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There was a great disparity between Sage Great Perfection realm and Sage Accomplished realm. Therefore, it could be said that Gong Yan Jia didn't have so much confidence without any reason. It was just that he had miscalculated Ye Xiwen's strength. He had repeatedly underestimated him, and finally had to escape after sustaining serious injuries. Moreover, black-robed Old Yin had been killed by Ye Xiwen.

He simply hadn't anticipated this!

Ye Xiwen hadn't cared too much about Gong Yan Jia in the beginning. He only needed to wait until he had made the breakthrough into the Sage Peak realm. After all, he wouldn't need to worry about Gong Yan Jia thereafter. However, it suddenly seemed that it wouldn't be that easy to kill Gong Yan Jia.

Ye Xiwen wasn't afraid of his threats. However, he found him rather disgusting.

"Do you know where he is now?" Ye Xiwen asked. He thought to ask about Gong Yan Jia's location so that he could go and kill him at first. He didn't have such a big enmity with Gong Yan Jia that he would want to kill him. However, he couldn't tolerate someone scheming against him behind his back. Such an enemy was best eliminated.

The two women shook their heads. They didn't know where Gong Yan Ji and his team had gone to after they had escaped from them. So, they didn't know about the current whereabouts of Gong Yan Jia, Yue Rui, and Mo Zhen.

"Then, you follow me. I'll find and kill all three of them. Then, all of us will feel relieved!" Ye Xiwen said.

The women had been seeking for help. They couldn't say that they would be able to defend themselves inside this extremely dangerous tomb despite the fact that they had the strength of Sage Great Perfection realm. However, the situation was completely different now since they had Ye Xiwen by their side. After all, they had just witnessed Ye Xiwen's insane strength. He had defeated a senior zombie of Sage Accomplished realm with just a few moves.

They would be much safer now that Ye Xiwen was escorting them. Basically, there wouldn't be any problem in escaping unless a group of Sage Accomplished Level experts attacked them from all sides.

The women introduced Ye Xiwen to the situation of the last three months after they came to know that he had been undergoing closed-door training for the past three months. Ye Xiwen had probed the situation of the outside world with the help of his divine sense while he was in the closed-door training. However, he could obtain only a little bit of information. It was far less than the details that these two women had provided him.

The search for the 'Sacred Spring of Life' had progressed to some extent. But, this matter should've ended very quickly. After all, Tang Can should've obtained a great advantage because of the map that he had. However, things had turned out differently. He came inside the tomb, and realized that his map was of no use. It was because the location of the 'Sacred Spring of Life' had changed. However, it hadn't been shifted by the people. Instead, it had shifted by itself.

Some people guessed that the 'Sacred Spring of Life' moved on its own from time to time. And, it wouldn't be easy to tell where it had migrated this time. In fact, this was a solid guess since the spiritual items could feel dangers by themselves, and could hence move around. There was even a saying in this regard, 'The spiritual items have spiritual awareness'. Therefore, this wasn't an uncommon phenomenon.

Consequently, Tang Can had lost his advantage even though he possessed the map. Therefore, he had also made only a little progress.

However, the main thing was the direction. Everything would go smoothly once the direction was determined. In fact, it would take a month's time at most to find the whereabouts of the 'Sacred Spring of Life' after the direction was determined.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that there was a bit of problem. It wasn't that easy to find Gong Yan Jia in one month. He obviously wasn't worried that Gong Yan Jia would have escaped by now. After all, Gong Yan Jia definitely wouldn't escape until the 'Sacred Spring of Life' got unveiled.

It could be said that Gong Yan Jia might have avoided Ye Xiwen when he was at the Sage Great Perfection realm. However, he had restored his cultivation to Sage Accomplished realm now. So, it would be strange if he were to escape. After all, his incomparably domineering personality wouldn't allow him to do so.

Gong Yan Jia would surely appear when the 'Sacred Spring of Life' showed up. His domineering and arrogant personality wouldn't allow him to be afraid of anybody now that he had reached the Sage Accomplished realm again. And, Ye Xiwen wouldn't underestimate him by thinking that he wouldn't strive for the 'Sacred Spring of Life'.

Ye Xiwen would have to wait until the 'Sacred Spring of Life' showed up if he couldn't find Gong Yan Jia in this one month. He must uproot the main cause of trouble at that time. Gong Yan Jia harboured extreme hatred and resentment towards him. And, it wasn't in Ye Xiwen's nature to allow such a hostile enemy to roam freely and unfettered.

However, Ye Xiwen couldn't find his whereabouts in this one month. Perhaps, Ye Xiwen's luck wasn't good or Gong Yan Jia's luck was too good.

The matter regarding 'Sacred Spring of Life' became increasingly lively as the time passed day by day. An increasing amount of news began to spread out. In fact, some news was spread out almost every day.

Ye Xiwen had unceasingly collected the left-behind treasures in this one month. Many people had arrived in this tomb while he was in the closed-door training for three months. Therefore, he couldn't obtain too many treasures. However, it was still better than nothing. Moreover, everyone's focus wasn't on these treasures. Their attention was fixed on the 'Sacred Spring of Life' which hadn't appeared yet.

Someone finally found this long-awaited 'Sacred Spring of Life'. They had found a small stream of spring water that was flowing out from inside a secret room. It was a very thin line of water. However, it had been still been discovered.

This news spread out. And, it instantly caused a huge sensation among the experts that were present inside the tomb.

Everyone rushed to that place in the tomb. Ye Xiwen also did so. However, he didn't show his face out in the open. Instead, he took the two women along with him, and stood on the side. He was highly skilled in his 'Restraining Breath Technique'. Therefore, nobody would be able to see him even if he were to mix in with the crowd. They would have ignored him even if they walked past him. Someone could've noticed him only if they already knew his exact position.

In common terms, he had become invisible after restraining his very presence. Things hadn't even begun to take shape at this time. So, he didn't want to become too impulsive by acting in advance.

Ye Xiwen saw that thin stream of 'Sacred Spring of Life'. He couldn't help but sigh. It was apparent that an exceptionally bitter struggle would take place soon. It was clear from the flow of that spring water that there wasn't much spring water inside. In fact, it might be enough for just one person. However, many people had arrived here. Therefore, he was sure that a bitter struggle would take place when the time would come.

This point was also visible from Tang Can's case. He wouldn't have needed to arrive here if his elder brother had extra spring water. After all, this venture would've been a needless risk in that case. Therefore, it was clear that his elder brother must not have taken away a huge amount of the spring water.

There was no scope of negotiation. The treasure was enough for only one person, and all these people were ambitious and thriving. Some of them might not be looking for making progress. They might have also let it go if it were ordinary stuff. After all, Sage Accomplished level experts weren't easy to handle. However, how could they possibly give up on a magical treasure that could help in making the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm?

Even Ye Xiwen wouldn't give up. He had to get hold of it. He had a premonition that it would be more difficult for him to make the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm as compared to an ordinary person. So, the 'Sacred Spring of Life' would be a big help for him. It could help him in making the breakthrough into Great Sage realm. It might play a crucial role in his future.

Ye Mo had also advised him not to give up. Therefore, he wouldn't give up. Talking things out would be pointless in this situation. There was only one way... fight and find out who has the biggest fist. And, the winner would get the 'Sacred Spring of Life'.

Obviously, it wasn't only Ye Xiwen who could see this thing.

"It's so meagre in quantity. I reckon that not many people would be able to obtain it even if the room opened. It may be just enough for one person's use. This matter will definitely cause a bloodbath!"

"However, I must obtain the 'Sacred Spring of Life' no matter what. I'm already 1500 years old. I will enter the condition of 'Five Signs of Death' if I don't make the breakthrough soon. I'll have no other choice at that time but to die in a seated posture!"

Many of these people looked middle-aged or young. However, only they-themselves knew about the kind of situation they were in. The so-called phase of 'Five Signs of Death' would certainly arrive one day in a person's life. High cultivation would be of no use in that case unless one made another breakthrough.

It would be too late for everything if one waited until the arrival of 'Five Signs of Death' phase of their life. The human body's function would rapidly deteriorate after entering into the 'Five Signs of Death' phase. And, it would be hundred times more difficult to make the breakthrough at that time. One could only sit and wait for their death if they entered this phase. Some people had found a way out of it. They had made the breakthrough once again after entering this phase. However, there was a very small possibility of this happening.

The people who had entered this phase weren't on the verge of death yet. However, there wasn't any difference either. After all, they had reached a condition where there was nothing they wouldn't dare to do. And, such people were obviously capable of going to insane lengths.

Most people didn't want to annoy these people; and Ye Xiwen was no exception. However, Ye Xiwen didn't have any other choice at this time.

"Bang!" A formidable aura arrived from a distant place. This person was none other than Tang Can. He had finally appeared. Ye Xiwen had found out about him just before he appeared. He was the one who had stirred up this matter in the first place. So, he would naturally arrive at this time.

The Zhuyan Ape, the Silver Eagle King, and that young man dressed in large white clothes also arrived one after another soon after Tang Can appeared.

These four experts didn't delay after arriving. They immediately bombarded the entire gate. The other experts also attacked this gate one after another. Everyone understood the fact that they could get the opportunity to obtain the 'Sacred Spring of Life' only if they blasted this gate.

Therefore, everyone was working together… at least for the time being. Ye Xiwen also attacked. However, his divine sense was wandering in the surroundings at the same time. He had to find Gong Yan Jia's whereabouts. And, he didn't believe that Gong Yan Jia would've restrained himself from coming out here.

Not too much time had passed when Ye Xiwen found Gong Yan Jia and his team. They were hiding in a corner. And, they had even restrained their presence. In fact, they were almost hidden inside that subspace.

Gong Yan Jia was also a very cunning person. He had restrained himself from attacking at present. He would move into action when those four Sage Accomplished level experts could be caught off-guard.

However, Ye Xiwen had the same idea. And, he had found Gong Yan Jia. Gong Yan Jia wanted to be the oriole behind the mantis. However, he had instead become a mantis himself.

"Both of you will wait here until this gate opens. Defend yourselves, but don't attack. Otherwise, I won't be able to protect you!" Ye Xiwen said. He was going to attack with his entire strength, and fight for the 'Sacred Spring of Life'. And, he wouldn't be able to turn back to help these two women if they also got involved.

The two nodded. Both of them were experts of the Sage Great Perfection realm. So, it wouldn't be easy to kill them if they focused on defending themselves.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's voice hadn't even faded when a loud explosion occurred. He then heard someone shouting, "The gate has opened. Begin!"

(To be continued)

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