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Ye Xiwen didn't care about what other people were thinking at this time. His entire focus was on capturing the leader of these demon beasts. He wanted to kill that demon general as soon as possible. Otherwise, many junior demon beasts could get attracted towards this place... like moths are attracted towards light.

One of the biggest reasons for the death of the majority of experts every time the Great Gas Collar had opened was that they had come across the army of demon beasts.

The royal clan of the Great Yue State used to send its organized army to suppress the experts of the devil race whenever they surfaced around the Great Yue State in large numbers. The current scenario was basically the same as that. It was just that the positions had changed this time.

"Children, someone is daring to penetrate our battle formation. Show him our ferocity!" A malicious laugh reverberated among the demon beasts.

Ye Xiwen's act was equivalent to courting death in their opinion. An expert of the Sage Great Perfection realm might be able to kill hundreds of semi-sage experts with just a slap. However, one thousand or ten thousand semi-sage experts could contend against that expert of Sage Great Perfection realm if they joined hands. In fact, they could even kill the said expert of Sage Great Perfection realm.

Whether it is quality or quantity, whichever side would display their strength to the extreme would emerge victorious.

Ye Xiwen found that there were many different kinds of demon beasts when he went deeper inside. And, all kinds of demon beasts were in abundance. There were many strange kinds of demon beasts present among them as well. So, he became certain that there was at least one kingdom of demon beasts nearby. An ordinary pack of demon beasts often possessed only one kind of demon beasts. It wasn't normal to have many different kinds of demon beasts mixed together.

These demon beasts were arranged in squadrons of three or four. These squadrons of three or four had combined to form a big battle formation. These demon beasts had already attained spiritual wisdom. And, that was the most terrifying thing.

"Fufufu, there's a human expert. Such exuberant vitality! My martial power will reach to an unfathomable extent after consuming him!"

"I haven't seen a human expert in a long time. Ha ha ha ha… He's bringing us blood and food!"

"These human experts are the overlords and princes of their respective star fields. They are the elites. Each of them possesses infinite wealth. We would become rich if we looted even one of them!"

These demon beasts revealed greedy looks when they saw Ye Xiwen coming in. A human expert would need special methods if they wanted to absorb the blood essence of a demon beast, and transform it into their martial power. However, these demon beasts possessed innate instincts. They could obtain the desired energy from the various types of flesh and blood that they consumed.

Consuming a person like Ye Xiwen could be greatly beneficial to them. After all, Ye Xiwen had cultivated a formidable 'body type power technique'. His body contained plentiful blood, and he possessed vitality to an unfathomable extent. Moreover, he was hardly concealing his vitality right now. In fact, he had set it free. Therefore, his vitality had started to dazzle like a beacon in the night sky.

Moreover, human experts often carried a lot of wealth on them. This was also the goal that they coveted.

The demon beasts arranged themselves into a huge formation, and madly attacked Ye Xiwen. They had attacked from every direction in an overwhelming manner. The scene looked exceptionally shocking.

"Buried Person Sword!" Ye Xiwen's ice-cold voice seemed to have transmitted from hell. It sounded ruthless and callous.




Thousands of sword-lights appeared in the sky, and rushed out for hundreds of miles. The sword-lights then slashed toward those soldiers who were rushing in.




It didn't matter whether it was a semi-sage expert or a sage expert. They all got cut into two halves by Ye Xiwen's sword-lights, and subsequently transformed into masses of blood fog.

They were being slaughtered miserably, and the masses of blood fog that were being produced as a result were being absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror inside Ye Xiwen's body.

There was no difference between semi-sage experts or sage experts before Ye Xiwen's sword-lights; all of them were getting slaughtered. Ye Xiwen was on a rampage. He seemed like a precise slaughtering machine. He was running amuck, and was slaughtering all these demon beasts.

Ye Xiwen seemed like a heavy tank without brakes. He was simply unstoppable at the moment. The sword-lights soared wherever he went. Each of his ice-cold and ruthless sword strikes appeared as accurate as mentioned in the textbook. Even the most basic sword techniques projected incredible power in his hands. Even the most random combinations of basic sword techniques possessed the might of some stunning sword technique.

Ye Xiwen had gradually found some rhythm in transitioning between the 'lifting heavy weight as if light' realm and 'lifting light weight as if heavy' realm as he practiced it on the bodies of those demon beasts. Therefore, even a light sword strike could crush them like a heavy mountain.

The demon beasts that had managed to enrol in this army were considered as the well-known figures among the demon beasts. However, they still couldn't contend against Ye Xiwen since he possessed the fighting prowess of a heaven's pride expert. They were simply not on his level.

These demon beasts contained powerful energy of blood essence inside their bodies. So, the Heavenly Source Mirror emitted increasingly bright rays of light since it was getting to absorb this blood essence. In fact, most of the attacks of these demon beasts weren't even reaching near Ye Xiwen's body. They were exploding beforehand. They were being blocked by the scarlet screen of light that had been emitted by the Heavenly Source Mirror.

Even Ye Mo didn't wish to be left out. He rushed out of Ye Xiwen's body, and a series of scarlet lights also swept out along with him. The demon beasts that got swept away by these blood lights immediately screamed, transformed into a pool of blood, and got absorbed in their entirety.

Ye Xiwen's slaughtering speed increased dramatically with Ye Mo's participation. And, he slowly moved towards the core of the army of demon beasts.

The depths of the army formation of these demon beasts felt overwhelming. The demon beasts were present everywhere. However, Ye Xiwen could still see that there was a city inside. In fact, it was a magical weapon in the shape of a city. The commanding general of this army of demon beasts was present in the centre of this city. It appeared domineering and magnificent.

Ye Xiwen was consuming his 'Real Elemental Energy' at a fast pace under such slaughtering. The 'Primary Spirit Dans' were burning unceasingly inside the Heavenly Source Mirror in order to replenish his Real Elemental Energy. Ye Xiwen had to resort to this method in order to replenish his energy because of the nonstop slaughtering. No one could've dared to burst in like it. Otherwise, they would certainly have been annihilated.

"Human, accept your fate!" a deep, gruff, and angry voice came from afar. It sounded like a thunderclap. Then, a hill-sized demon beast dashed towards Ye Xiwen to kill him. This demon beast's body was completely covered in hard armour.

Its grandiose aura locked upon Ye Xiwen. Its boundless aura swept out like a wave, and swept away everything. Even the demon beasts in the vicinity had been swept away. However, this demon beast didn't seem to care. Instead, it appeared to be brimming with ruthlessness and thirst for blood.

Its hill-sized body came charging in an overwhelming manner. Its gigantic body arrived in front of Ye Xiwen, but it somehow seemed as if a giant mountain had collapsed in front of someone.

However, Ye Xiwen's complexion looked tranquil. It didn't change even a bit. His brain was immersed in a high degree of calculation. He looked ice-cold and accurate like a machine at this time. He wouldn't make any mistake.

His slim body quickly rushed up to face that hill-sized figure.


Two entirely different bodies collided inside the army of demon beasts; one was big and the other was small. Massive and terrifying forces swept out from both bodies, and set off endless astral winds. Those astral winds condensed into an energy storm, and swept all across. That energy storm rushed out in all directions like layers of dreadful sea waves, and devastated everything in its path.




Those demon beasts in the vicinity that had been swept away by the energy storm screamed. After all, all of them had sustained serious injuries. In fact, the ones that had been close to the collision had been crushed into masses of minced meat. It was a scary sight.

The clash between two Sage Great Perfection level fighting powers was second only to the clash between two Sage Accomplished level ones.

The world collapsed and disintegrated. The calamity caused by this fight inside the army of demon beasts involved many of the surrounding demon beasts. However, Ye Xiwen didn't care. Why would he care about the deaths of these demon beasts? Moreover, this demon beast was obviously accustomed to brutality as well. So, it too didn't care whether its subordinates died or survived.




This was a collision of two unequal bodies in terms of size. However, the one that had gone out flying wasn't the slim human. Instead, it was that hill-sized Sage Great Perfection level demon-beast. This was way beyond the expectations of the demon beasts that were witnessing this fight.

That hill-sized demon-beast had been forced to retreat several steps by Ye Xiwen's kick. It had gone back several steps. And, every step of it had broken the space. Numerous cracks had been opened in the sky as a result. It could be clearly seen what kind of gravitational pressure it carried.

Blood was seeping out from under its scale-armor. Ye Xiwen's attack had seriously injured its internal organs even though it had worn armour.

A terrified expression appeared in the eyes of the demon-beast. It hadn't thought that this ordinary looking human could be so powerful.

Demon beasts were closely dependent upon their build regardless of whether they possessed formidable strength or not. However, Ye Xiwen's frail body couldn't be considered big even among humans… let alone among these demon beasts. Therefore, Ye Xiwen's body was like that of an ant as far as these demon beasts were concerned.

It seemed as if someone was going to trample an ant to death, but had been injured by the ant instead.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't have time to waste. He quickly condensed the Hanshan Seal. It then transformed into a giant mountain, and slammed down.


The sky turned into a complete mess as numerous cracks got opened in it by the intense pressure of that mountain-seal. The Sage Great Perfection level demon beast didn't get enough time to evade, and got suppressed to death along with several hundred other demon-beasts in the vicinity.

Ye Xiwen gripped his sword, and went further inside the army of demon-beasts. And, he continued his slaughter of demon-beasts on-route.

Everyone was watching Ye Xiwen's progress from the outside. There were some people who were looking forward to seeing him die in there. However, they were all outstanding talents. So, how could they not have figured that Ye Xiwen wasn't some crazy guy? He certainly had some backup.

Ye Xiwen's march into the deeper parts of this demon beasts' army gave rise to loud noises. There was chaos inside the entire army of demon beasts, and it was impossible to sweep in the divine sense to observe clearly. However, it could still be sensed where Ye Xiwen was, and where the chaos in the demon beast legion was.

"He is truly a Monster!"

These words appeared in everyone's mind.

The look of terror in the eyes of Gong Yan Jia got more and more intense.

(To be continued)

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