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The two individuals didn't hesitate, and flew towards the depths of the Great Gas Collar after Ye Xiwen had agreed.

"I have invited you so presumptuously because there's a tomb in the depths of the Great Gas Collar. It is said that this place contains a secret that can help a sage expert to enter the Great Sage Realm!" Ding Tong explained.

Ye Xiwen raised his eyebrows. A bright light glittered in his eyes. The sage realm was an extravagant hope for the majority of experts.

However, every sage expert wanted to enter the Great Sage Realm. Sage experts could merely defend themselves in the starry space. However, Great Sage experts were considered the powerhouses of the starry space. In fact, they were capable enough of reigning over a region.

The Great Sage Realm could be attained easily by the experts of Sage Great Perfection Realm and Sage Accomplished Realm. However, the star field was like a natural barrier. So, it was much more difficult to make the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm in the star field as compared to on a planet. The promotion from the legendary realm to the sage realm could be said to cause the transformation of body. However, the promotion from sage realm to Great Sage realm led to the transformation of soul by this analogy. And, this transformation would be completed only after one had entered the Great Sage realm.

"However, many people have obtained this news. So, a chaotic fight between exceptional heroes is imminent. Therefore, we hoped to find as many experts as possible for support!" Ding Tong said.

Ye Xiwen nodded. Countless people would have gone crazy if there was indeed a method to enter the Great Sage realm. Moreover, those who have dared to enter the Great Gas Collar are undoubtedly super-experts of the sage realm. And, all of them would love to enter Great Sage realm.

"It is said that someone had obtained this treasure the last time this Great Gas Collar had opened. And, that person reached the Great Sage realm very quickly after going out of the Great Gas Collar!" Ding Tong added. "Therefore, many experts would be arriving for this secret this time!

"In fact, our team also has a lot of experts. I hope Brother Ye will join hands with me in the fight when the time comes!" Ding Tong glanced at Ye Xiwen with her sparkling eyes, and said.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that something wasn't right. [What kind of a situation is this? This Ding Tong obviously doesn't trust the people of her own group. Moreover, she wants an outsider like me to join her in the fight. Isn't it kind of funny?]

[It's evident how wary they are of each other. It's no wonder that they've dared to add more people to the group.] Ye Xiwen couldn't help but become more vigilant after having thought this. Ye Xiwen had known that the situation at the Great Gas Collar was going to be complicated. However, it was much more complicated than what he had imagined. He might fall into someone's trap if he were not careful.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't think much about it at this time. And, this was probably related to that secret which could help people to enter the Great Sage realm. Ye Xiwen couldn't let this opportunity slip out of his hands. After all, his journey to the Great Sage realm would become much simpler if he managed to obtain this secret.

He knew nothing about this so-called secret. Therefore, it would be better for him to follow this team, and obtain some concrete information first. Moreover, those people who might scheme against him must know that he was no fool. Only the time would tell who schemed against whom!

"We must not delay in that case. We must rush over there!" Ye Xiwen said. Then, both individuals quickly disappeared into the horizon.

Both of them were outstanding experts in the sage realm. It was hard to tell how many miles they had travelled within the blink of an eye. They had arrived inside a mountain valley after about half-day's time.

The Great Gas Collar was very famous for being a dangerous place. Violent auras of extremely fierce demon beasts could be felt everywhere. They would've had to fight with several beasts if Ye Xiwen hadn't sensed them in advance. Neither of them was afraid of those demon beasts. However, they wanted to avoid needless confrontations since they would've delayed them.

The entire Great Gas Collar was full of dangers. It looked like a prehistoric Great Ancient Continent from the fables. Wild auras of demon beasts were lurking everywhere.

They were present in large numbers, and had formed a kingdom. This kingdom had an army. It seemed as if it was a country of demon beasts. The situation was very dreadful. They individually couldn't cause a threat to the elite human experts. However, they seemed terrifying when they appeared in groups.

"We will wait for them here. Our team had only a few people at first. But, those few people had gone to look for helpers afterwards. And, I happen to be the first one to return among them!" Ding Tong said. "This place is full of demon beasts. This place is more terrifying than a desolate wilderness. Moreover, I have means to escape from an expert of Sage Great Perfection realm when it comes to one-on-one confrontation. However, it will be better to stay as far away as possible from that army of demon beasts!"

Ye Xiwen didn't say anything in response. An ordinary person must stay as far as possible from such an army of demon beasts. After all, one individual may be able to fight with ten or even hundred beasts. However, an ordinary expert surely couldn't fight with a thousand demon beasts.

However, Ye Xiwen wasn't ordinary. He was capable of fighting with a thousand demon beasts. So, he wasn't afraid of fighting with a huge group even if he was alone. After all, he had 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' to protect his body. So, he could recover from his injuries in an instant using this technique. Moreover, he had already perfected his Tyrant Body to the seventh layer. So, it wasn't that easy to injure him.

Ding Tong had keenly noticed Ye Xiwen's silence to her remarks of caution. However, she maintained her composure. After all, it was normal for the powerful experts to be a bit arrogant. Moreover, this person had managed to escape from the hands of a Great Sage expert!

She wouldn't have believed that this man who looked like an ordinary expert of the late stage of sage realm had escaped from the hands of a Great Sage expert if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes. In fact, she would've considered it a fairy tale if she had heard about this matter from someone.

One would think that Ye Xiwen was unfathomable if they had seen him at that time. One couldn't tell what his background was.

Ye Xiwen suddenly wrinkled his brows as he looked into the distance!

"A demon beast is peeping on us!" Ye Xiwen coldly smiled and said. "It's acting recklessly!"

Ding Tong was left dumbstruck as Ye Xiwen told her this. So, she swept out her divine sense. And, she found a spot in the space to be somewhat strange, and immediately became scared as a result. After all, they were about to gather at this place and a demon beast was spying here. This was a bad omen.

It was possible that a force of demon beasts had been keeping watch here, and was planning to launch an ambush after they had come to know that these people were about to gather here. Moreover, it was also be possible that the demon beast which was spying on them was merely a pawn that had arrived here to confirm the news.

In any case… it wasn't good news for them.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen was about to attack.


Suddenly, the entire sky began to tremble, and cracks opened up in the space. Startling divine beams surged down from the sky. Then, those enormous and powerful beams bombarded at that spot in the space.

"Aah!" a scream sounded, and a demon beast fell down from the void. It had been blasted into two halves by the direct bombardment.

Two figures came from afar treading on flying lights immediately after that. They had made a flashy entrance. They seemed to have travelled several hundred miles. Ye Xiwen condensed the Real Elemental Energy in his eyes, and saw through the light that had filled the entire sky. He saw the figures of a man and a woman.

The man stood in front. His imposing aura appeared like a mighty tide. He looked impressive, and his outstanding appearance seemed heroic. He possessed a kind of innate outstanding bearing. He seemed to be entirely different from a secretive kind of person like Ye Xiwen. They seemed to have two very different styles.

A person could tell that this man was powerful by merely looking at him. On the other hand, one had to stay with Ye Xiwen for some time to recognize the extent of his strength. So, this man was entirely different from Ye Xiwen.

The woman behind him was exactly the opposite. She wore a red dress that couldn't conceal her perfect figure. In addition, her perfect face carried an alluring and lovely appearance. One would feel a thrill deep in their bones if they shot a glance at her.

"Gee, didn't I say that you're too careless, Ding Tong. That demon beast had been observing our meeting spot. What would we have done if Brother Gu Tian hadn't attacked in time and that beast had spread the information?"

That alluring red-clothed woman scolded Ding Tong as soon as she arrived. Ye Xiwen shot a glance at Ding Tong, and found that her complexion had darkened. It was clear that she didn't have a good relation with this woman.

"This is the helper I've found — Gu Tian. He is currently at Sage Great Perfection level, and is only one step away from entering Sage Accomplished realm. He has arrived at Great Gas Collar in order to make the breakthrough. He will strive for a position among the top ten individuals of Great Gas Building when the time comes!" the charming red-clothed woman looked at that impressive man as she said.

"Gee, this wouldn't be the helper that you've found, right? Ding Tong, we're going to that tomb. There shall be dangers everywhere in that place. So, it would be a joke to take along an expert of the late stage of sage realm. He will only get tortured to death over there!" The red-clothed woman shot a glance at Ye Xiwen, and made out his cultivation level. Then, she said somewhat disdainfully.

These people were at the Sage Great Perfection realm. Only Ye Xiwen was at the late stage of sage realm. So, he stood out among these people in a way. However, he looked prominently weak to be precise.

The experts of late stage of sage realm weren't weak. In fact, they were famous even in the starry space. They could be sent to some remote star fields as ancestors without a problem. However, Ye Xiwen looked very weak in front of these three experts of Sage Great Perfection realm.

"There's no problem if he himself gets killed. However, I'm afraid that he will drag us down with him. Do you think that this is a child's play that anyone can come and join?" The red-clothed woman disdainfully looked at Ye Xiwen. She looked deep into his eyes.

She had hoped to see him all flustered and exasperated, and flying into a rage. However, she was surprised to see him calm and composed. It seemed that he either didn't mind her words… or had ignored them completely.

"Ye Xiwen, this is my comrade, Xiao Yuanyuan!" Ding Tong's complexion soon restored to normal. However, she was unceasingly sneering in her mind. [You will surely come to know who's being funny when you experience how ferocious he is.] "This is the helper I've found — Ye Xiwen!"

"This is the helper you've found? It's laughable. He he he he. It would've been better if you had returned empty handed instead of finding someone like this!" Xiao Yuanyuan rudely laughed. However, she realized that she had embarrassed herself because both the people whom she had ridiculed hadn't paid any attention to her. In fact, the way they had ignored her had left her to look like a clown. Consequently, a bitter look flashed in her eyes.

Suddenly, another burst of divine rays flashed in the sky, and several figures came over flying.

(To be continued)

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