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Things hadn't quietened down in these three months. The situation had become even more intense on the contrary. Many other people had obtained news about this tomb, and had arrived here.

The news about 'Sacred Spring of Life' had also gradually spread out. And, the arrival of a large number of experts had made the entire situation even more chaotic.

An increasing number of people had rushed over here in the last three months. However, many people had died as well. In addition, the zombies had begun to appear more frequently at this place. The zombies had smelled the auras of the large number of powerful human experts and demon beasts that had arrived here. And, this had awakened them from their long slumber.

The losses had also increased with time. However, the experts hadn't given up and left the place as they hadn't yet obtained the most important thing — the 'Sacred Spring of Life'.

They were still looking for that thing that had made them go crazy. Tang Can was most likely to find the 'Sacred Spring of Life', but he hadn't obtained the news yet. This was because he had to focus on evading the many experts that were tracking him.

This place used to open very occasionally, but it had attracted many experts still.

Ye Xiwen had been laying low for the past three months. However, it was time for him to move into action. He had planned to find Tang Can in order to obtain the map of this tomb from him… just like many other people.

Ye Xiwen retracted the barrier formations that he had laid out. His principles looked intertwined and deeply-rooted. They were firmly entrenched inside his body just like the roots of an old tree. Every principle was exceptionally thick and tough. Every strand showed his understanding of the associated principles. He possessed 9999 dao principles at the moment. It seemed now that his one fist could a crush star.

He had absorbed an endless amount of negative Yin energy in these three months' closed-door training. His foundation had strengthened as a result. Moreover, his body had enormously tempered as well. His body had made a huge progress because of this training.

This was a pleasant surprise. The toughness of his body had promoted enormously after he had practiced the 'Tyrant Body' to the seventh layer. And, now it had again become even more difficult for him to advance a step further.

He hadn't expected that the negative Yin energy would help him in practicing the 'Tyrant Body Technique'. He had always understood that cultivating 'Tyrant Body Technique' was bound to be difficult for him. This represented the so-called saying 'When the Heavens confer the duty of capitalizing on an opportunity upon a person, they must first suffer from their own aspirations!'

He could have considered this place as his other home if the zombies weren't running amuck and unknown things weren't buried here.

The zombies had touched the edges of this secluded hall several times in these three months. Fortunately, Ye Xiwen had laid out the matrix formations. Therefore, he could isolate his aura, and prevent those zombies from sensing it.

"Making a breakthrough to the eighth layer of 'Tyrant Body' Technique' would no longer be a dream if I were to practice here for a few years!" Ye Xiwen said. However, he didn't think about it further. It was out of the question for him to practice at this place even though his mental state had become very strong. After all, this place was densely packed with zombies.

"He he… Ye Xiwen, your body has become so powerful now. But, you are still dissatisfied?" Ye Mo said. "You will have to wait until you have touched the edge of the Great Sage realm if you want to make the breakthrough into the eighth layer of 'Tyrant Body Technique'. It will be possible only then!"

Ye Xiwen was startled by this. However, Ye Mo's words were reasonable nonetheless. He needed a huge amount of 'spirit energies' if he wanted to temper his body and advance at the same time. However, it was impossible for him to absorb so much 'spirit energies' at present. It would become possible only after he had touched the edge of the Great Sage realm.

However, there was hardly any person in the sage realm that could make him frown. And, that's because he had entered the seventh layer 'Tyrant Body Technique' now.

"However, the most important thing right now is to plunder the treasures that are buried and concealed inside this tomb. After all, these treasures are equivalent to boundless wealth. And, they are very important for your cultivation!" Ye Mo continued.

"Yes!" Ye Xiwen nodded. He had also thought so. His cultivation couldn't remain limited to his current level. He had to promote himself to the legends in the future. He had to make the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. His cultivation's journey was endless. So, he was more dependent upon these external resources than other people. It would've certainly been much more difficult for him to make a breakthrough if he didn't have the assistance of these external resources. In fact, he wouldn't have been able to make such an aggressive progress if he hadn't been getting lucky with regards to these external resources.

Therefore, he had never avoided collecting external objects. The so-called saying 'wealth is merely a worldly possession' didn't apply to Ye Xiwen whose cultivation depended on this wealth. This was more so in a place like this.

Ye Xiwen's martial power would progress quickly as long as he had enough 'spirit stones'. Likewise, his inner realm would also progress quickly. Both of these progresses were directly proportional and complementary. It wasn't like other people's progresses where they would have to stop to consolidate their newly-attained inner realm after having promoted to a particular stage.

This was his biggest advantage. And, he obviously wanted to make full use of it.

Ye Xiwen entered the tunnel of the tomb immediately-after he came out of the secluded hall where he had been sitting. It was pitch-black in the tunnel. And, the negative Yin energy was present everywhere. However, he could see everything clearly as if it was daytime. This darkness was nothing for him.

Ye Xiwen had barely come out when he found the zombies wandering outside. All of them were at sage realm. They looked extremely fierce and tough.

This tomb might have been the abode of a great person when they were alive. It had many halls. And, a large number of magical items and heavenly treasures were present in those halls.

Ye Xiwen searched all the halls one by one. He plundered everything. There had been many zombies guarding these halls. However, it hadn't been a problem for Ye Xiwen. He had dealt with all of them with ease.

He had also met some people who wanted to rob him during this time. However, Ye Xiwen was no ordinary person. He had easily killed all the people who had been planning on robbing him.

However, these magical items and heavenly treasures weren't the main thing. The main thing was that 'Sacred Spring of Life'. The majority of people had arrived for it. They wouldn't have rushed over here from distant parts for anything else.

It was the most precious thing.

That tomb chamber had to be in the depths of the tomb. Therefore, he needed to penetrate deep inside the tomb in order to reach there. He continued to collect wealth as he ventured deeper into the tomb.

An increasing number of zombies were present inside these passages. Suddenly, a loud roar came from afar. It was a screechy roar that was unique to the dead beings.

It was a zombie!

Ye Xiwen hadn't thought much when a red zombie suddenly appeared at a distant place. Its entire body was red... as if it had been set on flames.

Ding Tong and her team were in front of this zombie. This was the same team Ye Xiwen had separated-away from three months ago…

However, only Ding Tong and Xiao Yuan Yuan were left in that small team. Other people were gone. The two hadn't been on good terms with each other in the past. However, they looked to be getting along well at this time.

It seemed as if Ding Tong had seen a savior when she had seen Ye Xiwen arriving. A kind of hope flickered in her eyes. She yelled, "Ye Xiwen, thank god it's you!"

Both of them immediately rushed towards Ye Xiwen. However, he didn't have time to talk with them. He was staring at the big zombie in front of him with his flashing eyes.


The zombie covered a massive distance in an instant, and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

It was dressed up in ancient clothes. Its clothes looked worn-out. The human that it had once been… had died inside this tomb. Subsequently, he had transformed into a terrifying zombie. However, it wasn't clear how many years ago that had happened. Nonetheless, it was a monster of Sage Accomplished realm! It was extremely formidable!

It was holding a big sword that was almost taller than its body. His gloomy and frantic aura was firmly locked upon Ye Xiwen. Its cultivation looked nearly the same as it was when it had been alive.

"Human, you have intruded into my territory. You will bring about your own doom!" the zombie said in a low and muffled voice. His hoarse voice sounded as if a sharp blade was being scratched on a glass.


A metal clanging sound was heard as an incomparably sharp sword-light slashed down on Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen immediately raised his hand, and caught that sword light.

"Ding!" Ripples of light waves formed on Ye Xiwen's palm. A sound like that of the bell of a big clock proliferated. It was like the sound of bombardment of metals.

Ye Xiwen felt as if his arm had become slightly numb. He became secretly startled as a result. The toughness of these zombies' bodies increased to a dreadful extent after death regardless of whether they had been humans or demon beasts… or of some other race when they had been alive.

These zombies were extremely dreadful even when they depended solely upon their bodies. However, they could even challenge the ancient devil god once they transformed into drought demons.

Suddenly, the Yin energy in the entire tunnel began to surge turbulently. That senior zombie shouted loudly, and attacked Ye Xiwen once again. That big sword looked just like a cavalry sword. It seemed that it could behead even an exceptional ominous beast in one slash.

Ye Xiwen shot a backhanded punch. A big star suddenly collided with that sword-light which was surging forth. And, this collision gave rise to an explosion.

"Bang!" The sword light got crushed, and faded away.

"Human, how can you have such a powerful body?" A look of disbelief flashed in the dark-green eyes of that zombie. This zombie had already attained spiritual wisdom. However, it was still being constricted inside this tomb.

"But, it's also a good thing. I may be able to move a step forward, and break away from this damn cage if I absorb the incredible vitality from your body." The zombie issued a ghastly sound as it looked at Ye Xiwen. Its eyes were brimming with brutality. It seemed as if it was looking at a delicious dish. "Afterwards, I will transform your corpse into a zombie, and then further transform that zombie into my puppet. Then, I will insert your soul into that puppet, and keep you as my slave forever!"

"You are overreaching yourself!" Ye Xiwen disdainfully smiled. Then, a sword intention began to condense into a big sword in his hand. This sword wasn't inferior to the big sword that was in that zombie's hand. After all, it had condensed from Ye Xiwen's own understanding of sword art.

He had just reached the peak of sage realm. Therefore, he was truly dying to fight at this time.

"You've long been dead, and still you're causing trouble for people! I will send you on your way to afterlife!" Ye Xiwen's blazing eyes were glaring at that zombie.

He unleashed his entire body's imposing aura just like a mighty wave... absolutely unrestrained. He had let it all out!

(To be continued)

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