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There was a pin drop silence on the scene. A vast area in the vicinity of the Great Gas Building was completely silent. It seemed that even the sound of breathing could break this tranquillity.

The fight between Ye Xiwen and Ran Hong Bin had attracted the gazes of countless people. It was a fight between a giant and an ant in their opinion. They had believed that defeating Ye Xiwen would be as easy as blowing off dust.

In fact, they wouldn't have had any interest in watching this fight if it hadn't involved the 'Sacred Spring of Life'. However, Ye Xiwen who should have been crushed to death was in perfect condition after the fight. But, Ran Hong Bin who was a colossus in their opinion had been slaughtered.

This outcome had simply subverted their whole outlook of the world, life, and their personal experiences. Driving full speed against the traffic wouldn't be as scary as this outcome. An expert of sage realm peak had effortlessly killed a Sage Accomplished level expert. What would these people do if such dark horses were to move unhindered in this world?

Ye Xiwen's eyes swept across everyone like an electric current. He had resorted to extreme methods because he wanted to warn these people... They must think properly if they were planning to snatch the 'Sacred Spring of Life' from his hands. Otherwise, they would have to pay the price with their own lives.

This method was straightforward and violent. However, it was very effective. Ye Xiwen had killed Ran Hong Bin at a lightning speed. He hadn't fooled around at all. And, this had thoroughly deterred all those people who were ready to make a move.

It should be mentioned that the majority of people had been coveting the 'Sacred Spring of Life'. Ye Xiwen's cultivation was only at the sage realm peak. Therefore, they had felt as if a child had come to a market area with a piece of gold in his pocket. Consequently, that child had been surrounded by the bad gazes of all the adults.

However, they soon found out that even several adults couldn't rival this child's skills.

This had shocked the people who had been planning on seizing the 'Sacred Spring of Life'. In fact, those experts of Sage Great Perfection realm and Sage Small Perfection realm had immediately stopped thinking about this matter. After all, could they still dare to provoke this monster?

Many people pondered, [It's no wonder that this man has dared to arrive here with such confidence. He must have some big reliance. He might look weak at first glance. However, he is a merciless Lord of Death.]

Ding Tong and Xiao Yuan Yuan were also thinking so. They had seen Ye Xiwen killing Sage Accomplished level experts in the last few months. However, he hadn't killed them so easily in the beginning. He was very powerful at that time as well. However, he didn't possess such loftiness at that time. Now, it seemed as if a Sage Accomplished level expert was basically nothing before him.

The powerful Ran Hong Bin would've shaken the entire world with his might if he had been placed in the world outside. However, he had met with such a humiliating death at Ye Xiwen's hands. He couldn't withstand even three moves. He had been killed by Ye Xiwen in a flash.

Everyone was left dumbstruck as they witnessed this insane strength. They had never seen such a formidable expert of sage realm peak before. In fact, they were thinking that even the elders of their sects might not be a match for him.

This man was way too strong!

Ding Tong and Xiao Yuan Yuan belonged to different sects. However, they had the same opinion on this matter.

"He is that Ye Xiwen!" A man was quietly standing in a corner in the shade of a mountain. His gaze penetrated through dozens of miles, and fell upon Ye Xiwen's figure. The distance of dozens of miles was no big deal for experts with high cultivation.

These were the people of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. They were led by a middle-aged man who had robust facial features. He looked similar to King Tai.

The middle-aged man looked at Ye Xiwen. His eyes were filled with bitter hatred because he was none other than King Tai's father — King Ye.

King Tai was his most beloved son. He had nurtured him to be the future Lord of the clan. He could've become the leader of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo', or even the Great Gas City. He was the one who could've carried forward his legacy. However, he had died at Ye Xiwen's hands.

King Ye had been devastated when he had heard this news. After that, only boundless hatred for Ye Xiwen was left in his heart. The rumours about Ye Xiwen had continued to become more and more intense in the last few months. And, he was the one who had been pulling the strings behind the scenes, and secretly spreading these rumours.

"Ye Xiwen, I must kill you," King Ye clenched his teeth in extreme anger and said. "I'll use your head as sacrifice so that my son's soul rests in peace."

Ye Xiwen had always been sensitive to gazes. However, the extreme hatred in this gaze had made him even more alert. Therefore, he had almost-immediately noticed King Ye even though the latter had been hiding in a corner.

"Ye Xiwen, these people aren't looking at you with good intentions. It is obvious that they want to kill you. You must be careful," Ye Mo alerted Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen frowned. He took a step forward, and crossed dozens of miles in one go. He had arrived in front of King Ye in an instant! He then swept his vision across all the people of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo', "I didn't know that the people of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' are still being haunted by the ghost of the past."

He smirked, [The people of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' wouldn't be after me just because I had snatched the items from King Tai in the auction. I'm almost certain that these people have received the news about what had happened later on. Otherwise, they wouldn't be looking at me with so much hatred in their eyes.]

The 'killing intention' flickered in Ye Xiwen's heart as he thought about this. These people of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' weren't going to leave him alone. He had anticipated that he might have to face a Great Sage expert's attack after getting out of here. And, his anger grew thicker after thinking this.

"Ye Xiwen, you've killed my son. I won't spare you!" King Ye's anger soared as he said. He was staring at Ye Xiwen with his ice-cold vision… just like a wolf. He was wishing that he could dismember Ye Xiwen's body into ten-thousand pieces.

"Your son has only himself to blame for his death. There is no reason to pity his death," Ye Xiwen's facial expression turned ice-cold as he replied.

"What did you say?" King Ye pounced towards Ye Xiwen like a wild beast.

The universe turned upside down in an instant. Seemingly inexhaustible deadly lights swept out towards Ye Xiwen. It was a killer move. He had used such a move because of two reasons. First, he had bitter hatred for Ye Xiwen in his heart. Second, he had seen Ye Xiwen's formidable fighting prowess a moment ago. So, he didn't wish to give Ye Xiwen any opportunity to counterattack. He must kill him quickly.

However, Ye Xiwen was already prepared to face such an attack. Therefore, he was prepared since the beginning as to what he should do if this man suddenly attacked.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's big hand crushed all the deadly lights and offensives. Those deadly lights and offensives couldn't budge him. In fact, they couldn't even change his facial expression.




The sounds of explosion echoed in everyone's ears. An earth-shattering sound reverberated every time the two figures collided in the sky. The sounds of explosion shook the entire world, and energy proliferated everywhere.

King Ye was the leader of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. He was far stronger than King Tai. In fact, even Ran Hong Bin might not be a match for him.

Ye Xiwen attacked incisively. A big hand swept out. And, the shadow of his palm covered the entire sky. King Ye had also gone all out on the other side. He launched an attack towards Ye Xiwen with his entire strength. The two were locked in the fight for a moment.

Suddenly, the entire world turned quiet. The divine beams had dispersed in all directions. After all, Ye Xiwen had grabbed King Ye's neck with his hand. He had firmly clutched his neck… just like an iron hoop.

Then, the 'killing intention' surged up in Ye Xiwen heart. After all, King Ye harboured a very heavy 'killing intention' for him. So, how could Ye Xiwen leave behind a trouble for the future?

Ye Xiwen tightened his grip. And, it became even more difficult for King Ye to breathe as a result. His face turned purple, and he started to appear even more sinister. His soul had also been imprisoned by Ye Xiwen. Consequently, he couldn't mobilize his 'Real Elemental Energy'. He looked like an ordinary person at this moment. He would die in a moment if Ye Xiwen increased the pressure on his neck.

The sage experts were above the ordinary people. However, they still had this weakness.

"Stop!" suddenly, an arrogant voice came from afar. And, a roughly 20 years old handsome man fell from the sky the next moment; he was dressed in a magnificent robe.

His fair face carried traces of arrogance. He disdainfully looked at Ye Xiwen and said, "Stop!"

"Who are you? Why do you want to interfere in this matter?" Ye Xiwen asked vigilantly. He wanted to exterminate these people from the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. There is a so-called saying 'when the weeds are not eliminated along with the roots, they grow once again in the spring wind'. Everyone understood this saying. These experts of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' might scheme against him in the future if he ignored them now. And, Ye Xiwen couldn't tolerate this thing. Therefore, he had taken the initiative against them.

It is better to get rid of the dangers as early as possible. This was Ye Xiwen's principle.

"Humph! I'm the guardian of this Great Gas Building. You're in my territory now," that handsome and extraordinary man arrogantly replied.

"Guardian?" Ye Xiwen recalled the information he had received in the past. People had a hunch that the Great Gas Building might be some divine tool. However, nobody knew whether it was true or false. However, a person that used to claim himself as the Great Gas Building's guardian would appear every time it opened. However, a different person would appear every time. Nobody knew about their background. Nobody even knew where they came from. These people were very mysterious. Moreover, each of them was extremely formidable. They were far more powerful than ordinary Sage Accomplished level experts. An expert of half-step Great Sage realm had once suppressed his cultivation, and fought with one of these guardians. However, he had suffered a crushing defeat. Consequently, he had lost his motivation and the possibility of making progress in the future. These guardians were merely the experts of Sage Accomplished realm. However, they could often display fighting prowess that was far greater than that of an expert of Sage Accomplished realm. This was the dreadful aspect of these guardians.

However, weren't these guardians only supposed to protect the Great Gas Building? Why had one of them come out to interfere in someone else's business?

These guardians also had some control over who would get the heritages of the Great Gas Building. Therefore, one mustn't make these guardians their enemy when they meet them. In fact, one must try hard to be friends with these guardians so that they could obtain their favour regarding the heritages of Great Gas Building.

"That's right. And, I want you to stop this now!" that young guardian's face exposed arrogance as he said. After all, he believed that Ye Xiwen must follow his orders in an obedient manner.

"Don't you have any other thing to do? Why are you meddling in someone else's matter?" Ye Xiwen looked at him maliciously and said.

"How dare you say that I'm meddling in other people's matters? Very well, I am expropriating your eligibility for the heritages." The young guardian's face looked sinister as he said.

(To be continued)

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