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It seemed that those three zombies had also thought about this thing. Therefore, they roared furiously, and all kinds of corpse power techniques swept towards Ye Xiwen.




Three dreadful attacks got stopped by the Heavenly Source Mirror. But, the huge explosions had opened a hole in the protective barrier of the Heavenly Source Mirror. And, a part of the attack swept in through the gap. However, could it pose any threat to a person like Ye Xiwen?

"Haa!" Ye Xiwen barged out of the tomb's main exit in a flash. He then turned around. And, he saw that those three zombies were just roaring angrily near the exit. However, they didn't dare to step out of the tomb. Apparently, they were afraid of something.

Ye Xiwen finally heaved a sigh of relief. These zombies were extremely scary. They wouldn't have allowed him to leave the Great Gas Collar if they hadn't been trapped inside the tomb. Perhaps, they would've eventually caught up with him. And, Ye Xiwen couldn't have avoided facing them at that time.

The two women finally breathed a sigh of relief after getting rid of these terrifying monsters. They had cultivated to the Sage Great Perfection realm. So, they could be also considered as experienced and knowledgeable individuals. However, these three zombies were the most terrifying creatures that they had come across in their entire lifetimes. Therefore, they were 100% sure that they wouldn't have been able to come out alive if it hadn't been for Ye Xiwen.

Other people were left dumbstruck since only these three individuals had managed to escape. Everyone had thought that they would be able to escape since these three zombies had begun to chase Ye Xiwen. However, Ye Xiwen had managed to escape, and these three zombies had been stopped at the gate of the tomb. This had made them so depressed that they wanted to die.

They had initially been taking joy in Ye Xiwen's hardship. However, they had become extremely depressed now… so much so that they felt as if they were going crazy. That Zhuyan Ape had been gloating the most at first. However, he had now been entrapped inside the tomb by the three zombies.

Ye Xiwen and those three zombies were extremely fast. However, the other experts weren't much slower. They didn't get enough time to stop their forward momentum, and consequently bumped into the zombies.

This led to another bloody massacre. There had been a narrow gap in the three-echelon formation that was laid out by those three zombies. And, those experts that had wanted to escape thought that they could manage an escape from that gap. However, it was as difficult as ascending to the Heaven.

"Clang!" A sky-shaking sword-light suddenly camouflaged the horizon entirely. Boundless sword beams dazzled everyone, and energy surged about. Then, a white figure rushed out of the tomb like a streamer of light. It was that white-clothed youth. He possessed an extremely outstanding sword technique. Countless sword-lights had burst out from his body, and he had forcibly escaped from the hands of those three dreadful zombies.

Ye Xiwen frowned. He hadn't been able to see through the cultivation of this white-clothed young man this entire time. His cultivation was extremely strong. And, some of his attacks looked beyond the capacity of an average Sage Accomplished level expert.

"Ye Xiwen, this man might have lowered his cultivation in order to enter the Great Gas Collar," Ye Mo said. "His real cultivation is likely at the half-step Great Sage realm."

Ye Xiwen understood Ye Mo's words clearly. It had happened once that a Great Sage expert with suppressed cultivation was besieged and killed by people. However, that didn't mean that such a thing wouldn't occur again; especially if there were enough benefits on the line. The 'Sacred Spring of Life' and a seat in the top inheritances of the Great Gas Building were examples of such benefits.

These things were attractive even for the Great Sage experts. Therefore, it wasn't impossible that a Great Sage would suppress their cultivation, and come in.

Unexpectedly, that Zhuyan Ape was the next one to attempt exiting the room after this man. It transformed into flames, and rushed out while cursing. The Daoist Priest zombie behind him repeatedly slashed the sword that he was holding in his hand, and unleashed layer upon layer of dao based attacks. It seemed that he would cleave the Zhuyan Ape into two halves.

The Zhuyan Ape didn't dare to stay there. He quickly escaped. However, the Silver Eagle King which was behind him wasn't so lucky. It got devoured by the Buddhist Monk zombie. Its entire body was chewed into several pieces, and was then swallowed by the zombie. It was a terrifying and gory scene.

Not even two out of ten experts that had gone inside for the treasure hunt managed to come out alive. This news had shaken the entire Great Gas Collar.

Not all experts knew about the 'Sacred Spring of Life' at first. In fact, a considerable number of experts didn't know that a thing like 'Sacred Spring of Life' even existed. Moreover, the majority of experts that knew about it had consciously kept this place a secret. After all, nobody wanted more people to arrive here, and compete with them.

However, they spoke out about this matter one after another without any hesitation after it had ended with the 'Sacred Spring of Life' falling into Ye Xiwen's hands. In addition, some sinister people had fanned the flames behind the scenes. As a result, many experts were looking for Ye Xiwen at this time. Almost all the experts that had arrived in the Great Gas Collar were sage experts. And, who among them wouldn't want to advance a step ahead in the future, and enter the Great Sage realm? After all, the strength of a person would advance by leaps and bounds after they entered the Great Sage realm. Also, their life span would increase by double. Most importantly, their status would be entirely changed after they entered the Great Sage realm. They would become an absolute existence in the Universe.

Suddenly, everyone in the Great Gas Collar was discussing about that lump of 'Sacred Spring of Life'… and also about Ye Xiwen.

"Gee, that boy is very lucky. That lucky bastard has obtained the 'Sacred Spring of Life'."

"Lucky bastard? I see it as misfortune. It's hard to say how many people have issued statements, and asked him to obediently surrender the 'Sacred Spring of Life'. Otherwise, they would kill him."

"Kill him? Humph, Humph! I'm afraid it's not that easy. A small team of experts had found that guy day before yesterday. There was even a Sage Accomplished level expert in that group. However, only one of them survived in the end, and that person had to escape in a distressed situation. In fact, this man also wouldn't have survived if that Ye Xiwen hadn't left him alive as a warning for others."

"This guy is a cruel and merciless Lord!"

This matter had become sensational. However, it started to cool down with the passage of time. Undoubtedly, many people were eyeing the 'Sacred Spring of Life'. However, the majority of people hadn't come to the Great Gas Collar to obtain it.

The majority of people had arrived for the Great Gas Building. Half-year had passed, and the Great Gas Building was on the verge of opening. The majority of people had arrived to obtain the top 10 seats in the Great Gas Building.

Everyone had begun to move closer towards the Great Gas Building since it was about to open. Many streamers of light could be seen sweeping across the sky at this time.

The Great Gas building was an extremely tall building that had stretched beyond the clouds. However, it looked simple and unadorned from afar. The atmosphere inside the Great Gas Collar was exuding endless divine beams and purple mist at the moment.

This place was the centre of the entire Great Gas Collar. Demon beasts and human experts had arrived in abundance here.

Three figures arrived from the distance while treading on rainbow lights. It turned out to be a man with two women on either side of him. The man was dressed up in cyan clothes. He possessed handsome facial features. Those two beautiful women had surrounded him from either side.

This was the team of Ye Xiwen, Ding Tong, and Xiao Yuan Yuan.

"Half-year has passed, and it's finally going to open now." Ye Xiwen looked afar at the Great Gas Building. He was deeply moved by the sight.

He had used the majority of the last half-years' time for consolidating his Sage Peak realm, and firmly establishing his foundation.

He had always used a stable low-level realm for handling high-level fighting prowess. This had compelled him to lay a solid foundation. His foundation had become polished and exceptionally solid after half-year's tempering. Now, there was no risk of falling back.

His cultivation had also fully reached the peak of sage realm after tempering for last half-year. He was just one step away from entering the Sage Small Perfection realm. This had given him the confidence to arrive here, and compete for a seat of Great Gas Building.

Ye Xiwen and Ye Mo had together analysed the matter of the Great Gas Building. The individuals with strength above sage realm weren't allowed to enter the Great Gas Collar. However, it wasn't necessary that only people with sage realm strength could enter this place. The experts of half-step Great Sage realm or Great Sage realm could also enter as long as they suppressed their cultivation.

The Great Sages had an image of being proud and complacent individuals. However, they were afraid that they might get besieged by people like that one time earlier. However, it wasn't impossible either. These Great Sages were on the same level as Sage Accomplished level experts after suppression. However, they were still far more powerful than ordinary Sage Accomplished level experts in terms of martial power, and skill of strength utilization.

Therefore, these experts were the most troublesome ones.

Many ice-cold gazes swept over Ye Xiwen as soon as he arrived. These people obviously weren't welcoming to a new person's arrival since it might decrease their chances of obtaining a seat.

There were only 10 seats in the Great Gas Building. So, it was already a very insignificant number in the sense wherein so many experts had gathered. A person himself had a meagre opportunity. A few people had the confidence that they could kill the others, and make a way out. However, the majority of people were planning to take advantage of the chaos, and cut a bloody path out of the battlefield in order to obtain one seat.

Ye Xiwen was calm, and his complexion was normal while facing these gazes. However, Ding Tong and Xiao Yuan Yuan weren't at ease like him. They had followed Ye Xiwen on many expeditions in the last half-year. And, they had also consolidated their strength of Sage Great Perfection realm. In fact, they could enter the Sage Accomplished realm at any time. Therefore, their strength couldn't be considered as weak. However, many of these gazes belonged to Sage Accomplished level experts.

There hadn't been many experts of Sage Accomplished realm initially. However, the news of the opening of Great Gas Collar had attracted many top players of sage realm from the nearby star fields. Consequently, there were so many experts assembled here that it seemed like a sea of experts.

Ye Xiwen saw Sage Accomplished level experts wherever he looked. Some of them were strong, while some were weak. However, almost everyone's aura was terrifying. These auras were much more terrifying than that of those Sage Accomplished level experts that he had seen inside the tomb.

This was because only a small number of people knew that there was a 'Sacred Spring of Life' present in that tomb. It wasn't like this place… Every expert's focus was fixed on this venue.

"Ye Xiwen, these people don't seem like the friendly bunch," Ye Mo clicked his tongue and said, "It seems that obtaining a seat is impossible if attempted peacefully."

"I wasn't planning to obtain a seat in a peaceful manner in the first place. I must seize a place, and I don't care if I have to cause a bloodbath to do so," Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes and replied. This matter was doomed to be messy.

A lot of visions that contained killing intentions for the Green Scaled Fruit swept out in the surroundings.

"You're that Ye Xiwen, aren't you? Hand over the 'Sacred Spring of Life', and I'll spare your life. You don't deserve to keep it," an ice-cold voice suddenly sounded from afar.

(To be continued)

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