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Countless tyrannical demon beasts had been lurking in the Great Gas Collar. And, it would be the most dreadful thing when they'd assembled and form an army.

Ye Xiwen looked at the battle formation of the demon beasts. The majority of these demon beasts were at the semi-sage realm. Some more powerful and adult ones were at the sage realm. Such an army was terrifying from a general perspective. Hardly anyone could deal with this army.

"Humans, you must surrender obediently and become my slaves. I may spare your life if you do so!" a buzzing voice came from the army of the demon beasts. It sounded somewhat hoarse and shaky. It seemingly sounded a bit shaky because they weren't used to talking in the human tongue.

"This army is being led by a demon commander!" Yue Rui frowned and said. However, he looked somewhat relaxed. After all, it was much better to have a demon commander leading the army than a demon king.

It didn't matter how powerful a demon commander was. It could at most be at the Sage Great Perfection level. However, a demon king in the Great Gas Collar could even be at the Sage Accomplished realm. They might get an opportunity to escape if they were to come across such a large army of demon-beasts or a Sage Accomplished level demon king. However, they wouldn't stand a chance if they had to face both of them together. However, Ye Xiwen could escape from the hands of a Great Sage expert. So, he wasn't much concerned. In fact, everyone had become relaxed after they had realized that it was only a demon commander who was leading this army.

"The demons have arrived. Everyone must get ready to execute them!" Gong Yan Jia sneered. What kind of arrogance did he possess? He wanted to command these experts in order to attain the supreme throne in the team. So, how could he surrender to these demon beasts? It was impossible.

His voice hadn't faded when his leg suddenly stepped out. It transformed into boundless wind and clouds, and stamped down.

"Bang!" A large number of demon beasts got crushed to death. The space got trampled down by his leg. Gong Yan Jia's tyrannical power was simply incredible. His cripple-looking leg was his weak point. But, it was also his biggest weapon. He had transformed his defective leg into a sage tool. So, it possessed endless might, and was extremely terrifying. It was no wonder that Gu Tian hadn't been able to stop his kick, and had been sent flying. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for it was that there was a difference in their strengths. However, the main reason was the infinite might that his leg had obtained after being transformed into a sage tool.

"The troubles keep coming one after another!" Ye Xiwen frowned. It could be said that there were endless troubles in the Great Gas Collar. However, he didn't have any other option at this time. He had to go all out, and slaughter these demon beasts.

In fact, it wasn't only Gong Yan Jia. Even the others weren't ready to withdraw. They all attacked one after another. They were outstanding people. They wouldn't surrender to anyone; let alone to these demon beasts.

These Sage Great Perfection level experts had attacked with their entire strength. How could those semi-sage level demon beasts stop their attacks? Even the sage level demon beasts in that group screamed as they got crushed to death one after another.

"Damn it humans… you don't listen until you've been forced. Kill them for me, my children. Their flesh and blood will be a treat for us!" The demon commander's flustered, and an exasperated command came from the middle of the army of the demon beasts. It believed that it was giving these humans a chance to live. Therefore, it hadn't expected that these humans would dare injure his children by disregarding his mercy.

Suddenly, the densely packed army of demon beasts rushed towards the human team in an overwhelming manner. And, a myriad of demonic martial arts were unleashed towards the human experts to kill them.

These demon beasts couldn't match with these outstanding experts individually. However, they were marching in formation at this time. So, they were able to firmly resist the attacks of these outstanding experts. Yue Rui and the other people could only unceasingly evade while facing this joint attack that consisted of various demonic martial arts. They didn't dare to get close.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't have time to care about other people. Countless densely packed demon beasts were rushing towards him. A storm of demon beasts was rushing towards him along with waves of demon wind. Countless martial arts transformed into demonic beams, and swept out towards him.

Ye Xiwen didn't dare to delay. He promptly started to operate the 'Observing Person Scripture' inside his body. Then, two hammer-like fists transformed into two big stars, and smashed down.




Pitiful screams were heard every time Ye Xiwen's hammer-like fists pounded. They were accompanied by explosions of flesh and blood. Ye Mo was busy enjoying himself inside Ye Xiwen's body. After all, the blood essences and inner cores of these demon beasts were being absorbed by the 'Heavenly Source Mirror'. Consequently, the mirror was becoming more and more powerful with each passing second. Its aura was also becoming more and more pure and smooth. Apparently, it was advancing towards an amazing transformation. It had to move ahead one step in order to transform into a great sage tool from a sage tool. It would be able to crush these demon beasts effortlessly once it had completed the transformation.

The difference between a sage tool and great sage tool was same as the difference between a sage expert and Great Sage expert... It was like the difference between cloud and mud… or heaven and Earth.

A great sage tool's full strength attack was almost equal to a great sage expert's full strength attack. It wouldn't matter how tyrannical the army of these sage level demon beasts was if they were attacked with a great sage tool; they would be obliterated without exception.

However, a huge amount of energy was required in order to complete the transformation. And, it would take a lot of time to gather that much energy.

Ye Xiwen was fighting with his entire strength since those demon beasts were way too many. He wasn't worried about defending himself or exhausting his entire 'Real Elemental Energy'. However, other people were. Ding Tong was fighting with a sage level demon beast. It was a terrifying expert of the Sage Great Perfection realm.

She was unceasingly swallowing spirit dans for replenishing her 'Real Elemental Energy'. However, she still wasn't able to keep up with the energy consumption required for facing the full strength attacks of this Sage Great Perfection level expert.

The attack of a Sage Great Perfection level expert would certainly be overwhelming. Therefore, the consumption of 'Real Elemental Energy' and 'spirit energies' would be of an astronomical amount. How could she meet this requirement by depending upon her own natural rate of restoration? It was impossible unless she possessed a secret magical technique like the 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' that went against the heaven's will.

Ding Tong was attacking with her entire strength, and was swallowing all sorts of spirit dans for replenishing her 'Real Elemental Energy'. However, she was still finding it difficult to hold her own.

It was difficult to say who was stronger and who was weaker between a human expert and a demon beast since both of them had strong and weak points. The key was to see who could display their strengths to the peak at a crucial time.

Only the one who could display their strength to the peak could defeat their enemy. Ding Tong had ample fighting experience. However, her opponent was more cunning than her. And, it was taking proper advantage of its tyrannical body.

In fact, she would've lost a hundred times by now if Ye Xiwen hadn't been helping her from time to time.

"Ye Xiwen, the blood essences of these semi-sage and sage level demon beasts aren't enough. You must supply the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' with lots of good-quality blood essences if you want the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' to become a great sage tool. In fact, it should level up very quickly if you kill a few Great Sage level beasts, and let it absorb their whole blood essences!" Ye Mo's voice reverberated in Ye Xiwen's mind. He had absorbed a lot of blood essence and inner cores by now. However, those couldn't be put to use immediately. After all, he had to refine them first. Therefore, one must not look at it as 'the quantity is very huge' because high quantity is directly related to low quality. Therefore, the final result wouldn't be that good.

It would be far better to kill a powerful demon beast to get the desired result.

Other people would've certainly gotten scared to death if they had heard Ye Mo's idea. Gong Yan Jia had killed many demon beasts under his foot. In fact, he had even crushed a demon commander of Sage Great Perfection level. However, even he wouldn't dare to go deeper into the formation of these beasts.

One would be torn to pieces by the countless formidable demon beasts if they went deeper into their formation.

However, this was nothing for Ye Xiwen. It was very difficult for those demon beasts to injure him. Moreover, he could instheal himself with the help of 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' even if he sustained injuries. Therefore, this wasn't a problem for him.

Ye Xiwen silently thought for a moment. [What? You're asking me to kill a few Great Sage demon beasts? Great Sage demon beasts don't grow on trees. It is very difficult to find them. Moreover, I can only escape a Great Sage demon beast. I'm not powerful enough to kill one. So, chasing after a Great Sage demon beast is definitely not a thing to consider.]

Promotion of 'Heavenly Source Mirror' to Great Sage level still looked far-fetched. He had already decided that he would make 'Heavenly Source Mirror' his primary divine tool. Therefore, it was worth it to invest everything into the 'Heavenly Source Mirror'. After all, he would obtain great benefits in the future in the form of repayment.

However, Ye Xiwen still decided to try to burst into the formation of demon beasts. [There are too many demon beasts. They seem to be infinite in number. But, this problem can't be solved by simply wasting time. In fact, the demon beasts would continue to arrive if we delay. Moreover, it won't be easy to wipe them out if they went back to the kingdom of demon beasts.]

[The best way would be to kill the commanding general of these demon beasts. Then, this army of demon beasts would scatter. These demon beasts can be considered as intelligent as the human beings. However, they aren't humans. All of them are cruel and rebellious. They have gathered only because of the deterrence of their great general. So, I reckon that they will disperse if that senior demon general of theirs is killed.]

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate any further after he had thought this. He transformed into a golden streamer, and burst into the group of demon beasts.

Everyone watched him blankly as he burst into the group of demon beasts.

"Does he have a death wish? There's no need to be so rash!" Yue Rui muttered to himself as his bayonet pierced an approaching demon beast.

The other experts couldn't believe that someone had dared to burst into the demon beasts. One could probably sweep away a tribe of ordinary demon beasts. However, such an organized army of demon beasts was extremely terrifying.

"Damn it! This boy better not die!" the black-robed Old Yin said as if he was showing pity. However, he wasn't feeling pity for Ye Xiwen. He had said these words only because he wanted to kill him personally.

"What's he up to?" An expression of shock flashed in Ding Tong's eyes. She didn't know what Ye Xiwen was planning to do.

Gong Yan Jia had been indulged in a crazy slaughter. However, even he was in a state of disbelief at the moment. But, he didn't believe that Ye Xiwen was some crazy guy. [He's a guy who kills very decisively. How can such a guy be insane? So, the only possibility is that he has some assurance.]

[What's he leaning on?]

[Why is he so powerful?]

(To be continued)

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