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"He has become even stronger!" Xiao Yuan Yuan saw Ye Xiwen's god-like figure. He wasn't very tall and lofty. But, he looked full of power and grandeur nonetheless; as if he had become an immortal.

However, Ding Tong's countenance looked complicated as she nodded. She had also noticed that Ye Xiwen had become more powerful. He had transformed significantly as compared to how he was three months ago. In fact, they could even feel Ye Xiwen's suppressive power upon themselves... they felt as if they would be exploded by his one punch.

Three months ago, they needed to look up in order to see his existence. However, they couldn't even his figure if they looked up now.

"Buried Heaven Sword!" Ye Xiwen didn't have time to think about what these two women were thinking. He had his eyes focused on that zombie. He shouted loudly, and brandished his long sword. And, the sword pressure spread in all directions. It seemed as if the entire world was emitting endless buzzing sounds under the suppressive power of his long-sword.




The long-sword transformed into a huge sword-light in the space above. Then, it slashed out towards that zombie the next moment.

The sword light pierced through the space, and arrived in front of that zombie.

The corpse energy that was protecting the body of that zombie looked trivial in front of Ye Xiwen's sword-light. It seemed as if this sword-light could split open the world and eliminate the Heaven. It was evident that the protection on the zombie's body would've been breached and shattered in a split second under this attack's might.

The zombie became startled in its heart. And, it immediately issued the strongest move that it knew when it used to be alive.

"Ghost Code!" the zombie shouted. Endless corpse energies suddenly burst out and proliferated in the surroundings. It seemed that they would break the world as they swept out towards Ye Xiwen's sword-light.

"Bang!" Two dreadful forces collided in midair, and the shock waves retracted towards both individuals. However, Ye Xiwen didn't budge. His legs were rooted to the ground. They seemed to have settled like the roots of an old tree. Apparently, he wasn't fazed even a bit. However, that zombie retreated repeatedly under this impact force. In fact, it had become impossible for it to gain a firm footing.

Its eyes revealed an extremely shocked look. Its most powerful weapon was its body since it was a zombie. It had never fallen into a disadvantageous position while facing an opponent of the same level. However, the body he had been immensely proud of had become worthless in front of Ye Xiwen. In fact, it had become a joke.

Ding Tong and Xiao Yuan Yuan shot a glance at each other. They saw the astonished look in each other's eyes. This zombie had been chasing them for so long. So, they naturally knew how powerful it was.

In fact, it could be considered as frightening. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been forced into such a distressed situation by its chase. However, this fierce monster looked nothing in front of Ye Xiwen. It had been easily repelled by him. It had been repulsed during the competition of physical strength.

Just how tough had Ye Xiwen's body become? It could repel zombies now?

Ye Xiwen had been missing for the last few months. And, he had reached to a terrifying level during this time. A few months' time could be considered as rather long for ordinary people. However, it was as good as a moment for the experts; especially for the outstanding experts of sage realm.

How could this not have shocked them?

Ye Xiwen hadn't planned to let off this zombie. He suddenly went a step forward. And, the golden light flashed, and rushed to the front of the zombie in an instant. The sword potential of the 'Buried Heaven Sword' hadn't decreased. It proceeded to crush the zombie.

"Die for me!" This zombie wasn't going to let Ye Xiwen kill him. It went all out this time. It roared as the entire corpse energy of its body condensed into a country of zombies in the surroundings. There weren't any other creatures in this country. Only the zombies were running amuck everywhere. This was the world of zombies!

This world of zombies had appeared out of nowhere without any warning sign. It had suppressed this world. It seemed that the entire world had transformed into a zombie country.

Countless zombies were supplying their magical powers in this zombie country. Everything would cease to exist in the face of this mighty force. Everything looked powerless in front of it.

It seemed that this zombie had already visualized Ye Xiwen dying at its hands. Its face exposed a grim smiling expression, and it let out a sinister laugh through its red lips. "You damned human. Enjoy the flavour of the advent of corpses!"

The negative Yin energies were present in abundance at this place. They could be considered as the 'spirit energies' of this passage. And, they combined with the corpse energies immediately-after the advent of the world of zombies.

Ding Tong and Xiao Yuan Yuan had no choice but to promptly increase the thickness of the protective layers of Real Elemental Energy on their bodies. Otherwise, they would've been poisoned to death by these corpse energies.

These zombies could be considered as downright poisonous beings. Every muscle and every drop of blood in their bodies was poisonous. They were extremely toxic. Moreover, the more ferocious a zombie was, the more poisonous it would be. In fact, this was also a means of self-protection for these zombies.

"Is that all you've got?" Ye Xiwen shouted. Then, his golden divinities began to surge as if they had been enraged by the surrounding corpse energies. His divinities had begun to boil all of a sudden. And, the positive Yang power spread out; it was the strongest power in the world. It seemed as if a country of Gods had been formed as a result. Countless different venerable Gods started to chant scriptures that had existed since ancient times inside this country of Gods.

This country of countless Gods condensed into a Gods' kingdom, and collided with the Zombies' Kingdom which had been descending from above.


Two entirely different countries… two entirely different worlds collided at this moment. And then, the two opposing forces eroded each other.

A chief zombie tried to crawl into the Gods' kingdom from the Zombies' kingdom. However, those powerful golden Gods in the Gods' kingdom killed that zombie, and didn't let it approach.

It seemed that countless reincarnations had taken place in that instant. Countless zombies had been killed by the Gods. And, many Gods had been ripped apart, and devoured whole by the zombies.

Ding Tong and Xiao Yuan Yuan trembled with fear as they saw this scene. They felt as if they were witnessing the end of the world… the twilight of the Gods. However, they had also realized that it was not real. Instead, it was the visualizations of the martial arts of the two individuals that were competing, and engulfing each other in order to determine who would fail to resist first.

The situation seemed to have reached a stalemate. Ding Tong and Xiao Yuan Yuan couldn't decide who would win and who would be torn apart. They just hoped that Ye Xiwen would win. After all, the consequences would be too horrible for them if Ye Xiwen lost.

However, they didn't get much time to think as Ye Xiwen suddenly let out a cold cry. He then stepped forth, and a golden wave surged out. Countless Gods organized an army inside his Golden Gods' Kingdom, and entered the Zombies' kingdom with an intention to kill.


The Zombies' Kingdom broke down under the attacks of the countless Gods. And, the golden light illuminated the entire passage of the tomb.

"Poof!" That zombie spouted a mouthful of green blood. Its strong and robust body went backwards while flying upside-down. Cracks appeared on its body as a result. Its green blood gushed out of those cracks, and poisoned the air in the surroundings. Also, a sizzling-like sound echoed.

"This is not possible. My corpse body should be invincible!" That zombie couldn't believe that it had been defeated by an ordinary expert of Sage Peak realm. In fact, it seemed as if there had been no suspense about this outcome during the course of the entire fight. After all, it hadn't had the power to fight back throughout the fight.

"Humph! Invincible? Don't be so full of yourself!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. He then brandished his fist. It transformed into an incomparably large star. The huge star suppressed the world as it slammed down towards the zombie in order to crush it.

"Bang!" The zombie didn't get enough time to escape. The fist power struck it, and its body crumbled like paper even though it was supposed to be incomparably tough. It had been destroyed, and reduced to ash!

Ding Tong and Xiao Yuan Yuan came over to express their gratitude when they saw that Ye Xiwen had killed this zombie.

Ye Xiwen waved his hand as if it was no big deal. He then frowned and said, "How has it come to pass that only two of you have remained? Have the other people died?"

He felt pity in his heart. Everyone in that small team had undoubtedly possessed ulterior motives. However, he had collaborated with them for a while. Therefore, he felt pity for them.

However, it wasn't a surprise that they had perished in battle. After all, this place was densely packed with zombies. Sage Great Perfection level experts were undoubtedly formidable. However, it wouldn't matter how formidable they were if they were to meet a strong zombie like this one. They could only manage to escape in such a situation. In fact, they could even die in the fight if they weren't careful.

"No, we have been framed!" Xiao Yuan Yuan gritted her teeth and said. She was looking at Ye Xiwen as if she considered him the team's pillar. She wasn't looking at him as if he was as an eyesore... the way she had looked at him initially.

She had never said anything specifically against Ye Xiwen. She had been targeting Ding Tong back then, and Ye Xiwen had been taken along the ride with her. It could be said that he had been unjustly attacked.

"What happened?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"It's Gong Yan Jia!" Xiao Yuan Yuan spoke out a name that startled Ye Xiwen. Her words were filled with resentment. "Also, Yue Rui... He carried us into a trap established by Gong Yan Jia. He alarmed that Sage Accomplished level zombie which was in deep sleep. It woke up, and attacked us. Gu Tian died fighting. We also nearly got killed. Ye Xiwen, you must avenge us!"

Xiao Yuan Yuan had included Ye Xiwen into their group as if it was the most obvious thing.

"Gong Yan Jia hasn't died yet?" Ye Xiwen was somewhat surprised. Gong Yan Jia had sustained serious injuries at his hands. Still, he hadn't died at this place which was brimming with zombies, and had returned to retaliate. This was beyond his expectations.

"It's true. Gong Yan Jia hasn't died. Moreover, his power has increased enormously. In fact, I should say that he has recovered his enormous power!" Ding Tong was standing nearby. It was she who had replied this time. "The fact is that Gong Yan Jia had already reached the Sage Accomplished realm earlier. However, he had lost a fight with someone. And, his cultivation realm had dropped as a result. He has arrived at this place because he wanted to find the magical things that could restore his power. Now, he has found it, and his power has been restored to the peak. In fact, it has increased even further!"

Ding Tong's words had surprised Ye Xiwen. [It's no wonder that Gong Yan Jia was so strong. He was far more powerful than an ordinary Sage Great Perfection level expert. But, it turns out that he had declined from the Sage Accomplished realm. So, he would naturally have been different. Moreover, he had merely been wary when I had revealed my tyrannical strength in front of him. He hadn't been terrified. Clearly, he had been waiting to find the divine things that he needed to restore his martial power. And, that was because he would be able to treat me like an ant once he had restored his strength… just like he treated other people.]

(To be continued)

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