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The stone gate couldn't withstand everyone's combined attack, and exploded. A burst of boundless corpse energy proliferated out, and formed clouds of corpse energy inside the tomb. It looked especially gloomy and terrifying.

"Ye Xiwen, don't rush to the front. I have a bad feeling about this. There seems to be something inside that's making me restless!" Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen hadn't planned to be at the front. However, his desire to rush to the front reduced even further after hearing Ye Mo's warning.

He frowned. [Who could be lurking inside this ghostly place? Could it be a ten-thousand years old corpse king or something?]

Ye Xiwen somewhat shuddered with fear as he made the guess. No matter what was inside, it had to have undergone a drastic transformation if it had any relation with being ten-thousand years old.

Moreover, the corpse energies were terrifying here. It wasn't clear how much richer the corpse energy here was as compared to the outside world. This was the most dreadful thing. Some ominous things might breed in such an environment.

However, the other people hadn't thought this. So, they rushed in one after another. After all, they were afraid that they might not be able to grab the 'Sacred Spring of Life' if they slowed down.

Everyone present here was a martial arts expert. Their footsteps didn't slow down even a bit. They burst into the depths of the room within a moment. They then saw the corpse energy that was spread throughout this forbidden area. It looked like a completely different world. The cave's roof was several hundred meters high from the ground. The cave was incomparably spacious.

However, the majority of the area inside was concealed in darkness. The presence of strong corpse energies had blocked everyone's eyesight.

Ye Xiwen was behind everyone. He heard the commotion coming from front.

"I've found the 'Sacred Spring of Life'!"

It wasn't known who had shouted, but everyone began to push forward.

Ye Xiwen got mixed in the crowd. He saw that the giant-sized Silver Eagle King had grabbed a fist-sized lump of liquid in his claws. The liquid was wrapped up in a sphere that was emitting sparkling and translucent rays of light.

Everyone's gaze was fixed on it. They knew that this must be the 'Sacred Spring of Life' that was mentioned in legends. And, the Silver Eagle King had seized it.

"Put down the 'Sacred Spring of Life'!"

"Damn beast!"

Everyone abused endlessly. All kinds of attacks swept out towards the Silver Eagle King at the same time. They didn't care about anything at this time. After all, the Silver Eagle King would take away that thing if they didn't attack.

"Chirp!" a loud chirping sound echoed at this moment. And, endless rays of silver light emitted from the body of the Silver Eagle King, and wrapped him up. He looked like a huge sculpture casted with silver.




Those attacks bombarded on the body of the Silver Eagle King one after another. However, they were blocked off by the silver rays of light on its body.

Suddenly, the Silver Eagle King turned into a silver streamer of light, and flew towards the exit. The experts that came in its way got cut into two halves. He attacked relentlessly and without any mercy.

"You damned big bird. This 'Sacred Spring of Life' is mine!" A pair of red fists slammed down from above like meteors at this moment.

"Bang!" The Silver Eagle King dodged the attack in that crucial moment. And, a big hole made of some unknown material was opened in the floor.

The Silver Eagle King's sharp gaze landed on the Zhuyan Ape at this time; the Zhuyan Ape was hiding in the void. The Silver Eagle King didn't get along with Zhuyan Ape. And, it wasn't a thing of one or two days. The Zhuyan Ape had been constantly opposing him in these past few months.

The Zhuyan Ape let out a smile from the corner of its mouth, and said, "Big bird, hand it over to me. Otherwise, you won't be able to escape today."

"Do you want to collaborate with these humans?" the Silver Eagle King coldly asked.

"I just want the 'Sacred Spring of Life'. You don't deserve it. Only this eye-catching king deserves it!" The Zhuyan Ape grinned. He wasn't modest by any means.

"Bastards, this must be in the hands of this young master!" Tang Can said angrily. He was very depressed at this time. This thing was supposed to fall into his hands. After all, he had the map. However, he had been forced into competing with everyone in the end.

Tang Can immediately launched an attack. And, a big hand made of 'spirit energies' swept out towards the Silver Eagle King in order to grab him.

Everyone else also attacked the Silver Eagle King at this time. Nobody cared about who the opposite party was. They just knew that they might not get anything if they didn't attack. All of them seemed to be blindfolded. They would attack anyone that held 'The Sacred Spring of Life'.




All kinds of terrifying sounds were heard. Sounds of explosion reverberated everywhere.

Ye Xiwen was behind everyone. However, he didn't hurry to attack. Instead, he was observing calmly. It seemed as if he was moving stealthily in the darkness, and was prepared to attack anytime and anywhere.

The Silver Eagle King had no choice but to temporarily let go of that ball of 'Sacred Spring of Life' under such a situation. Otherwise, he would be blasted to pieces despite of his strength.

Everyone attacked each other. They refused to let the opposite party obtain the opportunity as all of them wanted to grab that opportunity for themselves.

However, nobody could obtain the opportunity while facing everyone's attack. After all, everyone was fighting over it.

"Bang!" A Sage Great Perfection level expert grabbed the 'Sacred Spring of Life'. However, he hadn't even felt happy when he was blasted into pieces.

Tang Can finally obtained the 'Sacred Spring of Life' amidst the chaos. He then said, "You all get lost! This is mine!"

Tang Can roared angrily. After all, this thing belonged to him in his opinion. And, it had finally fallen into his hands.

"Clang!" a loud metal clanging sound was heard as a dreadful sword light slashed down towards Tang Can. It turned out to be that young man who was dressed in spacious white clothes. However, his handsome face was filled with seriousness at this time.

Tang Can had no choice but to release the 'Sacred Spring of Life' while facing this dreadful sword light. He became extremely depressed as a result.

"He he… You mustn't grab it. It belongs to this king." The Zhuyan Ape grinned. He then made a move to grab the 'Sacred Spring of Life'.


"Howl!" a dreadful roar of a corpse reverberated inside the dark abyss. This terrifying howl shook the world.

Then, a big hairy hand suddenly stretched out towards everyone. A Sage Small Perfection level expert didn't get the time to defend himself, and got caught. He screamed as this big hand penetrated his chest, and crushed his heart. Blood gushed out from his chest, and he died a tragic death on the spot.

"Damn it!" the young man dressed in spacious white clothes shouted loudly. His sword-light slashed down, and landed on that big hairy hand which had appeared out of the blue.

"Clang!" The sword-light couldn't cut down that big hairy hand. On the contrary, it issued a metal clanging sound. The hand didn't stop even a bit. Instead, it swept towards that young man dressed in spacious clothes in order to grab him.

The sound of breaking of space reverberated as the big hand arrived near that man in an instant.

The white-clothed man immediately retreated. He trod in the void, flew hundreds of feet back, and somehow avoided being grasped by this big hand.

However, a few sage experts who were behind him weren't so lucky. They were grabbed and exploded on the spot.

Everyone had been left dumbstruck by this sudden attack. [What the hell is going on? What is this big hand?]

Some people were already terrified. After all, many formidable sage experts had been grabbed and killed by this hand.

[What is lurking inside this darkness?]

"Everyone, we mustn't fight amongst ourselves. We must deal with this unknown enemy first!" a Sage Great Perfection level expert shouted.

Everyone heard this. It indeed made sense. They shouldn't be thinking about whether they will be able to obtain the 'Sacred Spring of Life' or not at this time. Instead, they should be thinking about whether they will be able to save their lives or not?

They were fighting for the 'Sacred Spring of Life' so that they could make the breakthrough. Wasn't it essentially to attain a longer lifespan? Therefore, the most important thing was to save their lives first.

However, he hadn't even finished speaking when another big and hairy hand came out from the darkness. The big hand grabbed his head, and smashed it. Red and white fluids splashed out if his head as a result.

Everyone trembled with fear as they saw this scene.

"What kind of bullshit trickery is this? Show yourself. Let this king see what god or demon you are!" The Zhuyan Ape couldn't tolerate this strange scene. A pair of fists swept out. And, endless flames transformed into meteors, and fell into the darkness. Those strong corpse energies got burnt and evaporated as a result. Moreover, the boundless darkness reduced significantly.

That area had been illuminated under the light of those meteors. And, everyone had clearly seen that it was a group of monsters. There were three tall zombies inside the room. They were dressed as mediators of three different religions. They were dressed as a Daoist Priest, a Buddhist Monk, and a Confucian Scholar respectively. However, they appeared fiendish. Spears had grown all over their bodies, and their bodies were brimming with a violent aura. Ye Xiwen was standing very far from them. However, even he could feel the thick deathly miasma from them.

Moreover, it seemed that their repressed but incredible power would soon burst out.

Each of these zombies was far superior to an average Sage Accomplished expert. Even that white-clothed young man had seen no choice but to escape at the last moment in the face of that surprise attack a moment ago.

Everyone was terrified. They could feel that the strength of these three senior zombies was increasing every moment. They were extremely scary.

Suddenly, the dark green eyes of those three senior zombies shone. Then, they burst out towards the crowd of experts.



It wasn't known who had shouted, but it suddenly aroused the morale and aspirations of a lot of powerful experts. They were very afraid of these three zombies. However, what other choice did they have under such conditions?

They could only put everything on stake, and fight together.

Many experts attacked together. It could be said that this scene looked incomparably dreadful. A lot of martial arts attacks swept out at once. It was enough to make the blue dome of heaven collapse and fall to the ground.

The roars of these monsters and the angry shouts of the experts reverberated inside the cave at this moment.




The incomparably dreadful sounds of explosion reverberated everywhere.

Gong Yan Jia had been hidden in the darkness. He finally moved into action at this moment. He had remained hidden for a long time in wait for such an opportunity. So, he finally moved at this time since he didn't want to miss this opportunity.

His hand suddenly became big, and swept towards the 'Sacred Spring of Life' to grab it. His face exposed a happy expression as the 'Sacred Spring of Life' was about to fall into his hands. All those schemes of his hadn't gone in vain. Making the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm would be imminent for him after getting his hands on this 'Sacred Spring of Life'.

However, a loud shout came from afar at this moment.

"Gong Yan Jia, don't even think of doing that!"

(To be continued)

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