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"Boy, nobody can save you today. I will tear you to shreds. You'll die miserably. I will make you wail in pain until you die!" Black-robed Old Yin roared as his expression turned even more sinister. It seemed that he would vent all the pent up frustration in his heart.

He immediately attacked. A share of evil Yin energy condensed into a mountain, and smashed down. It looked enormous as it pressed down vigorously.

He clearly knew of Ye Xiwen's ferocity. Therefore, he couldn't afford to let Ye Xiwen escape in this situation wherein he had the advantage. Otherwise, he would have to deal with enormous trouble in the future. He couldn't let this tiger return to the mountains.

However, he hadn't anticipated the fact that Ye Xiwen wasn't planning on escaping. The evil Yin power could be considered as extremely troublesome for ordinary people. In fact, an ordinary person could die on being exposed to too much evil Yin power.

However, Ye Xiwen was no ordinary person. He could convert this evil Yin power into spirit energy by drawing support from the Heavenly Source Mirror. The source of his power had always been 'spirit energy' no matter what kind of power he absorbed. Only various attributive changes would get added during the conversion. The Heavenly Source Mirror used to thoroughly discard the various attributes which were detrimental to him. It only let the purest 'spirit energies' enter inside Ye Xiwen's body.

Ye Xiwen wasn't in a homely kind of environment unlike black-robed Old Yin. This environment wouldn't suddenly increase his strength. However, it didn't mean that he would be suppressed by it like most people had imagined. Therefore, black-robed Old Yin was gravely mistaken if he was thinking that he could force Ye Xiwen to flee.

"You don't know how bad it will be for you if you're thinking about killing me. You're acting recklessly!" Ye Xiwen sneered. He then strode forward, and his hands suddenly issued layers of golden light. Then, his divinities concentrated on his hands. And, the might of his hands greatly increased in an instant. This scene looked extremely terrifYing.

The evil-Yin-energy-mountain was still smashing down towards Ye Xiwen's body. However, Ye Xiwen stepped out, and attacked the mountain before it could reach him. Dreadful divinities had condensed on his hands. His hands ripped apart that mountain, and transformed it into evil Yin energy. This energy was then absorbed by him in an instant.

However, his golden face turned pale because of absorbing too much evil Yin power in one breath. The evil Yin power froze his internal organs, meridians, and bones immediately-after it had entered his body. The negative polarity of this power made it extremely cold and scary.

However, this happened only for an instant since he had quickly operated the Heavenly Source Mirror. The Heavenly Source Mirror had then transformed the evil Yin power into spirit energies, and scattered them into his body.

The 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' once again demonstrated its extreme healing power. All of his injuries healed almost in an instant.

Ye Xiwen was happy that the evil Yin power was present in abundance at this place. It seemed that the evil Yin power had accumulated at this place for a thousand or maybe even ten-thousand years. The tomb had never stayed open for a long time. So, the evil Yin power hadn't drained out. It was entirely concentrated at this place.

The amount of evil Yin power present at this place was countless times more than that present at the so-called sacred cultivation spots in the outside world. In fact, it was a death-trap for ordinary people. They had to unceasingly use the protection of their Real Elemental Energy in order to resist the invasion of this evil Yin power.

However, this place was like a paradise for a person like Ye Xiwen who could convert the evil Yin power into spirit energy. In fact, he experienced the feeling of being reborn every time he took a breath.

This negative Yin energy had caused an enormous impact on his internal organs immediately after it had entered his body. This was difficult for him to completely control it even if he had practiced the 'Tyrant Body Technique'. He had already cultivated his physique to a great extent when it came to the tempering of muscles, bones, and flesh. So, he could now withstand the continuous bombardment of sage tools whilst being unarmed. Therefore, he was focussing on the cultivation of the interior of his body at this time.

He had no choice but to operate the 'Tyrant Body Technique' in order to fight the negative Yin energy that he had inhaled. Otherwise, his entire body would've frozen to death. Moreover, this would prove to be a huge advantage as far as practicing the 'Tyrant Body Technique' was concerned.

This place was like hell for other people, but it was like a sacred cultivation spot for Ye Xiwen. However, his case was completely different from that of the black-robed Old Yin. This place had become a sacred cultivation spot for black-robed Old Yin because it was compatible with his attributes.

It seemed as if Ye Xiwen had seized all the luck in the world. He had forcibly transformed an unfavourable situation into a favourable one merely to temper himself. Other people couldn't even think of doing something like that. In fact, they didn't even have the perseverance to do so.

Ye Xiwen had recovered almost in an instant. The sound of phoenix was faintly emitting from his body because of the operation of the 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique'. He didn't stop it for even a bit. He then stepped out. His golden figure flickered, and immediately arrived in front of black-robed Old Yin.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen brandished his fist. He had attacked with his entire strength without any hesitation. After all, they had already landed into a mortal combat.

His fist transformed into a big star, and slammed down from above. The boundless Yin energy in the surroundings transformed into a hellish scene of shrieking and wailing ghosts. It seemed as if the enraged evil Yin energy was mimicking the scene of a ruined city which had perished under tragic circumstances.

Black-robed Old Yin spouted a mouthful of blood. All defence-type divine tools on his body had been destroyed by Ye Xiwen in a moment's time. However, the defences of these very tools had also bought him a moment's time.

The black-robed Old Yin flew a large distance backwards by taking advantage of this moment. However, his face exposed a look of disbelief.

"How can you be so powerful?" Black-robed Old Yin still couldn't believe his eyes. He had calculated in his mind that he would catch Ye Xiwen off guard, and wouldn't give him a chance to fight back. He would kill him in one move under such favourable circumstance.

However, his plan didn't work. He couldn't have the slightest impact on Ye Xiwen even under such favourable circumstances since Ye Xiwen's strength was simply incredible. Black-robed Old Yin had already become enough powerful. In fact, he could already feel that he was getting closer to the threshold of the Sage Accomplished Realm in such a Yin-rich place. It was like a natural moat that was present right before him in the past. However, it now seemed that he could step over this barrier at any time. He could tell that he had already acquired the topmost strength of Sage Great Perfection realm.

However, he had been instantly routed by an expert of late stage of sage realm like Ye Xiwen. It was ridiculous to the extent that even the end of the world would seem more reasonable or probable in comparison!

However, he could only watch helplessly as this matter unfolded before his eyes.

"Is he really human?"

This thought appeared in the mind of black-robed Old Yin. However, he didn't have the time to think about this because Ye Xiwen didn't give him any time, and rushed over once again. His speed was so fast that he broke down the sound barrier. And, this issued an ear-piercing sound of space being torn.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's fist pounded upon the body of black-robed Old Yin, and he immediately went out flying by the attack. His body almost broke down, and blood splashed out.

However, a long leg suddenly fell down from above when Ye Xiwen was thinking of obtaining the advantage of the situation to attack again. It looked like the big leg of a God that had arrived to end the world. It issued boundless energy storms wherever it went.

Everyone was left dumbstruck. Gong Yan Jia had been casually watching this fight a moment ago from the side-lines. But, he had attacked at this time. He couldn't idly watch black-robed Old Yin being killed; this was against his tyrannical disposition.

And, he had attacked with his entire strength. His leg technique simply went against the heaven's will. Initially, his leg was a flawed part of his body. However, now it had become the most formidable one.

The big leg suddenly trampled in front of Ye Xiwen. An ice-cold predatory pressure firmly pressed upon Ye Xiwen's body.

Who would have imagined that Ye Xiwen would stay calm and composed right now? He wasn't taken aback by Gong Yan Jia's sudden attack. In fact, he had already anticipated it. Gong Yan Jia wouldn't have attacked if black-robed Old Yin had killed Ye Xiwen in an instant. However, he obviously wouldn't hesitate to attack if the situation changed. What fairness? Did such a thing even exist?

"It's over. The scale of this fight has expanded again. Damn it!" Xiao Yuan Yuan unexpectedly regretted this time. There was no margin for relaxation for either side after Gong Yan Jia had gotten involved in the fight. Only death could be the end for one of the sides in this fight. The strength of their small team would certainly decline enormously under such a situation. And, she didn't wish to see this.

Moreover, they were all thinking about whose side they should stand on? It wasn't clear when Ye Xiwen and Gong Yan Jia had become two pillars of this small team. They were also the two backbones of this team. However, now a fight had broken out between these two backbones. Everyone was thinking about whom they should help; even Yue Rui was no exception to this.

Yue Rui had a tacit understanding with Gong Yan Jia. However, he had also seen Ye Xiwen's terrifying strength. So, it would be foolish for him to jump into trouble for Gong Yan Jia this time.

This was a small team which was comprised of people who had harboured ulterior motives since the beginning. But, it was on the verge of collapse at this time.

Some people were optimistic about Ye Xiwen's chances, while some were optimistic about Gong Yan Jia's. Everyone had witnesses Ye Xiwen's strength. However, they couldn't ignore Gong Yan Jia's strength. Gong Yan Jia alone was very difficult to deal with. However, he had now collaborated with black-robed Old Yin, whose strength had increased abruptly here.

Everyone felt that Ye Xiwen might have better odds of winning if it were to be one-on-one. However, he had very less odds of winning when it came to two-on-one.

"It seems that your leg wasn't lame after all. Let me break it, and make you a cripple for real!" Ye Xiwen shouted. He then turned around, and shot his fist towards the big leg that was stamping down.


A terrible collision occurred which issued metal clanging sounds. Then, incredible shock waves swept out, and twisted the entire space. This leg had been converted into a sage tool. It had seemed extremely terrifying as it had smashed down with its entire strength. This attack was equivalent to the full strength attack of a sage tool.

However, Ye Xiwen could even block a sage tool barehanded. His body was undoubtedly very tough. The leg kept on pressing downwards upon him. However, his body didn't budge. It stood motionless just like a green pine tree while facing this dreadful attack. His legs were firmly rooted to the ground. This was a reflection of his martial arts foundation. And, it was evident that his foundation had reached an extremely profound state.

The terrified look grew intense in the eyes of Gong Yan Jia. He was wary of Ye Xiwen since he had clashed with him for the first time. However, he hadn't expected that he wouldn't get even the slightest advantage. In fact, even his sage-tool crippled leg felt like it would fall apart under the impact of this clash.

The killing intention in his eyes became even more intense as he thought this; it then surged out everywhere.

(To be continued)

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