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"Gong Yan Jia, don't even think of doing that!"

A cyan figure suddenly appeared in front of Gong Yan Jia. He stretched out a big hand towards the ball of 'Sacred Spring of Life' to grab it. He then grabbed it, and put it inside the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' in front of Gong Yan Jia.

Gong Yan Jia was stunned by this. However, his face immediately revealed an angry look, and he shouted, "It's you?"

Gong Yan Jia was unwilling to give up on his retaliation towards Ye Xiwen. After all, he had an arrogant and despotic temperament. However, he hadn't acted ostentatiously, and showed off his powers everywhere even after making the breakthrough into the Sage Accomplished realm. He was waiting for this day to come so that he could succeed in obtaining the 'Sacred Spring of Life'.

However, he had been obstructed by Ye Xiwen when the success was only a step away from him... when only a moment was left. And, Ye Xiwen had turned out to be his nemesis in this instance as well. His plan of using Ye Xiwen as cannon fodder had been ruined by Ye Xiwen in the beginning. Ye Xiwen had then defeated him, and had forced him to escape. And now, he had interfered during this crucial time as well.

Gong Yan Jia had finally moved into action because he wanted to take advantage of this time when everyone's attention was fixed on those three zombies. However, he was robbed by Ye Xiwen. His scheme was very profound. However, Ye Xiwen's plan was even deeper. Ye Xiwen had waited for him to act, and then intercepted.

"Yeah, it's me. It was a good plan. You had restrained yourself until now!" Ye Xiwen insipidly replied.

"But, you couldn't restrain yourself?" Gong Yan Jia said in an ironic tone.

Yue Rui and Mo Zhen were beside him. They had become somewhat scared to see Ye Xiwen. Fortunately, they hadn't directly confronted Ye Xiwen earlier. However, they were standing on Gong Yan Jia's side now. And, this meant that they were standing against Ye Xiwen. They had seen Ding Tong and Xiao Yuan Yuan standing beside Ye Xiwen. They knew now that those two hadn't died back then. However, they felt a bit comfortable when they felt Gong Yan Jia's intrepid aura.

"You dared to appear before me?!" The expression in Gong Yan Jia's eyes changed, and revealed a bitter resentment. The former calm and indifferent expression in his eyes had vanished completely.

Ye Xiwen was responsible for this change. After all, how would he have become like this if it wasn't for Ye Xiwen?

"Why wouldn't I have dared to appear?" Ye Xiwen was coldly looking at him.

These two great experts suddenly attracted the attention of the majority of the people around. However, nobody was concerned about why these two men had appeared at this time. It was because the bodies of those three zombies were as tough as gold and iron. They weren't afraid of these living things. In fact, they had rushed straight into the humans' battle formation in order to kill them.

"Bang!" The long arms of that Confucian scholar zombie arrived in front of a Sage Small Perfection level expert. It grabbed that expert with its hands, and ripped him apart into two halves. Then, it opened its mouth wide like a sacrificial bowl, and swallowed the corpse of that expert.

A Sage Great Perfection level expert furiously attacked at this moment. However, the Daoist Priest zombie grabbed him with his hand, and crushed him to death. Then, it stuffed his mangled corpse into its mouth.

This incomparably brutal scene made everyone even more frightened. However, it also made them even more united. They knew that they would also follow in the footsteps of these men if they didn't attack with their entire strength.

"How can they be so dreadful? They are simply invulnerable!" Everyone was terrified. They couldn't believe that such scary monsters existed in the world. These sage experts were considered as domineering in the outside world. They weren't heavyweights like the Great Sages. However, they could still be regarded as individuals that could run amuck in all directions.

However, two or three such experts had been ripped apart by these monsters until now. Moreover, those experts hadn't even been able to muster the power to resist these zombies. So, it was evident that these monsters were way too frightening.

It would've made sense if these monsters were Great Sages. After all, they also knew that there was a huge disparity between them and the Great Sages. However, they could feel that these monsters hadn't even reached the Great Sage realm. In fact, they hadn't even reached the half-step of Great Sage realm. They were merely at the Sage Accomplished realm.

This had obviously shoved them in despair. However, it had also given them some hope. Anyway, these zombies weren't Great Sages. Otherwise, they would've had no choice but to wait for their death with their hands tied.

"Fortunately, Ye Xiwen warned us a while back not to rush to the front. Otherwise, the consequences would've been too horrible." Ding Tong felt very grateful at this time. She was glad that she had obeyed what Ye Xiwen had told them, and hadn't gotten driven by her greedy mind to rush ahead. Otherwise, she reckoned that she would've also fallen into the hands of these monsters, and gotten devoured by them as a result.

The most dreadful thing wasn't being killed by them. These people had killed all the way to this place. And, the women were no exception. So, she was used to the sight of killings. However, she couldn't accept being devoured so brutally.

"It's good that you've appeared. But, don't run away now. I have to offer sacrifice with your blood today." Gong Yan Jia cruelly smiled. His imposing aura had reached to the extreme. The tyrannical power of Sage Accomplished realm had been fully demonstrated.

He had reached the Sage Accomplished realm a long time ago. But, he had fallen to the Sage Great Perfection realm because he had sustained some injuries. However, he had restored his strength now. Moreover, his strength had reached to the peak of the Sage Accomplished realm in one fell swoop. Consequently, he was confident that nobody could defeat him now. Therefore, he was confident that he could still obtain the 'Sacred Spring of Life' even if he had to face so many experts.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's vital energy rushed out, and formed waves of golden divinities under his feet. Then, his entire body became golden. It seemed as if an ancient overlord had been reborn.

Then, his entire strength burst out. The complexions of the onlookers changed significantly as a result. After all, such power was too terrifying. In fact, his imposing aura didn't differ a bit from that of Gong Yan Jia at this moment.

Gong Yan Jia's complexion turned unsightly. He had realized that Ye Xiwen had also advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few months. His cultivation had become unfathomable. He knew that this man was a persistent enemy. But, the speed of his progress had surpassed his imagination. However, he didn't think anything else. Gong Yan Jia's strength had restored to the peak. In fact, it had surpassed the peak. So, what if Ye Xiwen had made a breakthrough as well?

Gong Yan Jia attacked almost-immediately. A big leg suddenly transformed into a giant mountain, and slammed down towards Ye Xiwen. Gong Yan Jia had undoubtedly become much more terrifying than before. After all, the martial power of the peak of Sage Accomplished realm was unfathomably profound.

He had become extremely terrifying after restoring his original strength. So, it was no wonder that he had always been very arrogant and despotic.

However, Ye Xiwen also wasn't the person that he used to be a few months ago. His cultivation had also promoted from the late stage of sage realm to sage realm peak in the last few months. So, he too had become several times more powerful than earlier.

He condensed a Hanshan Seal with his bare hands, and his entire arm transformed into a giant mountain range. It spanned through the air, and suddenly pounded towards Gong Yan Jia's leg.

"Bang!" Two mountains collided in midair. They had been formed of energies. So, they ferociously collided in the space along with a violent explosion.

This was the most intense battle. Both sides had gone all-out.

"Bang!" Gong Yan Jia's sage-tool leg was instantly defeated by Ye Xiwen even though it had condensed into a mountain. Ye Xiwen had gained an overwhelming advantage from the beginning of the fight… just like the last time.

Ye Xiwen then attacked with his entire strength. A fist swept out, transformed into a big star, and fell down. Endless murderous aura splashed out everywhere, and attacked without any hesitation. He had let Gong Yan Jia escape the first time. However, he wouldn't let the tiger return to his den this time.

He had completely suppressed Gong Yan Jia. However, he was still incomparably relaxed. In fact, he wasn't giving Gong Yan Jia any room to make a comeback.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen soundly defeated Gong Yan Jia's counterattack once again. Then, he arrived in front of him.

Gong Yan Jia's eyes were filled with dread as well as a determination of not giving up. He was already in his most powerful condition. In fact, he was in an even better condition than his strongest state. However, he still looked vulnerable in front of Ye Xiwen. He didn't have any room to retaliate.

He had become depressed after being suppressed like this. In fact, he felt like vomiting blood. Moreover, it seemed that Ye Xiwen was also slowly grasping the power of the Sage Accomplished realm as the fight was becoming increasingly intense. He had gradually become proficient in using the peak of sage realm to control the fighting power of the Sage Accomplished realm.

In addition, the might of 'Big Bang Stardust Fist' had increased even further.

"Die!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. Then, the fist power exploded all the protections on Gong Yan Jia's body. It then blasted upon his body once again.

"Poof!" Gong Yan Jia spouted a mouthful of blood. His body went out flying upside down. He had been battered to the extent that his body was almost falling apart.

Gong Yan Jia finally understood that there was a difference of cloud and mud between Ye Xiwen and him. Therefore, he no longer harboured any hopes of beating Ye Xiwen. And, Gong Yan Jia wasn't going to stay any longer after he had come to realize this. He immediately roared, and the 'Real Elemental Energy' of his entire body began to ignite frantically. He then transformed into a streamer of light, and thought to escape from the hands of Ye Xiwen. He didn't care about his two subordinates — Yue Rui and Mo Zhen. The most important thing for him at this moment was to escape anyhow. Other people were insignificant in his opinion.

He even wished that Ye Xiwen would target them first. This would delay Ye Xiwen's action against him, and would buy him some time to escape.

However, how could Ye Xiwen give him such an opportunity? A big golden hand suddenly stretched out. It then transformed into golden clouds, and grabbed Gong Yan Jia in a claw.

"Poof!" Gong Yan Jia was instantly transformed into a mass of blood fog. His soul had also been exterminated.

Everyone was left stunned. This much talked-about fight should've been outstanding, and should've lasted for several days and nights. So, they hadn't anticipated that it would end within such a short span of time. This had instantly terrified many people.

Ye Xiwen's strength had deterred the people who were getting restless to make trouble. After all, some people had seen him snatching that ball of 'Sacred Spring of Life'. So, they had thought that they would snatch it from him. However, would they dare to attack him now that they had witnessed his insane strength? In fact, the thought of robbing the 'Sacred Spring of Life' from Ye Xiwen had vanished from their minds.

The battle's situation on the other side had entered the most intense stage. People were unceasingly dying at the hands of these three monsters. One-fifth of the experts had perished during the short period of time in which Ye Xiwen had killed Gong Yan Jia. These three zombies were like three highly-efficient slaughtering machines!

They had made everyone's hair stand on end. In fact, everyone had been scared witless!

(To be continued)

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