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Chapter 56 - Towards the Fengye Mountain

Ye Xiwen was unbearably delighted in his heart, and why wouldn't he be, he finally acquired the strength of a dragon, and one tenth of his Zhen Qi had already converted into Xiantian Zhen Qi. He was confident that now, he could easily compete with a Xiantian master.

Ye Xiwen had found Luo Tian's notes in his storage ring and learned from it that Xiantian realm was also divided in nine stages and these stages depended on the amount of Zhen Qi already transformed into Xiantian Zhen Qi. If 10% of Zhen Qi had transformed into Xiantian Zhen Qi then the expert would break into the Xiantian first stage. If 20% of Zhen Qi had transformed into Xiantian Zhen Qi then the expert would reach the peak of Xiantian first stage. If 30% of Zhen Qi had transformed into Xiantian Zhen Qi then the expert would break into the Xiantian second stage.

In other words, now that he possessed the strength of a dragon, and had also successfully transformed 10% of his Zhen Qi into the Xiantian Zhen Qi, he could open up the world bridge of Xiantian realm and then, he would be able to compete with a Xiantian first stage master, though he would still lack the endurance of a Xiantian master. However, his strength would definitely increase by leaps and bounds.

But this happiness was short-lived, because even if he could compete with a Xiantian master, but after all, he had not yet entered the Xiantian realm and there was still a long way to go.

Almost half a month had passed with only ten days left. Within this time, he needed to continue to increase his score, although he had already gained a lot of points by killing those Zhang disciples, but he still felt that his score was not enough to win a Blood Yuan fruit.

Now that his fighting power was comparable to that of a Xiantian master, it had become too simple for him to earn points, because now, even the demon beasts of peak Houtian ninth stage were simply not his match.

Days passed, Ye Xiwen beheaded many demon beasts on the way to Fengye Mountain and his score also increased rapidly.

Five days later, his total accumulated points had gone over 10,000 points, and during this period, he had also found a yellow token.

He didn't have an experience of this kind of competition and he didn't know if the score of 10,000 points was good enough or not. So, he had followed the rule of the more the better and had continued to collect as much points as he could.

However, the time to exit the Blood Yuan Territory had almost arrived and Ye Xiwen rushed towards the central region of Fengye Mountain. There, Blood Yuan fruit was about to mature, and at that time, Blood Yuan Territory would open up and the four elders would come inside to reward the fruits to the top scorers.

There was no need to worry about someone picking up the Blood Yuan fruits in advance, because, if it was picked by someone before it had fully matured, then it would lose all its miraculous properties and become a useless fruit. Everyone, including Xiantian demon beasts, knew about this fact and wouldn't touch it before it fully matured.

Those Xiantian level demon beasts possessed wisdom, in fact, it could be said that after entering into the Xiantian realm, demon beasts gained intelligence and wisdom. As these Xiantian level demon beasts grew stronger, their wisdom also increased with their strengths. These wise demon beasts were called 'True demon beasts' and the Houtian realm demon beasts were nothing compared to them.

Even formidable demon beasts could change their appearance into that of a human, and they belonged to the race named Yaozu race. (NT: 'Yaozu' means 'Demon race')


Near the Forest of Fengye Mountain, a group of dozens of Yi Yuan School disciples had gathered. The group was being led by both Ye Feng and Zhang Yang in the direction of central region of Fengye Mountain. According to the time informed by the elders, Blood Yuan fruit was about to mature, and then they would also be able to get out of the Blood Yuan Territory. In a blink of an eye, a month had already passed and it was enough to gather all of the Yi Yuan disciples together, and at the same time, also hunt for the points.

The sole purpose of this rule was to encourage the two sides to kill each other. After entering this dimension, all of the disciples had been scattered throughout the territory and similar to Zhang family, Yi Yuan School disciples had also searched for each other and gathered together, because staying alone and away from the main group could be life threatening.

In the beginning, both sides had a lot of casualties. Both sides had killed a lot of strayed disciples from the other side until Zhang family and Yi Yuan School disciples had gathered their own disciples and formed their respective groups.

In addition to that, Xiantian demon beasts had almost disappeared from Blood Yuan Territory. Every ten years, both schools would send a large number of Xiantian masters into the Blood Yuan Territory and they had exterminated almost all of the Xiantian demon beasts because these beasts required decades to reach the Xiantian realm. So, it could be said that the Blood Yuan Territory didn't have any Xiantian demon beasts left, and even if there were some left, then they were only a few in numbers. And this was the reason why Yi Yuan School had finally agreed to the idea of ​​Zhang family to send their core disciples together inside the Blood Yuan Territory. If there were Xiantian demon beasts running amuck inside the territory then they certainly wouldn't send their core disciples to their deaths.

Also, Ye Feng had already entered half a step into the Xiantian realm and his presence had helped in reducing the casualties to a minimum.

However, a lot of core disciples had died and the death count was at least over fifteen disciples. All of they were the core disciples of Yi Yuan School and losing even one could be considered a great loss for the School, but losing fifteen of them was definitely a severe loss for the Yi Yuan School.

Of course, Zhang family had also lost a lot of their core disciples.

“This competition is now coming to an end.” Ye Feng said, “We will immediately go to Fengye Mountain and wait for two elders to arrive.”

Although, they might encounter the Zhang crowd on the way to Fengye Mountain, but they had no choice. The fight between the two sides was inevitable.

Moreover, they needed to hurry and reach there before those Zhang disciples could, so as to stop them from getting their hands on the Blood Yuan fruit.

Everyone’s face had lighted up because they were finally getting out of here. In this month, their strengths had greatly improved. There were more than a dozen who were initially at the peak of Houtian eighth stage and had broken through to the Houtian ninth stage. For many disciples, the purpose of coming here had already been achieved and they had also greatly honed their skills.

“But we need to be careful of those sneaky Zhang bastards.” Ye Feng continued, “This month, I have always felt that something's wrong. Except for the first few days of skirmishes, it suddenly got so peaceful, this is not their style.”

“You are right, but there are so many people in our group and all of their plots will be totally useless against us.” Zhang Yang said with a smile. Although, the fat elder had commented that this year's group of core disciples was a lineup of losers, but that was not the case.

Zhang Yang was confident that there were enough people in their squad to take care of those Zhang disciples and as far as those top disciples were concerned, if he and Ye Feng joined forces then they could easily take care of them.

So Zhang Yang was not worried at all.


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