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"You're that Ye Xiwen, aren't you? Hand over the 'Sacred Spring of Life', and I'll spare your life. You don't deserve to keep it," A big guy with a red beard came from afar while treading the rainbow light. The boundless aura he brought along with him was surging about. He looked extremely ferocious; he was a senior expert of Sage Accomplished realm. His face was brimming with confidence at the moment.

He coveted the 'Sacred Spring of Life' that was in Ye Xiwen's possession. After all, this treasure could help him in making the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. Therefore, it was the most important thing for him.

The look in the eyes of this big guy with red beard appeared ice-cold. He looked aloof and detached from worldly affairs. Moreover, the manner in which he had spoken had made it seem as if he was giving an order. Ye Xiwen was a nobody of sage realm peak in his eyes. He was merely an ordinary person... merely an ant! And, he had still dared to appear here. Wasn't this a golden opportunity bestowed upon that expert by the Heavens? Other people hadn't paid attention to Ye Xiwen yet. Otherwise, they would've confronted Ye Xiwen, and then snatched the 'Sacred Spring of Life' from him. After all, the 'Sacred Spring of Life' was like a ticket that could take a person directly to the Great Sage realm. Therefore, this big guy definitely wouldn't give up.

"What? He is Ye Xiwen? This boy is very audacious. He has dared to come to this place. I would've found some safe place in the Great Gas Collar, and undergone closed-door training for several hundred years if I were him. After all, things become entirely different after one has made the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm.

"He he… This guy has always been extremely audacious. He has obtained the 'Sacred Spring of Life'. But, he still isn't satisfied. Now, he is coveting one of the 10 seats. He is asking for it. God knows how many people are eyeing his 'Sacred Spring of Life' covetously. And now, he has been confronted by an evil guy like Ran Hong Bin."

Many people knew about Ye Xiwen. So, they casted their sharp gazes on him after his identity got exposed by that big expert with red beard.

The allure of the 'Sacred Spring of Life' was very strong. And, these people had great self-confidence. They were ambitious and vigorous. They believed that Ye Xiwen was like a child who had arrived in a bustling street with a piece of gold in his hands. He was simply asking to be robbed.

Many eyes among them contained a look of disdain. What was a trivial person of sage realm peak in front of them? They didn't believe the rumour that a Sage Accomplished level expert had lost at Ye Xiwen's hands. In fact, this absurd rumour was laughable to them.

"Fu*k off!" Ye Xiwen spoke only these two words in the face of the threatening and imposing aura of Ran Hong Bin.

Suddenly, the entire place went silent. They had anticipated all kinds of possibilities in this situation. They had also thought that Ye Xiwen might refuse. However, they had never expected that he would refuse so blatantly; and, with such contempt at that.

Ran Hong Bin became furious. He could tell that the gazes in the surroundings contained an element of mockery for him at the moment. This young man before his eyes was as trivial as an ant. However, he had dared to tell him to 'fu*k off' in front of so many people. This was simply intolerable.

Ran Hong Bin shot a punch. It came with an incomparably overbearing palm-shadow as it fell down towards Ye Xiwen from the sky. He had attacked with his entire strength, and hadn't held back even a bit. In fact, it seemed that his attack would smash Ye Xiwen to death.

The drumming sound of thunder reverberated in the entire sky, and proliferated in all directions. This was Ran Hong Bin's famous technique, the 'Thunderclap Tyrant Fist'. The fist's power was enormous and mighty. It seemed as if a thunder dragon which had been lurking in the clouds was roaring and coming down to kill Ye Xiwen.

"Ye Xiwen is done for. This 'Thunderclap Tyrant Fist' is a famous technique of a certain star field. I've heard about the incredible might of this fist technique. Ran Hong Bin has obtained just an incomplete version of this technique. However, it still possesses enormous might since he has practiced it to the peak. It seems like the God of Thunder himself has incarnated."

"What a pity! This boy had just appeared, and now he is about to die. The 'Sacred Spring of Life' will change hands this time. After that, it won't be that easy to snatch it from Ran Hong Bin's hands."

Almost everyone was optimistic about Ran Hong Bin. Ye Xiwen looked like a debutant in front of Ran Hong Bin who had long been famous. Ye Xiwen simply wasn't on the same level in their opinion.

Moreover, Ran Hong Bin hadn't underestimated Ye Xiwen. He had straightaway used the killing move of 'Thunderclap Tyrant Fist' in order to crush Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen looked like a small boat on a mighty wave in the face of Ran Hong Bin's stunning fist attack. He swayed up and down, and it seemed that he might get annihilated anytime under this dreadful fist power.

"Audacious!" A white-clothed young man was watching this fight from above a big tree at a faraway place. He slightly raised the corner of his mouth, and drew a smirk. He then spat out these few words. However, it wasn't clear whether he had said it for Ye Xiwen or Ran Hong Bin.

Ye Xiwen would be able to identify this white-clothed young man if he were to see him. He was the same young man who had displayed the sky-shaking sword-lights earlier. Ye Mo had guessed that his cultivation might've already surpassed the sage realm. In fact, Ye Mo believed that he had suppressed his cultivation to arrive here.

Ye Xiwen slightly narrowed his eyes. The gazes that were hovering around didn't look very friendly. It seemed that these people were planning to snatch the 'Sacred Spring of Life' from his hands. And, it appeared that they weren't ordinary.

Ding Tong had advised Ye Xiwen not to compete for the inheritance seats of the Great Gas Building. After all, his arrival would certainly provoke many people that coveted the 'Sacred Spring of Life'.

However, Xiwen hadn't paid attention to it. Everything was rather simple for him. He followed a simple rule 'sort out the ones who are ambitious'.

Ye Xiwen finally moved into action at this time while facing the overwhelming fist attack. He shot a punch, and it drifted forward smoothly. In fact, it seemed as if a light feather was drifting amidst a collapsing mountain.

However, this drifting light feather immediately shattered the momentum of that collapsing mountain, and rendered it ineffective. It had looked slow. However, it was extremely quick. It had instantly defeated the fist-power of the 'Thunderclap Tyrant Fist'.

Ran Hong Bin had looked carefree until this moment. However, he was left stunned now. He was a peerless expert. It wasn't known how many enemies he had killed. He had reached this far by braving through countless bloody battles. Naturally, he possessed a rich fighting experience.

However, he had been greatly startled when he saw that Ye Xiwen had effortlessly routed his fist-power. This was clearly the power of the 'realm' he dreamed of — 'lifting light weight as if it's heavy' realm.

He had made the breakthrough into sage realm many years ago. And, he had already mastered the 'lifting heavy weight as if it's light' technique. A mountain in his hands would appear as light as a large feather. However, he could never obtain this power of breaking the enormous momentum of a collapsing mountain with a feather as if it was nothing. He might be able to achieve the 'lifting light weight as if it's heavy' technique in the future. However, it would still be impossible for him to reach to the same level of brute strength as Ye Xiwen, and pull off such a thing.

His complexion suddenly changed as he realized this. He hadn't underestimated this man in front of him. He had attacked with his entire strength from the get go. He had showed no mercy. So, it couldn't be said that he had underestimated Ye Xiwen. However, he had failed to figure out Ye Xiwen's fighting prowess in the beginning. Ye Xiwen's fighting prowess could in fact be placed in the Sage Accomplished realm as per his move just now.

"Impossible. How could you possibly master this realm?" Ran Hong Bin couldn't help but blurt out. He couldn't conceal the shock in his heart. He knew this realm entirely well. It had nothing to do with strength. It might be possible that even a Great Sage expert couldn't reach the edge of this realm. On the other hand, this insignificant man had grasped this realm completely.

Many years had passed. Ye Xiwen was no longer in the initial stage where he had only half knowledge of this realm. Now, he could freely enter and exit the 'lifting heavy weight as if it's light' realm and 'lifting light weight as if it's heavy' realm. And, he could smoothly switch between these realms as well.

Ran Hong Bin's complexion had turned unsightly. He didn't feel as confident since he had seen Ye Xiwen attacking abilities now. He hadn't underestimated Ye Xiwen initially. Other people couldn't see, but he could feel how ferocious Ye Xiwen was.

"Bang!" His body suddenly shook violently. And, his entire 'Real Elemental Energy' began to surge. It seemed as if he had transformed into thunder. A crackling sound echoed from his body. He was inside an endless pool of thunder. It seemed as if a mighty God of Thunder had incarnated. All kinds of ancient spells had emerged around him.

A fist swept out, and transformed into a giant thunder dragon. That shadow of a giant dragon mounted the clouds, and roared. It then shrouded Ye Xiwen. It seemed that it would immediately devour him.

He had unleashed his entire strength. He hadn't held back even a bit.

"A mantis trying to stop a chariot!" Ye Xiwen sneered. A big hand suddenly stretched out. This hand was a blend of three palm techniques — 'Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm', 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand', and 'Control Crane Seven Divine Hands'. Ye Xiwen had nearly deduced these techniques to perfection.

Ye Xiwen had blended a few big palm techniques in an instant. Only he could pull off something like this! In fact, it would be extraordinary if other people managed to practice even one of them to the pinnacle.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's big golden hand and Ran Hong Bin's thunder dragon suddenly collided in the sky. The terrible collision issued boundless shock waves.

Ran Hong Bin's eyes opened wide when he saw that Ye Xiwen's big golden hand had penetrated all the obstructions in a flash. Ye Xiwen grabbed the thunder dragon, and clutched its neck. It seemed as if he was holding a viper in his hand.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's golden hand exerted pressure, and crushed that thunder dragon. It disintegrated into small pieces just like paper paste, and transformed into a mass of thunder and lightning.

Ran Hong Bin's offensive crumbled in an instant after that thunder dragon got strangled by Ye Xiwen. It must be known that the thunder dragon was the nucleus of his fist technique. It was also his strongest point. But, Ye Xiwen possessed vicious insight. So, he had understood that it was Ran Hong Bin's most crucial aspect.

An ordinary person couldn't do anything even if they figured out this weakness of their opponent. It was indeed the central part. However, it was also the strongest part. Therefore, they couldn't annihilate it even after knowing about it. However, Ye Xiwen was different. He had the power to crush it in an instant.

Ye Xiwen had routed Ran Hong Bin's offensive in an instant. He then arrived in front of Ran Hong Bin amidst the sparks of electric light.

"Impossible!" Ran Hong Yin shouted. He couldn't believe that he had been outdone by a nobody of sage realm peak. This had simply subverted his outlook of the world.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't wish to explain it to him. He just wanted to make an example out of Ran Hong Bin in order to let the other covetous people know that they should drop the idea of fighting him if they cherished their lives.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's incredible fist power pounded upon Ran Hong Bin's body. Ran Hong Bin screamed as he got transformed into a mass of blood fog. Both his body and soul had been destroyed!

(To be continued)

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