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Chapter 55 - Houtian ninth stage

The attacks of these Violent Apes left shallow blue bruises on Ye Xiwen's body, but within a few breaths time, all of these bruises completely disappeared.

Ye Xiwen's body had become very formidable!

Ye Xiwen turned around 180 degrees and gave a solid punch to a violent ape, killing it instantly.





“Bang!” Ye Xiwen curled his fingers into a fist and punched out violently which caused many air explosions.

“Bang!” A loud noise of explosions spread out and an endless amount of Zhen Qi burst out everywhere in the surrounding.




“Clang!” With the sound of unsheathing a blade, a foot long Daoqi emerged from Ye Xiwen's palm!





. . . . . .

A move after move, Ye Xiwen continued to use the blade skills using his palms instead of his long blade. Each of his moves would kill a violent ape instantly, although, these violent apes were at the Houtian ninth stage, but they still weren't his match. (NT: Ye Xiwen is using a 'Daoqi' in his hands to display his blade skills.)

Ye Xiwen estimated that their combat strengths should be in between Houtian and Xiantian realms. They were the so-called 'half-step into Xiantian realm' type demon beasts.

Now, Ye Xiwen could have a breakthrough anytime and once he had a breakthrough, then he would be able to easily compete with a Xiantian realm master.

The strength of his mortal body had already reached the strength of 99 Tigers that was the peak level for a Houtian realm expert. And if he continued to temper his body with all kinds of external forces, then his strength would finally reach the strength of a dragon.

This unceasing massacre by Ye Xiwen had finally angered the violent ape king. It was a huge violent ape with its whole body covered with fiery red hair. There was a grim look on its face and a pair of bloody red eyes was staring maliciously at Ye Xiwen. The violent ape king punched out its gigantic fist and each fist produced layer upon layer of fire waves rushing towards Ye Xiwen.




Ye Xiwen gather the Qi into both his palms and directly shot up in the air causing a huge air explosion accompanied with a sharp loud sound.

“Roar!” Violent ape king fiercely punched into Ye Xiwen's chest and he spat out a mouthful of blood, however, right at that moment, he also gave a lightning-fast direct kick on its belly.

“Dang!” It felt as if Ye Xiwen had directly kicked on a steel plate. The violent ape king only felt a momentary numbness in its body from the terrifying strength present in his kick, and retreated a few steps.

This was not the first time he had fought with violent ape king. During the first fight, he had nearly died at the hands of violent ape king because it was a demon beast that had actually entered half a step into the Xiantian realm.

These types of demon beasts were terrifyingly strong and could be compared to a semi-transformed Xiantian master.

Ye Xiwen truly felt how overpowering a Xiantian master's strength could be. Although he had beheaded Luo Tian before, but he had already been wounded by Hua Menghan and was extremely weak, otherwise, on that day, he would have died instead.

All this time, Ye Xiwen had just been playing around with this giant ape, training his body externally at the same time. If he was just an ordinary master of peak Houtian ninth stage then he would definitely have died at the hands of these violent apes.

However, the “Tyrants Body Technique” had showed its terrible power during this training. Although, his body looked slim, but it actually contained an explosive power condensed inside it.

Although, right now, Ye Xiwen was a lot weaker than violent ape king, but as long he didn't receive a direct frontal attack from it, he could continue to heal his minor injuries by eating the medicinal pills and like this he could keep on playing around with the violent ape king.

Initially, his punches and kicks almost had no effect on the violent ape king, and even if he tried his best, he couldn't shake its huge body. But now, he had become stronger and could easily push it several steps back.

In such a short interval of ten days, the progress in his body's strength was simply unbelievable. The continuous process of getting beaten up and healing, again and again, to rapidly increase the body strength had actually worked. And finally, he had reached the critical point of Houtian eight stage and was only a step away from Houtian ninth stage. Once he entered the Houtian ninth stage, he would be able to climb a step above his current strength of 99 Tigers, and would finally acquire the strength of a dragon.

Ye Xiwen suddenly took out his long blade from the scabbard on his back, which released a bright light and a Daoqi, shaped like a long blade, chopped out towards the violent ape king.

Violent ape king suddenly punched out fire waves towards Ye Xiwen, but these fire waves were instantly chopped down by the Daoqi which then rushed forward and directly collided into its huge fist. Ye Xiwen's blade attack was so fierce that it had actually cut out deep wounds on its body. Even the bones were visible and the blood was constantly flowing out of these wounds.

“Roar!” The violent ape king suddenly cried out in pain and its eyes looked even more brutal. Numerous flames flared out from the gaping wounds on its body and the scene resembled a volcanic eruption. The violent ape king had directly turned into a violent flaming ape.

Flames burst out from the punch of violent ape king and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. But, he calmly looked into the blood-red eyes of violent ape king, because, he sensed that its movements had started to look very slow.

“Boom!” Suddenly, something exploded inside Ye Xiwen’s body and he, who had not been able to have a breakthrough for a long time, finally had breakthrough.

“Tyrants Body Technique” suddenly started to revolve wildly inside his body.

The strength of ninety-nine Tigers started to gather at one point inside his body and started to transform into an immense strength. His strength was no longer decentralized and had started to unite together.

“Boom!” At this moment, “Tyrant Body Technique” finally broke through to the first layer of the 'Xiaocheng' realm, and he finally acquired the strength of a dragon.

Ye Xiwen heard a faint voice of a Dragon within his body.

   He fiercely opened his eyes, an imposing aura spread out and he threw a kick towards the violent ape king.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen, once again kicked the violent ape king, however this time, the terrifying strength of a dragon present in his kick directly blasted away the violent ape king and it tumbled down to one side.

However, he did not continue to chase after it to give the killing blow. Because, he sensed that the Zhen Qi inside his body had begun to stir up and was constantly revolving around.

Ye Xiwen knew that he was about to have a breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen constantly condensed the Zhen Qi inside his body. His body had already acquired a touch of Xiantian Zhen Qi, and at this moment, this early experience had played a guiding role in transforming countless amount of Houtian Zhen Qi into the Xiantian Zhen Qi.

He didn't know how much time had already passed. It seemed like many years had passed, but also like only a few seconds had passed. After he had condensed the Zhen Qi, he felt that 10% of the Houtian Zhen Qi inside his body had fully transformed into Xiantian Zhen Qi.


Ye Xiwen finally broke through to the Houtian ninth stage.

After breaking through to the Houtian ninth stage, Ye Xiwen suddenly laughed out and once again looked towards the violent ape king with a glorious look in his eyes. His blade shined brightly and 'Daoguang' rushed towards the mighty violent ape king and chopped it into two halves. (NT: 'Daoguang' means 'Bladelight')


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