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Gong Yan Jia's terrifying aura surged everywhere. It then firmly locked upon Ye Xiwen. Gong Yan Jia looked outstanding and peerless at this moment... just like a Devil God.

He strode forward in a flash. And, endless divine beams whistled and swept out. Those divine beams then transformed into a fierce attack, and bombarded towards Ye Xiwen to kill him.

This was the most dreadful long-ranged attack. Meanwhile, black-robed Old Yin had quickly recovered by relying upon this Yin-rich place. However, his complexion had turned even paler.

He wasn't feeling well because he had inhaled a large amount of evil Yin energy in an instant. However, he had no other option but to do so in order to deal with Ye Xiwen.

His attack transformed into a huge Yin and Yang fish, and suddenly swept towards Ye Xiwen.

Two dreadful attacks were simultaneously sweeping towards Ye Xiwen to kill him. Everyone felt that Ye Xiwen couldn't resist these two dreadful attacks at the same time. In fact, it would have been impressive if he could resist even one… let alone two.

Energy waves surged all around. And, the evil Yin energy in the surroundings suddenly began to boil. It seemed as if the world had been rocked by a major disaster.

Ye Xiwen didn't hold back even a bit. His both hands emitted seemingly inexhaustible golden lights. It seemed as if these golden beams would tear apart the entire world.

Ye Xiwen's hands tore apart those two dreadful attacks as soon as they arrived in front of him. His eyes looked incomparably deep at the moment. It seemed as if the cycle of rebirth and destruction of the universe was taking place inside them. His killing intention was unhindered. He had become even more determined to kill these two men.

These two men had long been planning to kill him. And, he had also planned to kill them before they got ready.




The three men suddenly engaged in a battle in the air above the tomb. The two parties didn't give each other any chance to gain the upper hand. They were exhausting all of their power in order to kill the opposite party.

"He is fighting two great experts at the same time!" Gu Tian's eyes revealed an astonished expression. He had been blown away by Gong Yan Jia in one kick earlier. And, there were certainly many reasons behind that. However, he had no choice but to admit that Gong Yan Jia was more powerful than him. However, Gong Yan Jia and black-robed Old Yin hadn't been able to bring down Ye Xiwen even after they had joined hands.

"Moreover, he hasn't fallen into any disadvantageous positions till now. Ye Xiwen is just too ferocious!" Xiao Yuan Yuan also hadn't anticipated that things would turn out like this. She had initially guessed that the best Ye Xiwen could do on having to face the combined attack of these two men was retreat. However, Ye Xiwen was in a far better situation at the moment than what she had imagined.

Ye Xiwen's fists appeared like big stars. It seemed as if a star had ignited and started to boil every time he brandished his fist. A universe-like scene had appeared all around him.

The fight had reached a superheated stage. And, neither side was holding back at this time.

Each of Ye Xiwen's fist was transforming into a big star, and was then smashing down. These stars were the embodiment of the ideal condition of the most 'callous fist intention' out there which Ye Xiwen had comprehended. One could only imagine their suppression force.

Gong Yan Jia and black-robed Old Yin had gone all out as well. But, they had been becoming increasingly terrified in their heart as they had continued their attack on Ye Xiwen. It was a kind of mood that was very hard to describe for them.

After all, they had been forced into a disadvantageous position by Ye Xiwen even after they had collaborated. Such a thing had never happened to them. [Has Ye Xiwen already reached the sage accomplished realm?]

They had already reached their peak state as per their capabilities of Sage Great Perfection realm.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen shot another fist. This fist drew out a universe! It then evolved into a big star, and swept out. This was the most dreadful fist attack.

Ye Xiwen's fists attacks were becoming increasingly smoother with the progression of this fight. Moreover, he also began to feel a slight need to make a breakthrough. This discovery had made him excited. This tomb was simply a heaven for him since he could transform the negative Yin energy in this tomb into his own. Consequently, this was the best sacred place for his cultivation.

The result of cultivating at this place could be ten times better than that of cultivating outside. Moreover, he wasn't even a bit worried about his foundation being unstable at this place. In fact, he hadn't come across a time when he had felt that his foundation was unstable. On the contrary, he had felt it to be a bit too stable the majority of time. And, that was why it had become very difficult for him to make the breakthrough into every major realm.

"Bang!" The dreadful fist pressure routed the defences of both men. In fact, their defences looked laughable as they faced such a terrifying attack.

"Poof!" Black-robed Old Yin had the weakest martial power among them; he couldn't resist such a violent collision, and spouted a mouthful of blood. His body went out flying, and all of his bones got broken.

He had once again been blown away by Ye Xiwen; and that too as strongly as the first time. Even he and Gong Yan Jia together couldn't pose any threat to Ye Xiwen.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't delay. He immediately rushed towards black-robed Old Yin.

"Don't you dare think of that…!" Gong Yan Jia roared in his hoarse voice. He knew that he would be Ye Xiwen's next target once Ye Xiwen had killed black-robed Old Yin. And, he might not be able to escape in that situation. Therefore, he must not let Ye Xiwen kill black-robed Old Yin.

His big and terrifying leg kicked out an endless stream of divine beams in the surrounding space. It seemed that these divine beams would crush the space. They even contained faint traces of dao principles.

Ye Xiwen shot sword energy through the back of his hand. The sword energy swept across, and suppressed everything in the surroundings. It then went towards that big leg.


This was a terrifying collision. And, a terrible storm swept out from it. Ding Tong and the other people who were present in the surrounding couldn't withstand it. So, they moved aside in order to avoid being injured by this terrifying astral wind.

Gong Yan Jia had been blown away by the tremendous impact of this collision. He trod several steps in the space, and then finally stopped. Every step that he took caused ripples in the space... as if it were a water surface.

Ye Xiwen seized this opportunity to rush towards black-robed Old Yin. A big hand stretched out to grasp black-robed Old Yin. It transformed into a big golden hand, and grabbed black-robed Old Yin.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen crushed black-robed Old Yin in his palm, and transformed him into a mass of blood fog. Black-robed Old Yin had died screaming. And, his flesh and soul had been absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror.

Ye Xiwen turned around to look for Gong Yan Jia. However, Gong Yan Jia had abandoned black-robed Old Yin. He had transformed into a streamer of light, and had disappeared into the depths of the tomb. Gong Yan Jia had realized that he couldn't stop Ye Xiwen. So, he knew that black-robed Old Yin's death was certain. He also knew that he wouldn't have been able to escape from Ye Xiwen's hands if he had delayed even a bit.

"Ye Xiwen, you wait for me. I won't let you off!" Gong Yan Jia's hoarse and sharp roar came from the passage inside tomb. It seemed from his voice that he hadn't entirely given up. He hadn't expected that he would be defeated in this fight. However, he had lost at the hands of this boy whom he had underestimated since the beginning.

Ye Xiwen thought for a moment. But, he eventually decided against pursuing him. His faint feeling of making the breakthrough had become increasingly intense by now. Moreover, his fighting strength would leap to the Sage Accomplished realm if he made the breakthrough into sage peak realm. And, Gong Yan Jia would be as insignificant as fleeting clouds in front of his absolute strength at that time. So, it wouldn't matter what kind of tricks he would come up with.

Ye Xiwen had dropped the idea of pursuing him after this thought had come across his mind. Anyway, he would meet him inside this tomb sooner or later. And, he would settle his matter at that time.

"What are you going to do now?" Ye Xiwen looked at everyone and asked. His words contained a faint oppression, especially for Yue Rui. After all, Ye Xiwen knew that Yue Rui had a tacit understanding with Gong Yan Jia. Moreover, Yue Rui also had an understanding with Mo Zhen, whom he-himself had brought.

"We'll obviously follow your commands!" Yue Rui had no choice but to bow under such formidable and oppressive power. He was certainly arrogant. However, he wasn't someone who wouldn't recognize the current situation. Black-robed Old Yin had died, and Gong Yan Jia had escaped in desperation. So, only Ye Xiwen was left.

Ye Xiwen felt pleased with his reply. He wasn't worried that Yue Rui would play tricks behind his back. So, he said, "Very well. However, I don't want to stay in this team after this fight. So, you're on your own!"

Ye Xiwen's words shook these few experts. Everyone apart from Ding Tong exposed a pleasantly surprised expression. After all, they were also outstanding talents of their generation. Who would want to obey the commands of an overlord? Who would like to be treated as petty and low-profile servants? Nobody wanted that.

Gong Yan Jia had left, and Ye Xiwen also wanted to leave. This was a very good thing. The strength of their small team would undoubtedly decline enormously after the departure of these two powerful men. However, they could act more freely now.

Ye Xiwen knew what they were thinking. He knew that they were eagerly waiting for him to leave. However, he must now look for a place to undergo closed-door training. He was also suspicious about these teammates who didn't get along well with each other. It would be hilarious if they came to him at their most critical time.

Ye Xiwen flew towards the depths of the tomb after leaving the team. He killed many zombies which were scattered in the passage on his way. Soon, he found a secluded hall in a remote corner. He laid out layer upon layer of barriers at this place. In addition, Ye Mo was personally keeping watch. So, Ye Xiwen set his mind at rest, and began the closed-door practice.

After that, Ye Xiwen started to operate the 'Real Elemental Energy' and the 'Observing Person Scripture' inside his body. Endless negative Yin energies got converted into 'spirit energies' within a few breaths. They then got absorbed by him. His aura also began to grow crazily.

Endless number of negative evil energies transformed into spirit energies to satisfy Ye Xiwen's urge. And, this helped him to promote his power unhindered.

It seemed as if Ye Xiwen's entire body had transformed into a universe, and he was the only god sitting at the center of it. He was the one who had evolved this Universe.

His golden divinities crawled over his entire body. And, his entire body turned golden. He looked solemn and serene. He looked like the image of a Golden God from afar.

Time passed day by day. And, three months' time passed in an instant.

The pores all over Ye Xiwen's body were opening and closing unceasingly inside the secluded hall. He was breathing with his pores, and was unceasingly absorbing the negative Yin energies. He was transforming negative Yin energies into spirit energies, and was then moving them to his Dantian.

He had repeated this process again and again for the last three months; without stopping for even a moment.

It wasn't known how many times he had tried to break the threshold, but he had finally reached the limit at this time. Consequently, he broke past it in one fell swoop.


The negative Yin energies started to enter Ye Xiwen's body at a much faster speed. They were being immediately absorbed by him.

His strong and majestic aura suddenly rushed up. It wasn't known how much stronger it had become than before.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes, and let out a smile from the corner of his mouth. He had finally entered the sage peak realm.

(To be continued)

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