ye Xiwen using his normal fighting prowess. However, he couldn't believe that a sage expert could turn out to be a match for him after he had completely unleashed his power.

However, Ye Xiwen had done just that.

Hong Jun had failed to overpower Ye Xiwen during the short period of time in which he had revealed his entire strength. And now, he had shrivelled up like a deflated ball.

"How come you talk so much nonsense?" Ye Xiwen sneered. He again shot a punch. It seemed that the world had lost its colour. His fist transformed into a big star, and smashed down from the sky.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's speed was extremely quick. Hong Jun hadn't been able to surpass Ye Xiwen's speed even after the transformation. Therefore, it was simply impossible for him to exceed Ye Xiwen's speed now.

He couldn't avoid Ye Xiwen's attack. Consequently, Ye Xiwen's fist pounded upon his body. And, an explosive force entered into it. It seemed that his entire body was being torn apart because of the tremendous force. And, it began to collapse as a result.

"Ah!" Hong Jun's scream proliferated in the surroundings. His principles were being shattered one by one by Ye Xiwen's fist.

Hong Jun's strength declined level by level with every principle that was shattered. These principles were the product of his great realizations. However, they were being shattered into pieces by Ye Xiwen.

This was the disadvantage of unleashing the principles from one's body. It could be said that his strength had increased enormously within a short time. However, it had become easier for a person to attack his principles. And, the loss of each principle was an enormous disaster for him as they couldn't be replenished within one or two years.

And now, Hong Jun's principles were being destroyed one after another as Ye Xiwen's fist pressed down further.

Hong Jun finally felt the pain of regret at this time. He had looked down on Ye Xiwen at first. He had thought that killing Ye Xiwen would be as easy as crushing an ant. It was no big deal at all. However, he hadn't anticipated that the thing that didn't look big in his opinion would cause his demise in the end. Nor had he expected that Ye Xiwen would show no mercy.

Ye Xiwen had broken numerous dao principles. So, Hong Jun had become a useless person even if he was still alive. He had lost all of his value.

"How can it be possible? I can't accept this!" Hong Jun yelled. He had come out of the organization only recently. He wanted to become famous in the world. He wanted to lay out his own inheritance. However, he hadn't anticipated that he would die in this way.

Ye Xiwen didn't listen to his nonsense. Instead, his fist pressed down fully.

"Bang!" Hong Jun's body couldn't endure such an immense force, and got crushed on the spot. Then, it disintegrated and transformed into a mass of blood fog.

A gust of wind blew, and carried away the bloody air. Consequently, it merged with the bloody atmosphere that had been created by the countless corpses that were lying in the vicinity of the Great Gas Building.

(To be continued)

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