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A man stepped down from the flying light. He was dressed in yellow clothes. Ding Tong's voice rang in Ye Xiwen's ears. She had transmitted her voice to Ye Xiwen's brain using a secret sound transmission technique. "He is Yue Rui. He's the core disciple of the famous Seven Luminaries Divine School which is located in the River Shore Star Field!"

Ye Xiwen recalled that there was a school of this name in the River Shore Star Field. It was more powerful than the Dominating Heaven Dojo. But, it couldn't be compared with a giant force like the True Martial University. However, it was still a dominant party in the River Shore Star Field.

This man's cultivation was as good as Gu Tian's. In fact, it seemed a bit more powerful than his. Ye Xiwen could feel a suppressive force impacting his heart even though this man stood far away. The man carried an arrogant expression on his face. It seemed as if he was disdainfully overlooking the world.

Another man arrived immediately after him. He was short in stature, and had prominent features. He looked unusually ugly. However, he was dressed in magnificent snow-white clothes. It seemed as if he was pretending to be an elegant young master… as if a monkey had worn a crown. He looked ridiculous.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen noticed that his legs looked weird. That man had concealed his legs well. However, Ye Xiwen had noticed them at a glance.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't dare to underestimate him since his vigour and spirit were far more tyrannical than that of the yellow-clothed man. Moreover, his fundamental aura was randomly surging around. This man had already reached the peak of the Sage Great Perfection realm, and was only one step away from entering Sage Accomplished realm. Then, he would become a formidable person who would stand at the top of the sage realm. He also had a blazing and ominous look in his eyes.

"This is Gong Yan Jia. He's a major disciple of the Hidden Fantasy Sect. It is a major sect in another star field. He's the strongest among the four of us. However, his temperament is very violent. And, he hates it when people talk about his looks, or call him a cripple. You must also be careful about this!" Ding Tong's voice reverberated in Ye Xiwen's mind.

Two men and a woman arrived immediately after them. One of those two men was dressed in a black robe, while the other wore a white robe. Both of them looked skinny, and had wretched facial features. Their appearance was very similar. It was obvious that they were twins.

That woman was dressed in a black dress. She had a very cold bearing. It seemed as if she was emitting a chill from her body in order to keep everyone a thousand miles away from her. She appeared to be indifferent towards everyone.

"Brother Yue, Brother Gong Yan, how come you're so slow? My junior sister and I have been waiting for you for so long!" the red-clothed woman Xiao Yuan Yuan delicately smiled and said. She-herself had only recently arrived. However, it didn't appear so from her words. "Would you not introduce these three people to us?"

"Fufufu… Such a beautiful girl. He he… We, the cultivators of Yin and Yang, had been looking for such a fine 'human cauldron' for a long time, but we couldn't find any!" the white-robed old man among those twins let out an evil laughter as he said. He looked at Xiao Yuan Yuan with an avaricious expression in his eyes. It seemed as if he wanted to swallow her whole.

"Tee-hee. Indeed, elder brother!" the black-robed old man also laughed sinisterly. "What do you say, young girl? Marry my elder brother, and I can assure you that you will have the taste of being on the seventh heaven. Your cultivation will also advance by leaps and bounds. Sage Accomplished realm will only be a matter of time for you!"

These two old men had started to unscrupulously harass Xiao Yuan Yuan immediately after they had arrived. Ye Xiwen had an incredible insight. So, he had seen through these two old men. [They are probably walking on the path of dual cultivation. However, the evil energy soaring on their bodies makes it evident that they aren't walking on the correct path].

Dual cultivation wasn't some depraved way. Instead, it was an upright and straightforward path of displaying one's strength and discipline. The legend of the Yellow Emperor who had become an immortal overnight by having sex with a hundred females had been passed down for generations. The Daoist teaching also had a proper path of dual cultivation. And, Buddhism had the so-called joyous way of meditation. So, it could clearly be seen that the path of dual cultivation wasn't some corrupt method.

The monks paid particular attention to Land, Companion, Principle, and Wealth. Among these, the word 'companion' referred to both mates and friends in one's life. So, it also contains the idea of dual cultivation within.

However, every cultivator of dual cultivation path wasn't decent and righteous. There were many corrupt cultivators as well. Their dishonest ways would improve upon using this cultivation method. It also helped them in getting faster results. On the other hand, the honest and straightforward path of dual cultivation was all about long-term approach. Moreover, both the parties involved could benefit from it.

On the contrary, the evil way of dual cultivation was often predatory in nature. One party would be withered to death after their primary essence had been entirely plundered by another party.

These two men were clearly the dual cultivators of the evil way. In fact, one could tell that they weren't good people just by looking at them. Ye Xiwen carefully looked at Xiao Yuan Yuan once again. He found that she was an owner of the so-called inborn charming bone. This kind of constitution wasn't commonly seen in humans. This physique was very suitable for walking on the path of dual cultivation. One would make a rapid progress no matter whether they followed the correct way of cultivation or the evil way of cultivation. This method was outstanding.

It was no wonder that these two old men were this interested in Xiao Yuan Yuan. After all, the rapid progress of their evil cultivation would no longer be a fantasy if they could use her as a human cauldron.

However, Xiao Yuan Yuan wasn't aware of their ulterior motives. She only thought that they were old perverts. So, she looked at them in a very disgusted way.

"Fu*k off, you old motherfu*kers!" Xiao Yuan Yuan became furious. She took a valiant stance, and didn't show even a trace of weakness.

"It will be better if the both of you behave yourself. Otherwise, I won't mind killing a few people in advance!" Gu Tian stepped out and warned those two old men. He was the helper whom Xiao Yuan Yuan had brought along. He was a discerning person who could easily see their intentions for Xiao Yuan Yuan. And, he couldn't let those old men do whatever they wanted.

"Kill us? Fufu… Pretty boy, you're very courageous!" The white-robed old man stared maliciously at Gu Tian and said.

"A bunch of ugly freaks!" Gu Tian retorted disdainfully.

His voice hadn't faded when a shrill sound of breaking of space was heard. A figure suddenly arrived in front of him, and threw a kick at him.


The kick carried the impact of the end of the world. It formed a huge picture of the end of the world, and swept towards Gu Tian to shroud him. The air in the entire surrounding area froze. It was a scary sight.

However, Gu Tian's reaction wasn't slow either. His cultivation of Sage Great Perfection realm wasn't just for show. He shouted loudly, and his hands criss-crossed in order to resist the attack.

"Bang!" The entire space sunk by that kick which had come straight from the end of the world. A sound of 'crunch' was heard immediately-afterwards. Gu Tian let out a stuffed groan, and got blown away. He then spouted a mouthful of blood. His hands softly hung down since they had been mangled by that kick.

Everyone couldn't help but hold their breaths. They were stunned as they saw the scene before their eyes.

All of them were proud and arrogant experts. However, they became scared as soon as they saw this scene. Gu Tian's strength wasn't lacking. He was a top expert of the Sage Great Perfection realm. However, both of his hands had been broken by a single kick. The tyrannical strength of this kick had made them scared.

At this time, that figure finally emerged. It turned out to be Gong Yan Jia. His expression looked ice-cold as he looked at Gu Tian with his gloomy and cold eyes. Then, he tightly pursed up his lips and said, "Pretty boy, I will trample you to death if you make such irresponsible remarks next time!"

His voice sounded husky. Everyone was startled because of what had happened just now. It seemed as if a wild demon had crawled out of hell.

Gu Tian's face flushed with embarrassment. He forcibly suppressed the injuries to his body, and stood up. His vision had turned gloomy and cold. He had never come across such a difficult situation. He had always been considered a heaven's pride expert. He had been treated as a treasure worth protecting. He had never been kicked by someone so pathetically.



Gu Tian's broken hands suddenly recovered under his treatment. However, his complexion had turned ashen. He had realized that this man before his eyes wasn't an easy person to deal with. He looked lame. However, he was an exceptionally ominous person.

Ye Xiwen had finally understood what Ding Tong had meant by 'violent temperament' after Gu Tian had called Gong Yan Jia 'an ugly freak'. All individuals in this team were handsome men and beautiful women. Ye Xiwen wasn't exceptionally handsome. However, he was far from ugly. Only Gong Yan Jia and those two old men behind him could be considered ugly.

However, Gong Yan Jia's reaction was far too violent!

Apparently, he cared very much about his physical defect. In layman's language, the more a person cares about something… the less they have of it! The more a person cares about his appearance… the uglier they look. So, one must keep on experimenting with their looks. Also, a person tends to spend less of their money if they care too much about it.

"Ye Xiwen, each of these people are cruel and rebellious. Each of them is more arrogant and despotic than the other. They are a group of scoundrels. All of them have evil intentions. Are you sure you want to collaborate with these people?" Ye Mo's voice reverberated in Ye Xiwen's mind.

Ye Xiwen smiled and replied, "I wouldn't mind working with a group of devils as long as they provided me enough assistance. Anyhow, these people are only a little cruel and untamed. That's all. Who doesn't want to look domineering nowadays?"

Xiao Yuan Yuan was also looking at Gong Yan Jia with an ugly expression on her face. The graceful expression had vanished from her face. She was the one who had found Gu Tian. So, she had obviously lost her reputation.

She might appear as a frivolous woman with no real depth in her character. However, she obviously had self-respect and pride since she was an expert of the Sage Great Perfection realm.

"Fufufu… I told you this pretty boy is useless. However, you can still throw yourself into this old man's arms. I assure you that I will take you to the seventh heaven!" the white-robed old man laughed, and said. There was a sinister expression on his face.

Xiao Yuan Yuan's complexion turned ugly. However, she ignored the two wretched old men.

"Next, I want to make a declaration!" Gong Yan Jia swept his ice-cold vision across everyone, and said in his usual husky voice, "I shall be leading this group. All of you must listen and obey my commands. Who approves? Who opposes?"

Everyone was taken aback. They obviously hadn't expected this. The original members of the team like Yue Rui and Ding Tong were also shocked.

(To be continued)

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