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Chapter 547: Slaughters King Tai!

Ye Xiwen possessed the fighting strength of a heaven's pride expert. In fact, he could be called a peerless genius among the heaven's pride experts. There had been several heavens' pride experts in the Southern Region in the past hundred years. In fact, the heaven's pride experts who had died at Ye Xiwen's hands would've become more terrifying if they had grown up to this day.

King Tai might have pulled Ye Xiwen into a bitter struggle if he was also a heaven's pride expert.

Ye Xiwen sneered. A big hand stretched out, and fell down from above. It then transformed into a great seal, and swept down.

"Bang!" The great seal pounded upon King Tai's halberd. A terrifying force travelled through the halberd, and charged into his body. Consequently, it became a little difficult for King Tai to hold the halberd since his palms had been cracked open to bleed.

Moreover, the legs of the hybrid beast on which King Tai was sitting had also bent because of the attack. It nearly fell to its knees as a result, but its movement crushed the void underneath.

King Tai had finally discovered that his martial arts accomplishment was nothing in comparison to Ye Xiwen. Moreover, there was a huge disparity in his level of martial dao achievement as well. The disparity wasn't as big as the disparity between humans and ants. However, it was as much as the difference between cloud and mud. It could also be compared to the disparity between an infant and a sturdy adult.

"Now, die. Blood Rain Killing Demon!" King Tai roared. He urged out the entire Real Elemental Energy in his body. After all, he needed to turn the tide in his favour at any cost. And, he had to go all out for this. There was no other option.

His aura began to surge up, and the void in the periphery got distorted in its entirety. The lower half of his body transformed into a pool of blood, and that hybrid beast got integrated into it. Consequently, his fighting strength suddenly turned up a notch.

"Damn it! Boy, I'm not willing to accept that I can't kill you. I am the best. I'm the head of the four heroes of Great Gas. Who do you think you are to be challenging me?"

King Tai's Real Elemental Energy burst out, and disintegrated the void. The unleashed energy contained an incredible divine power.

Ye Xiwen's

complexion turned slightly cold while facing King Tai's sudden outbreak. However, his gaze seemed simply unaffected. The page of Ancient God Scripture flew out behind him. It seemed as if he was reading the God Scripture that had been passed down since ancient times. A divine beam burst out, and dyed Ye Xiwen's entire figure golden. He now looked like a Golden God of War.

"It's useless. You're no match for me. What four heroes of Great Gas? It's laughable!" Ye Xiwen coldly replied. He didn't care about the Great Gas's four heroes. He would have crushed them like ants if he possessed the same cultivation time as them. He wasn't scared of the Great Gas's four heroes. However, he would be somewhat wary if the forces backing them attacked him.

Ye Xiwen's fist transformed into a big star, fell down, and struck King Tai's body. King Tai clenched his teeth, and suddenly released an incredible scarlet light from his body. The scarlet light transformed into a sky-devouring blood beast. In fact, it looked like an ancient beast from the legends that could swallow the stars. It then suddenly rushed up to attack.


Ye Xiwen's big star transformed into numerous sword-lights as he faced this dreadful insurrection. And, that blood-beast got cut into two halves on the spot.

The beast transformed into an astral wind in the void, and was then swept away like a mighty wave.

King Tai had nearly transformed into a fierce beast during this attack. Moreover, countless scales had grown over his body. Suddenly, the scarlet halberd streaked through the vast space. It carried an invincible ominous energy, and instantly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen to kill him.

King Tai's muscles began to rupture. It was evident that he couldn't maintain this beastly form for long. Blood splashed out from his body, and he transformed into a blood man. In addition, his complexion turned exceptionally fierce. Half of the reason for this transformation was his immense hatred for Ye Xiwen, while the other half was his unbearable pain which had converted into immense power. This was to be his last as well as most powerful strike!

A sword appeared in Ye Xiwen's palm. He then slashed with it. The strike transformed into a sword-light, and swept out. It rushed towards that scarlet halberd.

Buried Heaven Sword!

Ye Xiwen had already mastered the sword technique of 'Buried Heaven Sword' to the bone. So, even his single effortless sword strike was able to unleash a dreadful amount of power.

"Bang!" King Tai's

Tai's strength had reached its zenith. And, it seemed that he would break the world. However, Ye Xiwen's strength was still more formidable.

King Tai's body got blown away by Ye Xiwen once again. Moreover, his body was being torn apart by Ye Xiwen's horrifying power. In fact, it had nearly been ripped apart by now...

Ye Xiwen streaked across the space, and instantly arrived in front of King Tai. The incredible magical prowess of devil wings had manifested to the extreme.

Ye Xiwen stretched out his hand. It suddenly transformed into an exceptionally huge seal, and slammed down on King Tai.

Everyone was stunned as they witnessed the scene before their eyes. King Tai's strength had been insane before he had transformed. And, his strength had increased by a notch after transforming into a beast. However, he still hadn't been able to stand his ground in front of Ye Xiwen. Moreover, he had been routed very effortlessly. This showed that Ye Xiwen was far too powerful.

"It's over. King Tai is done for. He looks like an infant in front of this man even after unleashing his utmost power. He's far inferior to this man. They aren't on the same level!"

"It's a pity. King Tai is a peerless genius of our Great Gas City. He might have had the opportunity to enter the Great Sage realm in the future. However, he is going to fall here!"

"King Tai always bullies others by abusing the power of the Dominating Heaven Dojo. So, it is a good thing that he's going to die now!"

"This man is reckless and unruly. He has dared to resort to extreme methods against King Tai. The Dominating Heaven Dojo isn't going to leave this matter be. This will shake the entire Great Gas City!"

Most of the spectators didn't have a favourable opinion of King Tai's chances. After all, King Tai didn't have anything that could give these people even a bit of hope about his chances against Ye Xiwen's unimaginable strength.

"Stop!" a furious shout came from the Great Gas City. All the 'spirit energies' gathered in the surroundings suddenly scattered like clouds.

Then, a big hand swept out from the Great Gas City. It ripped through the vast space, and rushed towards the battlefield. This attack carried immensely dreadful strength, and the power of boundless principles. Its might couldn't be matched. And, this development instantly left everyone terrified.

Great Sage!

This scary Great Sage coercion made a lot of experts weak in the knee. They didn't dare to disobey. After all, this was the true power of Great Sage!

There would be no suspense about the outcome if an ordinary sage expert clashed with a Great Sage expert. It would be impossible for ordinary sage experts to contend against a Great Sage expert because they weren't on the same level as a Great Sage expert.

"This is Dominating Heaven Dojo's lord!" Ye Xiwen felt that overwhelming 'imposing aura'. Moreover, the killing intention was hardly concealed. In fact, it seemed that it would engulf him whole.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen snorted. This Dominating Heaven Dojo's Lord must have been observing King Tai since the beginning. He must have been considering Ye Xiwen as King Tai's whetstone. Therefore, he hadn't done anything so far. However, he had now seen that King Tai had fallen into a disadvantageous position. Moreover, he was also about to die at Ye Xiwen's hands. So, he couldn't stop himself from attacking.

However, Ye Xiwen wasn't the kind of person who would leave the root of the trouble behind. King Tai's personality wouldn't allow him to be grateful to Ye Xiwen if Ye Xiwen didn't kill him. Instead, he would harbour a grudge against him, and would think about methods to kill him.

"Bang!" King Tai screamed as his body got crushed by Ye Xiwen. Then, his body transformed into a mass of blood fog. And, his soul got shattered.

"You have a death wish!" The Dominating Heaven Dojo's lord became infuriated when he saw his beloved disciple being killed. He had been nurturing King Tai for many years so that he could succeed him. He had put mental and physical efforts for many years to nurture King Tai, and had made him one of the four heroes of Great Gas. Moreover, King Tai was expected to become a Great Sage in the future.

However, the entirety of his efforts had gone in vain since King Tai had been killed by Ye Xiwen. Everything had got in vain. So, he would now have to spend several hundred years more to cultivate another person. And, this new talent still might not be able to achieve King Tai's level of strength. Moreover, the other three heroes of Great Gas would have grown to god knows what extent till then. This was the most awful thing that could have happened.

A dreadful imposing aura soared in the space above the Great Gas City. And, a silhouette carrying a boundlessly evil aura swept towards the battlefield.

His big hand had already ripped through the vast space, and was coming towards was coming towards Ye Xiwen to grab him. It seemed that it would soon crush Ye Xiwen to death!

"Whoosh!" Ye Xiwen's speed was extremely quick. He transformed into a golden flash in an instant, and moved several hundred kilometres away.

"Bang!" The place where Ye Xiwen had stood a moment ago exploded. The space collapsed, and chaos leaked out from it. Then, the space exploded! It was like the aftermath of doomsday! It looked insanely terrifying.

Ye Xiwen would've been crushed to death if he hadn't escaped so quickly. After all, he was merely an expert of the late stage of sage realm. Therefore, he differed from the Great Sage by several realms. So, he could've gotten crushed to death very easily.

The disparity between sage realm and Great Sage realm was bigger than the disparity between legendary realm and sage realm. In fact, there was a difference of cloud and mud between them. They were simply not on same level.

"Boy, you will die. I won't let you off!" The Lord of Dominating Heaven Dojo roared like an injured beast. He had entered Great Sage realm many years ago. And, nobody had ever dared to act like this against him till now. In addition, everyone used to pay respect to his disciples wherever they went. Nobody had ever dared to resort to extreme methods against his disciples.

He had nurtured his successor for so many years. However, that would-be successor was now dead. So, it was certain that he would go insane and harbour an enormous grievance against his would-be successor's killer.

It was hard to imagine how fast a Great Sage's attack could be. After all, this Great Sage's attack had crossed an enormous chunk of space in an instant to arrive close to the battlefield.

Ye Xiwen had felt that an aura that initially had been very far away had arrived close to him in an instant. A Great Sage expert was very scary. However, it wasn't that Ye Xiwen didn't know this. After all, he had made a narrow escape from the hands of a Great Sage expert of the Fire Cloud Cave in the past. He had been attacked several times that day, but he had still managed to escape. His strength had certainly increased significantly from back then. However, he knew that he was still far from being a match for a ferocious expert of the Great Sage realm.

Therefore, he immediately opened his devil wings, transformed into a streamer of light, and flew into the distance.

(To be continued)

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