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Chapter 57 -Zhang family's bastards, die!

There were a lot of giant blood-red trees on top of the Fengye Mountain and a bunch of nine mouthwatering red fruits could be seen hanging from one of those trees exuding a very seductive aroma which was gradually spreading out in the surrounding area.

These were the precious Blood Yuan fruits found in Blood Yuan Territory.

Under those Blood Yuan fruit trees, there was a huge pile of corpses of demon beasts, ranging from the Houtian ninth stage demon beasts to even half a step Xiantian demon beasts.

Next to these corpses, two groups were confronting each other.

The group of Yi Yuan School disciples was being led by Ye Feng and Zhang Yang, while the Zhang's group was being led by the mysterious youth surnamed Liu.

“You people are really mean! You actually plan to have sole possession of all Blood Yuan fruits?” Zhang Yang said coldly while staring at the Zhang disciples.

“Give up the idea because when our elders will arrive, you guys are really going to get it!”

“Let's beat these bastards to death!”

All of the Yi Yuan School disciples were furious and started shouting.

Ye Feng narrowed his eyes but did not speak anything. He had led all of the Yi Yuan School disciples all the way up to here, and after arriving here, they had encountered a group assault from a flock of demon beasts. They had faced a lot of difficulty in beheading all of those demon beasts, and right after this, these Zhang disciples had appeared to take away all of the Blood Yuan fruits.

This matter had gone totally out of hand.

“If you are not willing to give up, then die!” Zhang Jingxin narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice.

“You will kill all of us? Then we will find you and send a punitive expedition to punish all of you.” A Yi Yuan School disciple got furious and said.

“Ha ha ha, punitive expedition to find us? For what reason? You Yi Yuan School disciples were all killed and eaten by the demon beasts so why do we have to be responsible for your deaths?” Zhang Guoqi laughed loudly and looked at the Yi Yuan School disciples as if looking at dead people.

The complexion of the Yi Yuan School disciples suddenly paled. Was it possible that these Zhang disciples had planned to kill them all and pretend that they had been massacred by the demon beasts?

And if their Yi Yuan School could not produce strong evidence to prove what actually happened?

“Since these disciples of Yi Yuan School are so stubborn, massacre them all!” The cloaked-youth surnamed Liu said.

Zhang disciples did not hesitate to release bursts of murderous aura. Ye Feng also jumped into the fight, but in just one month, the strength of these Zhang disciples had actually improved a lot.

But Ye Feng was relieved to see that three of the Zhang's seven top disciples were not present. He could only see four of them and being half-a-step into the Xiantian realm, he could easily handle four experts of peak Houtian ninth stage. However, he certainly did not know that the other three had already been beheaded by Ye Xiwen.

However, Ye Feng was getting a bad intuition about that mysterious cloaked-youth. He was having a dangerous feeling and this intuition of his had saved him many times in the past.

The youth surnamed Liu suddenly rushed out and Ye Feng actually saw that each of his steps was creating a huge crack on the ground.

A terrifying imposing aura unleashed from the body of that mysterious youth and locked firmly on Ye Feng.

“Xiantian, he is actually a Xiantian master!” Ye Feng was startled because being half a step into the Xiantian realm, he very well understood how much terrifying a Xiantian master could be.

For martial artists, the Xiantian realm was like the first step. Houtian realm was like laying the foundation and becoming a Xiantian master was like completing the first transformation.

A terrifying imposing aura had spread throughout the area and was completely suppressing the morale of the crowd like a mountain itself and a normal human being would definitely faint under such pressure. This was the coercion of a Xiantian master, and those disciples could bear it only because they were considered elite among the elites and possessed firm minds. For ordinary disciples, only a look from a Xiantian master was enough to severely injure or kill them.

“Everybody run, wait for the arrival of our two elders, then we will settle things with them!” Ye Feng shouted. He drew a long sword from his back and stood in front of everyone to give them a chance to escape.

“Ha ha ha ha, do you think they can come in?” The youth surnamed Liu suddenly laughed and said and looked at Ye Feng and other Yi Yuan disciples, as if watching a group of ants, “This space has already been sealed from inside. Someone will come to your rescue? Stop dreaming, ha ha ha ha! “

“What!” Yi Yuan School disciples felt a shock in their hearts. The space had been sealed? It actually meant that Blood Yuan Territory had been locked and no one would be able leave or come inside. They had been trapped inside to die.

“They go too far, everyone, let's fight with them!” A Yi Yuan School disciple roared.

“Yes, let's fight! We won't die like scapegoats!”

“Overconfident, kill them all, do not leave even a single one alive!” The cloaked-youth surnamed Liu said in a cold voice, however, his eyes were constantly staring above at the matured Blood Yuan fruits.

His eyes were revealing a greedy look.

That youth surnamed Liu suddenly drew out his long blade and instantly chopped out a terrifying coercion accompanied with a dazzling Daoguang which rushed towards Ye Feng. (NT: 'Daoguang' means 'bladelight')

The surrounding aura instantly condensed into a row of Daoqi which clustered together into a roaring dragon and instantly flew towards Ye Feng.

Ye Feng struck his sword and the Jianqi erupted out of its tip containing even more power than that of the peak Houtian ninth stage.


A fierce collision occurred between the Daoqi and Jianqi in the air and caused a terrifying blast which sent out a layer after layer of strong air waves in all directions. The power of Daoqi released by the youth surnamed Liu didn't diminish and severely hit Ye Feng's body.

“Poof!” Ye Feng spat a mouthful of blood and his body was sent flying upside down.

“Overconfident!” The youth surnamed Liu said with disdain.

“Brother!” Ye Ruxue rushed out from the crowd and ran up to the side of her brother, Ye Feng.

“Do it, kill all of them and leave no one alive!” Zhang Jingxin cruelly said.

Zhang disciples screamed loudly and rushed towards the Yi Yuan School disciples.

Suddenly, a loud piercing sound came out of nowhere and spread throughout the sky together with a huge Daoqi which chopped out instantly towards the group of Zhang disciples.

“Zhang family's bastards, die!” A loud voice thundered in the sky.

Several Zhang disciples tried to escape but couldn't and instantly got chopped down into pieces.

“Who is it?” That youth surnamed Liu was the first to shout.

“It's me!” A figure could be seen from far, getting closer. The eyes of everyone were filled with horror, because it was actually Ye Xiwen.

“It's actually you? How is this possible? You should not be …” Zhang Jingxin said with an unbelievable look on his face.

“It's quite unexpected right?” Ye Xiwen sneered and said, “Unfortunately, it didn't happen the way you had wished for because I have already chopped down those several other Zhang losers you sent after me.”

“How dare you!” Zhang Jingxin said in a shocked tone because they were not just one of the ordinary core disciples. They were one of the top seven disciples of Zhang family, and out of those seven top Zhang disciples, Ye Xiwen had already slaughtered three.

Zhang Jingxin immediately became furious.


(NT: I am currently editing Chapter 58 & 59 . It will take time so expect them in few hours.)

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