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"Oh, this is such a hassle!" the white-clothed young man shouted as he strode forward. It seemed as if a vast chunk of distance had shrunk to an inch before him as he bypassed all those experts that were guarding the tomb entrance, and disappeared into the tomb in an instant.

"Kill them; rush in!"

It wasn't known who had shouted first. However, the experts who had been getting restless shouted one after another, and rushed inside. Those experts that had blocked the way didn't dare to stop them, and stepped aside one after another. They were many in number. However, the opposite side had even more people. Moreover, the people who were blocking everyone's path had only intended to delay these experts. They didn't want to die here.

Ye Xiwen followed Gong Yan Jia and other people, and rushed in. And, they entered in nearly an instant. Ye Xiwen's team were the top players among the crowd. So, Ye Xiwen's team soon pushed to the front, and took the lead as they rushed in.

"Whoosh!" Ye Xiwen had merely entered the tomb. He hadn't even observed the surrounding environment when he heard the shrill sound of breaking of space which came from behind him. Then, a huge Yin and Yang fish suddenly swept down towards him. It opened its big mouth like a sacrificial bowl in order to bite at him.

"You have a death wish!" How could Ye Xiwen have not known that it was Old Yin who had attacked? However, he wasn't surprised. In fact, he had been vigilant towards Old Yin and Gong Yan Jia since the beginning. He hadn't relaxed for even a moment. Old Yin had attacked very suddenly. However, Ye Xiwen was prepared for this attack.

Ye Xiwen made a roundabout turn, and brandished his palms.


A pair of flesh palms and the huge Yin and Yang fish collided with each other in the air. And, a dreadful explosion arose from the clash of these two tremendous powers. This explosion destroyed even the atoms of the air. The sound of the explosion unceasingly reverberated in the surroundings. However, the space inside the tomb was kept intact by a kind of vigorous energy. Even the fight between two top-tier experts of sage realm couldn't break this space.

The turbulence caused by this huge explosion hadn't scattered when Old Yin attacked again. His face carried an incomparably sinister smile as he rushed forth. "Ye Xiwen, you're done for. You've entered this tomb now. And, this Yin-rich place is my domain. I will smash you to death like an ant!"

The black-robed Old Yin carried a wild smile on his face. His scheme was profound as well as unfathomably sophisticated. The plan looked fierce. However, it was only for those people whom he considered ants. However, he also knew the weight of the matter when dealing with a powerful person like Ye Xiwen. Therefore, he didn't lose his cool and resort to attacking nonstop. Instead, he acted with patience.

He had practiced the power of Yin polarity in order to enter this tomb. So, one could say that this place was his home ground. He could display his strength to several times its normal extent at this place. He had become extremely powerful in this place. He could escape even from the hands of a Sage Accomplished level expert at this place. And, he could easily blast away an ordinary expert of Sage Great perfection realm.

The Yin energy at this place was unprecedented. The negative Yin energy wasn't good for other people, and they would evade it. However, it was great nourishment for him. In fact, he even felt that his cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds if he could practice at this place for a few years. And, making a breakthrough into the Sage Accomplished realm would just be a matter of time for him if that was the case.

He liked it here. It was his home-ground. Whoever would come in here had to follow his house-rules.

The imposing aura of Old Yin had gotten promoted by a huge margin under the supply of Yin power at this place. Ye Xiwen had realized that Old Yin's strength had increased by a great margin ever since they had reached this Evil Corpse Mountain Range. In fact, it seemed that he had come back to his home after he had entered the Evil Corpse Mountain Range. He had been forced to put some effort in killing those demon beasts outside. However, he had been killing zombies effortlessly after he had entered the Evil Corpse Mountain Range.

Moreover, a very big change had occurred when he had entered inside the tomb. He had absorbed a huge amount of these Yin energies, and this had made his strength reach the highest peak of the Sage Great Perfection realm.

Therefore, he had decided to attack without any hesitation. Earlier, he had weighed himself, and had found out that he wasn't a match for Ye Xiwen. However, he had become very confident now since he could draw support from the evil Yin energies of this tomb.

"It's not good. Damn it! This old fogy has attacked!" Xiao Yuan Yuan was the first one to react. She didn't have a good relation with Ye Xiwen in the beginning. However, she had later realized that she didn't have an 'everlasting' kind of enmity with him either. But, she could get everlasting benefits from him if she mended things. And, she would obviously have no issue with Ye xiwen as long as he could provide her enough benefits.

Ye Xiwen hadn't helped her in a direct manner. However, it couldn't be denied that Ye Xiwen's assistance had made their journey towards the 'Sacred Spring of Life' much smoother.

They didn't have to be worried about their lives since they had the escort of a powerful expert like Ye Xiwen. In fact, Ye Xiwen's assistance would be extremely valuable even if they eventually failed to find the Sacred Spring of Life. The people of this team didn't get along on the surface or in heart. After all, everyone harboured ulterior motives. However, they weren't at each other's throat either. But, things wouldn't remain the same once that had happened.

Moreover, Xiao Yuan Yuan had realized that Ye Xiwen didn't kill indiscriminately even though he was a very decisive killer. He didn't move into action as long as someone didn't provoke him. And, such a person was far better than a hothead like Gong Yan Jia. So, she would certainly choose Ye Xiwen if she had to choose among the two.

However, Old Yin had become extremely hostile after he had borrowed the evil Yin power from this tomb. And, this had dramatically changed the situation all of a sudden.

"This old fogy has become so powerful after drawing support from the Yin power!" Ding Tong was somewhat worried. She was most concerned about Ye Xiwen's survival among all these people. After all, she could depend only upon an extremely powerful person like Ye Xiwen in a place like this tomb which had become increasingly chaotic with time. One could die on the spot in a place like this if they weren't careful.

She couldn't find out what Gu Tian, Yue Rui, and Mo Zhen were thinking when she glanced at them. Moreover, they didn't seem to be surprised by Old Yin's sudden attack. In fact, it seemed as if they had been feeling the gradual rise in Old Yin's killing intention for Ye Xiwen for a while.

The crucial person in all this — Gong Yan Jia — was standing on the side. He was staring at Ye Xiwen with his ice-cold vision. It didn't seem that he was planning to attack. However, his focus seemed to be firmly locked upon Ye Xiwen. And, it seemed that he could get involved in this fight at any time.

"Ye Xiwen, today I will take your head to pay homage to my brother!" Old Yin stepped forward as the chilling Yin wind blew against his clothes. Then, a seemingly invincible imposing aura swept out. It seemed as if he was the only ruler in this dark tomb — a Lord of Death who had come from hell.

He attacked in an instant. And, an almost entirely black 'Yin and Yang diagram' suddenly got formed in the air. It seemed that it would break the entire world as it swept down towards Ye Xiwen in a dreadful stance in order to crush him.

Ye Xiwen felt a terrifying suppressive force that seemed to be firmly locked upon him. He secretly pondered at this moment; [I hadn't expected that Old Yin would become so powerful after entering the tomb. He wasn't a match for me in the beginning. In fact, he couldn't withstand even a single blow of mine. However, now he has become so powerful that his imposing aura could be compared with the dreadful imposing aura exerted by Gong Yan Jia when he goes all out.]

However, he wasn't planning to retreat. In fact, his face exposed a somewhat excited look. After all, Old Yin had attacked with his entire strength. And, he seemed almost as powerful as Gong Yan Jia now. So, Ye Xiwen could get some idea about Gong Yan Jia's strength by fighting with him. Consequently, he wouldn't be caught off guard when Gong Yan Jia would attack.

The golden divinities in Ye Xiwen's entire body began to boil. Then, waves of divine pressure swept out in the surroundings. And, the evil Yin energies present in the surroundings instantly got suppressed as a result. These divinities were the purest positive Yang power of the world. Naturally, the divinities and these evil Yin energies were opposing forces. Therefore, a stunning collision occurred in a flash, and layers upon layers of terrifying shock waves swept out everywhere.

The divinities that were boiling inside Ye Xiwen's body seemed to be dyed in golden. It seemed that a Golden God of War had arrived from the ancient times. There were no fancy moves used; only a fist swept out. This fist attack was simple. However, it contained all the essence of Ye Xiwen's fist technique and his comprehension of fist intention. And, all of that had been condensed in this fist!

"Crackle Crackle…"

Ye Xiwen's fist intention and the Yin and Yang diagram collided in midair. It seemed that the two dreadful auras would swallow each other as they collided in the space.

"Bang!" an extremely scary explosion sounded from the point of collision of the two forces. And, the space began to shake and twist because of it.

The space fluctuated like sea waves. Layers upon layers of shock waves swept out, and went very far.

The other teams and the scattered experts saw this scene. However, they didn't stop to see this fight. They didn't know why these two men were fighting. Moreover, finding the 'Sacred Spring of Life' was much more important for them at this time. And, they were already far behind Tang Can who was ahead of everyone. In fact, they had basically lost him. So, one could assume that they would practically lose the 'Sacred Spring of Life' if they didn't hurry and catch up with him.

Everyone was sure that Tang Can possessed the map that could lead to the 'Sacred Spring of Life'. So, they wouldn't lose their way as long as they followed him. They would definitely find that legendary 'Sacred Spring of Life' if they followed him. The sage experts of the entire universe would certainly go crazy and arrive here if the news about this holy water that could increase the odds of entering the Great Sage realm proliferated.

They had a great opportunity right before their eyes. So, how could they miss it? Therefore, nobody stayed at this place; everyone flew away from the site of this team's internal strife.




Old Yin unceasingly retreated several steps, and then stopped. Finally, he got rid of the backward push that had been exerted by Ye Xiwen's attack.

He had realized what kind of pressure his brother must have faced earlier. This slim guy didn't appear to be extremely powerful. However, he had fought with this guy for some time now. So, he had understood that this boy's strength was so immense that it could scare a person to death. In fact, an ordinary person would immediately go out flying if they bumped into him. He was able to resist Ye Xiwen because he was fortunately in a Yin-rich place like this tomb. It was his home-ground. So, he wasn't running out of energy as his energy was getting supplemented at this place.

He wanted to stay at this place even more now because he had finally realized how ferocious Ye Xiwen was. After all, Ye Xiwen would be an enormous threat to him if he went outside.

"Boy, nobody can save you today!"

(To be continued)

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