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"Brother!" tears of blood came out of the eyes of the black-robed Old Yin as he screamed. These two brothers had been roaming unhindered for many years. They had been inseparable. So, he had never expected that he would have to helplessly watch his brother explode to death one day. And, this feeling had simply torn his heart apart.

Ye Xiwen stretched out his left hand. It then turned into a claw. And, that claw conveniently grabbed the mighty power of the Yin polarity that had been falling down, and crushed it.

It didn't matter whether it was the power of extreme Yin polarity or extreme Yang polarity. Ye Xiwen would give it no importance if there wasn't a proper balance between the Yin and Yang forces.

"My God, how can he be so powerful?" Xiao Yuan Yuan stared blankly at Ye Xiwen. Her eyes contained a terrified expression. She had never thought that Ye Xiwen could be so powerful.

She and Ding Tong were sworn enemies. Therefore, she had made fun of Ye Xiwen whom Ding Tong had brought along. However, she hadn't thought that he could be so powerful. And, she was extremely shocked as a result.

She hadn't been this surprised when that cripple Gong Yan Jia had attacked. He had certainly gained the upper hand while confronting Gu Tian. However, both of them belonged to the same realm. And, it was normal to have a strong person and a weak person in the same realm.

However, Ye Xiwen had killed that white-robed Old Yang even though Ye Xiwen was merely at the late stage of sage realm. In fact, he had dominated him thoroughly. And, that white-robed Old Yang didn't even have the power to fight back in the end.

These Yin and Yang brothers had to unite in order to display their supreme might. However, it was impossible now.

Yue Rui and the other people had also become afraid after they had found out how powerful Ye Xiwen was. It could be clearly seen that they had been blown away by Ye Xiwen's incredible fighting strength. He had pushed them in a bigger shock as compared to Gong Yan Jia.

"I'll kill you!" The black-robed Old Yin stared at Ye Xiwen with bloodshot eyes. It seemed that he wanted to tear him into two halves.

A predominantly black Yin and Yang fish boiled in his hand. It then rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen sneered. He was about to deal with this black-robed Old Yin when a divine beam fell from the sky, and enveloped that black Yin and Yang fish.

Everyone stared blankly. The man who had shot that beam turned out to be the cripple — Gong Yan Jia. His eyes looked dark and ice-cold as he said in his husky voice, "This matter ends here. The entire team must follow my commands from now on. Didn't I tell you not to violate my order?"

Gong Yan Jia looked into Ye Xiwen's eyes. His gaze was brimming with anger. However, it contained a bit of jealousy as well. He hadn't attacked Ye Xiwen recklessly since he had also become somewhat afraid of him. He had been taken aback by Ye Xiwen's recent performance. In fact, he was no longer sure that he would be able to defeat Ye Xiwen. Therefore, he hadn't attacked.

He had connived with the white-robed Old Yang to launch a big attack on Ye Xiwen. He had planned to take him down using the Old Yang's brute strength. After all, he knew that everyone in this team had ulterior motives. So, he had planned to attack Ye Xiwen in order to overwhelm the others.

However, he had clearly understood that he had made a blunder. There were many things that weren't as smooth as he imagined them to be.

The white-robed Old Yang had died at the hands of Ye Xiwen. But, he couldn't let the black-robed Old Yin die in a similar fashion. After all, he would lose his prestige if that happened.

"He has killed my brother!" The eyes of the black-robed Old Yin were wide open. He hadn't thought that he would lose his brother in this fight. His heart was full of hatred for Ye Xiwen.

However, he couldn't understand that the problem lay with him and his brother. After all, they wouldn't have kicked an iron wall like Ye Xiwen if they hadn't been so arrogant and despotic. In fact, this represented the saying 'you reap what you sow'.

"Awesome. Gee. I couldn't have imagined that a character like you would be hidden among us. You're an elusive talent. The universe is so big, and it's full of wonderful things!" Yue Rui stepped forward to resolve the dispute.

"A man like Brother Ye is involved in our operation this time. So, our operation will certainly go smoothly. No harm will come our way!" Yue Rui continued.

The black-robed Old Yin didn't behave arrogantly towards Ye Xiwen this time. This represented the so-called saying 'One shows their arrogance towards those who aren't as powerful as them'. After all, one must maintain their so-called dignity.

The black-robed Old Yin couldn't be arrogant while dealing with an expert like Ye Xiwen. Otherwise, it would be too bad for him if Ye Xiwen misunderstood him and got provoked. Moreover, he had also witnessed Ye Xiwen's ruthless side by now. So, he didn't wish to confront Ye Xiwen directly.

The black-robed Old Yin swept his gaze across everyone. Ding Tong would definitely stand on Ye Xiwen's side. Xiao Yuan Yuan had also become furious with him and his brother a moment ago. Gu Tian had been blown away by his boss Gong Yan Jia. So, he wouldn't help him either.

Gong Yan Jia could be considered to be on his side, but he didn't seem to be interested in collaborating against Ye Xiwen. He could guess what these people were thinking at the moment. Each of them was selfish, and had personal ambitions. So, why would they agree to take the risk of testing out Ye Xiwen's true strength in order to avenge his brother? Moreover, who would cry for them if they got slaughtered by Ye Xiwen?

He knew that he was no match for Ye Xiwen without their help. His strength was almost the same as that of his brother's. And, Ye Xiwen had made his brother retreat again and again. His brother had been comprehensively defeated. In fact, his brother had been killed in only one move. The black-robed Old Yin wasn't much better than his brother. The two brothers could have contended against Ye Xiwen if they had joined hands against him. But, how could they possibly join hands now?

Therefore, he could only clench his teeth and glare at Ye Xiwen. He had to forcibly make himself give up the idea of attacking Ye Xiwen. However, he had developed a deep hatred for Ye Xiwen in his heart. He would certainly not think twice before attacking Ye Xiwen if he got the right opportunity.

He hated all these people as well. After all, his brother would still be alive if they had tried to save him instead of sitting back and watching him die.

Ye Xiwen coldly looked at everyone. He had understood that each person in this team had ulterior motives. In fact, it was difficult to understand how such a team had been formed in the first place.

He could trust Ding Tong; and only slightly at that. However, he believed that the other people would turn against him as soon as they got the opportunity. In fact, they wouldn't even think twice about it.

"All of us want to go to the tomb because there might be some secret regarding advancing to the Great Sage realm at that place. However, there's no need to harm friends!" Yue Rui pretended to be a good man, and said. It would be difficult to figure what kind of person was behind his 'goody two shows persona' if one hadn't seen the arrogance on his face earlier.

"We shouldn't delay in that case. It would be better if we got there quickly!" Ye Xiwen said.

"What are you so desperate about? The tomb wouldn't have opened yet!" Gong Yan Jia's hoarse voice revealed a contemptuous tone. It was clear that he was making fun of Ye Xiwen's lack of knowledge.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't get angry. After all, he indeed didn't know anything about this matter. So, it would be better if he followed other people for now.

"There must be layer upon layer of matrix formations outside the tomb. A large number of experts must have arrived there already. They may have brought the masters of matrix formations along with them. We don't need to attack the matrix formations. We must wait until those experts and masters have broken them down. We will take advantage of the confusion once those matrix formations are down, and we will enter without making any delay!" Gong Yan Jia said, "A large number of experts must have arrived this time, and many of them should be at the Sage Accomplished level. They could get mixed among the ordinary experts, and launch a surprise attack. Therefore, we must stay united. You must obey my orders. Otherwise, we will be defeated when the time comes. So, don't blame me for being strict!"

Gong Yan Jia was looking at Ye Xiwen as he said. Clearly, what he had said was directed at Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen was the only one among these people whose ambitions he couldn't see through. Moreover, he had become a bit scared after he had witnessed Ye Xiwen's power. He was confident that he could deal with most of these people. But, there was one person who might not obey him. And, that individual was this extremely powerful, untamed, domineering, and violent man — Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen showed neither approval nor disapproval. He remained quiet. After all, he would look for an opportunity to get away from this group when the time would come. And, stay united? It was all bullshit! Anyone could tell that these people could never unite. Gong Yan Jia had urged them to stay united in order to stop them from turning against each other. And, this was probably a good strategy for now.

Ye Xiwen wouldn't think of destroying this unity under normal conditions. However, Gong Yan Jia had better not blame Ye Xiwen for being strict if the former tried to treat him as cannon fodder.




Gong Yan Jia hadn't finished criticizing Ye Xiwen when the roars of demon beasts reverberated in the surroundings. Black clouds filled the entire sky, and waves of evil wind appeared like wailing ghosts and howling wolves. Countless tyrannical figures of hill-sized demon beasts appeared in front of everyone.

Everyone's complexion suddenly changed. They were surrounded by an army of demon beasts. One must know that the most dangerous entities in the Great Gas Collar were these demon beasts. Nobody had been able to wipe out these demon beats in all these years. The formidable ones among them had even formed a country of demon beasts. There wasn't any difference between them and the humans… apart from their appearance. The most ferocious ones among them were the so-called 'commander beasts' and 'soldier beasts'. An ordinary person would have a hard time escaping if they came across them.

These demon beasts were very cunning. In fact, the old demon beasts that had been living for thousands of years were as intelligent as humans; if not more. They had gathered as an army in order to chase and kill these human experts who had entered the Great Gas Collar.

These demon beasts were much more organized as compared to the unorganized experts in Ye Xiwen's team and all the other experts who had arrived from the River Shore Star Field and many other star fields. And, this organized army of demon beasts was a deadly threat.

An ordinary person would have to struggle in order to escape if they came across these demon beasts.

"Damn it! How have these demon beasts found us?" Yue Rui couldn't maintain his elegant demeanour this time, and secretly cursed.

Ye Xiwen, Gu Tian, Xiao Yuan Yuan, and Ding Tong immediately recalled that demon beast who had been spying on them. They had killed it. However, they didn't know that it had managed to send the information which had attracted such a big army of demon beasts.

(To be continued)

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