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"Who approves and who opposes?"

Everyone was taken aback. They hadn't thought that Gong Yan Jia would declare his intention to lead them.

Everyone was left dumbstruck. [Is he insane? He is indeed very strong. However, other people in the team are also the experts of Sage Great Perfection realm. But, he wants to control everyone. Is he insane or what?]

"You're insane, you cripple!" nobody had said anything until now. Gu Tian was the first one to respond. He and Gong Yan Jia had already become enemies. So, he didn't need to be afraid of anything now.

Gong Yan Jia stared at Gu Tian with his knife-like vision. His eyes conveyed a simply message. [You don't approve? Then, get ready for a brutal fight.]

"Our team contains people from various places. And, everyone's strength is nearly the same. There is a saying 'A bird without wings cannot fly, and a snake without head cannot crawl'. Anyway, one of us must step up, and lead us in a certain direction. Otherwise, there will be a clash of opinions if there's no leader!" Yue Rui opened his mouth this time, and said. He hadn't anticipated that Gong Yan Jia would say such a thing at this time. However, he and Gong Yan Jia had a certain amount of mutual understanding between them. Therefore, he was in favour of Gong Yan Jia's proposal.

But, the complexions of Ding Tong and Xiao Yuan Yuan didn't look good. They were already in the weak position among the four original members. Now, Gong Yan Jia and Yue Rui had joined hands. So, it wasn't surprising that Yue Rui and Gong Yan Jia had gone out together and returned together as well.

Unfortunately, the two girls had very bad relations with each other. So, it was impossible for them to join hands to veto out the decision of the two male members of the team.

"Brother Ye, do you now understand why I had told you that we must stick together?" Ye Xiwen heard Ding Tong's voice at this time.

Ye Xiwen nodded. They might get swallowed if they didn't stick close together under this situation.

"Nobody has opposed. So, I'll regard it as everyone's approval!" Gong Yan Jia swept his dark and cold gaze across everyone. Everyone felt as if a wild beast was staring at them.

Ye Xiwen could be called a 'humanoid monster' because of his off-the-charts fighting strength. However, Gong Yan Jia had made everyone feel that he was a beast draped in a man's skin. His sinister and ice-cold look had given everyone the chills.

Then, everyone came to know from Yue Rui's introduction that these two old men whom Gong Yan Jia had brought were known as Yin and Yang Brothers. It was said that they were very infamous in a certain star field. It wasn't known how many women they had harmed. They used to plunder women's primary essences for their cultivation. So, it could be said that they were two very cruel people.

They used to look for female experts for their cultivation. Many young female experts in that star field had fallen into the evil schemes of these two old bastards. The primary essences of men were useless to them. Therefore, they used to plunder only female experts. It wasn't known how many people had raised their voices against them, and had gotten killed for it.

They had once alarmed a senior Great Sage expert. However, they had gotten informed about him in advance, and had escaped.

The name of other black-clothed ice-cold woman was Mo Zhen. She was a core disciple of a women-only sect. She was outstanding.

"Fufu, boy you are only at the late stage of sage realm. But, you've still dared to join this group. You're very courageous. However, you'll become a burden on us when the time comes!" The black-robed Old Yin among the Yin and Yang Brothers laughed sinisterly at Ye Xiwen after their introductions had been made.

Everyone was at the same level… apart from Ye Xiwen whom Ding Tong had brought. Therefore, everyone was suspecting whether Ye Xiwen had the capability to be one of them. An expert of the late stage of sage realm couldn't be considered as weak. But, the said-expert couldn't be compared with these experts of Sage Great Perfection realm. Therefore, saying that he would drag them down wasn't wrong. In fact, it was very logical.

"I will test him right away, ok? I will kill him right now if he has insufficient strength!" the white-robed Old Yang spoke loudly, and looked into Ye Xiwen's eyes. His gaze became increasingly ice-cold and ruthless.

The white-robed Old Yang's voice hadn't even faded when a majestic aura suddenly locked on Ye Xiwen. Then, a big hand suddenly swept down towards Ye Xiwen to grab him. It transformed into a sky full of clouds, and slammed down.

This was his famous master-technique — the 'Yin and Yang Big Hand Seal'. A killer hand came down, and it seemed that it wouldn't give Ye Xiwen any way out.

He and Ye Xiwen had no enmity. Still, he had resorted to such an extreme method against him. It was clear that his weird temperament wasn't just for show.

Suddenly, a white Yin and Yang fish opened its big mouth, and swam towards Ye Xiwen to bite him. Then, the white Yin and Yang fish transformed into a fierce beast. Spirit energies gathered from all directions, and integrated into its body.

The white-robed Old Yang had the experience of several hundred years. So, he had practiced this Yin and Yang Big Hand Seal to an unfathomable extent. It seemed that it would break the entire world as it smashed down.

"You're overreaching yourself!" Ye Xiwen sneered. His entire golden vitality surged out, and began to boil. It soared into the sky, and a fist punched upwards. The fist transformed into a big star, and dashed up.

The Yin and Yang fish had transformed into the 'Yin-Yang Symbol'. It seemed like the most intense collision in the universe when the 'Yin-Yang Symbol' issued an incomparably dreadful explosion. The entire space and the 'Yin-Yang Symbol' had gotten annihilated in that explosion. However, the momentum of Ye Xiwen's fist hadn't decrease after it had pounded upon that white Yin and Yang fish.

"Bang!" The explosion rose high up in the sky, transformed into endless spirit energies, and scattered in the atmosphere.

Ye Xiwen trod forward at an extraordinary pace. His fist had arrived in front of the white-robed Old Yang.

"This is bad!" the white-robed Old Yang secretly muttered. However, there was no time to regret. So, he quickly retreated in frenzy.

"Rumble!" Ye Xiwen's fist smashed down on the valley, and the entire valley disintegrated.

The rest of the people promptly retreated far away from the range of impact. They had a conflicted look on their faces as they looked at Ye Xiwen. Nobody had thought that Ye Xiwen could be so ferocious. Ding Tong was the one who had found him. However, even she hadn't thought that he could be so incredible. After all, she had only seen him escaping from the hands of a Great Sage expert and nothing more.

She had roped him in because she was looking for a person with excellent agility skill. She had thought that it would be rather convenient if someone were to aid her in quick exploration when the time was right.

However, she had suddenly seen that Ye Xiwen didn't merely possess an excellent agility skill. In fact, his strength was also very impressive. Everyone had a newfound respect for him.

An ordinary person could never possess such awesome strength. And, they certainly couldn't issue such a powerful move.

She had never thought that Ye Xiwen could have such strength.

The white-robed Old Yang had retreated. However, Ye Xiwen wasn't going to let him off. That old man had attacked with all of his strength. He hadn't held back even a bit. So, how could Ye Xiwen spare him?

"Yin and Yang body protection, endless chaos, eternal existence!" White-robed Old Yang's Yin and Yang fish suddenly transformed into a 'Yin and Yang Symbol', and wrapped him up.

The black-robed Old Yin proudly looked at everyone and said, "This is the super technique of us brothers who follow the path of Yin and Yang. It is known as 'Primal Chaos of Yin and Yang'. All livings things will transform into the energy of Yin and Yang along with any form of energy that breaks into the field. And then, it will be absorbed. So, it's impossible to budge us!"

Everyone felt dreaded when they heard this. They pondered on this matter. [How would we break out if we encountered this kind of Yin and Yang field?]

Everyone frowned since they didn't have any means to escape the field. In fact, it was very difficult to deal with the worldly forces related to chaos, such as Yin and Yang, the five elements, and so on. The reason for this was that such forces often flowed in the form of an unending stream.

"What's so great about this Yin and Yang of yours? Watch how I destroy it!" Ye Xiwen was unfazed. His offensive didn't halt even a bit. There was nothing fancy about his attack. In fact, he hadn't used any special move. He had simply unleashed a dreadful attack with sheer brute power. This was the crudest attack.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's big star collided with that Yin and Yang based attack, and it almost began to transform into Yin and Yang energy. In fact, it seemed as if it was evolving toward a more advanced grade of power.

"Bang!" But then, that Yin and Yang based attack began to explode in the face of Ye Xiwen's fierce offensive, and set off a dreadful storm.

"How is this possible? Nobody can tackle my Yin and Yang technique. How did you do it?" The white-robed Old Yang had a look of disbelief in his eyes as he gazed at Ye Xiwen. He couldn't believe that Ye Xiwen possessed such ability. His Yin and Yang power had emerged out of the dual cultivation. Many people looked down on it. However, it was a very clever kind of martial arts. Yin and Yang together contained the principles of all living things. He could possibly become a Great Sage expert if he continued to practice the Yin-Yang method.

He had fought with many people who were at the same realm as him. However, nobody had been successful at cracking it… let alone cracking it so easily.

"What Yin and Yang technique? Is your Yin and Yang evenly balanced?" Ye Xiwen said disdainfully. It would have been an enormous trouble for him if he had been facing the Yin and Yang Brothers together. However, the white-robed Old Yang had been relying only on the principle of transforming Yang into Yin. He had transformed a part of his Yang power into Yin polarity. However, the powers of Yin and Yang poles weren't in equilibrium. The power of Yang pole was still more powerful. It was simply impossible to form the balance between Yin and Yang with this creation method. Basically, it only appeared powerful. The white-robed Old Yang hadn't met a unique and exceptionally powerful expert like Ye Xiwen before.

Ye Xiwen's offensive effortlessly broke the white-robed Old Yang's attack. So, he had started to think about retreating since he was on the verge of death. However, Ye Xiwen's power locked him firmly on the spot. So, he couldn't go anywhere.

"Stop!" The black-robed Old Yin finally reacted. After all, he couldn't let Ye Xiwen proceed with his attack. Suddenly, an extremely pure power of Yin polarity swept out towards Ye Xiwen. It seemed that it would stop him.

However, how could it be so easy to stop Ye Xiwen?

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's fist power hadn't lost its momentum. So, it finally smashed on the white-robed Old Yang's body.

"Bang!" The white-robed Old Yang's body disintegrated before everyone's eyes.

"Brother!" the black-robed Old Yin screamed loudly.

(To be continued)

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