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It was said that there was a spring in the depths of the tomb. It was known as 'Sacred Spring of Life'. It could give a person an opportunity to promote himself, and make the breakthrough into the Great Sage Realm.

It wasn't guaranteed that it could help a person in making the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. However, it would be great for these sage experts even if it could only give an opportunity to do so. After all, it was very hard to make the breakthrough into Great Sage realm. It could even be said that there was no guarantee that even one among a hundred 'Sage Accomplished level' experts could promote to the Great Sage realm. Therefore, even a one-hundredth or one-thousandth chance of promoting to the Great Sage realm was enough to make them go crazy.

A person could become a top-dog only after becoming a Great Sage.

Tang Can had attracted a lot of attention toward himself since he possessed a map of this legendary tomb. It wasn't that nobody had ever gone inside this tomb before. However, only his brother had reached the 'Sacred Spring of Life' after having entered this tomb. Moreover, he had made the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm afterwards. Therefore, many people suspected that Tang Can possessed a map that could lead to the 'Sacred Spring of Life'. One would certainly have a huge advantage in their quest for the 'Sacred Spring of Life' if they obtained this map.

The Evil Corpse Mountain Range was very dangerous. And, this tomb might be even more dangerous. Nobody knew what kind of dangers they might come across inside. Therefore, everyone coveted the map that they thought Tang Can possessed.

However, nobody had dared to attack him upon taking his Sage Accomplished level strength into account. Moreover, his brother was said to be waiting outside. But, this didn't mean that nobody had planned to take advantage by deliberately make things chaotic.

Things might be more complicated than what Ye Xiwen had imagined. However, this carefree looking Young Lord — Tang Can — obviously wasn't an idiot either. He also knew the severity of this matter. Therefore, he had already warned the sage experts that seemed ready to cause trouble.

Ye Xiwen saw that these experts were just like wolves. It is true that a pack of wolves can kill a tiger. However, they need the leadership of a wolf king. And, no one would be willing to act as the wolf king of this pack of wolves right now. After all, who would want to stand out among others, and end up getting killed?

And so, everyone seemed to be waiting for the appearance of another tiger.

At this time, Ye Xiwen unintentionally glanced at Gong Yan Jia; he was sitting cross-legged, and was looking disdainfully at Tang Can.

Soon, another tiger appeared. However, it wasn't a human. Instead, it was a Sage Accomplished level demon king! He was more than 2 meters tall, and wore a golden armor. He looked just like an ape with his white head and red feet. The rest of his body was also red... like fire. His entire body exuded an oppressive coercion.

"This is the mythical Zhuyan Ape! So, it turned out to be such a creature!" Ye Xiwen's pupils contracted. This was an ominous ancient beast. It was mentioned in the legends that once this beast would appear, a big war would occur in the world.

Obviously, Ye Xiwen wasn't the only one who had recognized this ominous beast. Many knowledgeable experts had also recognized it. There hadn't been many groups of Zhuyan Ape in the ancient era. And, they had become even rarer after the passage of thousands of years.

"This turned out to be the Zhuyan Ape?! My God, have I returned to the mythical age or something that I am seeing such a legendary beast?" someone uttered in disbelief. It seemed that they had become scared on seeing the Zhuyan Ape.

"This is becoming even more chaotic. The Zhuyan Ape possesses outstanding strength. He also possesses the bloodline of the ancient ominous beasts. He can easily blast away an ordinary expert of his realm!"

Everyone had been scared by the sudden appearance of this demon beast. After all, they hadn't expected that a demon king would come here. However, they then thought that if the humans could compete and fight, then why couldn't these demon beasts? Moreover, the Great Gas Collar was the territory of these demon beasts. So, the sudden appearance of this Zhuyan Ape shouldn't be that surprising.

An intense and vigilant look surfaced in Tang Can's eyes after the sudden appearance of this Zhuyan Ape.

"He he… This king has found out that someone had caught that a great thing like the 'Sacred Spring of Life' at this place. Gee, this king has been alive for several decades now. How has he never heard about it?" the Zhuyan Ape opened his mouth, and said. The experts in the surrounding area became startled when he spoke in human tongue.

He had cultivated up to the Sage Accomplished realm within a short span. In fact, such speed could give the humans an urge to kill themselves. The people that were present here were basically considered elites among the humans. But, even they felt the same.

Everyone knew that humans didn't have very long lifespans like the demon beasts. However, the cultivation speed of humans was much faster than that of demon beasts. In fact, it was several times faster.

Only the peerless heaven's pride experts who were considered to be the extraordinary geniuses of their generation could cultivate up to the Sage Accomplished realm within the short span of several decades. However, this demon king's cultivation speed was equal to that of those heaven's pride experts. In fact, this was like cultivating up to the Sage Accomplished realm within a few years if seen in the perspective of human time. Even the term 'skyrocketed' wasn't enough to describe such insane cultivation speed.

Ye Xiwen was also surprised. This Zhuyan Ape must be even more outstanding than that young genius Pang Yang Bo whom Ye Xiwen had seen back in the day.

However, Ye Xiwen also felt that this beast loved to show off. He clearly saw the proud expression flashing through the corner of Zhuyan Ape's mouth. Apparently, this proud expression had surfaced after the ape had heard exclaims from the experts in the surroundings.

Then, Ye Xiwen saw the Zhuyan Ape grinning from ear to ear and looking all self-satisfied. And, he realized that he hadn't misinterpreted. The Zhuyan Ape indeed was a show-off!

It wasn't that Ye Xiwen hadn't seen demon beasts with wisdom before. However, the fact that they possessed wisdom didn't mean that they had emotions as well. This was the reason why many demon beasts only knew slaughtering even though they had wisdom which was as good as that of humans.

However, Ye Xiwen had seen such a smug demon beast for the first time in his life.

The Zhuyan Ape soon let out a loud laugh.

Ye Xiwen suddenly had a bad feeling. [Isn't the legendary Zhuyan Ape supposed to be exceptionally brutal?]

"There is no need to worship this king so much. This king exists merely in legends!" the Zhuyan Ape suddenly made a frightening statement. This statement gave a thunder-shock to the surrounding experts who were already in a state of shock because of the sudden appearance of the Zhuyan Ape.

Humans always paid attention to modesty. Praising oneself was rare for humans. On the other hand, this ape was doing just that in front of so many people. He was blatantly showing off in front of such a big crowd.

However, Ye Xiwen had a slightly favourable impression of this Zhuyan Ape who loved to show off. After all, it was more likely for people to have a good impression of a demon beast who loved to show off as compared to an ice-cold one.

The Zhuyan Ape's complexion immediately changed when he saw Tang Can giving him a bad look from the other side. "What are you looking at? Haven't you seen a handsome Zhuyan Ape before?" the Zhuyan Ape said.

Suddenly, a baffled look appeared across everyone's face. This Zhuyan Ape was too valiant!

However, his voice hadn't even faded when another figure appeared. It was a very big silver eagle. In fact, it was bigger than the Zhuyan Ape. It was at least more than 3 meters tall. Its entire body was silver. In fact, it seemed that its big feathered wings had been dyed in silver. They were emitting rays of serene light. The eagle looked very scary. It spurred a storm of astral wind as soon as it arrived. This silver eagle king possessed the demeanour of a true demon king… unlike that Zhuyan Ape.

Everyone reckoned that this was the third Sage Accomplished level expert to arrive at this place. Many Sage Accomplished level experts had arrived in Great Gas Collar this time. However, many of those Sage Accomplished level experts were outsiders. So, it was possible that they hadn't heard the various important rumours that were spread widely across the River Shore Star Field. Consequently, it was normal if they didn't know about this tomb.

The Silver Eagle King swept its ice-cold vision across everyone. But, it didn't say anything. It just stood alone with a proud expression on its face. It was waiting for the tomb to open.

"Sorry, sorry for coming late!" a lazy voice came from afar. It turned out to be a handsome man who looked to be around 20 years old. He was dressed in a spacious white robe. He came out walking leisurely from the forest. He was shouting in embarrassment.

Everyone squinted. It was another Sage Accomplished level expert. Fortunately, it had turned out to be a human expert this time. A lot of human experts felt relaxed because of this. Two among the three Sage Accomplished level experts that had arrived here before were demon beasts. This had made them worried. Killings also used to occur between humans. However, it couldn't be compared with the killings between humans and demon beasts.

Things at least looked balanced now after another human expert of Sage Accomplished realm had arrived. The situation didn't look risky and unbalanced like it had a moment ago.

Everyone's gaze was fixed upon Tang Can. They were waiting for his clan's masters of matrix formations to break those enchantments and barrier formations.

Tang Can became somewhat depressed because of these people's stares. [Why are you staring at me?] After that, he became somewhat angry. In fact, he was about to burst vigorously.

Suddenly, a loud explosion occurred. And, countless matrix formations broke down. They transformed into a dreadful energy storm, and swept towards outside.

Those masters of matrix formations whom Tang Can had brought got blasted to death on the spot. Their internal organs had been ruptured, and blood gushed out from all the pores of their bodies. However, a huge hole had been opened in the tomb by this dreadful explosion. And, endless billows of the negative Yin energies rolled out of the tomb. But, Tang Can didn't care about the death of his men. Instead, he immediately flew towards that hole. Those experts that had arrived with him immediately reacted, and surrounded the entrance of the tomb. They were planning to prevent the other people from going inside… or delaying them so that they could buy some time for Tang Can to go in.

"You're courting death. How dare you block the path of this king?" That show-off Zhuyan Ape suddenly became angry. And, a pair of iron fists slammed down from the sky. It seemed as if two flaming meteors had fallen from the sky.

"Rumble!" The terrifying fists shook the space, and opened cracks in it. The scene appeared very terrifying as the cracks proliferated in all directions.

A few nearby experts among the experts that had blocked the entrance got blasted to death. And, a huge gap opened in their formation as a result. The Zhuyan Ape transformed into a group of flames, and burst into that gap.

The Silver Eagle King also moved from the other side. It transformed into a silver light, and flew past those experts that were standing in front of him. Those experts screamed as they got chopped into a gory mess.

(To be continued)

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