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Expropriate qualifications for the heritages!

The faces of the experts in the surroundings revealed smiling expressions as they heard these words. They had also seen Ye Xiwen's dreadful fighting prowess. He would prove to be a formidable opponent in the contest for the 10 seats. Therefore, their chances would increase greatly if Ye Xiwen was eliminated from the contest.

Ye Xiwen's complexion had turned ice-cold.

"Hong Jun, save me!" King Ye had been clutched by Ye Xiwen's big hand. So, he promptly yelled since Ye Xiwen had nearly choked him to death.

Ye Xiwen suddenly understood that both of them were familiar with each other. Nothing had happened when he killed Ran Hong Bin a moment ago. However, this goddamn guardian had come out to interfere now when it was King Ye's turn.

[Guardian my ass! He's just biased towards his own people.]

"Let him go!" Hong Jun coldly said.

"Get lost!" Ye Xiwen coldly replied.

Hong Jun's complexion suddenly turned a deep shade of red because of anger. The guardians had always had an awe-inspiring existence. So, these experts must curry favour with Hong Jun regardless of whether they had powerful strength or not. After all, it was impossible to obtain a heritage without his permission.

Hong Jun had never been disregarded like this.

"Just an ordinary expert of sage realm peak dares to be this arrogant!? It seems that you lack discipline," a person's contemptuous voice proliferated from inside the crowd. "You dare to talk back to the guardian?"

It was obvious from the voice that this individual wanted to gain Hong Jun's favour. Everyone had heard him. It turned out to be a demon beast; it was a huge tyrannosaurus. It was a very famous demon king in the Great Gas Collar.

"Come forward and speak if you have the guts to do so," Ye Xiwen sneered while looking at that tyrannosaurus.

"You want me to come forward? Here I come!" The tyrannosaurus suddenly trod forward. And, its hill-sized body pounded in front of Ye Xiwen just like a meteor.

The world shook under its impact. It alone caused an Earthquake kind of impact, and shocked everyone.

The tyrannosaurus was arrogantly looking at Ye Xiwen. It didn't move its eyes away from him even for a moment. Then, a claw suddenly stretched out towards Ye Xiwen to grab him. Its front claw was small compared to its body. However, it was still bigger than Ye Xiwen's body.

Ye Xiwen understood that this tyrannosaurus wanted to kill him so that it could gain this so-called guardian's favour in order to obtain a seat. In fact, there were many people that were thinking the same.

Ye Xiwen had killed Ran Hong Bin only recently. Still, many people were willing to risk their lives for this opportunity.

Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes. [It seems that I didn't deter everyone a while ago. Some people still want to rush out recklessly.]

A big golden hand suddenly stretched out. The 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' suddenly issued a golden tide, and slammed down.

The palm and the sharp claw collided in the sky. The body of the tyrannosaurus was extremely tough. It could break the mountains, and cut open the world.

"Bang!" The claw of the tyrannosaurus turned into a mass of blood fog on the spot. And, the fragments of its bones swirled in the air.


The tyrannosaurus screamed endlessly. It hadn't anticipated that its front claw would be destroyed by Ye Xiwen in the first collision itself. In fact, such strength left everyone to hold their breaths. And, the experts and demon beasts that were getting restless were stunned by this. They had been thinking about obtaining the guardian's favour at Ye Xiwen's expense, but they gave up that thought at this time.

"Audacious! You dare to commit a violent crime in front of me?" Hong Jun shouted. Then, his terrifying aura swept out towards Ye Xiwen like a tide. And, dreadful energy waves ferociously swept down.

However, Hong Jun's interference couldn't change the tyrannosaurus's fate. After all, Ye Xiwen's rage had already been ignited. An 'Inverting Ocean Seal' formed in the sky, and fell down in an instant like a tilted ocean.

"Rumble!" The tyrannosaurus had been locked on to by Ye Xiwen's attack. It wanted to escape. However, it wasn't able to do so. It got crushed into fragments in an instant.

"You want him, right? I'll return him to you," The blue veins in Ye Xiwen's hands bulged out. Then, he suddenly threw King Ye towards Hong Jun… as if he was a piece of trash.


King Ye screamed as he got thrown away. His body cut through Hong Jun's terrifying aura and energy waves, and finally arrived in front of him.

Hong Jun coldly snorted, and unfolded his hands to catch King Ye.

"Bang!" a loud metal clanging sound was heard. And, a terrifyingly massive force transmitted to Hong Jun's hand through King Ye's body.



"Bang!" Hong Jun continuously trod on the ground, and left profound footprints in it. Then, he turned his head to look once the tremendous force had dissipated. However, he found out that King Ye was already dead. His soul had been shattered by Ye Xiwen; Hong Jun was shocked to death upon this realization.

"You want to die?!" Hong Jun opened his eyes wide in rage. Ye Xiwen had killed his friend in front of his eyes. He had killed a person that was close to him. This was a matter of great shame and humiliation for him. Consequently, his torch-like eyes swept out two sword-lights towards Ye Xiwen.

However, it was impossible for him to affect Ye Xiwen since Ye Xiwen's cultivation was extremely profound.

"Ye Xiwen, it seems that this shitty guardian hates you very much. It would be better to kill him as well, and be done with it. Otherwise, he'll certainly plot against you when the contest for the seats begins," Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen nodded. He could also see the bitter resentment and infinite 'killing intention' in Hong Jun's eyes. He might have to face trouble in the future if he didn't kill him as soon as possible.

Hong Jun's murderous intent for Ye Xiwen had grown stronger. He wasn't planning to give Ye Xiwen any way out.

Neither of them had attacked at this point. However, 10 thick and sturdy light beams suddenly emitted from top of the Great Gas Building. They then flew out in all directions, and formed 10 giant light pillars on the ground.

Everyone suddenly went in uproar as this happened. The 10 seats of the Great Gas Building had appeared. And, the people would enter these light pillars would obtain the heritages. Hadn't they arrived here for these 10 seats?

The conflict between Ye Xiwen and Hong Jun became worthless for them after the appearance of these 10 seats.

Everyone flew towards the centre of the Great Gas Building in order to compete for these 10 seats.

The area surrounding this huge Great Gas Building had been divided into 10 regions. So, everyone flew towards different areas to start the bitter struggle for the seat in their respective regions.

There were only 10 seats in total. However, the number of people that had come to compete for these seats was ten or even hundred times more.




All kinds of remarkable martial arts techniques were unleashed in an instant. They formed dazzling and colourful rays of light in the sky, and covered it entirely. It wasn't clear how many experts had been turned into blood fog amidst those dazzling rays of light.

This looked like the most tragic battlefield of the Asura. Everyone was rushing to snatch those 10 seats just like madmen. They were fighting for their destiny without any hesitation.

Ye Xiwen also wanted to go and compete for the 10 seats. However, Hong Jun hadn't moved even a bit from his front. Hong Jun's eyes looked ice-cold as he held an iron spear in his hand. His body emitted an oppressive aura which swept across.

"Give up the thought of obtaining those seats as long as I'm here!" Hong Jun coldly said. His words were brimming with bitter hatred for Ye Xiwen. He hated Ye Xiwen very much. Then, he attacked with his entire strength. And, his surging imposing aura made the surrounding space boil.

Many people were left to tremble as a result. Consequently, they didn't dare to go close to Hong Jun. A lot of people had gone to compete for the 10 seats. However, there were many people who were aware of where they stood. And, they knew that they didn't stand a chance. Therefore, they hadn't gone to join in on the action since they didn't wish to throw away their lives. Consequently, the unfinished fight between Ye Xiwen and Hong Jun had become their center of attention.

A lot of people were terrified in their hearts; especially the experts of the River Shore Star Field. They hadn't forgotten about the legends of the guardians.

A different guardian would appear every time the Great Gas Collar opened. However, each of these guardians possessed incomparably formidable strength. And, nobody knew about their origins or why they would appear. In fact, nobody knew whether the matter about the so-called guardians of the Great Gas Building was real or fake. Some people guessed that they might originate from some formidable and mysterious organization, while others believed that the Great Gas Building itself was the base camp of this force; it was their stronghold.

However, everyone had come to acknowledge the fact that these guardians possessed very tyrannical strength… regardless of what was said in the legends or how many different opinions were present. An ordinary expert of Sage Accomplished realm was simply not a match for them.

The guardians didn't interfere in the disputes of other experts. They were like observers. However, this time's guardian had unexpectedly interfered in someone's matter. This was contrary to everyone's expectations.

A lot of people felt sympathetic towards Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen had previously had the opportunity to obtain a seat. However, it was gone now as he had unfortunately offended the guardian.

It was impossible for a person to obtain a heritage if they offended a guardian. This had been the rule for last several years. It wasn't that nobody had used their tyrannical power to go against the rules set by the guardians in the past. However, all of them had failed to obtain a heritage in the end.

Therefore, there were many people who wanted to obtain the favour of the guardian. The guardians had a track record of not interfering with the contest. However, everything would become much simpler if the guardians left a loophole.

Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes. His murderous aura looked boundless and ice-cold. He had realized that it would be impossible for him to go forward if he couldn't kill this guardian.

Therefore, he didn't hold back any further. His golden divinities condensed into pillars of golden light, and then soared into the sky while passing through the clouds. They appeared everywhere in an overwhelming manner.

Ye Xiwen's black hair was blowing in the wind. His eyes looked ice-cold and ruthless. And, his entire body had turned golden. It seemed as if a Golden God of War had reincarnated.

Hong Jun's complexion turned ice-cold. It seemed that he had also found out that Ye Xiwen wasn't an ordinary person. It hadn't been a wise choice to offend Ye Xiwen. However, Hong Jun was clearly an arrogant person. Therefore, he still didn't feel that he had made a mistake by provoking Ye Xiwen. In fact, he still felt that Ye Xiwen was guilty of a terrible crime, and was truly the most reprehensible person out there.

"Criminal, accept your death!" There was an unconcealed killing intention in Hong Jun's eyes.

"Criminal? Who the hell are you to judge me?" Ye Xiwen wasn't angry. On the contrary, he grinned, and exposed his white teeth. His words were filled with disdain and disregard.

[Who the hell are you?]

The many experts in the distance were shocked when they heard. Many years had passed since the time the guardians had established their prestige. Nobody had ever dared to talk to them like this.

(To be continued)

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