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Yue Rui and the other people hoped that Ye Xiwen would succeed in slaughtering the commanding general of the demon beasts as his assault started making more and more noise. Otherwise, they would get surrounded even more tightly by this army of demon beasts. And, who would dare to say that they could escape if that happened unless they were an expert of the Sage Accomplished realm?

They might have underestimated Ye Xiwen initially. However, nobody dared to look down upon him now. It wasn't considered a big thing if a Sage Great Perfection level expert defeated another Sage Great Perfection level expert. However, it was a shocking thing if an expert of the late stage of sage realm defeated an expert of Sage Great Perfection realm. Perhaps, only a top-notch heaven's pride expert could achieve such a feat.

In fact, they couldn't say with certainty whether a top-tier heaven's pride expert of the late stage of sage realm could defeat an ordinary Sage Great Perfection level expert. In contrast, it seemed that Ye Xiwen could even prevail over a top-notch heaven's pride expert of Sage Great Perfection realm. Thus, the disparity was huge.

Ye Xiwen didn't know what they were thinking. He didn't have the time to think about that right now. After all, an increasing number of demon beasts were surrounding him from all directions as he penetrated deeper and deeper whilst carrying his assault toward the centre. His consumption of Real Elemental Energy had reached to a terrifying height at the moment. Consequently, the Heavenly Source Mirror had given up on absorbing the inner cores of demon beasts, and had begun to transform the Demon Elemental Energy that was present inside these inner cores into Real Elemental Energy in order to keep up with the increasingly high energy consumption. Otherwise, the consumption of Primary Spirit Dans would have reached to an astronomical figure.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen had been encountering the elite demon beasts since he had reached close to the centre. These demon beasts were much more ferocious that those on the outskirts. The majority of the demon beasts on the outskirts were at the semi-sage realm. But, those demon beasts had been replaced by sage level demon beasts after Ye Xiwen had reached close to the centre. Even Ye Xiwen had begun to find it strenuous.

He had finally realized that there was a fundamental difference in the quality of this army of demon beasts and the hordes of demon beasts that he had slaughtered in the past.

An average person would've already died if they had been in his place.

"Ye Xiwen, you can't continue to delay. Otherwise, a mishap may befall you!" Ye Mo warned loudly.

Ye Mo's entire body had turned red, and was exuding an ominous bloody glow. He used to be somewhat weak and transparent. However, his entity had solidified after he had absorbed the inner cores and blood essences of a number of demon beasts during this battle. The Heavenly Source Mirror had obtained enormous benefits. In fact, his body might take form if it continued like this.

Ye Mo was merely a tool spirit. However, Ye Xiwen had always seen him as a mentor and a friend. Therefore, he would help him in reconstruction of his body and free him from the shackles of the Heavenly Source Mirror with the passage of time. Of course, it would be better if Ye Mo chose the Heavenly Source Mirror as his core and assimilated it. However, this wouldn't work for Ye Xiwen since Ye Xiwen intended to make the Heavenly Source Mirror his primary divine tool.

Therefore, only two ways could be adopted. Either Ye Mo had to obtain an exceptionally good body, or he had to reconstruct his body by absorbing enough blood essence.

At this moment, Ye Mo felt that his body would be formed again.

Ye Xiwen nodded. [I can't go on like this. It's already too late. I must kill all of those Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts. They are the generals of this army. This army of demon beasts would collapse and fall into confusion if I kill those generals.]

Ye Xiwen didn't wait any longer after he had thought this. He quickly unfolded his devil wings, transformed into a streamer of light, and shuttled inside the army of demon beasts like a lightening bolt. The power of wind and thunder began to boil on his wings, and issued a thunder storm. Those demon beasts which had been making futile attempts to get close to him were swept away by the power of wind and thunder, and were left to perish in the end. Ye Xiwen had finally gone all out! He had unleashed all of his firepower!

A senior Sage Great Perfection level demon beast had occupied a spot in the depth of the army. It was emitting a fierce aura from its body. It shouted at its subordinates, and commanded them to launch a suicidal attack on Ye Xiwen.

However, such tactics wouldn't work on a person like Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen possessed a brilliant understanding of military tactics. In fact, this was simply a beginner's tactic in his eyes. After all, he had read all the books in the library of the Yi Yuan School. He had grasped all the concepts of battle. In fact, he had a better understanding of military tactics than the veterans of his time. However, he hadn't gotten the opportunity to use these tactics till now.

Moreover, he even had a profound understanding of those so-called 'theoretical battle tactics' which were hard to put into practice. However, he was still astonished to see that this demon beast general had the ability to unleash his troops to their demise.

Ye Xiwen's speed was extremely quick. And, he arrived in front of that demon beast general of Sage Great Perfection realm in an instant. Many soldiers were present in front of that general as a defensive line, but they weren't able to stop Ye Xiwen's footsteps. Instead, they got blown away by the power of wind and thunder of his devil wings.

"Puny human, how dare you intrude in my domain?" That demon beast general of Sage Great Perfection realm swept its glance. Its eyes looked cruel and ruthless as it swept out its tail towards Ye Xiwen. Its tail was thicker than Ye Xiwen's body. The pointed end of the tail pierced through the vast sky, and produced cracks in it. Its tail was no less than a magic weapon.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen grasped that thick tail with his hands, and the veins in his arms swelled as a result. He then spun around that Sage Great Perfection level demon-beast-chief, and formed a huge whirlwind. And, the demon beasts that had been trying to get close got swept away in a split second as a result.

Another demon beast of Sage Great Perfection realm rushed over. It trod down the sky, and launched a long-range raid. This attack left the entire world to tremble, and distorted the sky.

"Crack!" the shrill sound of breaking of space was heard as Ye Xiwen threw away that Sage Great Perfection level demon beast general. And, it went into the direction of that other Sage Great Perfection level demon beast that was executing the long-range raid.

"Bang!" The two hill-sized beasts suddenly collided with each other, and shook the world. Ye Xiwen strode forward, and stepped across a long section of space. He had arrived above the two giant beasts in the sky in an instant.

He brandished his fist. It smashed in the space, and a tremendous force suddenly exploded in the void.

The two Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts were supposed to be extremely powerful. But, they were practically nothing in front of Ye Xiwen's fist. They got crushed into a mass of blood fog by the big star. Then, the Heavenly Source Mirror absorbed their blood essence.

Suddenly, the Heavenly Source Mirror emitted brilliant rays of scarlet light. The blood essence obtained from these two Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts was much better than the blood essence obtained from the entire crowd of semi-sage level demon beasts.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't stop there. He went deeper into the formation, and continued to slaughter the Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts wherever he saw them. Those Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts were considered to be extremely fierce, but they looked insignificant in front of him. At present, Ye Xiwen could defeat even a heaven's pride expert of Sage Great Perfection realm. So, these ordinary Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts were nothing for him.

"Who is this human? He is brutal!"

"It seems that he's targeting the Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts like us!"

"Damn it! This man is killing wantonly. He wants to kill all of us!"

The demon beast generals began to use their divine senses to communicate among themselves. After all, they had realised that Ye Xiwen wanted to eliminate all of them in order to cause the collapse of their army of demon beasts.

There were numerous demon beasts in this army. In fact, they were simply endless. However, there weren't many demon beasts of Sage Great Perfection realm among them. There were only about a dozen of them. And, only six of them remained at this time. Ye Xiwen and Gong Yan Jia had killed the others. Therefore, those remaining six demon beasts of Sage Great Perfection realm rushed out at the same time. After all, they couldn't allow Ye Xiwen to continue with his killing spree. Otherwise, the entire army of demon beasts could collapse.

Those six demon beasts had rushed out collectively. Each of them was at the Sage Great Perfection realm. So, they could be considered as the elites among sage experts.

"Damn human, die!"

Those Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts assembled in a matrix formation. They strode over quickly like a storm even though they had enormous bodies. Then, they launched a joint attack on Ye Xiwen. Those attacks condensed into an incredibly huge sword in the sky, and swept down towards Ye Xiwen.

These Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts had used a special matrix formation. The combined strength of the six huge Sage Great Perfection level beasts had been concentrated into that incredibly huge sword. So, it seemed that it would smash the sky into pieces.

Some unlucky demon beasts couldn't escape in time, and were cut into two halves by that sword. The huge sword had even smashed their souls into pieces. It was evident that those demon beasts didn't have any luck on their side.

"Haa!" Ye Xiwen shouted as his golden vitality surged out.

"Buried Heaven Sword!" Ye Xiwen's pores emitted sword energy. This sword energy condensed into a sword in the sky, and faced the bombardment of the incoming sword energy.


The two swords suddenly collided with each other. Nothing could remain intact under the dreadful force issued by this collision. It swept out energies. These energies swirled in the air, and crushed the space into fine powder. Consequently, the chaotic energy was left to surge in all directions.

However, the potency of the sword intention that was condensed inside Ye Xiwen's sword energies didn't decrease. Moreover, Ye Xiwen's sword had already defeated the sword that had been condensed jointly by those Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts.




The Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts weren't able to resist Ye Xiwen's ferocious Buried Heaven Sword. Then, his formidable sword intention locked onto them, and left them incapable of making an escape. Therefore, they got chopped down, and transformed into a mass of blood fog.

They had been at the Sage Great Perfection level before their deaths. However, there was a difference of cloud and mud between their strength and that of Ye Xiwen's.

The remaining demon beasts instantly scattered like scared birds as this happened. After all, they had been freed from the reins of these Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts. So, they let out strange cries, and began to run away one after another. These human experts seemed like Gods of Death to them. In fact, these demon beasts would've escaped long ago if they hadn't been under the restraints of those few Sage Great Perfection level demon beasts. However, they didn't have those restraints on them anymore since those Sage Great perfection level demon beasts had been killed by Ye Xiwen. Therefore, these ordinary demon beasts had decided to flee.

(To be continued).

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