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Those demon beast soldiers scattered like scared birds, and disappeared without a trace. After that, Ye Xiwen collected that huge city at the centre of the army of demon beasts. After all, it was a sage tool! It was certainly undeveloped. However, it was a sage tool nonetheless.

"Haha! Ye Xiwen, it's a big gain!" Ye Mo's excited voice emitted from the depths of Ye Xiwen's mind. "It's hard to tell how much wealth this army of demon beasts had plundered. And, all that wealth has been concentrated in this city-type divine tool!"

Ye Xiwen's divine sense made a round. This army of demon beasts had been moving unhindered in the Great Gas Collar for several hundred years. It was hard to say how many treasures and spirit dans had been plundered by them. The majority of that wealth had already been consumed by them. However, an astronomical amount of wealth was still left in the stock. There were hundreds of pseudo-sage tools among that wealth. These pseudo-sage tools couldn't be sold for as much as the sage tools in the outside world. However, their quantity was extremely huge. So, they could collectively be sold for a good price.

Many elixirs were also present among the treasures. These elixirs had matured to a great extent since the Great Gas Collar had opened after a long time. In fact, they had become exuberant. The demon beasts that had gathered these elixirs didn't have the ability to refine them using alchemy. So, they had basically gathered them for direct consumption. They used to eat all kinds of heavenly treasures; they were exceptionally luxurious.

And, all these things had fallen into Ye Xiwen's hands now. However, he didn't pay attention to them, and placed them inside the Heavenly Source Mirror.

Everyone was blankly staring at his cyan figure in the sky; their eyes were full of disbelief.

"He has slaughtered them all within such a short span of time!" Ding Tong's face also exposed a look of disbelief as she gazed at Ye Xiwen. She was the one who had found Ye Xiwen. However, she hadn't expected that he could be so powerful; it was simply beyond her imagination.

Everyone was shocked. They had wished for Ye Xiwen's success from the bottom of their hearts. However, they hadn't thought that he would be able to succeed.

Ye Xiwen felt several gazes on him after he had obtained the city and placed it inside the Heavenly Source Mirror. They turned out to be the members of his team.

The eyes of the black-robed Old Yin brimmed with resentment and despair as he looked at Ye Xiwen. He had witnessed Ye Xiwen's performance. So, he now knew that he might not be a match for this confident and fearless young man even if he were to mount a sneak attack on him.

Gong Yan Jia also looked at Ye Xiwen. He had a strong sense of alertness in his eyes, and a somewhat violent expression on his face.

Ye Xiwen smiled at them, and revealed his pure white teeth. His teeth were shining brightly. However, it wasn't so in the opinion of the members of the small team who possessed ulterior motives. In fact, they felt that Ye Xiwen was as dreadful as a phantom that had crawled out of the hell… even with his handsome face and sunny smile.

They couldn't help but tremble in fear. That outstanding, young, and seemingly naïve cyan figure looked out of place in this bloody sky which was filled with corpses and blood.

"All right. It's time for us to leave for that tomb since those demon beasts have turned back. We may not be able to show up there early. However, there is no harm in letting others do the exploration first!" Gong Yan Jia was the first one to react. He opened his mouth, and spoke-up. His hoarse voice had become even more unpleasant after the battle; it sounded like the voice of an old crow now.

He usually looked unpleasant due to his ugly facial features and abnormal body. However, everyone suddenly felt that he looked much more pleasing to the eye than Ye Xiwen. After all, he hadn't defeated an army of demon beasts single-handedly…

However, Ye Xiwen was somewhat surprised by Gong Yan Jia's mild reaction. An ordinary person would've gotten majorly affected after watching him defeat an army of demon beasts. It wasn't that Gong Yan Jia complexion had remained unchanged. However, it seemed that he was merely wary and nothing more. He wasn't terrified. This wasn't a normal thing for Ye Xiwen. [Does he have a trump card up his sleeves?]

Gong Yan Jia also seemed to be analysing him at this time. Undoubtedly, Gong Yan Jia posed the biggest threat to him in this team. In fact, Ye Xiwen had attacked comprehensively in order to intimidate everyone.

Ye Xiwen wasn't worried about what these people were scheming behind his back at the moment. However, it obviously wasn't a good thing if there was always someone scheming against him.

It looked like Ye Xiwen hadn't fully achieved his goal of frightening them.

Everyone agreed with Gong Yan Jia's suggestion. After all, these people had come specifically for obtaining the secret that was hidden inside the tomb. In fact, most of them couldn't even think of getting into the top 10 positions for inheriting the heritages of Great Building. It was obvious that that contest would be even more intense.

The team didn't delay further, and proceeded in the direction of the legendary tomb.

They came across an increasing number of demon beasts along the way. Those beasts were getting increasingly concentrated as they moved toward the tomb which was located in the depths of the Great Gas Collar. However, fortunately they hadn't come across an army of demon beasts again till now. Otherwise, they would have had to face great difficulty in moving ahead. Even Ye Xiwen didn't want to face them again since it would be too troublesome. However, the most terrifying thing that could happen was that they could come across a demon king level commander. There would be no problem if they just had to fight an ordinary demon commander. However, it would be too bad for them if a demon king of Sage Accomplished realm confronted them. In fact, no one apart from Ye Xiwen could dare to say that they would surely come out alive in such a case.

Ye Xiwen's speed was the fastest in this team. It seemed that he was willingly serving as the brave vanguard of the team. Moreover, he even went ahead while slaughtering all the demon beasts in their path. Everyone had come to know how terrifying Ye Xiwen's slaughtering efficiency was. In fact, there was no difference between a single demon beast and a group of demon beasts in front of him.

"Master, Ye Xiwen may turn out to be the most unexpected part in Master's plan. He may become the biggest obstacle for Master when the time comes. We must eliminate him before it's too late!" The black-robed Old Yin's eyes were full of hatred and desire for revenge as he looked towards Ye Xiwen.

He was the one who hated Ye Xiwen the most.

One would've jumped in fear if they had heard the black-robed Old Yin address Gong Yan Jia as 'Master'. Everyone in the team believed that the black-robed Old Yin was a helper whom Gong Yan Jia had found. However, their relationship was much different than what they had imagined.

"It doesn't matter. He has certainly proved to be beyond my expectation. However, he can still become a good pawn if used properly!" Gong Yan Jia coldly replied. His ugly face looked sinister as he let out an evil grin.

"He's like an ant in my eyes. And, I'll crush him to death if he dares to jump around!" Gong Yan Jia looked towards Ye Xiwen with his ice-cold vision, and said. His gaze looked indifferent and ruthless. It seemed as if he was looking at a dead person. However, he soon went back to his former alert expression.

"I'll crush you to death when you'll be of no use to me!"

Everyone was anxious. Everyone had their own ulterior motives. So, nobody had noticed the communication between Gong Yan Jia's and the black-robed Old Yin's divine senses.

"Ye Xiwen, Gong Yan Jia and that Old Yin were looking at you when they were communicating through their divine senses. They are probably scheming something against you!" Ye Mo suddenly reminded Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's hand had transformed into a hand-sword. A set of simple sword techniques had displayed incredibly might on being used by his bare hands. The demon beasts that had come in his path had been cut into two halves by him barehanded. And, they had then been absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror.

Ye Xiwen's team members might have been thinking of him as a resource that was doing the hard and brave work of being a vanguard. However, he didn't think so. After all, the blood essences and inner cores of the demon beasts that he had been killing were being absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror. And, the Heavenly Source Mirror had been becoming stronger bit by bit as a result. This meant that he had also been becoming stronger. So, he wasn't doing some laborious and meritorious deed as far as he was concerned.

"Scheming against me?" Ye Xiwen's expression turned ice-cold. He was certainly aware of the fact that everyone in this team harboured ulterior motives. After all, a team wouldn't add people to its ranks in such a casual manner.

However, his choice had been proven to be correct. After all, he might not have heard of this tomb if he hadn't joined this team.

He had obviously been able to gather much less information about the Great Gas Collar as compared to most of the other people because of the interruption caused by King Tai.

Ye Xiwen could at most trust Ding Tong in the entire team. The black-robed Old Yin and Gong Yan Jia harboured a great resentment for him. Therefore, they couldn't be trusted in any way. The black-robed Old Yin hated Ye Xiwen because Ye Xiwen had killed his brother, while Gong Yan Jia hated him because he was a threat to his command over the team. Therefore, these two men's attitude wasn't very nice towards Ye Xiwen.

Now, both of them had gathered. So, what Ye Mo had said had to be true. After all, what else could they be doing if they weren't scheming against him?

"I had anticipated this. These two have been dying to get rid of me. They certainly won't give up easily!" Ye Xiwen coldly smiled, and said. "Gong Yan Jia has a hidden strength which he hasn't revealed yet. He obviously thinks that he can destroy my hidden strength using his own. However, that won't work. The highest strength that is allowed inside the Great Gas Collar is the strength of the Sage Accomplished realm. An ordinary Sage Great Perfection level expert won't last against such incredible strength. However, I can easily escape a Sage Accomplished level expert even if I can't beat them. Moreover, I have the blood slave. The blood slave has deeply integrated into the body of the star colossus. It will come in handy sooner or later. And, the schemes of these people will only turn out to be wishful thinking once that happens. However, I mustn't fall into any trap!""

Ye Xiwen could escape even from the hands of a Great Sage expert. But, he couldn't be considered invincible in this Great Gas Collar as per his current strength. However, he didn't need to worry about self-protection. He still couldn't use the body of that star colossus. At present, the blood slave could display the strength of the late stage of 'half-step Great Sage realm' using the body of the star colossus. However, this was against the rules of the Great Gas Collar. So, it might get obliterated if it appeared. Moreover, the blood slave was an external entity, and wasn't the original soul of this star colossus. Their agreement still looked distant since it hadn't reached to a sufficient level. Consequently, the blood slave was incapable of suppressing the strength of the star colossus down to Sage Accomplished level. Therefore, it couldn't be brought into use unless he went out of the Great Gas Collar. But, he at least didn't need to worry about self-protection.

Therefore, whatever those two men had been scheming against him was only wishful thinking, nothing more.

"However, these two men are a pain in the butt!" The killing intention soared in Ye Xiwen's heart. He wouldn't show any mercy if-and-when he would face these two men that were scheming against him.

Regardless of what ulterior motives everyone in this team had in their hearts, they had finally arrived in front of a huge mountain range after travelling for half-month. The mountain range was covered with Yin energy clouds. And, these clouds were producing shrieking and howling sounds.

(To be continued)

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