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Chapter 568: Go to the Side and Die

Everyone knew that it would be a dead end if they couldn't deal with these three monsters; all of their efforts would be for naught .

"Screech!" the Silver Eagle King issued a loud eagle cry, and finally moved into action at this time . His wings fluttered, and unleashed endless winds . Consequently, a huge tornado swept towards that Buddhist Monk zombie who hadn't acted so far .

The Buddhist Monk zombie roared, and summoned a Buddha . A greyish Buddha aura suddenly illuminated the world . And, an image of Buddha appeared behind the Buddhist Monk zombie . However, this Buddha had fiendish features . It was a corpse Buddha!

The corpse Buddha opened his eyes . And, it seemed as if the world had sunk into darkness within an instant . Everything seemed to have sunk into the world of zombies . Endless greyish light swept out, and went up towards that tornado in order to tackle it .


Two dreadful forces suddenly collided in the space . This dreadful collision made the space around the point of collision ripple like the surface of boiling water . The space boiled, and frantically distorted . Then, the ripples swept across one after another .

The forces of both sides had been routed in midair .

Then, the Silver Eagle King moved once again . Silver rays of light burst out from its body in the form of a ring, and condensed into a huge falcon in the void . The huge falcon cried loudly, and rushed towards the Buddhist Monk .

"Roar!" the Buddha that was behind that Buddhist Monk zombie roared loudly . He opened his mouth like a sacrificial bowl, and stretched out a big black claw towards that huge falcon in order to grab it .

"Bang!" This was a terrifying scene . The big black claw penetrated that huge silver falcon, and ripped it apart .

Then, another big hand stretched out, but disappeared a second later . It seemed as if the hand had penetrated into the space . But, it re-appeared a moment later . However, it was already in front of the Silver Eagle King this time .

"Screech!" the Silver Eagle King screamed as its wings got torn apart by that big hand . Blood splashed out from his body as a result . The big hand retracted whilst holding the wings . Then, the corpse Buddha opened his mouth like a sacrificial bowl, and gobbled up those wings .

Everyone trembled with fear as they heard the 'crunch, crunch' sound of bones

being chewed and crushed by the corpse Buddha . One must know that the Silver Eagle King had cultivated to the pinnacle of Sage Accomplished realm . It could be even said that his bones were as hard as steel . However, they had been chewed and crushed by the corpse Buddha with ease .

"Holy crap! What kind of fu*king monster is this?" The Zhuyan Ape couldn't take it anymore . It turned around, and escaped . It had no reason to stake its life in a fight with these three monsters . It had already seen the Silver Eagle King fighting with them . Its wings had been torn apart and eaten by the corpse Buddha even though it was in the form of Silver Eagle King .

The Zhuyan Ape didn't want to see its own limbs torn apart, and devoured as well . That would be extremely terrifying .

Everyone lost their courage when they saw the Silver Eagle King's wings being shattered by the Buddhist Monk zombie . The Zhuyan Ape had already escaped . Nobody wanted to step forward, and throw away their life . Therefore, they flew away in the direction of the gate one after another .

The entire troop had gotten dispersed . All of them had rushed towards the exit one after another .

Ye Xiwen quickly rushed towards the two women at a rapid speed and said, "Follow me closely; we're leaving . "

He didn't want to stay here and fight these three monsters either . These three monsters hadn't entered the half-step of Great Sage realm yet . However, their strength was still unfathomable . It might be possible that they had been suppressed by the rules of Great Gas Collar . Or, they had just woken from an eternal sleep, and this was their weakest time . Ye Xiwen possessed the fighting prowess of a heaven's pride expert . Still, he couldn't dare to say that he could defeat them within a short time . Moreover, they would become even more ferocious once they gradually recovered . So, wasn't staying here equivalent to courting death?

"Boy, hand over my 'Sacred Spring of Life'!"

Everyone tried to escape at the same time, and thus created a chaotic situation . However, the speed of those three outrageously powerful zombies was much faster than theirs . Therefore, they had to run faster than the other experts to prevent the wrath of those three monsters from falling upon them .

A lot of people were thinking this, and Ye Xiwen was no exception . Therefore, the person that was looking for him at such a time could only be Tang Can . After all, he was originally the most promising contender for obtaining the 'Sacred Spring of Life' . This represented the so-called saying 'The mantis stalks the cicada unaware of the oriole behind it' . Tang Can was initially

initially the cicada, and Ye Xiwen became the oriole in the end . Therefore, Tang Can was in a very foul mood when he saw Ye Xiwen at this time

He rushed towards Ye Xiwen, and blocked his way by arriving in front of him .

"Step aside or die!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly . His hands clenched into fists, and blasted away Tang Can's divine beam . It was followed by a slap .


A loud sound of breaking of bones was heard as expected . It was crisp and brutal . However, the result was contrary to everyone's expectations since it wasn't Ye Xiwen who had suffered a loss . Instead, Tang Can had suffered a huge defeat . He had been slapped on his head by Ye Xiwen, and had gone out flying as a result .

Tang Can had attacked moments ago, but he had already been defeated by Ye Xiwen in an effortless manner . His strength was apparently not as good as that of Gong Yan Jia .

Gong Yan Jia's demeanour was arrogant and domineering . However, he was at the top when it came to strength . He was a true powerhouse of the Sage Accomplished realm . He was second only to the heaven's pride experts in terms of fighting prowess .

This was why he had the confidence to behave in an arrogant and despotic manner .

However, Ye Xiwen had quickly realized that Tang Can was far weaker than Gong Yan Jia . Therefore, there was no comparison between him and a person like Ye Xiwen who stood bravely over a mountain of corpses and ocean of blood . They just weren't on the same level .

Moreover, Ye Xiwen was in a moment of desperation right now . So, he didn't hold back even a bit, and attacked with his entire strength . The two individuals' attacks set off an incomparably dreadful storm . It swept out layer upon layer of energy just like sea waves .

Tang Can screamed, and suddenly spouted a mouthful of blood . His body went out flying upside down the next moment . It wasn't clear how many of his bones had been fractured as a result .

He landed at the edge of the fleeing troop, and was immediately grabbed and torn apart by the Daoist Priest zombie . He screamed endlessly as his body got torn into two halves . Then, his body was devoured .

Nobody was in a mood to sympathize with this powerful person that used to be in the limelight . However, their opinion about Ye Xiwen had immediately changed . He had become an exceptionally fierce person in their eyes since he had slaughtered two Sage

two Sage Accomplished level experts in succession . They had started taking him to be as ferocious as those three zombies that were pursuing them .

A lot of people had been eyeing the 'Sacred Spring of Life' that was in his hands . However, this thought cooled down when they saw this scene . After all, they had realized that their small tricks wouldn't work on him .

Ye Xiwen could feel that the auras of those three zombies were becoming increasingly formidable . . . as if someone had just awakened from a deep sleep .

Getting increasingly scary!

"Ye Xiwen, I'm afraid an extraordinary person may be buried inside this tomb . And perhaps, these three zombies were there to guard the inner chamber of this tomb . You people have woken up these three monsters by bursting into the tomb . " Ye Mo said . "I can feel that some extraordinary being is lying therein . So, it would be better if you quickly left this place . The faster the better, the farther you go the better it is!"

Ye Xiwen nodded . He also didn't want to stay here .

Ye Xiwen's speed was extremely fast . His speed had maintained at the peak even though he was carrying two individuals . He overtook the majority of people, and reached near the gate in an instant . . . like a golden flash .

However, he suddenly found out that the terrifying auras of those three monsters had firmly locked upon his body . They were pursuing him tightly, and were getting closer . It was evident that they didn't wish to let him go .

Those three zombies were like three heavy tanks . The experts in their way either got torn apart or went out flying . It was hard to tell whether these experts were dead or alive after being run over .

The three zombies had been happily slaughtering these experts . However, they had suddenly started to ignore these experts, and had made Ye Xiwen their primary target .

Ye Xiwen's devil wings were an incredible magical technique, and his agility skill was extremely quick . It wasn't clear how much distance he had travelled in an instant just like a lightning flash . However, these three zombies had also been extremely ferocious individuals when they were alive . Therefore, each of them had excellent agility skill of their own . They also overtook the majority of experts in an instant .

"You had it coming . This guy has dared to rob the 'Sacred Spring of Life' . He deserves to be chased to the end of the world," The Zhuyan Ape wasn't very far . It had noticed that the target of the target of these three zombies was Ye Xiwen now . Therefore, it started to take pleasure in Ye Xiwen's misfortune . The fact that it couldn't obtain the 'Sacred Spring of Life' was eating him inside . However, it was no longer depressed because of this fact . On the contrary, it felt glad because those three zombies would've been chasing it instead of Ye Xiwen if it had taken away the 'Sacred Spring of Life' . And, it reckoned that they would've caught him by now since its agility skill wasn't good enough . In fact, it would've been dead by now .

Soon, the other experts also felt glad as they also found out that these three zombies were chasing Ye Xiwen . They promptly got out of the way so that they didn't get injured . Those three zombies didn't have any interest in them for the time being . Everyone got ignored apart from a few unlucky ones that came in the way of those zombies .

These experts were suddenly feeling glad that they hadn't snatched the 'Sacred Spring of Life' . Otherwise, they would've died without a doubt…

Ye Xiwen felt that those zombies were getting increasingly close to him . Moreover, their auras became increasingly powerful as they approached him . Three ice-cold and formidable auras had firmly locked upon him . It was needless to say that it seemed that they wouldn't give up until they dismembered his body into ten-thousand pieces . They roared again and again, and their ominous energy soared everywhere .

The devil wings were a top-tier agility technique . However, Ye Xiwen was merely at the peak of sage realm . Those three monsters that were behind him had been suppressed by the rules of the Great Gas Collar . Otherwise, it wasn't clear what grade of monsters they were . In addition, their agility techniques were no joke . They were catching up little by little .

"This is bad . We will get caught sooner or later if things go on like this!" Ye Xiwen fully unleashed his devil wings . Wind and thunder loudly swept out from them . And, endless wind and thunder power surged towards those zombies that were behind him .

He didn't wish to give up the 'Sacred Spring of Life' . However, he didn't wish to get caught either . Therefore, he could only use such distractions to increase the distance between him and the zombies, and buy some time for himself .

The speed of the three zombies was extremely high . They had approached the tomb's exit in the blink of an eye . There was a whole wide world outside as long as Ye Xiwen managed to get out . However, could the worse come to the worst? Could they chase him even if he escaped from the Great Gas Collar?

(To be continued)

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